One military commander made this unthinkable comment about taking out Donald Trump

Donald Trump is under siege from the Fake News Media, Deep State, and Democrat Party.

But things just got worse.

That’s because one military commander made this unthinkable comment about taking out Donald Trump.

Admiral William H. McRaven is the former Commander of the United States Special Operations Command.

McRaven joined the coup against the President in a New York Times op-ed wildly claiming Trump was “destroying the public.”

Admiral McRaven wrote the op-ed after President Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria to put an end to Barack Obama’s disastrous war.

McRaven claimed the Commander in Chief exercising his legitimate authority was grounds for removing the President from office.

In his op-ed McRaven wrote:

But, if we don’t care about our values, if we don’t care about duty and honor, if we don’t help the weak and stand up against oppression and injustice — what will happen to the Kurds, the Iraqis, the Afghans, the Syrians, the Rohingyas, the South Sudanese and the millions of people under the boot of tyranny or left abandoned by their failing states?

If our promises are meaningless, how will our allies ever trust us? If we can’t have faith in our nation’s principles, why would the men and women of this nation join the military? And if they don’t join, who will protect us? If we are not the champions of the good and the right, then who will follow us? And if no one follows us — where will the world end up?

President Trump seems to believe that these qualities are unimportant or show weakness. He is wrong. These are the virtues that have sustained this nation for the past 243 years. If we hope to continue to lead the world and inspire a new generation of young men and women to our cause, then we must embrace these values now more than ever.

And if this president doesn’t understand their importance, if this president doesn’t demonstrate the leadership that America needs, both domestically and abroad, then it is time for a new person in the Oval Office — Republican, Democrat or independent — the sooner, the better. The fate of our Republic depends upon it.

The bureaucracy and now-former military commanders are trying to undo the results from 2016 and remove a duly-elected President.

That is the dictionary definition of a coup.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Everyone knows it racist white folks that keep black folks dependent on government for votes.
    They tell black folks you better keep voting for whitey or else you get kicked off the plantation, no more free handouts, no reparations, no nothing anymore for you. And you might even drown from climate change if you don’t vote for whitey AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. There’s something to be said for “keep your enemies close”. Demote him, not fire him. Trump will deal with him, his way.

  3. Are you smoking Crack, or Meth or are You just retarded ?
    Reality eludes You ~
    Admirals LOVE war ~ Its FUN for these fools ~

  4. You’re right Orrie. Helping them is one thing but after that they need to step up and defend themselves. It almost like welfare checks in that we need to help people when they are down, I don’t begrudge anyone help but after a certain length of time its not a hand up but making dependents. Along with that, our men are warriors. When the fight is over, the neighboring countries need to help a little but no Country survives that is not willing to police itself and defend itself. We are making dependents.

  5. To: reality check,
    Addressed to: “you are failing to listen, as usual.

    FYI: one of the definitions of a Coup is a Coup d’tat. Most people, who are knowledgeable, would likely know impeachment was not a coup unless it turned into one.
    FYI: we were never supposed to be defending the Kurds forever, a couple months then out. We were there almost ten years !
    Don’t you think the Kurds may have thought of the day we were out ?
    FYI: Altho I like Lindsay Graham, I’ll give more credence to what the Constitution says.

    Admiral Raven:…..”has evidence of at least 10 counts of obstruction of justice ?…..etc. , etc…
    OK…produce the evidence for all to see !!!…….not just your biased feelings.

    Awaiting your reply.

  6. If Trump paid to be president he must have paid the Russians ’cause the Russians control everything. I think the Russians chose Obama too because they were messing with the election while Obama was president so he knew about it.
    I think the Russians will chose Warren to be president next.
    What do you think?

  7. You have my apology smarter. I just read some of your other posts and I realize you’re not a communist, you we’re being facetious. I didn’t pick up on that either as I’ve read so many moronic posts from the communists. Thanks for the clarification.

  8. So smarter, tell me, as I have ragged on you too, are you conservative or communist. If conservative you have the uncanny ability to sound just like a retarded DemonRAT. If conservative, you have my apology. Inquiring minds want to know.

  9. I would have voted for Ben Carson. I don’t care what color a person is or where they came from. If their head is screwed on straight that’s all that matters to me.

  10. Hey, does anyone of you demscum realize that the Kurds were well paid for their aid. In fact, America was more than likely ripped off, the Kurds didn’t help us out of the kindness of their hearts.

  11. Trump must be impeached because we can’t stand him.
    He is terrible and we can’t let him win another 4 years.
    Trump must be stopped at all cost no matter what it takes.
    That’s the way it has to be.

  12. I was being sarcastic to Scott27 Dan
    Gee I thought people like you would see that.
    I guess you’re not particularly intelligent, like Scott said about you Dan.
    You immediately resort to name calling when you don’t understand what people are saying. Do you know what sarcasm is Dan?

  13. More excrement from the doctor. We only lost 17 because we have better equipment and are better trained, not to mention air superiority. Short of an all out war with Syria, we aren’t going to change Russia’s influence there. Turkey will likely remain an ally as much as any middle eastern country would be. Our troops won’t be shelled as Assad knows that would bring complete destruction down on him. Plus, as I mentioned before, air superiority. Saudi Arabia is also an “ally” and strategically more important because of Iran.
    Our troops are also far less likely to be attacked in force in Saudi. By the way, ISIS is funded and supplied in large part by Iran. Iran is a far bigger problem in the middle east now than Syria. If you’re going to post your rhetoric here you should know what you’re talking about.

