One key Democrat got caught trying to hide this sexual misconduct payoff

Democrats have another headache on their hands heading into the 2022 midterm elections.

This scandal could cost the party a key election.

And now one key Democrat got caught trying to hide this sexual misconduct payoff.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s latest campaign finance report listed five payments adding up to $62,500 to a law firm representing former spokesman James Hallinan.

Lujan Grishman’s current campaign spokesman Jared Leopold said the payments stem from a settlement involving “numerous dubious and disputed potential claims made by Mr. Hallinan arising from his employment in 2018 with the campaign organization and his subsequent search for employment.”

But the allegations are far more disturbing than Lujan Grisham’s campaign let on.

In fact, Hallinan accused Lujan Grisham of a humiliating sexual assault.

The Albuquerque Journal reports:

Hallinan, who now runs his own communications company, accused Lujan Grisham in late-2019 — about a year after he left the campaign — of pouring a bottle of water on his crotch and then grabbing his crotch through his clothes as she laughed, an incident he said took place in front of other campaign staffers.

Hallinan said he was talked out of reporting the incident by Lujan Grisham campaign manager Dominic Gabello, who is now a senior adviser in the Governor’s Office.

Lujan Grisham is up for re-election next November.

The state trended blue at a federal level for years now.

But Republicans took advantage of backlash to Democrat Presidents in 1994 and 2010 to elect Governors in New Mexico who ended up serving eight years in office.

Joe Biden has unleashed an assault on the oil and natural gas industry and at a time when energy plays a significant role in New Mexico’s economy.

Lujan Grisham’s scandal combined with Biden’s attacks on fossil fuels could provide an opening for Republicans in New Mexico.

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