One former Deep State operative just crossed the line with this comparison

The left is losing their minds over President Trump’s immigration enforcement.

Their hysteria is now reaching a fever pitch.

And one former high level Deep State operative just crossed the line when he made this offensive comparison.

Former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden compared the Trump administration’s immigration enforcement to Nazi Concentration Camps.

When some on Twitter questioned if the former Deep State operative was under the influence of controlled substances, Hayden’s response suggested he may have been imbibing.

Hayden went on CNN to defend his outrageous comparison by telling them “he wanted to grab people’s attention.”

But in reality Hayden’s comparison downplays the horrific nature of the Holocaust.

Breitbart reports:

Hayden was hailed by Trump’s critics — but criticized by other observers, such as Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz, who called his tweet “a form of Holocaust denial.”

Hayden tried to defend his use of the image on CNN on Monday morning, saying he wanted to “grab people’s attention.” He apologized, somewhat: “If I overachieved [sic] by comparing it to Birkenau, I apologize to anyone who may have felt offended,” he told CNN.

The Holocaust analogy is deeply offensive to Jews, six million of whom were murdered by the Nazis merely for being Jews. They had not crossed an international border illegally; in many cases they were patriotic citizens of Germany and other nations that collaborated in their murder.

When the U.S. Border Patrol separates children from parents who are arrested, it is to protect the children, and help them, with the intention of reuniting them with their families. When the guards at death camps like Birkenau separated children, it was to lead them to the gas chambers.

What do you think about Michael Hayden’s outrageous comparison of immigration enforcement to Nazi Concentration Camps?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. He needs to get his head out of his ass, just like the rest of the demorats. We spend $113 billion a year of illegal immigration, that is crazy! Just think how we could use that money on infrastructure.

  2. He needs to get his head out of his ass, just like the rest of the demorats. We spend $113 billion a year of illegal immigration, that is crazy! Just think how we could use that money on infrastructure.

  3. You Nailed it exactly. Let the idiot liberal Demon-crats keep making such hateful, derogatory statements about the American people that supported our President Donald J. Trump with our votes to put him in office. We now stand behind what he is doing to keep the Promise he made to everybody in America, even the Haters. He, with the help of God and Patriotic Americans will MAGA! The democrats, in the future will be fortunate to get selected to serve as our garbage collectors.

  4. I URGE anti-American leftist liberal Democrats to KEEP IT UP! Ignorant statements like that just translate into MORE votes for Trump and the Republican Party!Please VOTE in November like your LIFE, and those of your family and friends are at stake! Because it IS!

  5. LEFTIST always select “outrageous” as their default category for shock value. Exaggerate, blatantly LIE, insult from the gutters, name call, blame everyone else, expect other idiots to join them, think they are the best, etc. Sycophants at normal life! Go back under your slimy rocks ASAP!

  6. Michael Hayden needs to get his head examined, because relating to the border situation isn’t helping. When parents and children are separated at the border once the illegals aliens have crossed the border, the Border Patrol agents don’t no if the children are the biological children of the illegals that are bringing them across the border.

    The only way to know for sure if these children are biological to the parents, is, take a blood test from each parent and child or children, compare the test results and them we can no for sure if these children do belong to the illegal parents coming across our borders.

    Hayden, definitely needs to be checked to make sure he isn’t delusional!!!!!!!

  7. Nazi Germany KILLED the children they took to the showers. The US has not. Don’t be such a fool. What has Trump done that Nazis did? Do you even know? What a maroon!

  8. General Hayden has no respect for anyone at all. He thinks that trying to make his comparison to the Holocost, he may need to go back to school to learn some new understanding about separating children from their parents, however, these might not be the biological parents to all of the children that is brought across the border into the
    United States of America.

  9. Gee. Just saw several pictures of children in the detention cages which were overcrowded and look deplorable. I was a disgrace. The dates on the pictures were 2014. WELL before Trump took office. This was a democratic policy which the President has not started but inherited. Everything is great until you want to blame the WRONG MAN. Pelosi knows when this started, UNDER HER WATCH, and now is mortified. Stop the BS. Own your solutions which are now problems…………

  10. Typical moronic response from a moronic member of a moronic party, and too much of a moron to see the REAL truth. Frank, you are a dumb#$$ !!!

  11. Thank you for that. It seems that they don’t remember that children were separated from their parents during Obama’s terms in office and obviously don’t care for AMERICAN children, just illegals.

  12. So, did ugly in spirit and deed, Barak’s witch, add her name to Laura’s: I, the fake wife and accomplice of the traitor America has ever known, add my smelly name to Laura’s crap.

