One number has Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wondering what just happened

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made national headlines with her “Green New Deal.”

They were not all good.

Now one number has Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wondering what just happened.

There was no doubt that Ocasio-Cortez’s call for a Soviet-style takeover of the United States economy would be popular with Democrats.

After all, they are the party of socialism.

But no one knew how popular her plan would be.

Ocasio-Cortez tweeted out the results of one poll that said 83 percent of Democrats would be more likely to vote for a candidate that endorsed her “Green New Deal” than one that did not.

Many Americans are wondering what happened to the Democrat Party.

In Barack Obama’s first term, he fought off accusations he was a “wooly eyed liberal.”

Now Democrats sprint to endorse the socialist label as well as the completely discredited economic theory.

But it is great news for Donald Trump.

Democrats are lurching left just as President Trump is gearing up for re-election, having presided over one of the greatest economic booms in American history.

There will be an easy contrast for the President to make.

Do Americans want four more years of peace and prosperity?

Or do they want Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders’ version of Venezuelan socialism to come to America?

Do you support the “Green New Deal”?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Looked up the rules…… see below

    The key provision: no member of Congress is eligible for any pension unless he or she has served in Congress for at least five years. (Senators serve six-year terms; House members must seek reelection every two years.)

    To collect, a congressman or senator must be age 62, or be at least age 50 with 20 years of service, or be any age with 25 years of service.

    Under the most recent pension program, adopted in 1984, the size of a pension is based on the highest three years of a member’s salary, the number of years of service and a multiplier, which is 1.7 percent for the first 20 years of service and 1.0 percent for subsequent years.

  2. I Do not think senators can actually retire on full salary after 1 term – look it up before saying that or we all look stupid which does not help our cause

  3. She’s not running, she does not like politics, and has no disire, thank God! Trump won and millions of democrats voted for him, because they hated what Obama was doing to our country, the jobs, and the middle class! She would be a repeat of that! Obama is helping Beta Orourk to win. And I really do not think American people will vote for Socialsm, this is why so many fled from their countries to get away from.

  4. Beto wrote a paper about murdering people and kids in high school, along with how Hitler was misunderstood??

  5. You all think It can’t get any worse? Iowa wants to make a law that Medicaid has to pay for transgenders to have “change-over”surgery, because it’s causing a ‘health problem for them which could affect their mental well-being! Ya sure u dont wanta go live in Iowa & ur green-backs go to pay for a ”change-over surgery for a guy that has mental health issues @ his gender? Maybe you Iowans can write your Congress person to tell them use the State’s xtra $$$ to give them psych. counselling, Huh?

  6. Dan Tyree: I bet you can clear the room!!! Bet even your kiddies leave for an hr.
    Wifie probably has to run to wal-mart to get the same spray the people use that spray for termites under the house! Ya reckon?? hee-hee-hee.

  7. Amen! Also they are literally killing us and making us sick by defecating around and on our food. Apparently, when the urge hits, they go no matter where they are. A construction guy doing some work at our house said he can’t stand to work with Mexicans. He was on a job and discovered the hard way when he rolled his power cords from under a house that the Mexicans thought the crawl space made an excellent place to relieve themselves. He said he was covered in it! So all of these fancy houses they are building have an added bonus, Mexican fertilizer. Ewww

  8. People flatulence, isn’t that what comes out of Cortez’s mouth, every time she opens her mouth? AOC Flatulence, a new phrase!

  9. Yeah and we all know that Mexicans eat the most fart food. It’s not the cows it’s the illegals farts that are killing us and we are paying for it.

  10. How about elephants, whales?? If we eliminate all animate life other than our own that would probably help the situation, but then we will have nothing but veggies to eat. The Dims always have the wrong solutions to nonexistent problems. Do you like legumes?? “Beans anyone, they make you smart, the more you eat, the more you fart, the more you fart, the better you feel, so lets have beans for every meal???” ANON

  11. I had to agree with with the professor no matter what the class was, or my opinion was to get receive a good grade.. I was punished for thinking !!!

  12. Unfortunately, even if defeated after one term, AOC will retire on full salary and will continue to be heard by her far left-wing fans. Maybe in a decade or two, she will learn to plug in her brain before she speaks. (Not counting on it)

  13. That’s what really ticks me off. Everytime this “slept her way up” from the bars, opens her pathetic mouth the no brain treat her as if God was speaking to Moses AGAIN.
    Who cares what she says? She’s a waste of time.

  14. The person we really have to worry about is Michelle Obama. I am expecting her to announce that she is going to be seeking the democratic nomination to run for president in 2020. That is how Obama plans to get back in the white house so that together they can screw this country up worse than he did last time.

