One gun control activist just exposed their true intent

Gun-grabbers rallied in Washington, D.C. recently for the so-called “March for Our Lives.”

The student gun control activists insist in media interviews they aren’t coming for your guns.

But in a brief moment of candor one activist just inadvertently exposed their true intent.

Donald Trump ordered Jeff Sessions to ban bump stocks.

Bump stocks enable semi-automatic weapons to fire at an accelerated rate, but with far less accuracy.

Sessions acted on Trump’s directive and if the new regulation were approved, “bump-stock-type devices would be effectively banned under federal law and current possessors of bump-stock-type devices would be required to surrender, destroy, or otherwise render the devices permanently inoperable.”

That’s got the anti-gun activists smelling blood in the water.

And while gun-grabbers often stick to focus group-honed talking points about “common sense gun reforms” in media interviews, the speeches at the so-called “March for Our Lives” told a different story.

The Daily Wire reports:

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Delaney Tarr expressed no interest in working with the other side of the political aisle on the issue of gun control and urged participants to sign their gun control petition.

“There are so very many things, so many steps to take,” Tarr said. “Like right now, sign our petition. It takes two seconds and it matters. We will take the big and we will take the small, but we will keep fighting.”

It was at that moment that Tarr made a statement that should be a clear warning signal to anyone thinking about giving an “inch” to the gun control activists when it comes to Second Amendment rights.

“When they give us that inch, that bump stock ban, we will take a mile,” Tarr declared.


What do you think?

Is the proposed bump stock ban going to embolden gun-grabbers across the country to rally for more gun control?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Why are you hiding my post ??????????? Can’t bear the truth or free speech. Lib site funded by sorryass sorro ???????? What gives ??????????????

  2. Taking ones personal property is THEFT Banning ones ability to throw off a tyrannical gov. is an act of war. No quarter ! Think twice. As I see it Americans will have the last word. GUILTY !

  3. Of you know the Constitution you won’t give the ones who want to disarm the Legal Law Abiding Citizens Rights!Our Forthfathers placed the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Right’s for one specific reason! So no legal law abiding citizen shall be denied the right to keep and bear arms , which shall not be infringed so you can protect one’s family from a Tyrannical Government! The same one’s trying to disarm US are the same ones who won’t secure our borders (Left) wanted citizens to abide them and do as they say(Left) they don’t give a deal about life, well theirs but not it’s citizens. Read Obama’s Promise Program for Parkland School. See they are so use to Jim Crow Laws and they were against abolishing slavery loved those goods (left) So they have to supporter of the terrorists group on their side and he knows the best way to control 100 people without a gun is to have 1 with one!

  4. They have been brainwashed to believe that NEIGHBORING areas not being gun free zones are to blame as if the easily controlled environment of a school can not block guns crossing the border of the gun free zone but somehow if they make the entire nation a gun free zone the uncontrolled border of this nation will somehow block the drug smugglers from continuing to illegally bring in guns as well.

    Ensuring that only criminals will be armed just as they were in the schools gun free zones where they committed their crime knowing the victims would be defenseless as they violated NUMEROUS laws including the 100% ban on guns in the zone.

  5. Do not forget the prosecutors that cut deals to reduce those penalties as well. Especially if they manipulated the charges to avoid mandatory sentence laws put in place to punish those who used guns in their crimes supposedly to deter other criminals from doing the same. It is not much of a deterrent when it is not applied to the criminals.

    When an armed robber that killed someone during the robbery gets a five year sentence and someone who only bounced a few checks gets a 20 year sentence there is something DRASTICALLY wrong with the enforcement of this nations laws or the very laws themselves.

  6. I think that the above comments concerning the 2nd Amendment are right on. However the reason for the 2nd Amendment was stated best by our founding fathers; Thomas Jefferson stated:”The strongest reason for the people to retain the Right to keep and bare arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” This I believe is why many of our so called representatives in congress want to get rid of the 2nd Amendment. The people might just get around to reading the real reason for the need of the people to be armed.

