One Maryland city just took a drastic step to embrace illegal aliens

The radical Left isn’t even bothering to hide their true intentions with illegal immigration anymore.

For years, they’ve turned a blind eye to millions of illegal immigrants pouring across our borders, defending law-breakers at every chance.

But with this one move by College Park’s City Council, Americans can now clearly see the real reason . . .

The Council voted 4-3 to grant voting rights in local elections to non-citizens, both legal and illegal.

And the move has many residents fuming.

Fox5DC reported on the debate inside the City Hall:

One man against the proposal came to the podium saying he was called a Nazi while waiting in line to voice his opinion.

“Although you come up here and you say that there are hundreds of citizens and residents of College Park that are for this charter, I can tell you that there are thousands against it,” said Beth Debrosky, who is against non-citizen voting. “Voting is a right of the citizens. It’s plain and clear. It’s constitutional. It’s also written at the state level and it also belongs at the local level.”

WJLA wrote:

Dozens of the emails were posted on the city’s website, and they ran about 4 to 1 against allowing non-citizens to vote.

“Before my letter gets greeted with shouts of my being anti-immigration – let me clearly state that I am a naturalized American citizen,” wrote College Park Resident Laurel Adams. “During the period of my legal residency I understood well that I had de-enfranchised myself. It was my choice. I didn’t ask for rules to be changed because I somehow felt I was extra-special – I abided by the rules.”

While this move by the College Park City Council doesn’t apply for state or federal elections, it exposes the end goal by the radical left.

They’ve opposed voter ID laws for the same reason.

By getting illegals to vote, it cancels out the votes of law-abiding, freedom-loving Americans to help them create their liberal “utopia.”

What are your thoughts about the College Park City Council’s actions?

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  1. ‘WE’ *Citizens are going to have to unite into groups and go make “Citizens Arrests” when these laws are overtly blatantly broken, and they put their signatures on LAW BREAKING DOCUMENTS!!! example VOTERKL FRAUD ALLOWING NON-CITIZENS TO DO ANYTHING!!!
    LAWYERS ARE DOUBLE-TALKING TWO-FACED while PATROIT LAW ABIDING LAWYERS are OVER-RUN WITH & BURIED in legal jargon or lies to obstruct Bo BY ‘traitor lawyers out for money &g-Down etc. power GRABERS’ WE need to go after the CRIMINAL-LAWYERS TOO, ARREST THEM WHEN THEY EVEN HINT AT BREAKING LAWS!!!# ***these are the ””TERRIORISTS FROM WITHIN””…! dressed in “Suits!{Trojan Horses}”

  2. The actions of this City Council violate the Constitution of this Great Nation as well as that of the State of Maryland i bet. These 4 members of the Council should immediately be arrested and charged with TREASON, tried and convicted and given their choice of sentence, life without parole or DEATH. There is no room in our Country for TRAITORS.

  3. Why not just invite the world at large to come vote in their elections? Perhaps other communities, States, and countries will reciprocate and allow them to vote in their elections. What an insane idea.


  5. These liberal left wingers don’t realize that the more they do……the closer they come to a revolution. Too many good men and women died to defend our freedoms. True Americans will do whatever is necessary to maintain those freedoms.

  6. I’d like to take the people who voted for this to a military cemetery and rub their noses on each and every headstone, surely they no nothing about the history of this country or the constitution!!!

  7. As a lifelong resident of the great State of Maryland, I am appalled and disgusted that this abominable misuse of authority is taking place in my home state! However I must recognize that College Park is in Prince George’s County which abuts “the Swamp” and most government workers reside in PG and neighboring Montgomery counties and have probably been contaminated by the sickness left over by the previous administration.

    • College Park is also, of course, a college town and mot college students are busy being indi=octrinated and don’t pay taxes but are encouraged to vote where they go to school.

  8. You gotta wonder what the Country is becoming with the liberal mind set? California is a lost cause and Maryland is not looking so good either.

    It’s wanting to be so damn politically correct that is ruining the Country. Who ever said you can never get your feelings hurt???

  9. You gotta wonder what the Country is becoming with the liberal mind set? California is a lost cause and Maryland is not looking so good either.

    It’s wanting to be so damn politically correct that is ruining the Country. Who ever said you can never get your feeling hurt???

    • How does being politically correct have us breaking our own laws? It is ignorance and nothing more. The democrats are losing control over some of the welfare recipients and they need a new wave of dumb asses that will believe their lies, so what better than to use people that do not speak our language and act stupid about our laws. It’s all about control!

  10. It is things like this that make people starting thinking of violence against whoever is in charge.They see that as their only option to save their city or their country.

  11. Citizens with the lawful right to vote should evacuate the area. Sell their property, homes, businesses and whatever else they can’t take with them and leave. The federal government should cut off all funding for everything. The state and federal law enforcement should be restricted from all contact within the city limits. Close all state and federal offices, driver licenses, tax collectors, social security offices, everything. If they want to be separate, make them separate. I don’t think it would be too long before they saw the light. Just saying…

    • You’re forgetting that the state involved is Maryland and (with all due deference to Fred Brown and those like him) is overhelmingly Democommie.