  14. Reality Check Ever heard of a bloodless coup? This happens frequently in Bolivia where the army there always knocks on the door of the presidential pallace there and tells the president either to resign or else. Now is that an overthrow by using violent means such as the ousting of Afghanstan’s president Mohammed Daoud in 1979 by murdering him?

  15. His spelling is a little off. I think he meant “stupider than you”. Most of these commies have dyslexia you know.

  16. He’s an idiot. He always tries to take the high ground, all the while screeching up from the pits of Hell. He attempts to sound reasonable and unbiased while at the same time accusing the right of what the left has been proven to be guilty of. I’d like to point out that the KKK, Neo Nazis and white supremacists are, and always have been, DEMOCRATS. So are ANTIFA and BLM. So you see, ALL the violent, destructive and morally bankrupt gangs and mobs belong to the communist DemonRATS.

  17. Hyperbole aside, you’re still a moron. All your accusations that you ascribe to the right are the very things the communist left is blatantly guilty of. Oh you’re a good writer alright, but when it comes to truth, understanding and morality you’re an absolute idiot. You have absolutely no comprehension of right and wrong. Not an inkling of understanding as to the multitude of reasons why the left has far more evil than the right. Virtually zero understanding of freedom verses servitude. We true Americans will never submit to serfdom under a communist totalitarian regime. My guess is you’re either an educated coward or an ex criminal that can’t, under law, own a gun. Whichever it is, you’d better cinch up your panties and get ready, it’s about to get real.

  18. @ Lincoln, I suppose you have real evidence of his funneling taxpayers money into his own pockets, right? Let’s see that evidence. False accusations mean nothing. You communist morons are really good at that, worthless at everything else, but fantastically good liars.

  19. Yeah, just like all the rich democRATS that either didn’t serve or became traitors. Something you communist morons fail to see because you’re blinded by donkey $hit.

  20. Hillary was right in the middle of all that too so don’t leave her out. She knew everything that Billy was doing and was complicit, and then threatened the women who came out. And of course Epstein donated to Clinton’s campaign.
    Don’t be one sided.

  21. Both Bill and Donnie were hounds and hung out with Epstein, who was a well known pedophile. You only point the finger one way, Stevie – -now I would challenge you to point out how Trump is not only unfaithful like Bill Clinton, but he lied about it also . . . like Bill and Trump had over 20 females claim he sexually assaulted them. Trump’s own words in Hollywood tape — how he went after a married woman (and failed) and how he grabbed women by the pu**y and he got away with it.

  22. Come on Doc. You know the animosity towards Democrats didn’t start with Trump or even escalate. There’s always been animosity between the two parties and the voters. Obama had plenty of scandals but you all gave him a pass. You’re just as tribal and biased as you accuse others of being. I suppose you forgot how much your side hated Bush?

  23. I will be one of the first to admit that it is wrong to call everyone who supports Trump a racist, OR it is wrong if you did not like Obama makes you a racist. I do point out that there are racist posts on Patriot Pulse, and that some Trumpers are racists. I mean that is about as bad as saying people who don’t like Trump are communists or evil. But I would also like to point out that racist groups, like the KKK, white supremacists, neo-Nazis consider Trump “one of them.” So, maybe you should talk to them about that.

  24. Trump is not taking a salary because it is chicken feed compared to the $110+ millions he has funneled from taxpayers right into his own pockets.

  25. Very qualified? Now I know you’re being sarcastic. He was barely a senator and before that a community organizer. And his crimes are more than can be counted on both hands.

  26. You mean like how Democrats call everyone they don’t agree with racist?
    If you didn’t like Obama you’re a racist. If you want to restrict Muslim immigration you’re a racist. If you want a southern border wall you’re a racist. If you voted for Trump you’re a racist.
    Yeah you made a great point Doc.

  27. Trump is a constant and continual cheater, does so in golf (see book Commander in Cheat), does so for several years to get on Forbes list before Forbes caught on, constantly lying about his credentials and crowd sizes etc. — -and you expect people to believe that a guy who played sports and did activities in military school had “bone spurs” when he has shown NO evidence of having that whatsoever. And you compare Trump to generals and admirals who have spent their lives in the service . . . and how Trump claimed he knew more about ISIS than did the generals. His Dad always had to rescue Trump from one mess after another, and probably helped fake Donnie a deferment. Rich kids did not go to Nam, and poor kids did.

  28. No that was Bill Clinton that assaulted women, while he was in office I might add. The Clintons are probably one of the most corrupt politicians ever to be in government. Certainly the most well known.

  29. And as I’ve said before Dr., you’re a somewhat educated moron. I don’t give a donkey’s a$$ what your “opinion” is of me. I can exercise my freedom of speech any way I want, something you communists fail to realize we still have. We will continue to have freedom of speech as long as we remain a non communist, non dictatorship country. I know you jackbooted commie morons are working very hard to change that, but we true Americans have been preparing for your idiocy for quite some time. You’ll more than likely find out about our “impulse control” soon enough.

