One jaw-dropping blue state poll has Democrats in a panic over 2020

The political environment that will shape the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election continues to shift.

That is bad news for Democrats.

And this one jaw-dropping blue state poll has Democrats in a panic over 2020.

Virginia used to be a solid Republican state.

But thanks to mass migration and the massive influx of federal workers moving in to the state, Virginia has gone blue in the last three elections.

Republicans also haven’t won a statewide race in Virginia since 2009.

Entering the 2020 season political experts put the state’s Electoral College votes safely in the Democrat column.

But a shocking new Mason-Dixon poll finds Donald Trump leading every Democrat candidate in Virginia except Joe Biden, whom he only trails by four points.

The Richmond Times Dispatch reports:

Biden received 49% to Trump’s 45% with 6% undecided in the poll of 625 registered voters surveyed by phone between Dec. 12-16.

Trump had the backing of 48% to Warren’s 44% with 8% undecided. The president got 51% to Sanders’ 45% with 4% undecided. Trump received 47% to Buttigieg’s 45% with 8% undecided.

Biden had the highest favorability rating in the poll at 51%, compared with 45% for Trump, 36% for Warren, 35% for Sanders and 33% for Buttigieg, the least well-known of the candidates in the survey.

Buttigieg had the lowest unfavorability rating at 30%, compared with 33% for Biden, 48% for Trump, 51% for Warren and 52% for Sanders.

Virginia is not considered a tipping point state that will decide the election.

But Virginia is the type of state where if Donald Trump is only running a couple of points behind the Democrat – or even winning – it means there is national wave building that Trump can ride to a landslide re-election victory.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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  2. Roger Kuhn is sure right. The Democrats are out to ruin our country
    Watch Sean Hannity, he tells the truth

  3. I listened to calls on “C” Span. This female Democrat had been watching CNN. She says, of course President Trump is guilty, what do the Republicans do all day, watch FOX ? Have you ever watched MSNB or MSNBC yourself? Everything they say Trump has done, was actually done by the dirty criminal Democrats. The Democrats have split our country, and it started by the Muslim criminal bastards Obama office.

  4. I lived in Virginia for 22 years & it’s nickname was “the communist state”. I guess there was a reason as they now are stating that they will defy the 2nd amendment of America’s constitution & begin confiscation of guns, by force using the national guard, if necessary. Federal law supercedes state law and I read that neither law enforcement nor the NG will comply.

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