One Judge gave Donald Trump some terrible news about who Mueller will indict next

Robert Mueller’s rigged witch hunt is in its final stages.

But this is the phase of the fishing expedition where Mueller is at his most dangerous.

And one Judge gave Donald Trump some bad news about who Mueller plans to indict next.

Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano was interview by Law and Crime editor Dan Abrams and the two discussed the Mueller probe.

Napolitano shocked the audience by predicting that Mueller’s next target for indictment would Donald Trump, Jr.

The Hill reports:

In an interview with “Live PD” executive producer Dan Abrams first reported by Mediaite, Napolitano said that both he and Trump Jr. apparently expect that the president’s eldest son will face charges related to Mueller’s investigation of Russian election interference and the Trump campaign.

“I don’t know who, but I do know that Donald Jr. has told friends he expects to be indicted,” Napolitano told Abrams, who also serves as chief legal analyst for ABC News.

“Do you expect he’d be indicted?” Abrams prompted.

“Yes,” Napolitano responded.

This would be Mueller going nuclear.

If Mueller indicts his son on fabricated charges, Trump will fire Mueller and set up a showdown with Congress.

This could be what Mueller is aiming for.

He knows he has nothing on the President.

So staging a false flag operation to bait Trump into firing him could be his only chance to force Congress to impeach the President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Wouldn’t THAT be a time of celebrating. I will throw a Party!!!! Wow! all of them at one time. We could put them in the public square handcuffed and dance around then.

  2. Alright I love it, I’m finally getting to resd some of the intelegent, logical comments. But i do agree that when you have truth on your side, you don’t need to do thename calling and attacks. That’s the way the left plays.

  3. Agreed! Hillary should have also been charged with the 4 deaths in Benghazi!!! There is a whole laundry list of things that Hillary should have been charged with and it is an insult to me and my intelligence to know that she is still capable to even be heard at any kind of speech in America!!! Who wants to hear what she has to say because you know that it is all a lie! But I basically feel that way about Pelosi, Schiff, Shumer and the whole “peanut factory gang!” All they want is to fight against President Trump and his agenda! I say, “GO PRESIDENT TRUMP! I STILL SUPPORT YOU AND WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH FOR OUR GREAT COUNTRY!”

  4. Don’t trust anything predictions from Judge Nap. or Dan Abrams. Dan Abrams is with ABC News and Judge Nap. even though he is with FOX, is usually not so right in predictions.

  5. Don’t trust anything predictions from Judge Nap. or Dan Abrams. Dan Abrams is with ABC News and Judge Nap. even though he is with FOX, is usually not so right in predictions.

  6. I’m a 63 YO ex Marine and I guarantee I could beat his ass down with both hands tied and handcuffed behind my back and I would love to prove it. When down I would just continue to STOMP that POS into a blood puddle.

  7. They can’t find one thing on Trump, so they go after everyone close to him. They are using tyranny , and it needs to end. Why in God’s name is this continuing after we have the evidence that there was no colustion. 25 million dollars used if tax payers to do this just to harrass and make Trump break. They don’t want him running in 2020 and they will do everything in their power toake him and everyone around him miserable. This is something that happens in the Banana Republic. Anyone that votes for a damn Democrat supports “Communism”!If they do this to a sitting Judge with a clean record, and a sitting President just think what they will do to us. I would not put it pass them to look for everyone that voted for Trump and make their lives miserable just for voting for him. Witch they were all ready doing that to middle class anyways!

  8. They did not jeopardize national security, remember that. Hillary was secretay of state. Please don’t defend the Clintons they were the worst thing that has happened to the country in the past fourty years.

  9. Mueller and/or his team is corrupt. The judiciary committee is now finding out that the FBI told Flynn he did not need a lawyer present during interrogations so they could ask questions that would cause him to perjure himself. It was all a set up to try to get something on Trump campaign transition team so as to try to make up something to tie Trump to it and start trying to impeach Trump! Bunch of schiesters!