    The media again rears it’s head to promote their anti 2nd amendment position. They give full visibility to the students that are marching for “gun reform”. Nowhere do you hear any of the voices of the students that support the 2nd amendment. A recent poll showed that only 4% of those polled support these student protestors. Why are the opposition voices being silenced? The problem facing us is not gun control, it is criminal control. Criminals using guns should be sentenced to the maximum penalties available under existing laws. Judges that do not enforce these penalties should be removed from the bench. We need a MARCH FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT. Make these liberal judges liable for the actions of criminals they put back on the street with a slap on the wrist

  8. I love this crap. All these mass shooting’s take place in “GUN FREE ZONE’s” I guess those students believe that some law will STOP all this. These kids today have been brought up believing that NO ONE can disiplne them. I grew up in a home with GUNS (OH MY) and I understood one RULE If we touched my dads guns he would KICK OUR ASS. Today these kids are taught NO can stop them. And no one can say anything MEAN to them so when it happenns to them they don’t know how to handle it. We have laws against DRUGS in school but I bet you ask any of these darlings where the drugs are in their school I bet most know where they are so what makes them think BAQNING guns will stop anything

  9. Guess follows that we’d all be safer with fewer idiots. Good thing our education system is so very good, ey?

  10. I am at least as concerned, if not more concerned, about the candidate for sheriff in North Carolina. How many more are there just like him? I would bet the one in Broward County FL is a think-mate. Anybody remember the tank with FBI blazoned on it rigged as a flame thrower in WACO because David Koresh had a cache of guns?
    Those high-school students at the “march” will be voting very soon, going to college to attend, or even organize more “marches”.
    Tyrants like unarmed peasants. It appears Demonrat tyrants are getting what they like.

  11. Dear Wayne, When you want to make a statement about someones comment would you please hit the Reply button beneath that comment and then make your comment so the readers won’t be confused as to which person you are speaking of. Your efforts will be greatly appreciated and there will be no confusion as to who’s statement you are speaking about.
    Thank You very much.
    The other David.

  12. You are absolutely right Meis. Turds usually do stink and then they just dry up and crumble away but when they do it in the wrong place somebody usually steps in it first. Or in this case steps on it. Can you see that coming?

  13. I couldn’t agree more, Ed. I’ve been saying pretty much the same for years. A gun, by its presence alone, creates no violence. If you leave a fully loaded firearm of any type by itself for an eternity, it will do nothing but eventually oxidize.

    It requires a finger to squeeze the trigger and cause that firearm to send a bullet down the barrel. And it takes a very sick mind controlling that finger, to point that barrel at an innocent human while squeezing that trigger.

    We don’t have a “gun violence” issue; we have a “human violence” issue, fed by mental illness and a general lack of respect for life. No amount of gun control will ever stop that. Can anyone honestly believe that a mind with intent to murder is a healthy mind? It makes no difference the tool used be it a gun, car, bomb, poison, knife, baseball bat, etc.; a mind with intent and determination will attempt to kill. Yet no matter the inanimate is used, the ONLY one ever blamed is the firearm. Does that not beg the question, why?

    Until we can accept the fact that we have a mental illness issue, and deal with that effectively, we will continue to have murders. Plain and simple.

    Without the 2nd Amendment our entire U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, becomes optional. Yet here we are.

    Over 40 years ago I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies foreign and domestic and to do so faithfully. I understood this oath to include the unspoken words “with my life if necessary”. I believe all members of congress take a similar oath when sworn into office.

    We need to remind these servants of the people, elected by the people, of their oath and inform them that anyone who cannot agree with every word of our Constitution, as it is written, has no business in a job that requires this oath.

    Long live the Republic.

  14. What happens when I give up my firearms and some robber, terrorist or deranged individual, ha, deranged, puts a gun in my face and then decides to shoot me. I have no recourse but to let him. Hmmmmm I guess i’m gonna be dead. That isn’t going to happen because i’m not going to give up my gun and if you do well that’s your right. I’m sticking to the SECOND AMENDMENT. Not giving up my arms for anyone. Especially some snot nose kid that isn’t dry behind the ears yet.

  15. Last week the were eating Tide Pods and this week they are telling us how to run our lives. They are all being exploited by the Liberal left and made this issue about gun control and not safety in school. Middle America wake up.

  16. Since WHEN do underage teenagers get to RUN any country, much less the USA? MOST teens can’t figure out which outfit to wear, or who is their BFF this week. No one I know wants to live in a teenager’s “Brave New World”!

