One key woman in Bill Clinton’s biggest scandal just died for this terrible reason

Bill Clinton’s sex scandals are back in the news.

And once again it is for all the wrong reasons.

That’s because one key woman in Bill Clinton’s biggest scandal just died for this terrible reason.

Linda Tripp became a household name when she secretly recorded Monica Lewinsky describing her affair with President Clinton.

These tapes helped proved the President perjured himself under oath about his relationship with Lewinsky and played a key role in the proceedings that led to Bill Clinton becoming only the second President ever to be impeached.

But last week Tripp was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died shortly thereafter.

Monica Lewinsky tweeted out her sympathy for Tripp and her family upon hearing the news of her diagnosis.

“No matter the past, upon hearing that Linda Tripp is very seriously ill, I hope for her recovery. I can’t imagine how difficult this is for her family,” Lewinsky said.

Tripp’s death also reminded Americans of the difficult they face during the coronavirus pandemic as Tripp’s family – like many others across the country – cannot hold a funeral service to honor their lost loved one because of draconian stay at home orders and mass gathering bans that now look like a severe overreaction to the coronavirus pandemic.

Tripp’s death also serves as a painful reminder to Bill and Hillary Clinton as to why the 2020 contest will be the first Presidential campaign since 1984 that they play no role in.

Clinton’s long history of sexual assault scandals and the credible allegations against him by multiple women will forever keep Bill and Hillary Clinton on the sidelines for the rest of their lives.

The media reviled Linda Tripp when she stepped forward with her tapes of Lewinsky confessing her affair with the President, but Bill Clinton was only held accountable because of whistleblowers like Linda Tripp.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. My mother died 17 days after her diagnosis. She was on blood thinner and was checked every week and a full work up every month. Yet they never saw it. Why would we put faith in other countries to make tests to diagnose this. I’m amazed at how celebrities live along time after they receive this news. But families who don’t make headlines make it a lot faster. I loved my mother with all my heart, and miss her terribly every day.

  2. This page is a perfect example of the ignorance of the U.S. voter. These people latch onto anything that is negative about the political party they do not support and repeat such nonsense without any proof whatsoever that these claims are reality based. They should look at the voting record of those they support which would clearly show t that party does not support them. When they speak of Bill Clinton and Epstein they should remember that Trump was a friend of Epstein and remember how many women Trump has paid off to keep silent about affairs. Lewinsky was not a minor and the problem was between Hillary and Bill and had nothing to do with the public. Lets not forget just how high Clintons approval ratings were when he left office not to mention all of the conservatives who were voted out of office for meddling in what should have been a private matter.

  3. I am shocked that one can die of pancreatic cancer within a week of getting the diagnosis. When I was young the mother of a friend got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It was a very hard thing for both my friend and her mother to endure, but I think she made it almost a year. She didn’t look so good at diagnosis. I was there, so I know. I am very sorry this happened to Linda Tripp.

    I have a friend out of state that died a few months ago of melanoma within 4 months of his diagnosis. His only symptom was a persistent cough that went on a little over a year. He did not smoke or drink. the cough got bad enough that a friend finally convinced him to go to the doctor. He was quickly diagnosed, put in treatment, and went to hospice. Much as I don’t like going to the doctor I guess we should pay attention to unpleasant things we don’t want to think about because they might be bad news.

  4. To bad you chose to use a flattering picture of that SOB rather than a current one that looks like he rode Hillary and is now afraid of the consequences

  5. That’s too bad. My mom died recently and I can’t hold a funeral and get her buried next to my dad. Linda Tripp saved Monica’s life.

  6. RIP Linda Tripp, and thank God she exposed the Clintons for the scum they are. Monica expressing her condolences shows she has class, and she was dragged through the mud because of the Clintons. Check out Mad tv skits on Chelsea Clinton for a laugh.

  7. When you are Rich and have powerful friends, justice turns a blind eye
    That’s the way of the world

  8. Bill Clinton: a lying dirt bag of a man who is guilty of raping women.
    Brett Kavanaugh: a great constitutionalist judge, and family man who is NOT guilty of raping woman.
    I’m just contrasting who the left treated these two men.

  9. What in the world that Bill Clinton became the US president,many of the US voters are stupid when voting for this immoral guy.

  10. “Clinton’s long history of sexual assault scandals and the credible allegations against him by multiple women will forever keep Bill and Hillary Clinton on the sidelines for the rest of their lives.” They should be kept in prison for the rest of their lives.

  11. So . . . when will Bill Clinton be charged with statutory rape, as well as, all his escapades with Jeffrey Epstein, at Epstein’s private island staffed by underage sex slaves? Weinstein has been convicted and incarcerated. Why should Bill Clinton remain privileged and unaccountable?

  12. The majority of deaths were “murder by suicide”. Does this mean she’s expanding her repertoire by adding murder by cancer to her M.O.?

  13. “That the truth will out” is the major message of Shakespeare’s MacBeth. Linda Tripp was her generation’s vehicle verifying that Shakespearean truism. It is a profoundly disturbing and sad commentary, as I know the Founders would agree, that such a true vehicle was caused such humiliation and pain by quintessentially evil people at the highest level of our society, real villains’ in every sense of the word, who to this very day remain a voice in our lives and have a never ending stream of body bags as wreckage of their legacy – – -?? summon up memories of Jeffrey Epstein? Yes, this is all just another example that this Great American Experiment is going the way of Rome with which we have a host of eerie similarities. RIP, Linda Tripp, and thank you for being a beacon of honesty in a sea of self-serving, sanctimonious, and self-righteous evil. Shame on our so-called “free press” for coddling that evil and giving it a pass!

  14. I am sad for anyone one who fights pancreatic cancer…I have lost friends with it…let’s hope they find something soon to fight it….

  15. sorry for her family. actually, a memorial service later will be more meaningful (from our own experience) the later one gives those mourning time to use better timing for resources that will include great memories that frequently get overlooked when hastely put together immediately after losing a loved one.
    Hope you will be able to put together a remarkable service for a remarkably brave woman.

  16. By the time AG Barr is done Gitmo will need a couple thousand additional bunks to hold the overflow.

  17. Ldet’s hope that this will be the first (but NOT the last) national election in which Slick Willy, Hitlery, and “no-show Chelsea will NOT play a part!

  18. Somebody mentioned atheists in a response so allow me to tell you where you don’t find atheists or non smokers. I served in Vietnam in 1967 and sheltered from artillery, rocket, and mortar fire on numerous times. When its hitting close everybody was praying and while waiting between barrages the cigarettes from the bunker supply were passed out and everyone lit one.

  19. Well we can pray for her family 🙏. Just hope she asked God to forgive her! Bill Clinton day’s will come! But it up to him and GOD! Sure we know atheist don’t believe in God. But they never can answer the question! So let just say soon they find out why God called them FOOL!

  20. The cancer causing injections worked too slow. They should have stuck to the suicide plan. Bill and killery are slipping. PS. Julio when are going to die?

  21. Put them on the sidelines…Uh, Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary would be a good place to start.

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