  30. Oh he way, way, WAY outdid Hillary in regards to corruption — from his assaults on women, from his fraud scams, from his cheating subcontractors, to his continual lying about his wealth . . . Trump was far superior in his corruption than Hillary . . . and give him credit, he is the most unethical and corrupt president in the entire history of the USA. Trump is the #1 criminal!

  31. MJ, I have noticed that Trumpers and other radical right wingers have little to no respect for anyone’s freedom of speech if that person says anything they disagree with in the slightest. Anything said other from their point of view they want suppressed, the person punished, exiled and/or killed. The only ones I have seen them treat with respect are those who repeat the right wing babble, who repeat the lines of Hannity, Coulson or Rush Limbaugh etc. – – and I have never seen any of them willing to question their propagandists. They think their way is the only way, and everyone else is wrong and any questioning be called “treason” (even though that only applies to a declared war) and be suppressed. That also have little to no respect for other religions or the practice of them, and love to act like judges as if they have usurped and replaced God in His role as judge.

  32. If Obama had been shown to commit crimes like obstruction of justice, like have most of his campaign staff plead guilty of be convicted of crimes, of violating campaign laws with his personal lawyer, then if we still supported him, we would be cultist in our behaviors. Cult blindly follow the “chosen one” cult leader, often off cliffs and he/she lets power go to their heads.

    What excited Americans was that for the first time, a very qualified, young and insightful person, who was also partly a minority, was able to be chosen for the post of president, and not denied because of his/her skin color. That was a major landmark in American history . . . sadly a history that has too often been laced with discrimination and brutality against minorities.

  33. No, there is a difference, Steve. Cult members first of all learn and practice great vilification of outside forces (like what you Trumpers say about Democrats being evil)), treat those who slightly disagree like heretics (how you treat other republicans who may question this president, like this Admiral), those who Trump described as those willing to still support him even if he killed someone on 5th avenue.

    There is some evidence of this from a new POLITICO poll: During his 2016 campaign for president, Trump bragged that he could “stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone, and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” Hyperbole aside, the POLITICO/Morning Consult poll put that to the test: 62 percent of voters said Trump “could do something that would cause me to support impeaching him and removing him from office.” That means that even if Trump were to blatantly violate laws (like emoluments, soliciting foreign interference in our elections and/or obstructions of justice) trump cult followers would still vote for him. That is a cult behavior.

  34. The information on Trump’s DISASTROUS decision about Syria, shows he was willing, as Scott27 said, to BETRAY our allies and also put our troops still there in harm’s way to be shelled by Assad’s military. And when we mean by allies, the Kurds did lose over 10,000 people in fight ISIS . . we lost 17 because the Kurds did most of the fighting. What Trump did was to solidify that area for RUSSIA, and gave that sphere of control away from our input, to Putin, Assad and ISIS (escaped prisoners). How is that any way a victory???!!!

    Trump is making up lies and excuses – – like how he is pulling troops out of the middle east – – so how is sending 1000s more into protecting Saudi Arabia accomplishing that?!?! If anything, Trump has us more committed and more vulnerable in the middle east than ever.

  35. Ship, a good conman, like Elmer Gantry, always suckers people in by making a show of a few acts of decency. Trump is a master conman. If I give away a few hundred thousand dollars a year, but funnel over $50 million a year from taxpayers into my pockets, am I not making more wealth?
    1. Trump has funneled over $102 million of taxpayer dollars into his own
    . . . . pockets by playing golf and staying with full staff etc. at
    . . . .. Mar-O-Lago or others of his golf courses.
    2. He was TRYONG top funnel both domestic and foreign money into his pockets
    . . .. by having the G-7 meeting at his failing Doral Gold Resort, but
    . . . . he stopped because it looked bad for his re-election (also
    . . . . . it was illegal.
    3. Others: Now evidence has surfaced that military planes (i.e. from USA to Beirut etc.), instead of refueling, as normal at European military bases, have been diverted to a small, failing airport nearest to Trump’s Scotland golf course. The Trump Golf course in Scotland is already failing, and the closing of the only airport nearby would certainly damage it further. Then, the planes having to pay the much higher commercial rates, have the military passengers stay at a Trump property, furthering money going into the Trump coffers. In a recent trip to Ireland, VP Pence was ordered to stay 160 miles from his destination, completely on the other side of the country, at a Trump facility, bringing even more money into the Trump’s pockets.

  36. As Alaska Woman states, so well, vulgarity, personal insults are evidence of illiteracy and of the lack of issues of merit to discuss. So, Mark, what do you do is show you to even be worse than Dan. What is consistently shown on these posts is the use of excuses and rationalizations of Trump supporters to act badly and with malice. It is clear you share that with Trump who not only shows many narcissistic traits, but also an inability to have impulse control.

  37. Nobody, not even the President of the United States, has the authority to demote a United States O-10 military member below that officer’s permanent rank without that officer having been successfully court-martialed, a system required to afford due process of law. The same especially goes for dishonorable discharge, which carries severe legal repercussions upon military personnel forced back into civilian life. Anything and everything done or to be done by a government within the jurisdiction of the United States, along with any fighting force commissioned by and subordinate to such governments’ commands, is to conform to rule of law. Whereas a person holding almost any Cabinet-level office is to serve in that job at the President’s pleasure, a person holding almost any other federal office faces no such liability.

