One Joe Biden ally got caught on tape saying he had the evidence that will bury the Biden family

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden got some bad news.

Republican investigators keep accumulating new evidence and leads about money from Communist China flowing into Biden family bank accounts.

And one Joe Biden ally got caught on tape saying he had the evidence that will bury the Biden family.

The House Oversight Committee’s investigation into if Communist China compromised Biden with millions of dollars in payments is bearing fruit.

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer revealed a previously unknown Biden family member received money from two individuals connected to the Chinese Communist Party.

The conduit for this money was reportedly Biden family business associate Rob Walker.

The New York Post exclusively reports:

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) first revealed Monday that bank records obtained via subpoena implicate a “new Biden family member” in the panel’s probe of the first son’s alleged influence-peddling scheme.

Comer is expected to reveal the person’s name at some point, but has not yet announced specific plans to do so, leaving the door open to speculation about who else could have been on the receiving end.

The Kentucky Republican told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday that the records obtained from Bank of America show that in March 2017, Walker received a $3 million wire transfer from two individuals with ties to the Chinese Communist Party, which he then divvied up to multiple Biden family members.

Walker is an interesting character that Democrats are desperate to keep from testifying.

Maryland Democrat Jamie Raskin erupted over Chairman Comer subpoenaing Walker’s testimony.

An audio recording off a phone caught Walker worrying that exposing his dealings will “bury all of us.”

Walker must be sitting on major bombshells.

The Communist Chinese clearly tried to cultivate the Biden family through business deals.

That became a major problem the moment Biden decided to run for President.

Americans already say that Biden allowed a Communist Chinese spy balloon to fly across the entire United States.

Critics wonder if the Biden family’s financial ties to Communist China factored into that decision.

And Americans are also wondering – in increasing numbers – what else they don’t know about the Biden family’s dealings with the Communist Chinese Party.

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