  10. Napolitano keep your opinions to yourself. You are telling the truth and simply talking out of your ass AS USUAL

  11. Ivanka stopped using private e-mail (as any privaye citizen can) as soon as she was named an adviser to Trump, immediately AFTER his election. Common sense assumes the ability to make a distinction, something left is incapable of.

  12. Did Ivanka bleach her emails? Or did she smash her phone with a hammer or did she remove the SIM cards or did she ignore a subpoena and commit a felony? Please tell me if you know

  13. They were never erased nor bleach bit, and all are accounted for, with ZERO classified information. She’s not doing anything with regard to top secret information. 1000% difference dear.

  14. Karen – it is very simple why they want Trump out as he has done something that no other President has ever done but to expose the Deep State/Establishment that does all these devious things behind the scenes, starting wars, wasting tax payer money, letting drugs flow freely into the population, horrible trade deals, giving our moey to other countries, getting big kickbacks and getting rich, and making the hard working tax payers keep paying for all this garbage. In the 1960’s when I was growing up the young people sensed this stuf was going on and protested saying you cannot trust anyone over 30 and was against the Establishment. Now of course many of the people that were against the Establishment are benefitting from it and they actually managed to brainwash the current group of young people to think the Establishment Deep State is good which of course as matrurity will show you this is wrong. The Obama’s and Clinton’s along with help from billionaire communists from other countries are assisting them with an effort to change the USA into a s**thole country like most others around the world. Trump is the only person standing in their way. So the bottom line is they have to hate Trump and if enough Americans recognize this situation for what it is and thet Trump is doing his best to save this country, these evil people can still be defeated and the USA can become great again.

  15. To H.III “take Mueller out behind the barn for a U.S.D.A. prime grade beef ass-whupping.” HAHA HAA. (a USDA ‘Prime’ comm)
    > how about Biden (past remark re ‘barn’) heh.
    ‘Make my Day’.

  16. Come 0n diane, use some ‘commom sense’ here.
    > However, ivank should KNOW ‘stuff’ by now,
    especially in mails. ie. NO ‘political Talk’.


  18. Lost. You are, in Base dimension.
    No Soul ? Physicists in the Quantum
    would ‘smack’ you down. But Donot.
    > Leave you ‘in the waddle’. Minimize
    ‘your drag down’.

  19. Not ‘dirty’. ___ V ‘Complicated’ BEFORE
    Presidency. Difficult to ‘comprende’.
    > 35 yrs + ‘should be Able to ‘comprende’.

  20. > For 0nce, jd. you ‘see’. __
    re jr., include ‘javanka’.
    > Eric smart,>mouth Shut.
    Keep S.r ‘free’. (4 U, et al)

  21. Yes that is exactly what I believe too. It is evil against good plus we are in the last of the last days. God will not tolerate everything that is going on: abortion, homosexuality, the church is not right with God and open borders. Just like sodom and Gomorrah Please everyone pray for our country and president

  22. Mueller was a captain in the Marines, he could probably whip your ass, Howie Lewis III. You must be one of those who can’t stand real justice when applied.

  23. You are certainly not the “Man from Grey matter” — as there is plenty of evidence ALREADY. First, Trump admitted that the Trump Tower meeting was “to get dirt on Hillary,” which is ILLEGAL if it involves a foreign government (it did, Russia). Don Jr. or Jared, told him before or after, which Trump never reported – – so he is a co-conspirator. Second, Cohen’s sentence documents (12/7/18) Showed that Trump told him to “reach out” to Russia:
    “In September 2016 Cohen had previously said Donald Trump
    meet with President Putin in NYC in his visit to UN. However,
    during “his (Cohen’s) proffer sessions, the defendant (Cohen)
    admitted that this previous account was false and that he had
    in fact conferred with (Donald Trump) about contacting the
    Russian government before reaching out to gauge Russia’s
    interest in such a meeting.”

