One Nancy Pelosi ally said something about William Barr that will make your blood boil

Democrats continue to hurl smear after smear at Attorney General William Barr.

They want to discredit Barr before he reveals all of Barack Obama’s “Spygate” secrets.

And now one Nancy Pelosi ally said something about William Barr that will make your blood boil.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is one of the biggest leakers and Russian collusion conspiracy theorists in all of Washington, D.C.

And he has a lot to lose if Barr starts airing the Obama Deep State’s dirty laundry.

So he is trying to preemptively trash Barr as a corrupt partisan in hopes that Americans will dismiss Barr’s findings.

Schiff carried out this strategy at a Council on Foreign Relations event where Schiff called Barr the “second most dangerous man in America.”

Breitbart reports:

Tuesday while speaking at the Council of Foreign Relations, House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Attorney General William Barr is “the second most dangerous man in the country.”

“So we find ourselves for the first time with an attorney general who really is the president’s defense lawyer and spokesperson, and who’s quite good at it and has the veneer of respectability to camouflage what he’s doing,” Schiff said during the event that aired on C-SPAN. “He is not the sophist that Giuliani is, he’s much more dangerous. And I think he’s the second most dangerous man in the country for that reason.”

He added, “When you have an attorney general, and I hesitate to use the word, but there’s no other word that seems to apply here, that lies to Congress … that’s a very dangerous situation, and as someone who came out of that department, I spent six years with the Justice Department, and I venerate the department, to think that it is being led by someone this way breaks my heart for the department but is profoundly concerning for the country.”

Barr has long questioned the Russia investigation.

In an interview with CBS News, Barr went so far as to say he did not find the answers he’s received so far about how the FBI started the probe into the Trump campaign to be satisfactory.

So it’s no wonder Schiff is ramping up his smear campaign.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Is that true? If so, explains a lot!
    Schiff has been the loudest mouth against the President. Promising he “saw” the evidence against Trump, but he never delivered on his promise. Because there was no evidence.

  2. If you are a Democrat, you condone being a liar, murder, theft, destruction of the Constitution, nullifying your patriotism, therefore becoming a traitor, and Treason!

  3. Has anyone forgotten the look on HRC’s face, when she found out she had lost to Trump? I haven’t, it’s priceless! She said “no one touch a bottle of champagne, it’s going back” now get the f_ _k out! So hilarious because she, and Obama, cheated by rigging their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election! That’s the reason Obama stayed in DC, HRC was to give Obama his third term! She was to be a false-store front POTUS!

  4. Schiff needs to use his mouth for what it was made for, pleasuring gay men for $1.00, and get out of politics!

  5. The squeaky wheel gets the grease! The most out -spoken, Democrats have been Schiff, and Nadler, so maybe Barr should lift the rocks they live under and take a look! We know Schiff’s sister, is the daughter-in – law, of George Soros!

  6. Nancy Pelosi should be called “insider trading Pelosi”. She gets all secrets about stocks that will be coming up for legislation, IPO’s, buy-outs from other companies and purchases these stocks at the lowest price. then when the stocks go up in price, Pelosi makes a killing in money and sells the stocks. Why do you think she will never give up her job? She has become a “multi millionaire from insider trading”. Do you remember when Martha Steward was indicted by the federal govt and went to jail for “insider trading” on one stock when she called her broker to find out if stock was going to have a movement. One stock only. Stewart went to jail for 9 months. How come Nancy Pelosi commits “insider trading” daily for 40 years and is never indicted by the federal govt. The politicians have contacts in the federal govt and get away with criminal activities. eg: elijah cummings asnd his wife (kept money from a non-profit organization) eg: Bernie Sanders and his wife (lied to a bank to get a loan); federal govt, DOJ must indict these corrupt politicians immmediately and send them off to jail so we can have a clean govt.

  7. Are you retarded or just plain stupid? Obviously you’re just another brainless libturd who supports the lawlessness of the dims.

  8. Most Catholics don’t read the Bible, the Pope knows better than the Bible. It’s called the infallibility of the pope

  9. i can’t wait until Barr takes all of them down and i Hope he finds out everything on Obama and the crazy a$$ Dems need to be put out of office they are out to ruin this great country we have vote for TRUMP 2020

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