  38. That is NOT the definition of a “coup” as this article says. A “coup” is a brilliant or highly unsuccessful act. You are most likely trying to refer to a “coup d’etat” but that refers to only “the violent overthrown of an existing government by a small force.”
    It does not refer to a legal action like an impeachment procedure as spelled out in our constitution. No president yet has been removed from office in our history, but if one was, it would not be a “coup” but a legal action as spelled out in our constitution. Clearly, the term is misused by the right wing for political purposes, it is inaccurate and inappropriate.

    You are failing to listen, as usual. and see that when we abandon our allies, as Trump clearly did with the Kurds, we make America weaker, and Russia stronger.

    Lindsay Graham said about the Clinton impeachment, that it does not just have to be about high crimes and misdemeanors . . . . it is also about failure to carry out the oath of office. Since the Admiral McRaven did not include it, Trump has also been implicated and has evidence of at least 10 counts of obstruction of justice, of campaign crimes committed as directed to his lawyer Cohen and by, on three occasions, soliciting campaign help from a foreign government.

  39. That may be, but please know the difference between the Alaskan social welfare system and the United States social welfare system. Alaska could probably sustain its own statewide system of “positive liberty” easily without federal subsidies, until the localized ever-hypothetical “peak oil” occurs.

  40. Ike waited until it was time for him to retire from public office to warn the American people about the “military-industrial complex”, while not really acknowledging that he built his career on top of it. The extent of a person’s association with the complex is not really any indication at all of trustworthiness of that person. Yet rest assured, just about everybody does whatever can be done to protect his or her business interests, so naturally defense contractors want to thwart anything that would impair their ability to perpetually sell steady streams of military hardware to whomever. We must not ignore the “industrial” part of the complex. Another thing to note is that the full moniker is “military-industrial-congressional complex”. Ike had shortened it, so as not to alienate the very Congress who had always been willing to give the executive branch whatever it needed.

  41. Because of certain decisions made by Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, among countless others. This stuff of modern defense pacts goes back a long time and cannot easily be simplified. Of course, from time to time we hear the old excuse, “We fight it over there so that we don’t have to fight it over here.”

  42. Hey dumber than anyone and Snott, those sand rats have been fighting and killing each other since they came into existence. Saving American lives by pulling them out of endless wars is not a reason for impeachment, nor is any of the rest of the lying BS you communists come up with. You a$$wipes are so ate up with Trump hatred you’re brains have turned to mush.

  43. As POTUS Eisenhower onec was quoted as saying as he left office”BEWARE the MIlitary-Industrail complex. This guy was a big part of that ..obviously. So BEWARE of anything he says.

    Go Trump 20220!!

  44. I have been told, by someone who has llived their for over 30 years, that a lot of the Alaskans are slaves ot he welfare system and want everything for nothing just like some groups herein thelower 48. I beleive Alaska woman is one of them.

  45. When you say Trump has no redeeming qualities we all know you’re making a euphemism.
    What you really mean is he wasn’t your typical corrupt politician like Hillary.

  46. that is not good. he is a u.s. commander and he should be killed are go to jail for saying taking out trump i hope that America will be better

  47. It sounded like you were talking about Obama.
    Cult followers? Absolutely.
    Ego? The size of a cathedral.
    Only cared about himself? You know it.
    Constitution? He called it a living document.
    That be Obama you be talkin about dude.

  48. Gen. McCraven has selective morals according to him we need to help the weak stand up against oppression and injustice. Then why are we not helping the millions of oppressed in China ,Cuba,South Africa,Venezuela.What a hypocrite

  49. If Trump supporters are cultists then Obama supporters were all racist because the only reason they voted for him is because he’s black. Remember how excited you all were to elect the first African American president?

  50. Can we use that to impeach Trump?
    There has to be something we can get Trump on and make sure he doesn’t get reelected.
    We have to stop Trump at all costs no matter what it takes.

  51. If Trump only cared about his wealth he wouldn’t have run for president, and then give his salary to charity. What a twit you are Alaska Woman. It was the communists that used twits like you back in the 60 & 70s. They called them useful idiots.

  52. Government training and/or experience equates to corruption.
    That’s exactly why we voted for Trump because he isn’t your typical elitist establishment party politician like Hillary, who is extremely corrupt.
    That’s why we need term limits for congress too so they don’t have time to become swamp creatures.

  53. Where is the United Nations, NATO. The US is not the world police. We need to use diplomacy first and foremost. A show of force to enhance a countries defence while negotiating can work as a deterrent but to maintain that force for years supporting century old wars is ridiculous. The Un-united Nations and NATO should shoulder greater responsibility, not just the U.S.

  54. Why must the United States go in defense of every country or group of foreigners under attack by another rogue group? There has to be an end to our help at some point and President Trump decided it was time. These high ranking admirals and generals who have this need to fight battles and command soldiers to die for people who hate us is ludicrous. If they are unhappy with the decisions their Commander In Chief makes then they should find another occupations more suitable. They can be mercenaries for these foreigners.