  17. The proposed ban on bump stocks violates the 2nd amendment of our Constitution.
    The 2nd amendment says “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. It does not say anything about what kinds of arms the people may legally bear or how they may legally bear them. “common sense” gun laws are nothing but attempts to implement tyranny disguised as virtuous acts for the common good; the real goal of such laws is to deprive law abiding citizens of their inalienable right to defend themselves and their property and, most importantly, to deprive them of the ability to defend themselves against our criminal and corrupt government.
    As George Washington said, “Any government that wants to disarm its citizens wants to do so because it has evil plans.”

  18. When the challenge come and it will the ban will be considered unconstitutional. It will only take time for that to happen just like the other situations before it.

  19. If I am not mistaken his father is a retired FBI agent. It seems like everytime I get online or turn on Fox news I see another instance of where the FBI has failed to do its job and protect the public. I firmly believe that it is time to overhaul the FBI from the top down.

  20. You are right
    This country would not even exist if the people had not had guns. We would belong to another country. Those that wrote the constitution knew that. Guns are not just for protection or hunting. They are there to allow the people to fight those who would over throw our country. If you think that can’t happen look at what is happening right now. A major party ???? has refused to follow the law and is trying to over throw the
    Elected president elected by the other party ????. In any way they can by lies and even murder. If the children don’t grow up and face the truth this country want last 30 years

  21. The govt. doesn’t want to protect us, just themselves. Otherwise if they really did care about us, then all those in Congress and state governors would all get rid of their personal body guards. Maybe each person in the U.S.A. that is a LEGAL CITIZEN should get their own body guards…. oh that’s right too expensive, so the best next thing is a legal gun owned by responsible citizens. Not to use everyday, but just in case it is necessary, then it is there to use as a tool for protection against the criminals, which include those who want to get rid of our U.S. Constitutional Rights, for Legal Americans, which is the govt. itself. We cannot have another Holocaust or ethnic cleansing, and will not have it in the U.S.A. as it is true, an armed nation cannot be dominated by anyone.

  22. I am also curious about Cruz. I know he was small for his age. I would be curious to know if bullying is what pushed him over the edge. I am certainly not defending him. I am just searching for a solution to end this problem.

  23. Very Classy! Why don’t You move to Chicago? You can have the highest gun control there. There you will have the greatest chance that be murdered. You see the more gun control, the more people are gunned down. Because no one can defend themselves.
    Wise up, FOOL!

  24. Ahhhhh poor little David never learned to read or he would know that all the things he wants done are already in the law books. Assault weapons have been banned seance the end of WW2. If he spent as much time reading he would know this.

  25. gun control doesn’t work. just look at Chicago. the best bet is to have all law abiding citizens armed, because it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. don’t listen to these kids. they are being used by the demoncats, and soros, to try to get our guns off of us. that is their goal and they are using these kids as pawns. buy more ammo while you can, before they start rationing it to the public!

  26. David Hogg and his father need to be screened very carefully. They should be investigated for their connections to several anti-Trump organizations and their
    connections with the People who sponsored the March. Something smells and it ain’t nice.

  27. Nick Frietas is running for the Senate. Here is part of a riveting speech he gave recently during a Congressional meeting on the gun rights issue:

    If you’re wondering the other reason we can’t have our honest debate over this one is because quite frankly, I don’t think any of us on this side of the aisle believe you when you say that’s all you wanna do. It’ll be bump stocks, it’ll be background checks, then it’ll be different kind of background checks to register the guns. Then after that it’ll be we need to ban assault weapons. What’s an assault weapon? Something that looks scary. Then after that it’ll be semi-automatic rifles, then after that it’ll be semi-automatic handguns, then it’ll be revolvers, shot guns. Because when the policies fail to produce the results you are promising to your constituents, you’ll be back with more reason why we’ve got to infringe on 2nd amendment rights.

  28. Our government is very close to being the rogue government the 2nd Amendment was written for. If they try to disarm us, it will become the second revolutionary war, and for good reason.

  29. David Hogg is determined to infringe our rights under the second amendment yet he is whining about his first amendment rights being violated because he is now required to wear a see thru backpack. What a hypocrit

  30. Think about it. During WWII Harry Truman gave a speech claiming there was so much money in social security that we’ll never spend it in a hundred lifetime’s, there by opening it up to pay for the war and never repayed it. Look at it now. If we let them take away our second amendment rights “like Obama tried to do”, do you think they’ll stop at that? Who does the background checks when you buy a gun ? Answer… The FBI… The FBI is broke, it needs to be fixed!

