One new poll showed the NFL dug its own grave with this decision

Pundits and pollsters are trying to measure the impact of the NFL’s anti-American anthem protests.

One new poll gave the answer.

And it made the players and media regret ever hearing the name “Colin Kaepernick.”

The NFL used to be a cultural unifier.

Fans across the political spectrum could put aside their differences to root for their team on Sundays.

Not anymore.

A new Morning Consult poll found the NFL’s favorability had been cut in half.

And most astonishingly, Trump supporters now hold an unfavorable view of the NFL by a two to one margin.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Morning Consult conducted the survey, and the results are a very bad sign for the NFL.

They released the following data in a press release to The Daily Caller:

NFL’s Brand Favorability Drops To Lowest Point Since Morning Consult Started Tracking: The NFL’s net favorability has dropped from 30% on September 21 to 17% on September 28.

On September 21, 25% of Trump supporters said they had a very favorable view of the NFL and 11% had a very unfavorable view. As of Sept 28, those numbers have dramatically changed with 33% of Trump supporters say they have a very unfavorable view of the NFL and 16% report having a very favorable view.

Dropping from 30 percent to only 17 percent in a week is a massive red flag for NFL management. Any smart businessman can look at those numbers and realize the league is now in full crisis mode.”

The NFL’s brand is becoming toxic in red state America.

Fans who just want to enjoy football – or don’t like seeing the NFL turned into a platform for left-wing social justice warriors to demonize America and law enforcement – are abandoning the NFL in droves.

They are tuning the NFL off and TV ratings are down 11 percent for the year and the most recent Thursday night content featuring a traditional rivalry between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers saw a ten percent decline in viewership from last year’s similar Thursday night broadcast.

The NFL is hunting for a way out of this crisis, but as long as their player insist on national anthem demonstrations and lying about America and the police, an increasing number of fans will find something else to do at 1PM on Sundays.


  1. 70 % of the NFL ownership, and fans are white. 70 % of the players at black. The players need more support from whites than whites do for them as players. Guess who controls the money? Right? Problem solved. Make them stand and show respect or get rid of them or we get rid of the NFL. It’s just that simple.

  2. Never could get behind someone making a career out of a major in ‘PLAYGROUND or RECESS”.. seems quite ludicrous to me, but they were doing it, so now it might be the time when their “professional preparation’ is brought into consideration…. Just what did they learn on the playground?? “whomever is the biggest bully wins?” Well the biggest bullies have lost it!!! and now they will pay for their stupidity… can’t leave well enough alone!!! “COLON CANCER” is a very good diagnosis!!! (Thanx Melody!! comment from above.)

  3. The vast majority of those shot by the police was simply because they were resisting arrest, and if they hadn’t resisted arrest, they would be alive today. This life here on earth ends much too soon, and then The Judgement. Those who knew God as their Father are living with Him today, and His Holy Word tells us that if He is not your Father, that means Satan is your father, and you know where he lives and you will live with him; if you can call that living.
    So, my question to you is, are you a part of the problem; or the solution?

  4. The NFL is persona non grata at my residence and will continue that status from now on. Their outlook on America is not something they will ‘turn off’ just because they may discontinue their public display. The only reason they will stop is because it is costing them money

    • Turning off the TV does NOTHING! You have to either flood businesses like ESPN, etc… with calls against this kind of crap or shut of their MONEY flow, that’s the ONLY thing they will understand.

      • Changing the channel on the NFL and watching something else does a hell of a lot more than you think. They make their real money from advertising and selling everything with NFL on it from team jerseys to shot glasses. They make all the money from advertisers because of how many people the advertisers are told their ads will reach. When those numbers drop so do the price of the ads. If no one is watching there is no advertising money. Without that money the NFL will go broke.

      • I think they are now aware of loss in attendance, concession sales, and souvenir sales and I think their advertisers are seeing the writing on the wall, it won’t be too long and they will start hurting big time, these players are millionaires and the owners are millionaires, but one thing even millionaires understand, is when the money stops coming in, something has to change, they might try to wait it out and think it will all blow over, but if that is their thoughts, then I believe they are going to have a rude awakening. So long NFL, has been nice knowing you, but when you protest against your benefactors, your in deep doodoo.