  55. In two ways, the Constitution of the United States provides for vacating the office of the President of the United States, without waiting for the occupant to lose re-election and the subsequent expiration of the term of office. This can only ever be a “coup” if the constitution or a law pursuant thereto is being violated in the process, such as ignoring the requirement of probable cause, reasonable suspicion, attorney-client privilege, due process, fair trial (non-Kafkaesque) and sufficient consensus of guilt. As made clear by the constitution, the reason for removal cannot be arbitrary. Of course, people are generally at liberty to call it whatever they like. Some may even be absurd enough to refer to the very act of any contender running against any incumbent as “attempted coup”, regardless of there being evidence of election tampering. C’mon! Get real.

  56. Hey Alaska whore for the polar bears, I always use sewer language on sewer rats. Your stupidity is definitely on par with a sewer rat’s. Speaking of illiteracy, what is “a man who only cases about his wealth”? I don’t normally pick on grammar, but since you fancy yourself so much more intelligent and refined than we true American conservatives, I thought I’d point out just how flawed your “thinking” is. Be careful romancing those polar bears, they might eat you to keep from paying you.

  57. Sewer language is evidence of illiteracy. It also serves to embarrass America. We have an inexperienced fool for a President. A man who only cases about his wealth.

  58. Frankly, the manner in which Trump bought the office, how much he paid and who he paid will eventually surface. He has zero legal training or experience. He has zero government training and/or experience. He has made the US thw laughing stock of the world. He has also told the world, in no uncertain terms, America can no longer be trusted to keep her word.

  59. Because it has to be a cult right? It couldn’t possibly be that people like what Trump is doing for America?
    And when we opposed what Obama did it’s because we were all racist right?
    There’s always another reason than the obvious on. Right Scott?

  60. To Scott 27. YOU ! have 2 roes of ‘bone spurs’
    > What about Clinton/ 0bama ___
    > & THAT GOES for Globalsit/ NWO ‘generals’ /admirals’

  61. That would be you Scott. Blindly following your fascist communist messiahs to a falsely perceived utopia where communist dictators control every facet of their subject’s lives; where there will be no crime because no one has any weapons and the criminals all obey the dictator’s laws. Where everything is free and no one has to work. Where there will be no war because under the one world order humans will all be exactly the same. Where you can choose your sex on a daily basis and your benevolent communist government will pay for your sex change. Where if you happen to give birth to a child you no longer want, you can murder them up to the age of 18 and face no consequences. Your communist utopia reeks of demonic excrement from the pits of Hell. Jump on in, you deserve it.

  62. Hey Scott27. You must be a really fun guy to hang around with. I’m really glad I don’t know who the hell you are and don’t care either. If you want to talk about some corruption, how about we talk about our esteemed ex-VP Joe Biden who admitted on tape that he had a prosecutor in Ukraine fired,or $1B in U.S. aid would be cancelled. That,and his son placed on the board of directors of Burisma for a minimum $50K per month salary when he knew absolutely nothing about Ukraine or the industry involved. Guess you don’t care that Biden has been ripping you and all us taxpayers off for over 30 years. Wake the hell up fool. For crying out loud, Trump isn’t even taking his salary.

  63. Ted, it was the Kurds who did most of the fighting for us; losing more than 10,000 soldiers in the process. With bone spurs’ strategic gaff, he has once again kow-towed to Putin, stabbed our friends in the back, supported genocide, and almost ensured a resurgence of ISIS. Brilliant move? I don’t think so. And now we learn those 2,000 troops will not be coming home after all, but to Iraq instead… in addition to the nearly 2,000 we sent to Saudi Arabia a couple of weeks ago. Yeh, tell me again how much smarter he is than the generals.

  64. Snott27 you should get really produce Trump’s medical records before posting propaganda that you can’t prove. You’re the one in a cult you stupid prick. And I don’t care about bone spurs one way or another. We have a great president and you aren’t good enough to kiss his ass

  65. Tt’s the opposite Admiral BS!!
    The USA lost a lot of fortune & good soldiers lives acting as the World’s POLICEMAN.
    IF you just sit with your fat fat ass commanding inside your flush office while others are in the fields dying–then you don’t deserve any right to criticize the action of the President. Unless you don in a combat uniform and physically lead your men in a combat mission–you’re just a typical hypocrite bastard!!
    I support the USA to get out of those hell holes and let those warring nations shoot each other to oblivion!!

  66. VOTE RED …If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  67. This admiral is certainly very cavalier with American lives. Apparently he is willing, while sitting in his safe office, to sacrifice the lives of American soldiers to fight a war that has lasted centuries. It would like that movie “WAR GAMES,” and end up like a game of tic tac toe, no one wins, but thousands of lives are lost. We made no alliance with the Kurds to fight Turkey, a member of NATO. Oh, but they will align with Russia. So Russia will fight Turkey? While the Turkish army is fighting with Russian weapons. Syria has already aligned with Russia, but Russia is taking over empty bases or at least whats left of them. I hear all these people denouncing President Trump’s decision from afar, but has anyone spoke with the soldiers themselves. I’m sure they would be willing to fight in an endless battle if they were told to, but if given a choice what would they do. Maybe the President should have given them the choice, if they could make of their own free will.

  68. I have not seen or heard anything that anyone in this country has a better solution than Trump. And that includes all in office or has ever been in office. They talk a good talk but talk does not have a backbone. Donald Trump is the only person that has actually done anything. And I mean anything. He has enough backbone to do his job. So shut up you fat talking haters.