  12. The article says:
    By getting illegals to vote, it cancels out the votes of law-abiding, freedom-loving Americans to help them create their liberal “utopia.”

    I’d suggest adding the word “taxpaying” after “freedomloving”. It is, IMHO, an important point.

  13. Isn’t there a district attorney or is he a democrat too. Where is the Republican party in the area or don’t they have the ability to get a petition up or start suing for the people or what.

  14. Take away ALL VOTING RIGHTS FOR THE STATE OF MARYLAND. Make their votes NOT COUNT when it comes to elections. Who can differentiate between legal votes and illegal votes? No one, so don’t count any votes out of Maryland, especially College Park, Maryland.

  15. There come times in the course of American events where the duly elected personages uproot the will and common sense of the everyday citizen. In the effort to negate the law of the land, disavow their oath of office via visible action,it becomes beholden upon the deplorable electorate to remove those that were placed in such position. There is a reason for the Bill of Rights. This does seem to be the reason for amendments to the Constitution. These Politicians have overstepped their authority and should be removed by the legal system.

  16. Anyone not wanting legal immigration as opposed to Illegal immigration should be sent to the desert in the East to fight the Jahadis there!

  17. Where’s the lawyers, why isn’t this being taken to the supreme Court like the a holes did with President Trump’s travel they said that was unconstution al

  18. This is unamerican, disgusting, illegal and dispicable!!! What is wrong with these people?!! They aren’t smart enough to see how fortunate we are to be Americans, and live in the best country in the world!! By the time they figure it out, it will be too late!! It will be unrecognizable, and then will wonder what happened! Pathetic!

  19. I don’t give a good G@D damn. I’m an citizen, why in the hell should illegals receive the same or better rights I’m “supposed” to have. THEY BECAME CRIMINALS WHEN THE ENTERED MY COUNTRY ILLEGALLY. I MAKE NO APOLOGIZES, I WILL NOT BE FORCED TO BE PC. ALL SHOULD GO NOW.

  20. You are not seeing the real problem!

    The greatest threat, is giving the Internet
    to be controlled by liberals in Europe!

    France made law, saying anyone who
    Spoke against abortion, will face a fine
    of $3,200 and time in prison, when they
    controls the web, watch what happens!

  21. According to the US Constitution. Non-citizens are not eligible to vote. What will differentiate citizens from non legal voters get non-legal citizens when irvines to non-local elections ? WRONG AGENDA!!

  22. They need to stand up to them and have this changed back to L EGALS ONLY can vote or come election time replace them with people who agree. They need to be reminded that the voters say what should or should not be allowed.

    • Contact them and sound off:Call BS!
      By mail: Mayor and City Council, 4500 Knox Road, College Park, MD 20740
      By fax: Mayor and City Council, 301-699-8029
      By email:
      By phone: You may leave a telephone message with the City Clerk at 240-487-3501
      Individual elected officials also may be reached by email.

    • Best way to combat this BS by states is to block them from having their electoral votes in the next presidential election. Any state which is rife with voter fraud should also have their electoral votes blocked, and states declared sanctuary states should definitely not have their electoral votes count. In my opinion, no state which issues driver’s licenses to illegals should have theirs counted either, and if that rule was adopted, the District of Columbia wouldn’t have theirs counted to the total! For those who didn’t know, Hillary Clinton carried 11 of the 12 states that issue driver’s licenses to illegals, plus she carried DC by over 90%. But I’m SURE that had to just be a coincidence, right? Yah, right!

    • The city counsel voted for this not the mayor. Stand up against this…… the counsel….force them to resign…….protest the polls…….no illegal must ever have them same rights citizens have! NEVER! Deport them…..tell Trump to enforce the laws……NO DACA…….no criminal illegals…….no government benefits for them……ONLY FOR CITIZENS!


      • As a Ex-resident of College Park, Md. Prince Georges Co. – this College City has suffered for years wanting to be more Liberal like it’s neighborhood Montgomery Co., who is far, far to the Left. If you are NOT a Legal Citizen you don’t have a say or vote in anything Government. It was stated they Only would allow to let these non-citizens vote in “local” issues? My guess you vote once you, next you will be allow to vote in the State wide and National concerns. Where is the incentive to become a Legalized Citizen?

    • I would think it would the job of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions to drop the boom on those city council members who voted yes on that measure. They are the ones who are violating the US Constitution, and I presume their oaths of office also, although Maryland is such a leftist-run state, their oath may be to abide by the Communist Manifesto for all I know. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if it did!

      • I happen to be a resident of the great State of Maryland, (Eastern Shore, which doesn’t have a lot in common with the rest of the state) and if they try that trick over here, they will be out on their ear quicker than crap through a goose.