  24. He always is dirty – – making a fortune on Saudi renting over 500 days at one of his properties – – TRUMP IS COMPROMISED.

  25. Yes, read a poll yesterday that showed the blue tsunami was fairly even by parties, but the independents voted more democratic by 12 percent!! So, apparently facts DO matter to most people, except to cult followers who only repeat the cult propaganda, or their “alternate facts.” What is really sad, Diane, is that many of their talking points are done by paid stooges of the wealthy who want the middle and lower-classes distracted from the fact they have the greatest proportion of the wealth ever in America. Donnie goes back of Mar-O-Lago and tells his rich members “I made you all a LOT richer!” Good to hear from you, Diane!

  26. What stupid statements. I don’t know about bender, but Dr.JD really surprises me concidering his so-called doctorate degree. Must have won it at a carnival.

  27. Terry White – NO, Trump did not! Look it up. He remains involve in all his business aspects, but lies about it.

  28. Dr. JD – Facts matter…….but not to an ignorant Trump suppporter. They live in an alternate universe and apparently rely on alternative facts (which is WHY they remain ignorant)!

  29. Tell grandpa to take Mueller out behind the barn for a U.S.D.A. prime grade beef ass-whupping. After a legal short and fair trial, of course.

  30. Guess we should also keep in mind the Dems went door to door in certain neighborhoods showing people how to vote Democratic then hand delivering those ballots to be counted. Also taking them to voting sites after they pledged to vote for Dems. Dems also inspired illegals to vote. North Carolina isn’t the only State the Democrats committed either the same coerced Illegal voting or fraud in.

  31. Good point, Bender — we all should read each others sources. Don’t forget the BLATENT fraud of the Republican candidate in North Carolina District 9, who hired (for the 2016 and 2018 elections) a convicted felon to defraud the election. The bi-partisan election board voted unanimously not to certify that election.

  32. Dan, that is illegal! Nixon tried it. You cannot use the agencies of the US for political vendettas! That is one of the charges that lead to the resignation of another corrupt republican leader (besides Trump, who is worse than) Nixon.

    I would encourage some of you Trumpers to realize also that when Trump does such activities it only adds to the charges of “Obstruction of Justice”!!!

  33. hahahahahhaha, Dan, LOL! OMG, your Deep State BS is a total escape from responsibility, because when you lose some battles (as both sides do), you blame it all on some conspiracy like the non-existent “Deep State”! How “deep” is “da Deep State” – – and Corsi, who does have a real degree, sold out to work for conspiracy nutcase and “miracle supplement con man,” Alex Jones. If you could fold in Yeti and/or the Loch Ness monster, it would even be more hilarious.

  34. I would agree with you , Wannabee. In addition, they do not know what they are doing, and have no experience, making huge blunders, and worse, putting his own kids in the position of endangering them legally. Trump Sr. actually threw Don Jr. and Jared (and Manafort) under the bus when he tweeted that the Trump Tower meeting (which included at least these three from his campaign) was “about getting dirt on Hillary.” Most of you don’t understand that getting dirt on your opponent is not a crime . . . UNLESS you do with the aid of a FOREIGN COUNTRY. AS DEVIN NUNES IS RECORDED TO SAY TO DONORS, “if it included (his family’s origin) the country of Portugal, it would be illegal.” Not only does Don Jr. have a big mouth, but so does Don Sr.. President Trump has sunk his own case by his big mouth, as his former lawyer Dowd found out.

  35. The latest national poll indicates that the majority of Americans believe the Russia probe run by Mueller is legitimate, and only 33% (mostly Trumpers) see it as a “witch hunt.”

    I have stated numerous times on Pulsa postings that Mueller is playing chess, several moves ahead, of checker-playing Donnie. Now, Judge Napolitano, on Fox News, reports that in Paul Manafort’s guilty plea, Robert Mueller also required Manafort to plead guilty to uncharged state crimes in New Jersey, Virginia and California to “make it pardon proof”.