  31. God bless the Second Amendment! making guns illegal is what the liberals want, that way they have total control. Fact: the thugs and criminals will ALWAYS have guns! Hopefully people arestarting to see the liberal agenda!


  33. The only People who will be armed will be the Communists called Democrats. Stalin called these fools “Useful Idiots” after he used them to gain power in Russia. One should ask them self one question, “Who will be the Communist Ruler or Nazi Ruler from the Democrat Party. An unarmed America is America lost to slavery once again.

  34. I am very sorry for the loss of life in these past years, but I must side for gun ownership. Now I don’t know about anyone else, but let me tell you a little story. Most people have see the movie, “Red Drawn”. There at well over 300 million guns within the United States. I feel that the reason the United States has not been invaded by a foreign power is because of the belief of our enemies, that should they attack on our soil, that there would be a gun behind every tree and Bush her in the United States and they would not win. Now, if the gun sits on a table and no one touches it, does that mean it feels no threat. Does it mean that it will leave the table and go on a killing spree. No the gun will not inju or wound anyone. Now let’s put a person behind or in control of that gun. If the PERSON controlling the gun is deranged, angry, or dangerous within themselves then we have a problem with the individual, not the gun. Now if the gun goes around killing without a human factor being involved, the 300 million guns should have already wiped out the United States population 10 time fold. So an intelligent person with no political motive can own a gun and cause no harm. I have read history books and I know that Stalin took guns from his citizens, I know that Hitler took guns from his citizen, “for the protection of the children” and he killed millions of children in various ways, gas, firing squads etc. American citizens had truly better wake up and smell the coffee, because when the time comes, who is going to protect you once all your rights are gone. The United States is in a very sad state of affairs. There is no one in charge of our country at this point in time. It is sad that we have gone so stray from what the true values of America once was. But my mother once told me. Be very careful what you wish for because all thing have consequences.

  35. Quite frankly the real reason for the 2nd Amendment was not put there for: hunting, shooting Your neighbor or the commission of crime–IT WAS PUT THERE TO PROTECT US FROM THE GOVERNMENT, should it get like King George.

  36. Living on the Mexican-American border for 70 years I can say this. ANYTHING YOU WANT IS AVAILABLE THROUGH MEXICO! All you need is money! So, when the liberals and Democrats take all our guns away from us just drive to San Diego, bring sufficient cash and you’re “RE-ARMED!” (And no gun registration)

  37. Whenever I get into a debate about guns with a gun wacko, I write the word gun on a piece of paper and lay it on a table. Then I tell the wacko to imagine that is a real gun. Now, tell the gun to kill. Don’t touch it, just tell it to kill. Come on, fire now! Fire gun! Shoot! Fire 60 rounds a second! Come on gun, dammit, shoot!

    It ain’t the guns folks!

  38. Whole hearted agreement with you Ernie Phillips. Sorry I didn’t watch that demonstration for 17 minutes of yelling and screaming children acting worse than 3 year olds that were told no you can’t have a candy bar. The only people they may have impressed were the Democrats and Liberals that are trying to take over America.

  39. I agree whole heartedly. The Liberal Left and the Democrats aren’t in this to keep you children safe, they want to take away the guns, so they can take over the U.S.A. You will wind up as “cannon fodder”.

  40. Please ignore the comment I made earlier saying the Dems are working for you!!!! Not true!!! I left out the word NOT!!!!!!!!

  41. Nikolas Cruz has not been mentioned once by these children. They have blamed everything and everybody for the shooting except him. I am wondering if they see him as a victim instead of a confessed murderer.

  42. Sorry Delaney Tarr, but Americans will not give up their guns easily or quietly. We may submit to deeper background checks, but there will come a day when America will be glad of the 2nd Amendment just the way it is written, and I have a feeling that day may come sooner than any responsible American wants it too.

  43. Lock, and loaded. One by the front door,one at the back door, one on the night stand, and one on my belt. Never did I think at 76 years old I’d have to arm myself just like they did 150 years ago, but now where ever you go,your always watching people. I set facing the door, or at less were I can see it, and toward the back of the restaurant. When I go to church my gun goes with me, and a deacon knows I carry. MAGA,A.

