One disturbing video of an illegal alien caravan will make you sick to your stomach

Joe Biden named Kamala Harris border czar after the illegal immigration crisis reached a critical mass.

Harris’ failure to secure the border has left Americans speechless.

And now one disturbing video of an illegal alien caravan will make you sick to your stomach.

The Biden regime announced in September the Border Patrol intercepted 192,000 illegal aliens attempting to invade America.

That brought the number of illegal border crossings in fiscal year 2021 to 1.7 million – the highest number in the history of the United States.

October brought no relief.

NBC reported 400,000 illegal aliens formed caravans intending to cross into the United States.

Over the weekend, a jaw dropping video from Tapachula, Mexico emerged showing tens of thousands of these illegal aliens beginning their march towards America’s southern border.

There was no mistake why these illegal aliens thought now was the time to flood into America.

Illegal aliens carried signs reading “Joe Biden is for everyone” and made it clear that illegal aliens took Joe Biden’s open borders policies as an invitation to pour into the country.

The illegal alien caravan was so large and so determined to take advantage of Joe Biden rolling out the red carpet that they overwhelmed Mexican security forces.

This never happened under Donald Trump.

President Trump cut a deal with the Mexican government to deploy troops to intercept caravans and forced illegal aliens to remain in Mexico during their asylum cases.

These policies left behind a more secure border.

But Joe Biden wants open borders because Democrats think amnesty for illegal aliens will create tens of millions of new voters that guarantee them permanent political power.

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