  5. The moment I saw the millionaire, misguided players sitting for the national anthem last night, I discontinued watching the NFL broadcast! Until the NFL takes a stand against the disrespect for our Nation I will no longer watch any NFL games. Unfortunately this is a racial and political protest more than anything else!!! Now, it’s a test of wills.

    • I can’t fathom why there is even ONE person still buying a ticket to an NFL game, The seats should be EMPTY, VOID! Want to really HURT them? Shut off the M-O-N-E-Y Faucet!!!!!!!! It’s just too bad there are still some DUMB ASSES (and you know who you are) that will watch and go to the games, and buy their overpriced S**T.

  6. Been a football fan since I first played (3rd grade) I’m now done. Retired U.S. ARMY officer and lifelong athlete now 76 years old. Take the NFL and shove it!!! DON

  7. These players remind me of sandlot football. If you don’t play my way I’ll take my football, and go home. Well, if you don’t respect the flag, we don’t buy tickets, we don’t watch games, and buy your NFL junk. If you want to help, take half of your pay check, and give it back to the neighborhood.

  8. Bill Clinton was way ahead of the NFL. When Monica Lewinsky would enter the Oval Office, Bill would put on a record of the anthem, and Monica would take a knee.

  9. Another thing that Kaepernick did that seems to have been forgotten is that he showed support for the Communist, Fidel Castro, who, as everyone knows since 1960, was not exactly the best friend of the Cuban people.
    C.K. talks about oppression? Go talk to any Cuban, you dumb jerk.

  10. The sad part of all of this is that our youth look up to these players as role models.
    these actions are NOT healthy for the next generation.

  11. It is time that these Players receive reprimands for violating the rules of behavior that are in the NFL Rule Book.
    I will find other things to do on Sunday other than support these Teams. I for
    one will NOT kneel lower than these Players to Support Them or the NFL.!!

  12. So the solution is not show the ANTHEM AND FLAG? While these jerks will still kneel, raise fists and any acts they may do to disrespect the Anthem and Flag–so you go to a game and see these crybabies kneeling and however else they feel is a way to spit on this Country for the oppressed–they should all move elsewhere that appeals to “their sense of honor”> If i were a team owner they would all be fired and replaced no ifs ands or buts.

  13. Roger Goodell,you and your protected by the police, coddled rich bastard players need to respect this country, its flag anthem and the military that has fought and died for your rights to live free and become filthy rich!!! The people who make you so wealthy work hard everyday to earn enough to pay your too high prices to watch these spoiled babies! We don’t come to watch disrespect to our great country, our police and our president!! Make your players follow their contract and stand for the anthem and flag with their hand over their heart and helmet in left arm! My grandfather,father,uncle and husband all fought for this country under its flag and your disrespect for it is unacceptable!!!!! I pray you all grow up and get back to your job, which is playing a game for entertainment!

  14. Why does not the NFL enforce there own rules, this protesting is not about any unfair treatment of anyone,it is about total disrespect for the flag and following rules! The amount of money they make, is for playing football not, sharing their opinions on anything so close the mouth and move the ball.

  15. These disgusting examples of human offal should all go back to Africa where they originated. Only these scum decided that not only was the “N Word” unacceptable but now refuse to acknowledge that they are in fact members of the NEGRO race. When the Hell did Negro have a negative connotation??? Never!!! Just more black BS. Any reason they can think of to be “insulted”. I call myself an AMERICAN NOT a German, Italian Jewish American. These turkeys call themselves African Americans, Notice the word African comes first. If you truly feel that way and are not just going along with the herd go the hell back to Africa and stay there. Remember, it’s your own bretherin who sold you into slavery. It was not an invention of Honkeys or whitey as you like to claim. If I ever heard a black person take responsibility for any negative thing instead of ALWAYS blaming somebody or something else I’d think history was being made before my very eyes.