  15. That was said about Hussain Obama, but by hook & crook he occupied the WH TWICE and we will pay for that stupid of stupid jerk our grandchildren’s lifetime.

  16. I love reading all these comments! There true accurate statements about evil satanic communist liberal Dems! I am so happy to see how other great Americans hate liberals and Cortez! She an embarrassment to this country and the American people! I can’t wait to see her lose her job and go back to being a bartender and have to move out of her luxury high rise apartment! Nothing makes me happier than to see an evil liberal Dem get what they deserve!


  18. Cortez is DUMB like a FOX. She can say all the stupid things that make her look like a idiot, but it gets her more press and attention than most politicians. When she grows up to be a big girl, eligible to run for president, her name will be well remembered by those on the left and a few idiots on the right and will land her a seat in the Oval Office.

  19. Yes, the Liberal and Conservative minds are wired differently.
    Liberal minds are wired with the hunger for power and the false sense of correctness. Influenced by the need to be gracious at a cost to those who receive their grace.

  20. College degrees mean little anymore. Most professors have never had to work for a living (I do not include college teaching here).

    WHEN I WAS A COLLEGE PROFESSOR, Students were challenged to think critically and were challenged to go back in history (to ancient Greeks if necessary) to justify their arguments. When I retired, I noted that in many “scientific” journals the Bibliography of many articles was based on a presumed recent computerized literature search going back now less than 40 years. What happened to a student’s ability to critically think? To search the historical record and basis of an idea? Will we ever see the likes of Einstein anymore?
    God help us if we don’t!

  21. A good read is the book “The Liberal Mind” by Dr. Lyle Rossiter. Some belief that the liberal mind is wired differently than conservative minds. How can the same facts be interpreted differently by liberals vs conservatives? The book defines the why or how.

  22. The liberals and terrorism are slowly trying to get a foothold into our government. If we don’t nip it in the bud now, I pity the future generations. If they say and do anti-american slurs they should be eliminated like other countries do.

  23. Dan T., Hey ole blog buddy. Hope life goes well for you. I tried to send you a little small clean reply and got censored. They are after me since last night! What for? Who knows?

  24. I have been paying attention to all this for better then 20yrs now. I listened to a cassette tape in 1991 of a man that defected from the Aluminotie,he said that the government wants to turn the world into a one world government, take our rights to bare arms away from us, create dervirsions in public so the american citizens don’t pay attention to what their doing to implement their plan of control over the population. And the previous administrations were all about controlling every aspect of a citizens, their plan is or WAS world domination and our President put a monkey wrench in thier plans that’s why they are so hell bent on getting him out of office. God help us if one of these globalist Looney tunes gets into office.

  25. Gloria, Welcome Home! We are so glad to have you. We need all your family and friends as well so, please encourage them to join us also.

  26. Alan, Your grade is A+++++++! Good information for conservatives but, far too complex for liberals to comprehend. Picture this, AOC’s eyes and mouth trying to understand what sounds like a foreign language to her! Nasty Nancy and Schmucky Chucky would not listen to “the truth” on this “green nightmare” anymore than they listened to the HHS Secretary and the border patrol explaining the situation at our southern border! Liberals are going to have to install new leadership for anything to change, for the better. The direction they are presently in is directly toward the NWO and, that may just be their ultimate goal, Ya think?

  27. Nick, Your are correct, society is being flooded with indoctrinated children annually as they move into the workplace. Who will be running the country in a few years, they will, of course! Many will see come to see the errors they embrace today but, will the number be enough?

  28. Global warming is political propaganda. 95% + of greenhouse gas is water vapor. Duh. Human contributions to CO2 is 0.28%. The rest comes from things like plant decay, oceanic factors, volcanic activity and animals. The Earth was warmer in the Cambrian period than it is now. Also in the days of the Roman Empire. That’s why Pompeii was a seaport and a brothel haven for sailors. Earth temperature cycles run on a 150,000 year cycle. Why? Changes in Earths precession, axial tilt and an elliptical orbit that shifts 180 degrees. In the middle it becomes oval. We are at the extreme where we have warmer winters and cooler summers. 10,500 years from now we will have warmer summers and cooler winters( Ref. The Milankovitch Cycles). One large volcanic explosion could drop the temperature drastically and disrupt all of it. The real issues for human survival are: Pollution, Loss of natural habitat, Fragmentation of habitat, Over fishing and over-hunting…all related to overpopulation. We are now in the Holocene extinction period, all related to human activity. It’s even now affecting insect populations.. down by 40%. The ocean is filled with non- biodegradable trash. Adn when the ocean finally dies…so do we.