  69. Gee, Carlie… you must prefer private bone-spur’s contribution…. Please, you can choose to become something other than a low-life cultist.

  70. Wow, finally a real response to a flippin’ fake military man who does not deserve his retired pay…thank you Sr. Chief, LCDR MSC USN Ret…

  71. Scott,
    This gentlemen has a agenda, Just like every person looking for power and influence. We need to let this play out a little longer to see what that is.

  72. Amen to that! What a turncoat. He should know better than to shoot his mouth off about things like this with all the military experience he has under his belt. People have been court martialed for less.

  73. Admiral McCraven simply has more honor, duty to this nation, and ethics in his little finger than most everyone posting here; and particularly more than private bone spurs. Get out of your little cult circle people, and act like the future of this nation matters… because it does.

  74. Walter, I suggest your cult leader follow HIS oath of office but rather than abide by the Constitution, he believes he IS the law and unaccountable to anyone, much less the nation and the welfare of this country. Where his dollars and self-adoration are paramount, you don’t matter; no one matters more than his ego. And your blind, cultish behavior (like most on this site) is killing this country.

  75. Make sure it is a dishonorable discharged. he should be tried for treason because of the oath he took, and shoot

  76. Apparently, the admiral should understand that he does NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to make disparaging remarks to the Command and Chief of the military. if the admiral was moved up to the position of the overall director of all forces, then the President of our United States “might” listen to your conversation. However the admiral is making a very bad move as to what the President has decided. I personally am embarrassed to your comments. I will definitely not spend a penny on your so called book.
    Grow up and shut up!!!!! Whether you were in the military or out of the military,there is NO NEED for your comments. Grow UP admiral!

  77. obama failed at everything in the middle east and no one has said a word. Might I remind you Trump has humiliated isis and pretty much stopped the war? He is a genius for what he is doing now. The Turks are stopping and the Kurds will be safe or Turkey will get sanctions. Ended!

  78. McRavin is a traitor to the U S A and needs to be tried as a
    Traitor in GITMO by a military tribunal full of MARINES for a
    called coup against the United States and it’s President

    SEMPER. FI. I.S M.C. for TRUMP. 2020

  79. If I were President Donald J. Trump I would order The Admiral back on Active Duty, then demote him to Seaman Recruit (E-1) then immediately Discharge The Rascal.

    Signed, Chauncey M. Freeman, Senior Chief, United States Navy, Retired

  80. This guy sounds like he is one of the people who has made a career out of being in the service and doesn’t care if those few men in Syria are slaughtered. What do they expect that small hand full of soldiers do against the Turkish fighters.If my child was over there fighting in these senless wars that these people have been fighting for years and years I would prefer that they was brought home. How do all of you feel? I welcome comments.

  81. Was ISIS in Syria before Obama? Remember the JV comment? Remember the “Red Line” comment? Was Russia in Syria before Obama?

  82. Well said! I am in my mid seventies and WW-11. It wasn’t our War, but it could have been if the Germans had crossed the Atlantic, The Japs, chose Pearl Harbor, and made into our War. I firmly believe that War is a money maker for the Elitist who instigate these Wars, knowing that we the little People will be drafted into Service,to be maimed or die, not for a cause, but to make the top Echelon Rich or richer.. War is a game for the Top Brass. If our Country is bombed, we will protect it, but no more sending our Men and Women into a battle to Die for Countries that really haven’t paid their fair share and supported the UN, Leaves it up to the United States, (American taxpayers to foot the BILL)..

  83. Hey, ASSh**e. He may be a private citizen now, but he is still PREACHING TREASON. By the way he is still bound by his oath and the Code of Military Justice. You would rather see our troops killed defending some foreign government borders than defend our won borders against all the INVADERS, yes INVADERS. Illegal Aliens, disease carriers, drug dealers, killers, criminals, FREELOADERS, and much more. I will admit that there legitimate reasons for wanting to come to this country but right now WE ARE BEING INVADED and our whole economy is being threatened. Stand up and defend OUR country first and stop the bleeding of money to foreign countries that HATE AMERICA, but are willing to let our troops die for them and still condemn AMERICA.

  84. I agree. As a Viet Nam veteran, I watched the political machinations and the military using the conflict for advancement. The military industrial complex would have us in these types of unwinnable wars forever.

  85. If I was the President. I would start filing lawsuits for defamation. If they manage to take the President out of office their will be a revolt & it is not because the President said it either. The people already decided to revolt before the President said anything. All they want is endless war for profit. We don’t mind fighting for a real reason. When it is for oil or for power. We say NO! Are men & women are no longer going to be cannon fader for power or false flag operations. We need have a back bone & say enough is enough.

  86. Admiral William H. McRaven appears to be a war monger just like his Dem buddy’s in Congress. They get involved in someone else’s war then blame it on Republicans. History continues to repeat itself. It sounds likeAdmiral William H. McRaven should be investigating for a court martial. What a tangled web they weave!

  87. To have a coup against the President of the US is a treasonous act and he should be arrested for treason and put away. Take his pension away and give it to the soldiers who believe in America.

  88. War is very profitable, you need look no farther than that for the reason warmongers want it. We have been the world’s piggy bank for far too many years. It’s time we cut the apron strings and let other countries support themselves.