  13. Am i missing something? It is better to hank a baby out of the womb and throw it away than take a child from a parent that is enterig our country against the law> I get all mixed-up….

  14. Cause they weighted in does not make it OK.. To break the law.. What dothey not understand you are here ILLEGALLY!!!!

  15. In essences what Laura Bush is say that is how she raised her children… telling them to lie & cheat!!! Think about Laura Bush!!

  16. Get off the corrupted to the core NAZI Demoncrat Communist slave plantation party and on the Trump train to success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. You and Trump are sadistic asshoes, this is Nazi Germany all over again, but you idiots are to blind to see,,,, I hope you both choke to death,,,

  18. Making women & children ‘human shields’ or using them to achieve political objectives is despicable!

  19. Quite a few of these Leftist Political Ladies
    Weighed in today. Laura Bush, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton & I believe even the First Lady weighed in on
    the side of the Illegal Aliens. Not a word from these
    Sensitive Souls whenever an American is Brutalized
    or Killed by one of their Illegal Aliens. I don’t know if
    Ivanka spoke out, but she certainly advocated for the Syrian Muslim Children & their “Families”, but Never a
    word for poor American Children.

  20. Laura Bush has once again opened her big
    Mouth & put her Size 10 foot down her throat.
    Before her spouse was elected President the first time, Laura
    was interviewed & declared herself to be Pro-Abortion.
    Now her Mouth is trashing President Trump for
    doing his job, protecting the USA. We elected
    him, because he promised to MAGA & Thank God, he is doing just that.

  21. I agree completly , he & Mrs Bush had their time!! Please, please stop you had your turn !! So. Sad I voted for both Bushes
    & now I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t !! We also know this went on in the GW Bushes time in office &’Obamas! They Just want
    Another issue too tear down President Trump!!
    Please , stop our country is got enough problems , without others sticking their views into the situation!! Just stop!! Now!!

  22. You are correct but, Maybe Laura Bush has forgotten who signed that bill into law. It was her own husband.

  23. Laura needs to shut her mouth. She doesn’t have to worry about ms13 and other rapists and criminals coming across our border. All of us don’t have secret service protection. I lost all respect for her. I supported George in 2000 and still would compared to the idiots the rat party runs But Laura let me down.

  24. Turn AROUND AT the BORDER, YES. Immediately.
    > SEE the Busses Lined up. Should NEVER BE
    to Step Into a BUS. Period.

  25. I tried to email Mrs. Laura Bush, no luck. (Mr. Hayden should read this also). So I am sending to you.
    Mrs. Bush, please allow President Trump to do his job. He does not need false pretense from you or anyone. Take note, my son is in prison for violation of probation. His 3 year old daughter has been ripped from his arms for 14 months. Save us your tears. These illegal aliens have committed a crime. Shame on them for doing this to their children. They knew better. Now why don’t you help the American homeless children. That might be a start for your voice and actions. Please stop trying to damage President Trump with your wide influence. Robin Cooper, now 60 years old raising my grand daughter.

  26. Rite Stan,& When children are Used/Abused in Politics, =
    ‘Rock Bottom’.( & don’t think that their ‘blood’ hasn’t
    been taken for ‘med’ purpose/& transported For ___
    . I say no more. Too Many Liberal Judges(?) have Blocked
    POTUS EO in this matter. A Total HALT NEEDS to OCCUR,

  27. Well General, we are “merely cleaning up the mess” your guy, fraudbama, started in 2009. The illegals have been warned, in advance, of our “zero tolerance policy” and were told exactly what would happen if they chose to defy our laws. If they choose to come anyway, they know what to expect – -it’s called “taking responsibility for your own actions”. The simplest solution would be to turn them directly around, at the border, and send them right back where they came from. That said, by separating the children and placing them with guardians, we are not subjecting them to the evil that could befall them in a general prison population; you and I both know that would be more than “traumatic” for them. So, like it or not, we ARE ENFORCING IMMIGRATION LAW, as it should be.

  28. ps. a Total 5 yr HALT re ‘immi’ ( but was more in previous yrs)
    NEEDS RE-INSTATEMENT. Liberal Communistic Judges(?) Have
    Blocked 0ur POTUS thru EO from Correcting situation.( but Never
    had a prob w/ EO’s from ‘bombo’. Not good.
    > Please review JADE HELM 15 – that took place in 2015 (called ‘conspiracy
    Kraap’) When WALMARTS were closed in Texas (due to ‘fake’ plumbing
    probs), WERE ‘Converted’ & NOW HOLDING CNTRS for the Separation ‘stuff’
    > WALMART ‘prepped’ these Holding CNTRS 3 yrs Ago. TX Gov Abbot/ala Cruz
    etc. KNEW re this crap. & NOW Happening. NO 0ne Has Access (Dem Senator
    tried) What does that tell you. Should i describe ‘graphic’ 0f WHY No
    0ne has Access??? . FU Dems/Rinos ETC.

