One GOP Senator explained his impeachment betrayal with these five words

Seven Republican Senators voted to convict Donald Trump in the Senate impeachment trial.

Rank and file Republican voters are furious.

And this one GOP Senator explained his impeachment betrayal with these five words.

Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy switched his vote on impeachment from first voting to reject dismissing the trial on constitutional grounds and then changing it to convict Trump on the charge he incited an insurrection.

In an interview on ABC’s This Week, Cassidy defended his vote and rejected the idea that Trump supporters would eventually drive him from office, claiming that Donald Trump will fail to mobilize his supporters to punish Senators that voted to convict because “I think his forces wane.”

“I think his force wanes. The Republican Party is more than just one person. The Republican Party is about ideas. We were the party that was founded to end slavery, we were the party that preserved the union, we were the party that passed the first civil rights law, we were the party that ended the Cold War” Cassidy stated.

“We are the party that before COVID had an economy that had record low unemployment for everyone; the disabled, the high school dropout, the veteran, the woman, the Black, the Hispanic, you name it, that is the party of the ideas. Now, the American people want those ideas but they want a leader who is accountable and a leader who they can trust. I think our leadership will be different going forward but it will still be with those ideas,” Cassidy continued.

Cassidy just won re-election in 2020 and will not face the voters until 2026.

Pro-impeachment Senators like Cassidy calculated that by the time they face the voters again grassroots Republicans will have moved on from Donald Trump.

Right now that looks to be a bad bet.

The state parties in the home states of the Senators who voted to convict Trump raced to censure these Senators.

Cassidy faced such blow back that many believe he will not even run for re-election when his term is up in 2026.

Establishment Republicans like Cassidy thought they could use impeachment to exile Donald Trump from the Republican Party.

That was a horrific bet that may cost the Senators and Congressmen who supported impeachment their jobs.

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