  89. Wow, he helped plan the Bin laden raid! Yeah, and Obola took him out! The real planners were the team that was gonna have boots on the ground! All Obuttmunch did was give the go ahead! What a hero! NOT!

  90. Shame on McRaven & any other Former & Present Military
    Officer, who joined the Coup Against their Own
    Screed, he begs to Protect “Only”ISLAMISTS”, Not A Word
    about Americans. Mc Raven appears to have “GONE NATIVE”.

  91. This from a retired CPO! Recall to active duty, court-martial, reduction to E1 and twenty years incarceration in Fort Leavenworth. Shut the hell up admiral!

  92. Simply put: Who anointed us the saviors of the whole world?
    Where are the British, German, French, Italian, Scandinavian and
    other troops to join in protecting those the Admiral thinks need
    our blood, sweat, and money to do it all?

  93. McRaven got its appointment as head of Special Forces from the Kenyan muslim/marxist. That speaks for itself.

  94. The way I see it.
    The next WORLD war is coming soon. Unfortunately it’s the solution to fix the WORLD problems.A,third of the WORLD population will be exterminated.What is left will have ONE LEADER AND THIS PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL BULL WILL BE OVER. THANK YOU LORD. NO,TARIFFS, NO TAXES AND JOBS FOR ALL THAT LIVES THROUGH IT ,PRAISE GOD.

  95. Sorry to have to tell you this richard, but being in the military does not exempt a person from being an a**hole jerk! If you really were in the military you would have to know this……just sayiny!!! Ever hear of Beau Bergdahl?

  96. The ‘China trade wars’ are working out just fine! During the obama years, China’s economy was the fastest growing in the world. After 3 years of President Trump, the Chinese economy is pretty much stagnant and the USA’s economy leads the world!!

  97. Zardoz,
    How correct you are. Thank you for your comment. Maybe one day Dems. will get a clue.

    Thank you for your Service.

    Right now , All Democrats are worried about what all President Trump will find they they have been hiding ….Corruption on their side.

    The had better start getting used to President Trump. He will Win Again , in 2020.


  98. Just a comment one would expect from someone who supports a “HORRIFIC” excuse of a human being (if he could qualify for that) Was he hatched on this planet???????

  99. When I joined the Navy in 1967, I knew it was foolish to even attempt to be the world police. We, nor any other country’s economy can sustain that. What we have been doing since WW 2, is to pick out countries to throw trillions of dollars and our military to die for. Mcraven is not really at fault here, the deep state is. After Vietnam, from the very top of the military down to Commanders were either let go (up or out), forced into retirement, or put in charge of the base swimming pool. The Presidents were picking out the leadership in the services. The reason why the deep state wants so badly is because something extraordinary happened….President Trump happened. Go to CFR’s web list and look for the names of our Presidents. DemonRats, Republican, and Independence’s. President Trump didn’t have to sell his soul for money, power, fame. He truly is one of the few Presidents that are not bought and paid for.

  100. Good for you AbortThySelf! Redman sounds like one of the low life garbage people who look to the democrats for every single thing they need without earning a dime. He obviouly is not an educated person and knows only the low life language that he learned on the street.

  101. Most Americans have no understanding of the Middle East. We live in a country that has a constitution that guarantees our rights. For centuries we were protected by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans from invaders. That being said, the countries in the Middle East have been at war with each other since before the birth of Christ. I lived in Turkey for five years and Turkey has been participating in wars almost since the beginning of time. As a former military wife of twenty five years, I believe President Trump took a good look at what is going on in the Middle East and Turkey and realized that we are pouring money and the lives of young American soldiers down a bottomless hole. Despite what people think the Middle East will never be peaceful. The hate between the many fractions/tribes are too strong. Turkey and the Kurds have been fighting for many years. They were fighting each other went Turkey still had a Sultan. The only thing America can do is get between the two armies and have a blood bath of more American soldiers. At one period between the 50’s and up to the 90’s it looked like Turkey was going to make it as a democracy. They were well on their way when we lived there in the 70’s. Then they elected a Muslim President and the country began to drift back to the old ways of little tolerance to the Kurds. They stand between the East and the West. That was why we poured money into Turkey. However they have stood with the Muslim countries more often as not lately. Having spent 16 years in Europe we have seen that America has provided the majority of the money and military might to prop up many of these countries. The Europeans have invested money, but not the soldiers. Our military has bared the burden of the wars with a small amount of assistance of other countries. Sometimes it is smart to just walk away when you can no longer make a difference. I believe we have reached that point. A lot of the older diplomats who are speaking out against the President have spent their lives involved in wars. It is time for them to retire. War is good for them, that is what they know and they get big bucks from television stations that they appear on to give their opinions all with a twist of politics thrown in. However I think it is time to try a different approach now. Families don’t want to keep sending their husbands, sons, daughters and grandchildren off to endless wars. Give our GI’s a well earned rest.

  102. If the Middle East wants our protection…let them pay for it….they have the richest oil fields in the world and WE go over and protect them, fight THEIR wars and pay for it ourselves with AMERICAN MONEY and AMERICAN LIVES…..Go Trump

  103. If that is true then barry, I mean Barack should have been removed for changing the rule of “Obamacare” without congress changing the actual wording of the law. Any delays and alterations he made were unconstitutional because it was a unilateral alteration of a law.