  23. PROTEST PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • According to the US Constitution. Non-citizens are not eligible to vote. What will differentiate citizens from non legal voters get non-legal citizens when irvines to non-local elections ? WRONG AGENDA!!

  24. So very wrong……..once again they did not listen to the people….what will they do when Sharia Law comes to there town as it did in Indiana? Too late than…….the people MUST stand up against this NOW! Illegals have no right on our soil let alone voting……..scumbags voted for this…….they are anti Americans!

    • The question is, how do they dare be so bold about their evil goals while a supposedly pro-American, pro-American Citizen, pro-American Worker president occupies the WH?

      • We must get to Trump on facebook and tell him to use his line item veto and/or not sign the bill and/or law. Go to facebook ASAP and tell him no DACA, no votes for illegals, deport them and enforce the laws. SORRY this is about Maryland…….protest the mayor and each of their houses, protest any meetings, gather support and demand a public meeting to change the law….citizenship is an honor and has special privledges attached to it and no one has the right to take that away. All criminal illegals must be deported because those are the laws of the land. Protest the polls, protest their homes, their meetings, get support and have a special meeting to tell them NO…..change the law back……no illegals vote in America.

  25. The disease is spreading rapidly. We must act and put a stop to it, because if we don’t, it will just be another step towards the goal: The New World Order. This was the plan, to gradually take away our freedom and rights, and now here it is folks, plain to be seen.

    • Liberals have hijacked the Democratic party. Liberals are Marxist. They are using the same playbook that communists have used for every country they have taken over. Liberals should be deported or jailed as terrorists.

      • Shameful, your government cares more about ILLEGALS than they do about their American citizens. The Democrats are allowing ILLEGALS to take over our country. Soon we will all,(all states), be the same, as a third-world country. Many states, already, are. Our political leaders do NOT care about the people. They just keep lining their pockets with ILLEGAL money. They have jobs, while millions of American citizens, do not. What are we to do.

          • Trump has not aligned himself with them. If people would give him a chance he WILL make country that Obama ruined…better.

        • It is not only shameful, it is downright traitorous. These politicians should be made to support these ILLEGALS, not the legal Americans. If they like them so much, they should take them to their houses and let the ILLEGALS trash their houses. All heart and no sense is a fool. And PUSHOVERS. They should all be DEPORTED TOO.

        • And they get put in office in States like Maryland, New York, California , Illinois Oregon Washington and some 12 others. How dare these local scum legislators usurp federal law. No where is it found in our constitution that illegal aliens have a right to vote in this country at any level. State and local elections are to be held by the same standards. This is why the left can never be given executive control over local state or federal government. Those citizens of College park should stop paying their taxes since their tax money is going to support illegals in their city. I believe all citizens of all states and local communities who are facing the same Marxist insanity just stop paying taxes. We need a national groundswell in this country to do this very thing. See how quickly they would stop this. We are the people not the illegals . Not an American citizen you don’t vote. Period. As a matter of fact if you are here without federal approval you have broken our immigration law and should be arrested and deported. Why is Trump playing footsue with these states and Marxist politicians. He has federal immigration law on his side and yet is afraid to enforce it. These sanctuary cities have no legal standing. The Supreme Court would never uphold a clear violation of immigration law. States have no authority on who comes in or doesn’t in this country. Start criminally charging these local and state executives and politicians who disregard our immigration laws and our constitution. Sessions is totally unheard from. So is Trump for that matter. This is only the beginning. This administration better nip it in the bud now or other communities will do the same. The people locally need to yell loud and clear. They will not put up with it. Why should their legal vote be cancelled by an illegal vote.I predict if this seditionists behavior by the left continues there will be a second civil war. Not of race or sex but by ideology. One side will be the left wing anarchists including BLM and Antifa and those patriots who want to crush the anarchists. I put my money on the Patriots. We are well armed , many veterans and law enforcement and will kick ass and take no prisoners . The left keeps doing what it’s doing and this government does nothing, then shit will happen. These anarchists want to continue to do what they are doing The sleeping giant will rise up and eliminate them. That’s my prediction if Trump and Sessions don’t get off their asses and do something.(like enforce our laws)

          • Recall those members that voted for this!!! That is one way to let the “Useful Idiots” in government know what the people want. I live in California and feel sorry for all of you because you will see crime increase a lot you will no longer be safe in you homes.

      • KEP: Then maybe WE should get tough and get in THEIR face like they do to us, we have to CRUSH them. I can’t believe we still have to put up with this Yak squeeze now that Obummer is gone.

    • Where’s Trump??? Dining with Pelosi and Schumer. Two of the seditionists. Thinking I should have kept my vote to myself. Sedition all around us and he and Sessions do absolutely nothing. About time we see trump taking decisive action to shut down these terrorists groups and arrest this whole city council and the mayor for usurping our federal immigration laws and our constitution. These are federal crimes. Until we start declaring these anarchist groups as terrorists then nothing will change short of a civil war.

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