One document provided the smoking gun that has Robert Mueller and the FBI on the brink of ruin

Donald Trump said from Day One the FBI was out to get him as part of a Deep State coup.

The Fake News Media laughed and called the President a conspiracy theorist.

But now one document provided the smoking gun that has Robert Mueller and the FBI on the brink of ruin.

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn retained attorney Sidney Powell to fight to vacate the guilty plea he made with Robert Mueller in the fall 2017.

Flynn pled guilty to making false statements to the FBI during a January 24 interview with FBI agents in his White House office.

After the plea agreement Flynn maintained the FBI set him up.

On Thursday, Powell released documents obtained from the FBI, which showed that going into the interview with Flynn FBI agents had as one of their goals getting Flynn to lie so they could prosecute him or get him fired.

Breitbart reports:

According to handwritten notes before a planned FBI interaction with Flynn, an unidentified FBI agent wrote: “What’s our goal? Truth/admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?”

“We regularly show subjects evidence, with the goal of getting them to admit their wrongdoing. I don’t see how getting someone to admit their wrongdoing is going easy on them,” the agent added.

“If we get him to admit to breaking the Logan Act, give facts to DOJ + have them decide,” the agent wrote. “Or if he initially lies, then we present him [redacted] + he admits it, document for DOJ, + let them decide how to address it.”

“If we’re seen as playing games, WH will be furious,” the agent added. “Protect our institution by not playing games.” WH is likely “White House.”

These notes – and Powell promises there will be more documents – show the FBI’s Russia investigation – and specifically the targeting of Lt. General Michael Flynn – were in fact a politically motivated witch hunt.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Finally, General Flynn exonerated. Deepest condolences to General Flynn and Family for the wasted monies, time, efforts, and, reputation, viciously annihilated. The corrupt persons should be criminally charged, sentenced, and, justly incarcerated.

  2. Democrats wow ! And you really want them to run America into the ground ? Disrespectful liers fraud of mail in votes , I truly can’t believe they eon the Judicial and house and intelligence , the voters fraud worked so well last time they want to repeat it again.

  3. I have said it many, many, many times. FIRE THE “TOP TEN” FBI OFFICIALS. And START OVER. … The Obama Administration Dirtied up the WATER. Now the SWAMP has seeped into the FBI, DOJ, CIA YOU NAME IT BABY! That is why it is Soooooo Profoundly Important That ALL Of AMERICA VOTE SOLID “RED” IN 2020.

  4. Lop off the management level and merge the rest with the Marshals Service. Let the field level interview. The cheese is to rotten to save!

  5. these people should be in jail a very long time…..they should be looking into the fake impeachment hoax also for criminal prostitution and more long jail time for them…

  6. Avinetti and Cohen have been released from prison due to the corona virus.howrver,Flynn and stone have not been’s time trump pardons the 2 of them and launches a VERY serious investigation as to why this breathing proof right in our faces proving that there is extreme bias in the fbi doj and our court system that must be eradicated immediately.

  7. Time to throw a big pile of FBI asses in jail. And no pension or retirement for any of them.

  8. I just don’t get it. Roger Stone gets an entire SWAT team of FBI agents with multiple peaces of high tech equipment along with his own CNN Media that just happened to be in the area at the time to arrest this old man for process crimes. Now you have dirty FBI, CIA, and NSA officials who have been caught red handed using their power given to them by the people of this country to go after very bad people and used it to perform a COUP of our President and not one single warrant. Not even an indictment. Again I ask what the hell is wrong with our justice system? It is run by a bunch of dirty ass Liberals. That is what is wrong.

  9. We all knew he was set up from the beginning, if the lying media is against you, then you know he is innocent. The democrat disinformation machine is beginning to crack and soon the dam is going to burst and all the lies and filty truths are going to flow through our television sets, well not mine, I dont have one.

  10. This is nonsense. What do you think the cops would say about YOU if they were about to interrogate you? Remember, they’re allowed wide latitude- they can lie to you, and it’s perfectly legal. So I don’t see how this is really gonna get the FBI in trouble. They either had the dirt on him or they didn’t. He either admitted it or he didn’t. That’s the way it goes.

  11. Mumbles Meullar should along with his whole gang of lying slugs, Strozk, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Schiff, Nadler and anyone else that can be linked to this corrupt investigation and illegal prosecution, be arrested, tried and when convicted sent to jail for a minimum of 25 years with no early releases. They should also be held liable for the damages they brought on the innocents involved. Make them personally pay out of their own pockets, IRAs and pensions. Ruin them as they have ruined innocent American citizens and heroes. Show them “No mercy” for their behavior.

  12. Flynn should sue Comey for the money he recieved from every book he wrote. He is nothing but a lying, sniviling coward, and should be locked up along with his fellow criminals like Clapper, Strozk,Page,Rosenstein, Brennon,and all the rest involved in this corrupt investigation as well as Mueller!

  13. Burn the whole lot of them in court,try for treason, convict, send to firing squad in Fort Levenworth. Or Guantanimo Bay.


  15. Judge Emmet Sullivan has been rather spectacularly unimpressed with Flynn’s previous “shuck and jive” attempts in the past. As it is pretty much common practice for Prosecutors to discuss just how they plan to proceed with their Prosecutions,I wouldn’t get my hopes up, if I were you.

  16. All the people who attacked Michael Flynn sould be made to pay him back fo whar he had to spend to defend himself

  17. Mule ass and his cronies should all be put in a FEDERAL Prison for about, life terms. yea, that will work.

  18. If none of the culprits of this Deep State coup are indicted and go to jail including Hillary Clinton, then I have no use for the FBI, Democrats, or the government!

  19. Still details of the Mueller “Witch Hunt” that have been held onto for 2 years because of that criminal traitor Schiff as head of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence or in his case lack thereof, which certainly is an embarrassment to Donald Trump and his administration because any documents pertaining to the investigation will have been tampered with.

    Trump should have begged the SCOTUS to demand the DOJ release all documents pertaining to the alleged collusion investigation when Mueller ceased the investigation.

  20. Tactics that J.Edger Hoover used to hunt down suspected Communist, like infiltration, burglaries, illegal wiretaps, planted evidence and false rumors leaked on suspected groups or individuals. Obama and the rat pack used it on Trump instead of Communist…I bet Adam Schiff was proud…

  21. All of these Obama FBI deep state operatives need to be indicted – not just fired. And Flynn should be paid back for all of his legal expenses out of their pockets – not the taxpayers.

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