One giant clue that Hillary Clinton is running in 2020 just went public

Hillary Clinton has repeatedly refused to rule out another White House bid.

The twice-failed presidential candidate has surveyed the landscape and sees a fractured field with no clear frontrunner.

And now, this one giant clue that Hillary Clinton is running in 2020 just went public.

Polling shows that if Hillary Clinton jumped into the 2020 Democrat presidential primaries she would jump to the front of the pack.

A Harvard/Harris-X poll included Clinton in a list of choices and 21 percent of Democrats named Clinton as their first choice – which made her the leader.

The Washington Times reports:

She’s not running for president — yet — but Hillary Clinton was the top choice for Democratic voters in the Harvard-Harris national poll released last week.

Mrs. Clinton drew 21%, followed by former Vice President Joseph R. Biden with 20%, when registered Democrats were asked whom they would support for the 2020 party presidential nod if she and former Secretary of State John Kerry were added to the mix.

Placing third in the hypothetical race was Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders at 12%, followed by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 9% and ex-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg at 7%.

The online survey of 1,859 voters was conducted Nov. 27-29, a few days after Mr. Bloomberg entered the race, by the Harris Poll, and released by the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard.

Clinton has fueled speculation she’ll mount a third Presidential bid by falsely claiming the Russians stole the 2016 election from her.

That, as well as Clinton’s meaningless 2016 popular vote win, would form the rationale for Clinton running as the “true” President in a 2020 rematch against Donald Trump.

This poll showing Clinton as the leading candidate should she get in the race demonstrates there is still an appetite among Democrat voters for Hillary Clinton.

We will keep you up to date on any on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  2. George Soros has endorsed Elizabeth Warren, so if Hillary Clinton jumped into the race, Soros would have some decisions to make. Most likely Warren would be advised to drop out of the race and surrender the support she is receiving over to Clinton.

  3. Exactly!!!Send them back. Who’s big idea was it to allow them to invade our country and expect WORKING AMERICAN CITIZENS to support them?? Send them to all the democraps million dollar, guarded houses to beg for money

  4. SoreAss is behind her all the way–wants to get a kick out of just how much corruption, confusion and convoluted mess this witch can stir up
    he must monitor this site and won’t print my comments

  5. They will try to rig it like last time, but fortunately it didn’t work. Soros’ puppet still lost it. Don’t expect anything she does to be fair. We need to watch her like a hawk and start investigations and revelations NOW. Expose her crimes!

  6. They came here for free stuff if they get caught voting they will go back to the hell hole they came from. They won’t vote, the Dems want them here to be counted in the census to get more Dem Congressional districts.

  7. She and piglosy are on the Lowest end of the Class scale; Melania is on the top end of the Class scale. What a huge difference.
    We don’t want hitleryslut clinton running our country into the toilet

  8. She isn’t going to run, hell she can’t even walk. God set her up with the lie detector, with Pinnochio it was the nose, with Hilliary it’s the chough. She can’t chough her way through a primary again. Kinda makes you feel good though, this is the best the party can come up with? OMG. The best of the group is the one from Hawaii and they won’t let her on the stage. God, I hope she isn’t the candidate , even I might feel pity for her when Trump crucifies her on stage.

  9. Exactly!! She’s a puppet of soros. he can’t find anything better to spend his fortune on. Hitlery as president and there would be no more America–makes soros happy. Deport him!

  10. She is supported by Soros who’s interfering with our politics and country. Democrats will try to rig the vote to get her in.
    monitors of this site won’t print my comments

  11. I hope so too! The only people who will vote for her are Idiots, and 14 million illegals that just invaded our country for us to pay billions each year to support.

  12. Absolutely right!!. She is the Wicked, Criminal Witch of America. GITMO for her!. Why has nobody charged her with her crimes? I guess they don’t want to magically ‘disappear’ as others did.
    Trump 2020!

  13. With Hillary’s many years in the public eye in varied capacities, one would have expected her to be a shoo-in as president. She was even given questions in advance of debates! Despite all this, she did not get the overwhelming support of Americans who were familiar with her deceptive character and past history and knew that she was untrustworthy. Hillary has blamed everyone else for her loss except herself. Her continuous complaining about her defeat is more than tiring and relects poorly on her. Time for the Clintns to return to Little Rock.