  44. Nikolas Cruz was well known as a disturbed and evil young man, yet the school, the sheriff and his depudy, the local police and FBI did nothing to prevent him from buying firearms.
    Obama asks public schools to ignore bad behavior… Top Celebrities Slam Obama … How to Handle Misbehaving Students:

  45. What the USA needs is complete control over Drug smuggling gangs from the south and the Mid-east that the past POTUSA never attempted to control. There was too much money being given out for officials to look the other way. The big problem facing the USA is massive drug imports by the drug gangs getting young people on drugs so they can use guns to settle arguments between drug gangs then blame the guns for killing off one another and the dumb politicians go along with the drug gangs because of the massive flow of money illegal drugs bring into the country. The young people then are miss lead by the politicians saying guns kill people but drugs don’t, except if, you’re talked into taking to many illegal drugs. Then we’re right back to blaming guns and not the people that use them because of illegal drugs.

  46. Joanna, so are the Republicraps! I have been saying this for years, they are all the same party. Don’t people realize that it is just a big football game to them, and the only thing they care about is more power and winning???? They put on a BIG show, then go party together while laughing at US! We need to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!!!

  47. Well let everyone know when the gang bangers and criminals and illegals turn in all their guns..Otherwise you are a sitting duck for all criminals.Better get a guard dog and hope that bad guy don’t shoot your dog first before he gets in your house.

  48. It takes 5 to 7 minutes for the average response of the police in this country. In 5 minutes a well trained person can have more than 100 rounds fired in does not matter whether semi automatic or not a good gun handler who has used guns for most of His life can be accurate and put at least 100 rounds into a target no matter whether it is just a target for accuracy or where a life is involved. Do we think that the government can protect us if so we are fools.

  49. Well I’m not giving an inch sorry kids! We need security at schools if you are too stupid to realize that then I don’t know what to tell you guys! There was a shooting in Baltimore right after the Florida shooting that was stopped immediately BECAUSE they had security there it didn’t escalate very few were harmed but nobody is talking about that because it doesn’t fit the gun grabbers narrative does it? You kids are being USED by the FAKE MEDIA and the Corrupt Left!!! You are inviting another civil war and u don’t even realize it! But we are ready for it. We will not have our second amendment rights taken away what will be next!? The first amendment has already been under attack for a while we are all very sick of this. I will not have my right to protect myself and my family taken away by a bunch of children who have no idea of what they are taking about I think you guys need to look at the history books and read the constitution and see what it’s all about obviously your liberal teachers have not taught you anything about it!
    Seems the only people who have any rights anymore are the illegal criminals and that is very sad and the ones who follow the law have their rights taken away there is something very very wrong here!!

  50. If you look at the perpetrators of these horrific crimes, there’s the question of their mental stability. The killer of those in that theater, the killer of the Pulse nightclub, the killer of the Parkland shootings, the killer of the Sandy Hook murders, the killer of the Las Vegas shootings, and I could go on and on. The best solution is to reopen mental facilities. Ever since they were closed we have had all sorts of problems with the mentally ill. These anti-gun activists won’t look at the cause of these shootings, all carried out by mentally unstable individuals. Sadly, these people really need help, but leaving them out on the streets is not the answer.

  51. The Dumborats sure did use the kids…. the kids must think the did something wonderful.. NOT BY A LONG SHOT!!!!!!

  52. The Dumborats sure did use the kids…. the kids must think the did something wonderful.. NOT BY A LONG SHOT!!!!!!

  53. Eternal vigilance to keep the flame of freedom and liberty burning. Defend the the United States of America and the U. S. Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC!!

  54. First is was taking the prayer out of schools. Then it took individual prayer away from students. Next the Bible was eliminated in the library. Prayer at athletic events was eliminated. Now we cannot have pork in the lunch room. Next we will have to interrupt class to let students bow to the east. We do allow all kinds of off the wall dressing for school, any member of either sex in any restroom, condoms and birth control pills are free to students without parents knowledge. What is the next freedom to go, yes free speech, freedom of meeting together, freedom to defend friend, family and self. Just how far do we let 4 to 5% of the population tell the 95% how to live. What percent of the population was demonstrating for 17 minutes while the rest had to watch it on the news? 95% of the population now needs to stand up and be counted.