  29. Her Liberal degree from the Ivy League school (Brown University) they must be so very proud of this Communist. What’s her degree in Basket weaving or German Polka history? She absolutely knows nothing about economics. Maybe she should move to Venezuela or Kenya and show her brilliance with their economy.

  30. she can start on her green deal by walking to work, and stop farting herself[i’am sure shes no bed of roses herself],unless she has a cork up there, if so take, it out and put in her mouth.

  31. PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL PIE IN THE SKY IDEAS, WAKE THE HELL UP YOUR JACKASSES THERE IS NOTHING IN THI WORLD THAT IS FREE. THIS GREEN DEAL THAT SHE CAME UP WITH IS 15 TO 20 YEARS OLD. I wonder what this whack job smokes at night, she just cost the people of NEW YORK a bundle of cash. But in her crazy world it`s free and no one has to work.

  32. Unfortunately for all of us this mad cow is legal and not only. She is LOUD and we have many indoctrinated millennials who will follow this stupid cow.

  33. That ideal for guidelines on sanity evaluation must not have any Democraps on the Board of Trustees that would make of the rules. That would be like letting the inmates make up all the rules for prison operations!

  34. Yes!There should be some of Test the Electoral College couched set up for all candidates who want to run for any form of office, as a way to evaluate each candiate’s qualifications and Skill to solve people, economy, situational poblems…. We could call it as a Qaulification Tests!

  35. When are people going to demand that prospective candidates get a mental evaluation BEFORE they run for office so the loonies can be weeded out and save us money. AOC is a perfect example of an inmate running loose at Taxpayerss expense!

  36. Absolutely agree with everything you say. I don’t think she’s intelligent enough to realize the catastrophic results her deal would engender. She is getting way too much media coverage for such a mental midget!

  37. Absolutely agree with everything you say. I don’t think she’s intelligent enough to realize the catastrophic results her deal would engender. She is getting way too much media coverage for such a mental midget!

  38. You’re right about that. In fact, Bill Clinton started this free everything and “WE” (the Government is hereto help you. Back when Bill Clinton was running for President, he had a round house show on MTV and was surrounded by a bunch of college aged young people. When taking questions from that audience, every answer Bill Clinton gave was, “I’m understand your concern, I will set up a committee to address your [wanton] needs”. Every question from that audience was a self serving request to make their life easier. It was pathetic, every moment. But, in defense of Bill Clinton, he was the first Presidential Candidate to tap into previously ignored resource of young people. Now e have a bunch of spoiled brats wanting everything handed to them and throw a fit when things don’t go their way. .

  39. Absolutely NOT supporting the Green New Deal! And anyone that does is calling for the demise of the USA. AOC is a sicko, clueless, Loony Lefty who doesn’t have a brain in her head. She’s even managed to become the enemy of the Democrats! We’ll be lucky if she is thrown out summarily in 2 years. After just costing NY billions of Dollars that should be the end of her political career.


  41. Everyone is talking about the loss of planes in the Green Movement. Makes me think of a story the other day saying that a tiny town in Texas has 1000 planes registered there but they don’t have an Airport. So many things going on now, too many to put together but that story makes me worry quite a bit. Most of the owners were foreigners, not US citizens. These hoaxes are a way of keeping one busy without seeing other things that are going on. Everyone, please keep a good watch. The evil is within this country and has to be weeded out.

  42. No way. They would turn us into a third country. I don’t understand how demorats can’t see that. It’s very plain to me. Open your eyes and look at it.I live hat stupid green deal. I
    live in Nevada and it is awful that this state is going for that stupid green deal that is plain crazy. Pay for people that don’t want to work ??????

  43. This is what it boils down to. All these young kids grew up under obamas economy which sucked. So for most of us, we had to watch our pennies. Now all these liberals keep saying “Free Everything” and that’s what these kids want now. The world to take care of them while they play on their PlayStation 3’s and text each other on their I Phones. Forget about working and making a life for themselves. Why work when the government will just give it to you? Who cares where it comes from. It’s free. All these millennials are in for a rude awakening when democrats turn America into a 3’rd world toilet. But that’s what they want. I’m glad I’ll be dead by then.

  44. She’s no German by a longshot. I wouldn’t even call her pretty. Eyes like a cow .
    Just don’t validate the crap this moron spews out with a response. Never argue with a idiot, they drag you down to their level.