  15. I couldn’t vote for her in 2016 and I sure can’t vote for her now. If she is elected, I believe that investing in a body-bag company would be in order. She has so many people who would be “suicided” it isn’t funny. Plus she never answered the question of how she will keep Slick Willie’s hands off the female staff.

  16. That old hag will never accept that she is a loser, liar, thief, traitor, murdering low life POS. she is despicable and I hope to see her dragged to prison.

  17. George Soros is a man with plenty of money and lives in the USA. He and his son have been kicked out of their homeland and can never go back. I believe he is consider a war criminal. We need to check the credentials of some who have been elected to the House. at least Minnesota and Michigan should vote them out but Obama brought so many of them in on UPS planes and dropped them off in PA. and then bussed them to MN and MI.

  18. Hillary is a criminal with at least 40 kills to her credit according to reports. 6 Million disappeared when she last held a government job. They used funds from their foundation to pay for her daughters wedding and her apartment which is illegal. Then if she were voted in you probably wouldn’t have a home to live in or any money if you have any. The Dems are already planning to take you 401K and Ira’s. She wants a one world government with the Dems running it and intends to open our borders and let all the worlds trash in.

  19. bj, you need to chill out. You always get so worked up, and then say the same stupid thing “your ignorance is profound” with anybody you don’t agree with.
    You need to get a new line.
    Don’t forget, we’re on the same team. Have a nice day.

  20. Absolutely she should run. She won the popular vote. Democrats say they truly believe she is the actual president as Pelosi stated Trump is illegitimately holding the office belonging to Hillary. Therefore the democrats should definitely nominate her again so she can claim her position as the rightful president. It is odd though how the polls only show her with a slight lead over the other democrat candidates. Shouldn’t she be the overwhelming leader and as she said in the past: “Why aren’t I leading by 50 points, you may ask.” I ask the same question, if democrats believe what they say.

  21. God, I hope she does. I’d die a happy and complete man if I could watch that Treasonous Auld Hoor lose a third time.

  22. If the Repubs vote to convict and the DemonRats get in complete control then that will be a global catastrophe with the USA becoming DOA. All mother free coutries in the world are only free because of us and if we fall to tyranny the rest of the world will go like dominoes. The GOP (sometimes called the GIP (Give In Party) will be DOA because conservatives will leave and look for a party with guts and conservative beliefs. The Dems want their very own dictatorship and will accept nothing less; it’s all about power ***over*** the people.

  23. They are NOT scraping the bottom of the barrel. They have turned the barrel over, and are scraping the underside.

  24. IF I had taken that poll I would have lied too (ROFL). I think that even the Democrat voters have had enough and are willing to lie to assure that NO Dems becomes president.

  25. The whole entire Demoncrap party including hollyweird and our citizens are in on it. They are sick they use children for their rituals damn pedofiles look into pedogate-pizzagate. it’s all true

  26. While she may have more percentage than any other Dem candidate, that says nothing about how many times she’ll get raked over the coals by Mr. Trump in debates should she actually choose to lose for the third time. Physical stamina – hell she didn’t have that last time, what makes her think she’ll do better now? Delusions abound on the Dem side and she’s the queen thereof.

  27. I wonder does this mean her and her merry band of democretans will except the out come of the election or are they still going to do what’s on TV on the cable news shows now more trying to delegitimize a fair election???

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  30. Hillary may have gotten the popular vote but if she did it was due to illegal and dead people voting and those who voted more than once. Take out the fraudulent votes and Trump won the popular vote by a landslide

  31. star, your ignorance is profound. You are truly brain dead. You have no concept of reality. Please tell us for what Pres. Trump will be impeached. YOU CAN’T!!!! He has done nothing wrong. You are a fool

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  33. William, you sound exactly like Sean Hannity with your optimism.
    Do you actually think Hillary will make the same mistake again of not campaigning in those swing states? Do you think any democrat candidate will make that mistake? If Hillary won the popular vote because of voter fraud and illegal immigrants voting, how many more illegal aliens do the democrats have now 3 years later from open borders and no wall? You can bet the democrats will not make the same mistakes they made in 2016.
    They will pickup homeless people off the streets and bus them to the ballots with promises of free lunch or $25 to buy more heroin. Whatever it takes.
    Don’t get me wrong. I hope you are right but I don’t have the same optimism you do because I don’t spend a lot of time watching Hannity.
    Don’t shoot the messenger.