    Robert Mueller is a genius, and Manafort appears to be screwed!

  36. That was a fraud or fake divestment that is in the courts right now – – he did NOT set up a “blind trust” and just put on a show of empty folders (mostly) like he did with his Trump “university” scam!

  37. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see, Dan.
    Russia Probe:
    190+ indictments.
    40 people charged.
    5 guilty pleas.
    4 guilty convictions.
    P L U S (12-7-18)
    Cohen’s sentence documents (12/7/18) Showed that Trump told him to “reach out” to Russia:
    “In September 2016 Cohen had previously said Donald Trump
    meet with President Putin in NYC in his visit to UN. However,
    during “his (Cohen’s) proffer sessions, the defendant (Cohen)
    admitted that this previous account was false and that he had
    in fact conferred with (Donald Trump) about contacting the
    Russian government before reaching out to gauge Russia’s
    interest in such a meeting.”

  38. Yes the way dems are stripping power away from incoming governors in Wisconsin and Michigan like they did in NC total nazi like. Oh wait that’s rethuglicans. Get some news from non propaganda sites and learn which side your on.

  39. Karen, I truly believe that the far left wants to put us back into a civil war. Not a shooting war per se’bur a political one, because they want to control the American people the way Hitler did in Nazi Germany. They aren’t smart enough to see how well that ended for Hitler.

  40. Karen, we are witness to the classic war between good and evil. The liberal ideology that is promoting God’s removal, abortion, globalism, and open borders opposing right to life, nationalism etc… We are at the very tipping-point.

  41. “Who cares”, “who”, is indicted next? Let the fireworks begin, with Congress, & stop this “Bogus, & Illegal investigation, that is simply making the Libtard investigators, “Rich”, off us taxpayers!

  42. It’s sad that we all can set around and talk about all of this, and we can’t do a darn thing to stop Mueller, we can’t hang Hillary, or Bill, Obama, is getting away with a lot of stuff too, they want to impeach our President but no one wants to do anything against Obama..
    I want to know just what President Trump has done, and why everyone wants him out? ? He’s been keeping his word he’s has been doing every thing that he has promised to do, plus more.. I just don’t understand….

  43. Judge Andrew Napolitano Has been infected by hanging out with lefty liberal Fox so called host Shepard Smith, both liberal Trump hating liberals. But that’s what all liberals do is HATE.

  44. I have this reoccurring dream where all that is our government in DC gets the 911 treatment. You know, where the right people just happen to be looking the other way while shyt happens….

  45. The American Taxpayer has really taken a hit with this sob Mueller. He has spent almost three times the tax dollars on this farce than Ken Starr did on the Bill Clinton case and they had Old Bill dead to rights with Monica. All Mueller has done is go after anyone who could be considered friends or business associates with Trump. He has nothing on the president so he is just muddying the water.

  46. From the ‘beginning’ , have always
    thought DJT’s ‘kids’ Should STAY OUT
    of Presidential Biz, & a huge ‘liability’.
    > JR.has a big mouth . Need STFU. Too Late.

  47. After reading all of your many excellent comments it occurs to me that we have only one deeply evil, lawless, anti-democracy, criminal genius to blame for the government becoming all prosecution and no governing, all the time….Obama the true Manchurian-Left radical candidate. Hillary was his entitled, place holder and the deep state was the true continuation of his illegal third term. With media support and endless supplies of left money we have been unable to uproot the depth of this criminal enterprise. You want to see how deep Russian collusion goes, remember Obama to Medvedev ” I can do more after the election”! That is the only truth I ever heard him speak. Fire Mueller, fire Rosenstein, indict Hillary, Comey, Lynch and Podesta. Investigate post Presidency Obama and pray that Michelle Presidency can be stopped before the nation dies.