  45. My good friend, Anton Julliard, queries, “Is she advocating nationalizing all of the Nation’s billionaires’ wealth in the name of “Social Justice”? While I wouldn’t have qualms about appropriating Mr. Soros and his Foundation’s wealth, I do find it amusing that this little twit is where she is now because of contributions from her district’s “billionaire and millionaire” friends. What would Tom Steyer, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Representative Jared Polis (D-Co), and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) (just to name a few) do if all of their wealth were suddenly expropriated? As I have said before, don’t dismiss this woman lightly. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is an extremely dangerous person.”

  46. I too feel more attention should be given to election fraud. And follows up with appropriate punishment…not just a slap on the hand and watch it happen again time
    after time. In the past, they’ve had nothing to fear if they got caught.
    Like one famous Chicago mayor once said “Tell me how many votes you need and you’ll
    get em”.

  47. Haven’t you heard, they don’t teach history, they teach at it. They don’t teach in schools, they just take roll.

  48. Its not about their climate control they worry about they could care less. They want to tear down america . They want full control of everybody. No !!!!!! No !!!!! New green deal it is the biggest pile of????????????????????????????????!!!! They would take away our freedom to travel an our cars an kill farting cows . they are trying to tear apart our constitutional freedoms!!!!! Many people have given their lives for our freedoms lets not take that for granted an tell these demorats an treasionist traitor pigs that we will not go we are fighting for our freedoms!!!!! Our freedom is one of the most precious things we have . lest not give that up!!!!! Tell congress we were not going to take it an that we wont back down an vote every one of you demorats an treasionist traitor pigs out of office!!!!! THEY CAN GO SUCK IT UP their treasonist traitor tail pipes.!!!!!! Like twisted sister said an tom petty said WERE NOT GOING To Take IT an WE WONT BACK DOWN!!!!!! You can stand me up at the gates of hell but i wont back down !!!!! This is our freedoms we are fighting for

  49. She represents people who think like she does. And where she comes from there are more of them voting then there are reasonable thinking citizens. That worries the hell out me.

  50. CM you somehow missed the point in my post. You misinterpreted what I said. I ask that you go back & re-read what I said. My point was if people follow aoc they will be saddled with a hitler-like government and we the people will be treated like hitler treated the Jews. He murdered them by the millions. Think about this: the dems are already killing babies in the womb, in the tube coming down & now they are killing them AFTER THEY ARE BORN. This is what hitler did. aoc is following his plans right in step. So if you want to live in hitler-ville then keep on following aoc because that’s HER AGENDA.

  51. Ever noticed how pretty AOC’s face is? Look closer? She is a GERMAN. Those aren’t Puerto Rican facial features; those are GERMAN facial features.


  53. It would serve Trump well to focus on voter fraud and election rigging with penalties that fit the crime. Then it would be smart to start rounding up those implicated in crimes within the sealed indictments . If criminals are busy trying to save their own skin they may not have time to bash Trump

  54. I don’t know who said it but if you want to control the country control what the children learn in the schools and you have their minds. I think it was Marx. This is why we’re seeing the unbelievable things we’re seeing today. AOC May have been born in America but she was taught nothing but how to be stupid.

  55. She’s a frigging looney! As a congressperson, she’s a so-so barmaid!!!! If she was a hooker she’d have to pay the ‘john’!!!!


  57. Will never support such a foolish, expensive idea. This woman is off her rocker and the people that voted her into office are as uneducated as she is.

  58. No new taxes. Zero. That’s it.

    While Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal was asking for an impossible number, the Democrats would gun for a smaller version to begin with. And that’s not good either.

    Have you notice that when the Democrats create a huge goal that the Senate would never pass it, then the negotiation would resolve an agreement for a smaller version that would one day become real big.

    Best to keep this door closed, not even an inch of opening. Zero it.

    End of story.

  59. i for one want my freedom that is why god protected this country why we are here cortez does not knowour history why we fought for freedom she is a spoiled brat GO TO SCHOOL THERE YOU WILL LEARN IF NOT THE GHOST OF OUR PAST WILL HAUNT YOU TILL THE DAY YOU DIE

  60. Dawn,
    Our representatives in congress would get to keep their planes. All those restrictions are for us. Remember the laws don’t apply to them.

  61. I, personally do not like this green new deal and how the left going to replaced the fossil fuel ? there is no technology yet to replaced the fossil
    fuel that I know off. so this GREEN NEW DEAL is another HOAX by the left.

  62. Oh yes she IS stupid. The fact that a freshman rep from the Bronx…so she says…is getting all the notice in her first year of SERVICE to the voters is insane. Nobody in their right mind is doing anything but laughing their ass off every time she opens her mouth….much like we laugh at most of the politicos from NYC and California these days. The fact that a barfluff jumps into a salary she could NEVER duplicate ANYWHERE in the private sector should send a message to voters. Its nuts.