  29. Immi Separation Policy has been Authorized BY BOTH Political
    Parties for 0ver 15 yrs. Most Recently, ENTIRELY by the
    Previous Administration.
    > A VISUAL w/ Busses LINED up at Entry Points. 1st STEP Across
    Border IS Into a BUS & Transported BACK to the Borderline of
    which they stood. & Totally Eliminates Separation.
    > I Watched Damascus, Syria ‘live’ TV w/ Busses transporting
    rebels & their fams OUT of ‘crucial areas’ of which ASSAD
    was blamed for chem attacks on his own ppl (Not True). It
    was Amazing, & Never USA Reported. So, How Would Any0ne Know
    this in USA.??? Unless U saw it, like me. wow.
    > NO POLICY CAN STOP POTUS from Lining up BUSSES on Entry Points.

  30. Its good to read what someone did to become a legal citizen. When you enter illegally you brake the law, and have to suffer the consequences, if you live your kids you wouldn’t put them in this situation in the first place. These women, parents made that choice. They broke the law. Take reponciablity for your actions. Try to come the legal way like the above person did.

  31. Mrs. Bush:
    In the years when your hubby was President, there existed the same illegal immigrant laws that now confront President Trump. George W., whom I voted for, didn’t enforce the law and Trump does, because the “illegal situation” has become worse since “W” was President. He, nor Obama did anything but alibi. I wrote to “W” about it and received a reply, indeed I did. The letter reminded me of the economic hardships of Mexican nationals and why they try to gain entry into our country. And, that’s all. But, the law then was the same law Trump took an oath to enforce. Numbers 43 and 44 Presidents decided they would not enforce what they swore to enforce. As for you, you need to visit one of those detainment centers for a change of your mind re: detainment conditions. The law needs changing, but the Republicans in Congress have a thin majority, but insufficient to change the existing law.The Democrats in Congress won’t vote to change the law with Republicans, because they now have an issue they feel will give them an election issue with which to capitalize. In the interim, they can blame all on Republicans, though they (Dems) won’t lift a finger to vote for changing that law ,which they can complain about and their corrupt MSM can propagandize. The issue will unravel itself, but slowly, because the Democrats who had no issues have now discovered one. With you it’s human kindness, with Democrats it’s strictly political. They don’t want Trump to get any credit, they’d rather see the children in detainment centers, however temporarily managed by a federal agency.The kids are being used to pressure Trump and government.

  32. The really sad part of all of this is that no one is even looking at the bigger picture. How many of you do gooders would feel if all the children was released to their so called parents who most likely are not take them and sell them to the highest bidder on the black market. Some of these babies who came over with a cyote was brought here for one reason and one reason for sale to the highest bidder. Once they leave the custody of the border patrol any thing can happen. Look how many of them was raped and molested before they even got here. Do they really care what happens to these children one way or the other. Sad that they have no common sense.

  33. How sad it is. The left is screaming about how cruel Trump and the right are using a law enacted by their favorite muslim to temporarily take children of families of ILLEGALLY entering the USA. Then they do an about face and demand moral people stop trying to stop the murder of half a million babies yearly here in the USA, and stop supporting the abortion industry in an amount of over half a BILLION dollars annually. And, I would like to remind democrats that those babies will NEVER have a life let alone one with parents. And our ultra-left educators push, no not push but demand that the liberal agenda be taught and adhered to. Time to clean out our higher indoctrination institutions and return them to higher education institutions.

  34. Bring in some busses and put the kids on the bus, put their so parents on with them and send their asses back across the border. Let the left WINGERS snowflakes cry wolf

  35. Most of the pictures on line were taken in 2014. It is illegal in this country to lock up kids w/ their parents. I contribute to a program that sends kids who have a parent in prison to camp in the Summer.

    I have a solution, just close the borders, no one comes in until Congress get’s immigration reform passed. Keep them in session until they do, no time off to campaign.

    Hayden needs to go crawl in a hole.

  36. AMEN TO THAT LAST SENTENCE , you have just covered the problem at every level . Thank you for saying it I say it myself pretty much every day.

  37. This is a prefect example of what is taught and learned in schools today, because the left don`t want history to be known. This jackass, surely got an A+ in PC learning . What a FU . Send this boob back to the first grade .