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  36. Her pay to play foundation has suffered devastating losses since the Clintons are no longer relevant and no longer have the power of the presidency, senator and secretary of state. Donors were buying influence and she can no longer produce. Her private e-mail server was in place for cover-up because she was not doing the job we the people paid her to do but rather getting selling out to the highest bidder.

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  38. Not only that, but these idiots that would vote for. Have they forgotten that she cheated her own party for the nomination? She made 100% positive that Sanders couldn’t win. Then, thought she had done the same with Trump, but, alas. Even her cheating couldn’t overcome our great and mighty President Trump. The witch never stood a chance, and still doesn’t, unless she cheats like the devil.

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  43. Every word you said is wrong and you know it. Wow!! Hard to believe there is anyone as uninformed as you. Trump impeachment is a fantasy dream of democrats but is 180 degrees out of touch with reality. It simply will not happen. If you think Trump is unpopular you must live on Mars, certainly not on earth. Trump would love to send Hillary down to defeat again. It will be so easy, since she still is trying to find someone to blame for her last lost – Trump outworked her – she didn’t even go to certain states that she lost. Trump was there and Trump will be there for the American people again in 2020. The democrats will lose because they have lost the public – people are well aware that the impeachment is a farce and that the democrats have done nothing during their entire political lives except try to obstruct and block Trump’s agenda. The public is not stupid. Blowback is going to be hell for the democrats and the republicans will take back the house and then Trump can finish what he has started. Can you honestly say that you had it better under Obama??? Didn’t think so. MAGA and KAG, Donald!!! Great job so far.

  44. ‘The online survey of 1,859 voters was conducted Nov. 27-29, …’

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Hillary!!

    It might be only 21% of the 1,859 demonrats who responded to the ‘survey’, but it certainly IS NOT
    21% of the population!

    You couldn’t beat Trump in 2016 no matter what you did or what you threw at him, and still try to, and continue to lose!

    What makes you think you’ll be able to in 2020 with all the accomplishments he has fulfilled?!

    IT’S OVER!

  45. Hillary never got the popular vote. It was a manipulation by Google. Take a look at the vote tallies after the election. Trump also had the popular vote.

  46. If Hillary runs against Trump this time she will win because we have 3 more years of extra illegal aliens to vote for her.

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  49. I have it on good authority that Hiliary will not be running because of a brain tumor that was discovered during her recent colonoscopy.

  50. I would just about bet you are not Native American. All the ones I have known and had had friendships with had more class and brains than you appear to.

  51. The polls are lying just like in the race during 2016. Trump is more popular than ever now, thanks to this fake impeachment. The Democraps are desperate to have someone that they think can beat Trump.
    To put Crooked Hillary on the ticket is showing how desperate they are.
    The people telling Hillary to run, are the same ilk of groupies who Hillary promised jobs to. They’re only telling her to run, because she’s still owing favors to these people.
    She’s not going to improve the country or it’s policies. It would be the same as we’ve had from the Democraps for 50 years. Empty promises of hot air. Political elites getting rich off of the taxpayers.

  52. If killary is the best the demoncraps have to offer, they may as well fold their tents and go home now!!!

  53. The best thing for the Republicans is if HRC runs for President. With all the baggage she has it will be a second failed run like the two failed impeachments.

  54. To many still remember the Benghazi screw-up on her watch. To allow her to be Commander in Chief with that in her record I believe would be her downfall. Besides we all know her to be a liar as proven by her attacks on conservatives when she defended her immoral and lying husband.

  55. If Hillary runs it will probably be against Pence because Trump will be impeached and removed from office. There are many republican senators ready to vote for impeachment because they’ve been bought off. Trump is horribly unpopular now thanks to the democrat smear campaigns and of course Trump himself with his tweets. Whoever Hillary runs against she will win this time. The democrats won’t let this happen again. They will pull out all the stops this time to make sure they get back in power, and I predict the republicans will lose the senate too because too many will vote for impeachment. The democrats will win this because they are ruthless, and most republicans are spineless politicians that can easily be bought off by the swamp.

  56. Julio, not a problem whatsoever. Trump wiped her out in 2016, WITHOUT Russian Collusion as proven by Mueller Report. Hillary ONLY got edge in popular vote due to millions of illegals voting in California. And, even if she did get elected, Republicans WILL take the House because of INSANE, ILLEGAL impeachment attempts, AND IMPEACH Hillary within a month for her vast criminality proven in countless emails, the crooked Clinton Foundation, etc. Bring the FAILED _itch on!!!

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