  16. Americans in general are victims of their own addictions and gluttony. That is what the NFL, Their Teams, Their management, and Owners are counting on. They are willing take the loss until the addictions kick in. That’s when fans and viewers will abandon their principals and succumb to their addictions. The ratings will go back up, Demonstrators will then use our sports leagues as platforms for any kind of trumped up social/racial issues they can think of. If they can’t think of new ones the media will gladly provide an abundance. If the majority of Americans would just have the courage and conviction to stand together just once, The NFL would pay them to attend their ball shows. Within a few weeks it’s either all going to blow over or it will become common procedure. The NFL can then go all black and not have any token whites on their teams. Since Black people “can’t be racists” that should take care of the resist issue and of course no liberals would expect those teams to stand for the Anthem ceremony. It would probably be abandoned. Maybe they could have break dance rapper session instead.

  17. The American flag is A political. It’s not democrat or republican or does it represent ideology. These crybabies who have been given talent from God and opportunity because of living in America are so out of line protesting against that which hundreds of million of our citizens believe in. Take your politics out if the work area. That stadium you do not own or manage. You are there as players(entertainers) to entertain those who without, wouid be irrelevant and on the streets doing whatever it is you could do. Suck it up stand up and show respect for not only the majority of your fans but your country . Think of others instead of yourselves. Think about these who have given life and limb for you and every American. Your antics and misplaced lies do not make you even worthy of respect. Courage is with all those before you who have given of themselves to make this country great. You on the other hand are cowards and have added absolutely nothing to this country’s greatness. You are about hate and contempt . I wouid say just leave and take your misplaced and inappropriate protests to some other country. You owners, players coaches and commissioner are disgusting. Your priorities are sadly misplaced. Hope there is no NFL. Who needs you?

  18. The NFL and their Black Malcontents have SERIOUSLY damaged the NFL and its brand!!! Slick move EX-LAX!!! In addition, it has given great credence to what most people think of Black Athletes (from an intelligence level – that would include NBA athletes)!!! DUMB AS A RUSTY BOOR KNOB!!! They really aren’t very smart,………. but,…. you make your bed and now ALL OF YOU WILL SLEEP IN IT!!! As Forest Gump once said,….. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!!! It’s really no more complicate than that!!!

  19. The Oakland raiders have made the first move to have an all colored league with only one white player on the team. I would like to see how many fans would follow that move. Get ready it is happening.

  20. What made AMERICA GREAT was it’s “”RESPECT and LOVE for GOD and EACH OTHER even if you weren’t a Christian and even more so if you were. But the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR and PERSONAL POWER has replaced it sadly,it all started at home !!!! If it wasn’t for GOD there wouldn’t be anything here in the First Place including “Me or You !!! Your Last breath and your Next breath comes from YOUR CREATOR and we will stand individually stand before him and be accountable for our actions toward God ,Country,Family and all mankind. We each need to Kneel down before God and ask for Forgiveness and get our lives and Priorities right. We are missing out on what real BLESSINGS GOD has for us .

  21. Another no NFL day, golf this afternon, yard work in morning. Had a call a friend said he was going to give them a chance till he saw a discusting display by Clevland. Now another confirmed no NFL. When will the sponsers, then owners realize there is a point of no return. Hello ESPN are you listening??

  22. I saw on another board somewhere a comment that was spot on “just because you can is probably the best reason you shouldn’t protest like this” They claim to show unity, but as with the steelers lone hold out, you know there are many more who would like to cut kapernik (literally.) When they asked the only MAN on the steelers team to piss on the graves of his fellow comrades and then forced him to apologize for refusing to do so, the intent was clear, more blm and far left BS was all this was about.

  23. I think the players dug the hole and the whole league jumped in and covered themselves with dirt. No apology will ever be sincere because we now know how these dirtbags really feel about their fans and our country. I have not watched a game since kaepera** started his antics and goodell did nothing to stop it. I will not watch another game.