  48. Just as giving legislating federal judges the boot off the bench there are many in our federal government Donald should have gotten rid of long ago this Witch Hunt should never have seen the light of day, and now that the Communists will be taking control of the House in January getting rid of Mueller then will be way to late, as I said may be too late already, but if Donald is going to fire that evil lying piece of crap Mueller he had better do so now.

  49. No matter what all he has to do is act like Hillary and all of the others and say do not recall or take the 5th ! If they try to indict him he will get a full pardon by our President! Everybody knows it is a Witch hunt!

  50. Remember our beloved First Lady Melania, Mrs. Trump, said that there are spies in the white house. I bet thst she knows exactly who/whom they are!!

  51. Totally agree with jolly roger ! spot on ! that’s what I have always believed ! Just don’t trust his advice even as a judge !

  52. All the liars that Mueller is counting on. The indictments have been on things that had nothing to do with russian collusion. How can you with a straight face cite a tale from a indicted liar as evidence? Who would believe a liar besides dems?

  53. Judge NAP has been wrong more than he’s been right, also is an outspoken critic of Trump since Trump took office . Take what he says with a grain of salt.

  54. Ain’t gonna find nothin’. I’m sure you heard bout the Muleface testimony today. Prick would not answer the Q’s, cause his lawyer said not to. I thought are congress had more power than that. Bunch of effin pussies!

  55. the real problem is not what you all think, trump is trying to hide something or why did he make the comment that hes glad he won’t be around when the country’s economy come crashing down, why is he now under investigation for a charity found investigation that could remove his right to have a charity for 10 years, why has trump been building up so that he has all bases covered in order that what ever he says goes thru. and the reason they could impeach him is if he fires mueller it prove that he is covering things up and when he goes after congress it proves his instability, but what you all don’t realize is there’s a lot going on here like he is receiving a check from trump enterprise which is being paid by foreign dignitaries which is a violation also how do you make laws for businesses unbiased when running a business that is a major conflict of interest

  56. Napolitano is losing it! For someone who is a former Judge (N.J. Supreme Court), He should know that no one can ‘indict a sitting President’! Napolitano has spoken nothing but ‘untruths’ ever since Trump was elected President!

  57. No weapon formed against him will prosper. So sad hilbillary has him in all of her pantsuit pockets. She is the criminal. Anyone who doesn’t see thru this witch hunt/hate fuelled bull is either comatose, dead or a liberat/demoncRat

  58. I totally agree. Mueller’s DIGGING to find something……ANYTHING to try to get to impeach Trump! Meanwhile there is PLENTY LAWS THAT HILLARY and BILL CLINTON have broken and it is a fact she sold Russia OUR uranium and BOUGHT the DNC to get Bernie Sanders out of the way!!! Yet she gets away WITH MURDER (literally) and NOBODY DARES TO TOUCH HER. Why is that suppose? Well…..they may not be ready to leave this world!!!

  59. Who cares about this witch hunt!

  60. I picture Mueller standing there, putting his work together, all the while yipping little Trump dogs dance around nipping at his ankles.

  61. He’s obummer’s butt buddy, he should have been fired along time ago. This whole thing is a bunch of bullsh*t and it should have ended in a short period of time!!!

  62. I do not understand. How is it a impeachable offense to fire someone who works under you in the DOJ. I don’t see how this is even a issue. Everyone knows this is a witch hunt. The only collusion is not being investigated yet and that is the Clinton gang and Obama gang.

  63. Muleface is good at threatening families I would call his bluff. Trump should unleash the IRS on that bastard. Audit him every month going back 15 years.

  64. This is so childish. Mueller’s “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”.

    There is NO evidence that Trump was involved with the so-called Russian dossier scheme. Zero.

    But yet Mueller keep rolling around, looking for the last scraps at the bottom of the barrel. So ridiculous.

    Definitely very corrupted.

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