  38. I think people like Laura Bush should keep their mouths shut. Her husband had plenty of time to work out an immigration policy that works for this country and he did not do so – so shut up Laura.

  39. It is so refreshing to find the remarks of a person who came here as an immigrant and understands what the majority of the American people are trying to deal with.

    Of course, the women who bring these children to the southern border know precisely what they are doing. They know that the loud mouthed liberals will scream about child abuse and that they wll eventually get their way – or so they think. The Obama Administration did not put forth the laws that are on the books right now BUT he is the President who is determined that the laws are going tob e upheld until the Democrats decide to do the right thing and stop the invasion of this country by God knows who.

    If I went into Mexico without a visa I would be jailed, or maybe killed on sight) before I could blink. Yet, no left wing iberal has the intelligence to understand that America has borders too and we have to protect those borders. We HAVE to for our own protection.

    When you deal with a liberal you simply must start out with the understanding that they are not very intelligent, that they lie and that they cheat. Proceed with caution.

  40. There IS NO COMPARRISON! The Jews and other people were FORCED TO GO TO CONCENTRATION CAMPS. The people who ENTER OUR COUNTRY ILLEGALLY DO IT OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL. If they don’t want to be separated from their children QUIT ENTERING OUR COUNTRY ILLEGALLY and you will not have to worry about that problem. Otherwise you are BREAKING THE LAW AND WILL BE TREATED LIKE A CRIMINAL!

  41. In March of 2009, Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, went to visit the Virgin of Guadalupe Basilica in Mexico City and she ask the Rector-“Who painted it???” She was so stupid. And then, that very afternoon, she flew off to Houston to receive an award for Planned Parenthood from an abortionist! The Virgin of Guadalupe is pregnant with the child Jesus! How is that for Hillary Clinton being the worse hypocrite on Earth!

  42. This is the height of ignorance. It’s sad when people do not have the command of the English languish enough without going to the extreme, extreme, extreme historical events. It is sad there are so many people in the United States that are that ignorant.

  43. Child abusers are dragging their kids across the border, and then blaming the USA for the separation. Best thing for these kids is to get far away from the scumbag parents who have been abusing them.
    The illegal aliens have been trying to get in there for decades. We have always detained them before sending them back – so what’s the difference? We’ve been doing it for decades! They don’t want to come in here the legal way – they just want to walk on over – however, if we want to go to their country, we need a passport!
    The Bush’s complaining is Political because the Bush Admininstrations (Plural) didn’t let the illegal aliens into this country and now they are harping because Jeb Bush didn’t win the election and they are very SORE LOSERS!

  44. It never ceases to amaze me that the hardcore liberals continue to spout their hate which truly shows their colors. Let them keep loading up on the contempt of good citizens.

  45. that’s ok , democrats can say anything they want , it’s us that have to watch what we say , double standard at work

  46. No one wants to see ,beleave,except that the biggest problem is MohamidFadill Obummer. All his little laws he was allowed to slip in with main bills . Mow the left don’t want to live high all the

  47. But you see the demoncrats don’t care about children they use them as pawns to get votes from uneducated melenials who have been indoctrinated by professors. If they cared about children, they would stop promoting abortions. Late term abortions are even more gruesome and Bill Clinton was the one that started it. Why would a woman, when she’s carried that baby to term, kill it instead of give it up for adoption? Are these women being paid? Why are these parents sending their children across the border and putting them in harms way? These children should be put up for adoption or maybe these elite stars could foster them in their gigantic homes. How about the big mouth demoncrats taking in some. Maybe Nancy could take I some of the MS-13 gang members, she has a soft spot for them.


  49. The deeper their stupid remarks get them, the crazier their remarks get. If they would just shut up, a lot of it would go away. They can’t see that, and they look more and more foolish, every day.

  50. perhaps not the death camps. I agree the comparison isn’t right. However, it started with lies to the people… and the children.

  51. If he put the children with the parents the left would complain that he put children in with the criminals drug dealers and possibly MS 13.

  52. I am a LEGAL LAW ABIDING IMMIGRANT and support Pres, Donald J. Trump. Why democRATs make this illegal alien a big issue. It is always the parents FAULT coming here to he US illegally. We have US immigration law that MUST BE FOLLOWED. I did and it took me 3 years to come and migrated legally to the US. I waited almost a year for the approval of my application, another 1 1/2 years to be approved at the interview, passed medical examination, clearance from the FBI (make sure I have not records of criminality), must provide financial statements to make sure I was not & will not be a liability by the US gov’T. With this said it is but fair that each and everyone who wants to migrate go to the same US immigration law. democRATs are dis-obeying the US immigration law. once a person dis-obeyed the law they are themselves criminals. What else is the right words. The democRATs are the supported of illegal aliens & criminals like MS-13, these democRATs politician’s goal are for their own personal enrichments and doing these illegality for their own sake. democRATs don’t care about the American Hardworking Tax Payers, these is where the politician becomes rich.

