One judge is about to give Robert Mueller a victory he never dreamed was possible

Robert Mueller was in shock.

After months of his rigged with hunt running into dead ends, Mueller caught a break.

That’s because a federal judge is about to give Mueller a huge victory that he never thought was possible.

Roger Stone is not about to let Robert Mueller railroad him.

The Trump associate immediately went on a media tour to protest his innocence and highlight the injustice of Mueller ordering a paramilitary raid to take him into custody.

Every Stone interview convinces more Americans that the Mueller investigation – including the charges against him – is a sham.

But now a federal judge is about to do Mueller a solid by threatening to impose a gag order on the case.

The Daily Caller reports:

The federal judge handling the case against Roger Stone said Friday she is considering imposing a gag order against the longtime Trump confidant, who was indicted on Jan. 25 in the special counsel’s investigation.

“This is a criminal proceeding, and not a public relations campaign,” District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson said in a hearing attended by Stone in Washington, D.C.

Jackson went on to suggest that Stone was handling the case so far “like a book tour,” according to reporters in the court room.

Stone, a longtime GOP political operative, has said he will appeal any gag order imposed by Jackson, who has also handled the special counsel’s case against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Mueller wants radio silence on this case.

That way, the only message Americans will hear is whatever Mueller’s allies in the fake news media “report.”

Since the indictment against Stone is part of a larger plot to indict Trump, Mueller needs the P.R. boost to convince Americans Trump is corrupt or in league with Russians.

That’s because an impeachment proceeding is a political fight and not a legal proceeding.

The House’s vote on impeachment and the Senate vote on whether to convict the President hinge on if there will be any public backlash from removing the President.

Mueller hopes to dull American’s senses to this outrage by silencing Stone and letting the fake news media do all the talking.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. If All of these accusations & slanderous accuations doesn’t come to an end – we the people are heading for another major ‘Depression’The men and women voted into office (both parties) are supposed to work for the good of the people. not fight likke bullies in grade school- get down to the business you were voted in government to do.May Father God have Mercy on America

  2. You guys are doing exactly what there want you to do attack each other. In the name of God “Stop”, you may want to open your minds and research what is going on around the world, yellow vest movement ect. Do not lets George Soros win at his game. Lets not fall into the trap! We are all American, and should agree to disagree respectfully.

  3. Hey Tyree,
    President Trump doesn’t have to release his tax returns. Have you ever heard of invasion of PRIVACY. Why don’t you TYREE, release your tax returns. You can put it in a pdf file and but it on this blog for everyone to See. I CHALLENGE you to do so.
    Maybe you have your tax returns done by HAUWEI.

  4. I did my taxes and received more that ever back because I never changed my withholdings. I also did my daughters taxes. She is a college student and works a part time job. She received every amount back that was with held. I did my and her taxes myself using tax software.

    The problem is you probably changed your withholding and received more money in your paycheck and withheld less form going to Uncle Sam, therefor, less money back but more money to spend.

    In effect you paid less taxes. $12,000.00 right off the top from filing single and $24,000.00 right off the top filing as husband and wife is nothing to snooze at.

    Thank you President Trump for your tax cuts.

  5. Muellar lost his motion for a full gag order, Stone is free to say what he wants except in front of the DC courthouse

  6. Well since all the Corrupt players are all better off financially being they have all been getting health Bonuses from the Cartel, and Congress members themselves, maybe a paper bad full of Money found it’s way to Amy, the Judge, who is considering the Gag order-NOTHING NEW HERE, IN MY OPINIOPN.


  8. Lola…That’s a “hilarious” comment. Apparently YOU don’t listen to Trump because anyone who doesn’t agree with him. What does he do???? NAME CALL!!!!! Open your eyes and clean your ears. You made a very “hypocritical” comment!!!!!!

  9. Austin, so I guess only “conservatives” served in Nam with honor???? Hmmmm, didn’t see Trumpty Dumpty there in my 2 tours. After all as he stated, and his quote was ” my personal Vietnam is not to pick up any STD’s” Sounds about right from this “con artist”!!!!! A further question, would you call your mother a c_ _ t. Spoken like a true Trump minion. Think before you say something disguisting!!!!!!

  10. I love the comments some of you people have left that totally try to divert from the actual article. What does Trump’s tax cut have to do with a gag order that a judge placed on Rodger Stones case stick to the subject please. This gag order is to protect Mueller because when it all comes out he does not want the public to realize how much of a farce and a phony he really is and how he really has nothing on Rodger Stone. I don’t think he expected anyone to stand up against him and fight him and he is definitely not prepared for it that’s why the gag order was placed.