  63. Do not EVER use “Jews and Hitler” to campare anything relating to our government. You have no idea what you are talking about.Jews to this day continue to deal with persecution on one level or another. The Green Deal puts on and all at risk and there is no persecution involved. It may be s form of speech for you, just as politicians say and do dumbass things. Think about communication. Some things are not related.

  64. AOC, final plea: stop running your uncommonly BIG MOUTH, and start listening. Without rhyme or reason, you rant and rave, making not statements, but (in your pecan-size brain) proclamations about how YOU are going to change the World. You wanna see some change, my pretty? Look at what PRESIDENT TRUMP has accomplished in 26 months — including THE WALL, you stupid democraps — it would stand up to any list of achievements that past Presidents tallied in 8 years … Yet I know this is falling on deaf ears, for you will continue with your sick shtick until taken out in a straight jacket BY YOUR OWN PEOPLE. YOUR latest accomplishment? — let me reference the NEW BILLBOARD in New York which celebrates (??) your handy work. You’ll be lucky to last your term, sis …

  65. Those numbers are what CNN will tell you, but like ALL DEMONRATS, they too, are LIARS!!! Those numbers are absolutely not true!!! CNN wants you to think everybody is on board with it….but it is just not true!!! THE GREEN NEW DEAL, is the worst thing to come along, since BROWN POOP!!!

  66. a \ amd wo;; mpt be/ sprru/
    russia. is a very good example . i have acouple friends there and they even said they would like to come to america to got the sschoosls that they want ot learn from. sorry democrats you poeple are why out of line it is not like that here and will never be. get that right.

  67. Let’s keep making America great ignore all of the far left liberals and just support and praise our President Donald j Trump and lis push his agenda forward God is bringing the darkness into the light and he’s turning all of the lies into truths he is on the throne and in control praise God and all of these Democrats who have become baby killers will come before him one day to answer for all of the little ones they murdered

  68. She is a lefty loony.
    My God, What The HELL Are They Teaching In Our Schools and Colleges.
    She Doesn’t Seem To Have a Clue.

  69. Yes and the communist party, oops I mean the Democrats ever gain full control of our so called government you will feel the hidden pains of ther ignorance.

  70. I just wonder if the other 433, so call congress politicians are as stupid as Cortez? After watching them a their place in the halls of Congress,I have come to the conclusion that they are as stupid and only reason they want the Job is to fill their pockets with riches stole from the People.They are put in to office to GOVERN ans too RULE.

  71. NO it would be the worst news in American history if a Democrat won the presidential election and then implemented this into the American way of life. We look at our own Civil War and see how it ripped us apart, but that would-be nothing compared to what would happen if the Democrats came into total power.

  72. The Green New Deal is Stuped gust like AOC is we have to Veto anything that comes up in that type of Bills to be voted on it can not come up for Votes. It would Bankrupt the USA trying to do the things the New Green Deal will do to our Country. It can’t happen.

  73. OMG How will these Senators and Congressmen travel on there luxury vacations with no planes? They will have to vacation in America or Mexico they can drive by a school bus.

  74. Occasionally awake Ocasio is simply out of her gourd. She has her head so far up her ass that she will never again see unfiltered sunshine!

  75. If this is a conservative site why don’t hey have polls to see how many would vote for the former POTUS? He is the former, please let him go! He is like a bad dream.

  76. This was not her idea at all get got it from George Soros. Anyone who thinks that she was smart enough to come up with those ideas on her own are giving her much more credit than I think she deserves.

  77. You are very right. Venezuela. Just look at Venezuela. If people want that kind of life then MOVE THERE. Don’t bring it here.

  78. If y’all want to be the Jews in Hitler-ville then by all means follow aoc. That’s what she’s selling … or FORCING … on The United States of America. I for one do NOT want her brand of politics governing MY LIFE.
    She even admitted that her ‘green new deal’ WAS written as a government take-over. But look how many dems are jumping on her bandwagon. She is dangerous. She is not stupid. She is sly, devious, manipulative, but she is not stupid. And soros is well funding her.


  80. Policies of Adolf Hitler. Green movement free health care for all turn the poor against rich gun control (to Jews and opposition). Abortion media control. Do these all sound familiar?

  81. There are some people in this country who are too lazy to think and others who have just economically bananas!

  82. The thought of using OPM is always attractive. Everybody is on board when it’s OPM. But when the chickens come home to roost and everybody is chipping money into the collection plate as required, those who supported using OPM are the ones crying “well we didn’t think WE had to pay! We all have seen that with the Obamacare roll out!

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