    • My wife and I will not give receive buy sell or except anything to do with the nfl for the rest of our life just watch us.To many GOOD MEN AND WOMEN have given up their lives for our Flag and this Great Country for these kids to FORCE the rest of us to watch them protest. I paid to watch a game.

  24. Magic Johnson and the NBA are with the NFL at first comment. Now backpedal is in operation, not buying either. ESPN is another that needs to get their cultural opinion out of my face.

  25. Sad thing is…………as with all the anti American activities that are taking place………I don’t believe I will bother watching football at all again. I will not ever again sympathize for liberal/progrssive/anti conservative movements or causes. When do the protestors quit asking for more, more, more? And football players? How stupid do you think the concerned citizenry of this nation is? Very few NFL members can relate to being poor, or, oppressed or discriminated against. Stereotyping and other oppressive practices are succeeding in dismantling the ability for this nation to unify, all in the name of unity. GO FIGURE!

  26. Fire that idiot head of the NFL!! Call the NFL and demand that goodman or whatever his retard name is be fired!! They can be reached at 212 450 2000!! Demand that vthe national anthem be observed properly and that players who don’t be fired!! ANY player petending to urinate in the end zone or anywhere else be fired!!! Otherwise I am staying on Nascar and am spending my Sundays Hunting, Fishing and Trapping!!! More things that Libturds hate!!

  27. Favorable views for the NFL right now should be ZERO, ZERO, ZERO %, and not until they STOP disrespecting the Flag and EACH individual involved apologizes to the fans and to the Country will this end.

    • I’ve expressed my views on Facebook several times and also in several of these venues. I doubt that it will ever happen but I will need an apology from the top down to coaches and players. I can find lots to do instead of watching these crybabies showing their asses on the football field. This includes all pro sports, no matter what or who.

    • Well said. However I think that would only be done because it will hit them in the pocket book. Personally I would like to see them all arrested and tried for treason and other laws that are not enforced about respect for OUR flag.

      • You know it doesn’t make any difference how much money they make, if people stop watching and attending their payments will stop if they dont wise up. GOODELL THAT INCLUDES YOU UNLESS YOU GET FIRED SOONER. ONE CAN ONLY HOPE.

        • “An unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL, our great game and all of our players, and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players represent in our communities.”
          Sorry Roger you got it all wrong. You EARN respect! Disrespecting our country and flag with ridiculous protests will not accomplish your cause.
          You will just alienate the people. Players that help their communities are the minority, hardly overwhelming. Help your oppressed communities buy going to the people who can make changes, buy offering your services, be it monetarily or otherwise. That’s how you will earn respect. Keep doing what you’re doing and you will suffer the consequences. If you must protest do it on your own time. When you step out on that field you are on “company time” at work, just like everybody else. We would be fired if we protest on the job. So obey your bylaws, show respect for the country that gave you the opportunity to succeed and prosper playing a game. Try to do that in other countries. Continue on this path and the NFL will stand for No Fans Left! Roger Goodell needs to be replaced!

          • Maybe you could take over Rogers job.Excellent take on the problem & someone needs to tell it to the players.

      • And to the men and women of the military who have not only made it possible for these non-participating (did not join the military) men that have made millions to play pro-football instead of joining the military. And so many of these military men and women have either been maimed or killed protecting our country (and there by making it possible for these NFL players to be awarded millions of dollars in contracts) and these people will not even honor these veterans by standing for the National Anthem (which is played to honor the veterans that have sacrificed their well-being and lives). I, as a retired veteran am through watching these non- honorable and non-respectful NFL players. I hope they all go broke by spending the money they have gotten used to spending and not have any more money coming in.


      • I think they should either apologise and amend their ways or lose their citizenship and be deported and I don’t care where, because as far as I am concerned they are no longer Americans, if you don’t respect the country (flag, anthem and veterans that have given life and limb for them) you don’t deserve to live under American freedom and protection.

    • Let’s just keep up the pressure! The more people that stop watching football, the more money they lose! They won’t change anything until we hit them where it hurts, and that being in the pocket book! Let’s make them pay dearly!

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