  11. Lola, thank GOD he got us out of NATO. you do not know what you are even saying .As far as Russia,where is any proof,all that has been done is spend a lot of taxpayers money{probably medicare}and caused a lot of other Countries to laugh at the zoo here in America from all of the junk thrown at Trump.The demos do not realize how stupid they sound.

  12. the only thing Pres. is guilty of is not being up on the political jargon and how to lie sneaky,how to stab your best buddy and smile while you do it.He could have used some REAL Republican support and good advice,but the man has had to wing it almost alone and has done a better job than all the last past Pres.

  13. That was not Trumps shutdown. He tried many times to get Dems to negotiate, and Pelosi, who apparently thinks she is GOD, refused to negotiate at all. She has all but spelled it out, that she doesn’t give a damn what happens to America, as long as she can hurt the President. Pelosi and company own the shutdown. He did not take kids away from legal aliens, but like Obama and Bush before him they took illegals children, so they would not be in jail, with their parents.

    As for your friends in the media, they deserve to have war declared on them. They don’t even make an effort to tell the truth anymore. Everyone of the things they have written about the Pres., especially re: collusion with Russia has been proven false. The dossier was set up and paid for by the Democrats, as were all the rest of the false stories by the press. It was written today, that the Russian meeting at Trump Tower was a set up by Fusion GPS, and Hilary Clinton. The Russians were all Hilary connected. Even after it’s discovered and proven he had nothing to do with any of it, your lying MSM continues to push these stories as truth. It was actually the liberal Hilary contingent that was involved in the Russian voter hacking, and your media friends never talk about it. They continue to attempt to prove it was Pres. Trump. What really happened was that the media declared war on the Pres.

  14. tr I tr, that is just what everyone was saying ,what just came out of you is what the fake news says. and if you were Trump wouldn’t you call fake news .FAKE. It doesn’t matter what he does .good or bad ,he is battered for it and they don’t ever tell the good that he does.You better be careful what you say about him He is GOD’s chosen man for the job. look at the odds of him being elected.But he was!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. tom,tom the pipers son stole a pig and away he run.and you listen to fake news like a lot of retards who can’t think for himself

  16. reality check,you need just that from that remark. I received a very nice raise and I am thankful for that.It is more than I had when Obummer was in office plus I can say Merry Christmas and GOD bless you.I am far from rich and not poor either .Just get by good and blessed.If you ever thought of being thankful for what you do have,you might find your wallet a little too tyree,YOU HAVE NO IDEA what TRUMP does for the poorer people maybe he is private about that as well as his taxes ,he probably paid a lot.but he doesn’t take his wages

  17. Betty, is that where you are posting from… the mental hospital? Because if you’re not, they need come get you and put you back into your straight jacket… too much anger and animosity. You are dangerous to others and yourself.
    There is so much more to life than bashing and hating the POTUS!

  18. Gayle, I ask the same question all the time… tell me why you hate our duly elected President? What has he done that has hurt them? What has he done to hurt America? Yes, he can be brash and yes, he uses Twitter to get the TRUE news out to those who want to hear it because we know the MSM lies about our Potus every day! I think those who hate him, are just staunch Jim Crow Democrats who’s family voted for Dems because their family did and Hillary, their worst Dem candidate ever, lost the election.
    They need to watch the videos on the website and find out the truth…. why thousands of whites, blacks, Latinos have left the Dem party and are now Patriots who know the truth and love our POTUS!
    BTW, I never get any answers from those who bash our President… not sure they even know why they hate him.

  19. I can’t believe the slander and all out lies that Pelosi and Schumer have pushed to the air waves. No wonder the dumos believe all their crap. No one is fighting back. The Republicans need to get a backbone and stand up for the President.

  20. Well, you better not go and get a speeding ticket and not pay it or get caught with a DWI… you’ll be just like them.
    I noticed you did not mention the crooks like Hillary & Bill, Obama, Comey, Mueller, Lynch, Kerry, Strzock, Page, Clapper, Wasserman Schultz, Susan Rice, McCabe, Ohr, Huma Abedein, Anthony Weaner, Donna Brazzell, Podesta Brothers, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters… and more.
    Why is that? Because you havent heard about the thousands and thousands of sealed indictments for these corrupt people? Because the MS media wont tell you about any of it… they just lie about President Trump. Their asses are in trouble and they’re are trying to get rid of Trump before the gates shut on them. Animals… pedophiles, thieves, murderers, molesters, money laundering, lying, treason!
    Manafort, Cohen, and Flynn’s crimes look like Jay walking compared to the ones on the indict list.