  53. There is nothing the communist left a.k.a. Democrat party will not say or do to promote the evil agenda on American people and their way of life. The 14th amendment is the 14th amendment and the Democrats are always saying when things don’t go their way that the Republicans are not obeying the constitution when it is they who cast the stones who are the ones who are the major centers in this operation. The Democrat party never is guilty of anything and the communist controlled media that is the Democrat party always backs tha there is nothing the communist left a.k.a. Democrat party will not say or do to promote the evil agenda on American people and their way of life. The 14th amendment is the 14th amendment and the Democrats you’re always saying when things don’t go their way that the Republicans or not obeying the constitution when it is they who cast the stones who are the ones who are the major centers in this operation. The Democrat party never is guilty of anything and the communist controlled media that is the Democrat party always backs that LIE up!

  54. Wasn’t he the CIA Director under Osama Obama? That being the case, why didn’t he bring out the situation of Obama being responsible for more “children” being separated from their parents during his two terms that any other President, including President Trump? This clown Hayden is obviously on the Obama/Soros/Clinton/Pelosi/Schumer payroll and is helping them to push the USA into oblivion and a Dictatorship under….guess who……Obama and the UN New World Order Agenda 21!!!

  55. The left has one issue: Bring Trump down. Trump failed to anticipate how low the Left and the Establishment can sink. Now they are using the separation of children from their parents for emotional blackmail. Trump’s likely plan is to bring the immigration issue to a head and get the Congress to find a solution. As usual the left is not interested in a resolution. The issue of separating the children from the families, no matter how phony, is ripe for successful exploitation. Consequently Trump would be well advised to get the Libs to act meaningfully or go back to keeping the families together.

  56. These families are separating themselves. Just don’t try to come here and you can stay with your kids.

  57. No, there weren’t visas back in the early days; but even the Pilgrims and Puritans had RULES under which they were allowed to immigrate here, issued by the West India Company that had jurisdiction over the land at the time; and there have remained regulations in place for those allowed to immigrate into the land that became or is the US.

  58. Exactly correct; the left’s consistent efforts to lump illegal invaders from wherever (yes, they come in via Mexico, but not all are FROM there or Central or South America; many are from Africa or Asia as well) with those who are truly IMMIGRANTS coming in legally and through the system is problematic as to making fair laws with respect to our immigration system. My ancestors also came in via the legal system, some early enough to have fought with Washington to free us from King George III. It’s not those who come legally who are in question; it’s those invading our nation as if they have some magic right to be here without permission. And the vast majority of this latter group come here expecting to be supported in a style to which they would like to become accustomed by our citizens, as if that is also somehow their right magically. The thing is most of those coming illegally don’t come via the system because they wouldn’t be accepted for 1 or more of several reasons, not the least of which is the diseases they bring in with them, but also the very fact that they do expect to remain on welfare and public support for the rest of their lives. That has to stop! It doesn’t matter where they come from or why; it has to STOP!

  59. Keep enforcing the existing laws. That’s how the immigration process do to illegal aliens.

    Leftists would say anything for political gains.

    Like I said earlier, keep enforcing the laws.

  60. Trumpty Dumpty is “dying” (we could only wish)for his wall. How come he’s looking for funding to build it from the taxpayers???? Thought Mexico was paying for it!!!!! Guess all US taxpayers must be Mexican. Biggest “con man” walking the face of the earth. He has screwed SO many people in his lifetime. PATOLOGICAL liar deluxe!!!!!

  61. It seems to me that all everyone is talking about are immigrants from the ‘south’! What about other immigrants who make an application legally to enter the US & wait their turn – it seems to me the Dumbocrats don’t mention them at all. As for saying we all came from immigrants – so very true & most of my ancestors waited their turn & entered the country legally so why can’t the ‘immigrants from the south’ do it the same way?????

  62. According to the U.N. all nations have to have a set guidance of rules that immigrants can follow to legally apply for entry into every nation in the U.N.

    Key word…LEGALLY.

  63. We are a nation of laws only if the commiecrats agree with the policies. I don’t care if them wet backs get speedster from their kids for life if they try to illegally invade our country. The should be tried and given life sentences. I know, idiots on the left will whine that we all come from immigrants. Visas were not required then. Kids used to go buy guns no questions asked. Laws change over time. That was then, this is now.

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