  104. Rob I don’t know how old you are but those military officers have it engrained in them from the academy. So all he did was speak truth to power I know tRUMP didn’t say it so it must fake news.

  105. Your right redman. Our children should be going to the middle East & be will to die, bleed, leave half their life in the sand, half their soul. So all you lowlife, degenerate, worthless, sorry excuse, space taking Leftist can take a knee while our fading flag flies limply, Ignored or stepped on or burnt. Just so you can have your wars. Same goes for all you warmongers. Bring on the draft! But draft Dems only. You garbage, are not worth my 100% disabled veterans pain.

  106. Then why has Trump sent 2000 troops to Saudi Arabia if we are supposed to be getting out of the Middle East? Why did he veto a bipartisan bill to get us out being involved in Yemen were an Iran proxy is at war with the Saudis? Saudi has accused Iran of bombing their oil facilities. What if the Saudis, now that the have U.S. troops there, retaliate against Iran and starts a war with Iran that we will be involved in because of out troops there?

  107. tRUMP has no redeeming qualities he is completely void of any such qualities. He is not intellectual but depends on is feeling at the moment he never has a strategy how to win think about his saying “Trade wars are easy to win hows that China trade war working for you.

  108. This veteran needs to turn OFF his Council on Foreign Relations programmed television set and let go of his grandma’s left one. He used to have an army of spies to collect intelligence. He still does.

  109. Whine, whine, whine, you greasy headed trump-butt-bumps because dats all ya got left. trump is on his way into Russia wit julie-anna to be wit snowden. He’s gonna leave you snake-mouth, typical, racist white-folks behind like lice on ya greasy heads. hahahahahhahahahahahah

  110. What a dumbas- you are he has been retired since 2014 so you are right he is a private a private citizen so he can say anything he wants to so sorry to burst your fantasies but no court martial for him. You do realize he helped plan the Bin Laden raid thought all you flag wavers would at least listen to a true America hero. But like I said you people are so deep into the tRUMP Cult of Personality you red team folks don’t believe anything unless the DOTARD says it or it is fake news

  111. Nah, bobbie jones. There are way more of you Neanderthal white-folks getting hand over hands outs. I bet you, yo lice, and yo stink-mouth mama come out of the government projects like immigrants. hahahahahahahahhah

  112. Ship, so I guess America wanted to elect the world’s “BIGGEST CON MAN?????? Keep drinking the “Trump” kool aid….

  113. No tRUMP is nothing but a symptom of the cancer in this country McRaven is a decorated veteran remember he took out Bin Laden thought you fascist might listen to him but I see now it does not matter what anyone says if it doesn’t come from the mouth of the dear leader tRUMP then it is fake news. You people are so into the tRUMP Cult of Personality it does not matter what he does.

  114. I guess this so called military man should look at his oath to understand that the military has a job and they make an oath to follow the orders of the Commander and chief!!!!!!!

  115. This country, as I’m sure most can check for themselves, was founded on the hope, work, effort and sacrifice of people trying to escape being the scapegoat for other people’s needs and shortcomings. The founders wanted to learn from and avoid all those entanglements with social and political problems engendered by corrupt systems and power struggles. So they framed it out as best they could – and did a pretty good job. Not perfect, but quite admirable. We can never fix or buy off other peoples’ errors. We need to focus on our nation, as it was intended. Let each fix their own problems.

  116. Richard Beare ; you are a very miserable idiot fool full of hate ; you are so miserable you want US to suffer just like you . I do feel sorry for you .
    Just go back to your satanic cave and stay there ; you have nothing to offer .

  117. Who gives a sh/t what you think?
    Trump was elected because people were sick of the democrooks and wanted REAL change.
    Not Obama’s kind of hope & change to more food stamps and less jobs.

  118. The problem with this man they call a commander is he is shortsighted and opinionated with no justification. There is a very good chance that he is part of the deep state that wants a global government where this grand experiment called America is brought to tow. Just because our President is puling us away from never ending wars and nation building does not mean he has abandoned the virtues that this man claims he has.

  119. Every word that this man said is the truth there is nothingphony or fake about it. What is a disater is the activities and decisions of this demented thing in the white house he is a cancer on our socirty and the world and needs to be removed the soon er the better

  120. Redman, say dumbo, Black folks are getting EVERYTHING FREE right NOW. And the failed promises are not from Republicans but rather the Democratic clown pack you love so much.
    And Redman, thre are no slave owners, or former slave alive. Global warming is only a theory uneducated dimwits who want to live in stone age times believe. Last, the most racist president in the modern history of the USA – easy – Barack Obama.

  121. Admiral McRaven is a complete idiot. It is NOT the job of the USA to save the world. Heck at least half of those nations he mentioned welcome US troops so they have a target to shoot at. What has 15+ years in Afghanistan accomplished? Presence in Iraq, Syria, etc. Easy answer – Dead American Troops. We cannot police the world, nor should we try.
    When nations offend us, simply blow up every one of their dump cities. not worth
    Americans lives.

  122. Damn racist white folk promise all kinda free crap to black folks if they vote for whitey, and if they don’t they not gonna get any free handouts, and no reparations, and they get kicked off the plantation, and then they all die from global climate change warming HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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