  21. So true. But that’s just the way Trump wants it. The “rich get richer” and the “poor take up you know where!!!!! Why do you think he wont release his tax returns???? All his “minnions” would be very upset knowing they are paying his freight!!!!!! After all this “guy” has “stiffed” many a small business man and he claims he loves the “forgotten” people. Well, he FORGOT to “pay” many thousands of them……

  22. Ah, so you are the Trumper dumb**s who likes to call people names instead of oming up with a thoughtful response . . . .

  23. Paul, the gag order is for Stone’s own good. Stone cannot try the case in the public, but the courts. If you allow Stone to shoot his mouth off, then the prosecution would also have that right. Criminal cases are tried in court, with the jury hearing the information and making the decision. Everything Stone is saying can be used against him.

    I have yet to understand why some people like Trump and Stone don’t use the wisdom to know when to KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT. That is what lawyers tell their clients – – let the lawyers do the talking. Trump has said numerous things that will be used against him – – like his interview with Lester Holt. Wonder why so many of Trump’s lawyers quit?!

  24. Better save some rope for Trump. Who has kowtowed and done the bidding of Putin, including trying to remove the Russian sanctions and to get the USA out of NATO!

  25. Ever thought, Bob, that much of the negative coverage might actually be due to the fact Trump does such negative things – -like the longest shutdown in history and hurting 800,000 federal workers for nothing, or taking kids away from their parents of immigrants who came her legally, or continuously doing the bidding of our worst enemy and adversary, Vladimir Putin!?!

    And secondly, Trump has declared war on the media when he called them, over and over, “the enemy of the people”!? He expected to bully the media, has berated and belittled them when HE IS CONTINUOUSLY LYING, – – – so he has actually energized the press to find out everything they can find about him. And they have, and it is very, very corrupt.

  26. Helga, you are blind. Mueller is not the Gestapo, but a well respected (both sides of the aisle) investigator, republican, like Rosenstein. Even some Republicans have a respect for the law and everyone, including Trump, is not above the law.

  27. You do! And the rest of us have the right to speak out against criminals like Manafort, Cohen, Gates, Flynn, Don Jr., Jared and Trump Sr. and the criminal republicans.

    All corrupt people in government should be removed and/or convicted. No matter the party or wealth.

  28. The Trump tax bill, that gave 83% of the benefits to the richest 1%, gave slight tax breaks THE FIRST YEAR to avoid middle and working class people discovering they were “taken.” This year (for FY 2018) many are awakening to the fact their taxes are MORE (check yours out! From a tweet:

    Despite my income and withholding staying the same, my refund decreased by about 66%. Who gained from the deficit exploding tax cut? Not the middle class! #taxscam #taxhike #taxhike2018 @realDonaldTrump @ChuckGrassley @SenJoniErnst @SteveKingIA

    11:47 AM – Jan 31, 2019

  29. This judge is another long line of “those who would be King” and she knows that is wrong but does not give a crap. The whole thing is a lot of BS and I am sick of only people who have been around Trump being singled out for harrisment by this idiot special counsel. I think it is beyond time for the Republicans to get off their collective as*** and start standing up for our duly elected President.

  30. Of course, Obama wanted to make sure he got corrupt judges on board in case his crap comes up in a case! He planned well ahead- Obama is the most dishonest corrupt president that we ever had & will have unless another Democrat gets in. GOD FORBID IF THAT HAPPENS! They will UNDO all the GOOD president TRUMP did for our country!

  31. So far, Mueller, and his circle-jerk pals, Comey and Rosenstein, have been consistent in LEAKING EVERY “OUTUBACKDO’ AND INUENDO” that the FAKERS have SPLASHED ACROSS THE PULP and the Screen. IT’S RIGGED, yet, EVEN SO, it is DOOMED to failure, because whether they like it or not, DONALD J. TRUMP was GOD’S CHOICE for President, and HE always wins in THE END.


  33. If this is the case then the gag order needs to apply to the fake news media as well just to be fair. No CNN especially.

  34. If the judge does issue a gag order it will be unconstitutional and can therefore be ignored. Remember the First Amendment! Free speech was the first thing the Founders protected. And it was exactly because of things like this absurdity.

  35. Betty Muller is the diversion for Clinton & Obama and all of conspiring group of people who lied to the FISA court jail should they should all be in Hand Cuffs waiting their turn in jail!!!

  36. The judge only applies those rules against conservatives. If they really cared about the truth, Hillary would be in jail right now.