  55. I have no use for a bump stock but I will defend your right to own them to the fullest extent. Doc, my “muskets” are fully ready when the time comes and it is coming soon.

  56. Keep your guns oiled, loaded and close at hand When you call 911 the police are moments away when seconds are what really counts

  57. I am not surprised. The anti 2nd amendment people have waited for years for this moment. Well financed, well organized, and backed by an strong anti firearm media, they have found their platform. Students who want to experience the riots of the 60’s are willing dupes. The anti 2nd amendment people always wanted complete confiscation and don’t want to give an inch. This is why we cannot allow any off this.

  58. The liddle snowflakes have never lived under a King or dictator. Their K – 12 educational curriculum is programed by libs who hate the Constitution, Capitalism and America as Founded. They have never been deprived of rights, they are victims of a liberal leftist education system that indoctrinates, not educates. Some day they will be in charge. If they vote to throughout the 2nd Amendment, disarm the citizenry then in their ignorance they will reap what they sow. Look at Venezuela, Cuba, Nazi Germany, Russia under Stalin. This is the world they will choose to their own peril.

  59. While these shootings are indeed horrifying, they do not account for the principal cause of the deaths of young people. In 2015, 2,333 teens in the United States ages 16–19 were killed and 235,845 were treated in emergency rooms for injuries suffered in motor vehicle crashes. That means that six teens ages 16–19 died every day from motor vehicle injuries. In that same year there were 2,372 teen suicides.

    Statistics vary, but it is clear that the biggest killer of teens is not the gun but the automobile and their own hand.

    If we follow the logic of the “gun-grabbers,” as they are called, it is the automobile that should first be grabbed. For not only do these teens kill themselves in these crashes, but also kill others through reckless, drunken, or distracted driving. The total number of people killed in teen-driver accidents in 2015 was 4,689.

    Yet no one ever thinks of taking the keys away from teenagers. The reason for all of the bloodletting among teenage drivers is lack of discipline in the home, the plague of society since the 1960’s.

    So mass shootings, from the point of view of teen deaths, takes very much the back seat in regard to teen automobile deaths and suicides. Yet all of these could be prevented by order and discipline in the home.

    According to liberal logic, cell phones ought to be grabbed as well, as these are the cause of many accidents.

    That responsible citizens be armed is a healthy thing. Indeed many of these slaughters could have been prevented if more people had been carrying guns. I am of the opinion, however, that the semi-automatic weapons should be restricted and sold only to persons who are sane, mature, and law-abiding citizens. To me it is wrong that any eighteen year old could, without previous ascertainment of his mental and moral stability, legally purchase such a gun.

  60. All we have to do is let the nose of the camel under the tent. It will not be long before we will see what the rest of the camel looks like. And then the camel will crap all over us for good measure.

  61. Our representatives went to the same schools….Marxists have been running academia since the 30’s….

  62. I could not of said it better! Or after our guns! They want a complete disarm the United States of America!! That is the intention behind this movement!! They tried for years to get our guns through the adults!! Now they targeted our children!! They have been indoctrinated for years with in the schools telling them what to think and how to think it! And who knows what else they have done in order to get the kids to see their way!! Call your representatives and tell them to vote against taking our arms before it’s too late! Before our law abiding citizens become the criminals because we refuse to give up our guns!! They’re trying harder than ever!! We have to stop them NOW!!!

  63. DONALD Trump as our PRESIDENT OF THE USA, COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF ALL ARMED SERVICES, DEFENDER OF DEMOCRACY WORLD WIDE, has every right to express his opinion without any social site, news agency, or news paper, radio agency, MAINSTREAM media, or political party trying to change his words…IF THE PRESIDENT DOES NOT HAVE AN UNFILTERED WAY TO REACH AMERICAN VOTERS…THEN THAT IS SEDITION.

    Everyday in the USA and around the world…500 MILLION GUNS DO NOT COMMIT CRIME OR TERRORISM!!!

    While everyday in the USA and around the world…criminals and terrorists, RADICAL RELIGIOUS FANATICS use whatever means available to create terror. Using, fists, clubs, knives, VEHICLES, bombs, and YES, guns.

    TAKING legally licensed and registered guns from law abiding VOTERS AND CITIZENS in hope of preventing criminal or TERRORISTIC actions will not work…because those weapons are not in use…NOW!





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