  37. Betyy, you sound like someone who relies on CNN and MSNBC for their news. NPR and network news is not much better. 90% of what they report about the president is negative. The president has done more good for America in his first two years than Obama did in eight, but you’re not going to hear it from the MSM, who are full of hate and vitriolic commentary towards him.

  38. Just for the sake of clarity, could you expand on why Mr Trump is such a bad person in your opinion. This question when posed to many individuals could not be explained by any of his actions or inactions but was an opinion that was simply commonly shared by liberal democrats. Unable to make a rational judgment on their own, they simply took and owned the nasty words spread by the group.


  40. Roger Stone better cooperate until he’s found guilty of something. Three key words in the article, “Federal, Judge, She”! Name the top ten antagonist’s from the Democrat party?

  41. Hope you get your A$$ kicked, Libtard! Mueller is the new Gestapo here in America. If that is the kind of Country you like to live in, you will eventually regret it!!

  42. Only Morons will speak like you. BETTY. Amazing these idiots haven’t got a clue of what they are even saying

  43. Don’t forget a Straight Jacket for d. trump. Craziness & Stupidity both also demands a Well Padded Cell in The Nearest, Toughest Maxium Security Mental Hospital for the Crimmnally Insane.

  44. Only what’s wrong with d. trump is he actually thinks he can Fool all of the people all the time. Just the same way he fools himself all the time like the INSANE IDIOT He So Clearly Is with His Sick Mind & Diseased Brain.

  45. Three Cheers for that unknown judge. It’s about time that CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump once again got His Ass Kicked Good.

  46. How can you say that after all the lies Trump has told that even his own party have said he has told many untruths. I noticed just recently about his 13,000 job for WI which aren’t happening. Just one of his very miss leading facts to to try to you to believe he is doing a great job

  47. “This is a criminal proceeding, and not a public relations campaign,” District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson said in a hearing attended by Stone in Washington, D.C.
    It works pretty well for your pal James Comey and BTW he is actually promoting a book while flaunting himself there Judgey Poo….

  48. Estell, you are assuming that Mueller is also subject to the gag order which would make him responsible for any further media information leaks and presumably able to be held in contempt of court. I think it would be a mistake to assume that.

  49. Remember the old adage, you can fool some of the people all the time, 1/2 the people some of the time , but you can never fool all the people at any time.

  50. Golly Gee Wiz I am getting tired of the garbage coming from that hatchet faced CULL.This isn’t a Witch Hunt It’s a flat out coup attempt.

  51. “This is a criminal investigation and not a public relations campaign?” says the Obama appointed “judge.” Mueller called CNN to make sure a sympathetic “news” organization would be there with cameras rolling and then sent maybe $100,000 of taxpayer funded resources to take him into custody like the 66 year old political operative was the second coming of Al Capone and she’s worried about “public relations?” She just doesn’t want the truth to be out there. Period!

  52. Tyree. Wrong. The democrats are the liars. When are you people going to wake up and realize the democrats care nothing about you. All you are is a vote.

  53. Matt Haus, I agree with you completely. These Democrats are looking every day like fools with their comments. I can not see putting a gag order on a man trying to defend himself from a false investigation against him.


  55. If you are going to put a gag order on fake news…..then you have to “gag” Trump because there is the “king” of fake news. How about Jr’s. disguisting tweet this morning. Like father like son….both “con men”!!!!!!

  56. If I knew how to hashtag, I would hashtag Pelosi back and tell her we have free will and free speach with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that she is trying to have knocked down,so why should we want him shut down in any way. He is doing what we voted him in form He needs to further drain the swamp of the likes of Pelosi and crooked Hillary before he leaves office the second time and have set up a like minded, strong, outspoken gentleman whose background has been scrutinized BEFORE he comes up o be considered. BUILD THE WALL!!!!NOW!!!! I have been sending money as many other have and it is time to use that money to start building.

  57. If I knew how to hashtag, I would hashtag Pelosi back and tell her we have free will and free speach with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that she is trying to have knocked down,so why should we want him shut down in any way. He is doing what we voted him in form He needs to further drain the swamp of the likes of Pelosi and crooked Hillary before he leaves office the second time and have set up a like minded, strong, outspoken gentleman whose background has been scrutinized BEFORE he comes up o be considered. BUILD THE WALL!!!!NOW!!!! I have been sending money as many other have and it is time to use that money to start building.

  58. Simply have ypu attorneys print up and distribute a 5000 word denial of wrong doing eith answers to must commonly aske questions…send it to all mainstream mefia outlets…GAG order? I do not think so.

  59. Sure, as swat felony takedown, now a gag order just in case people dont believe Mueller. Can you say, “political drama”?

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