One number just sent Chuck Schumer into a nervous breakdown

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats pinned their 2018 hopes on Donald Trump failing.

They believed the American people would turn against the President and vote Republicans out of office.

That all went out the window when Chuck Schumer saw one number and flew into a nervous breakdown.

Thanks to Donald Trump’s policies, the American economy is booming.

Trump signed an historic tax cut bill into law and slashed job-killing regulations.

The results show Trump’s approach worked.

The Commerce Department revised second quarter GDP up to 4.2 percent.

Breitbart reports:

The U.S. economy grew at a strong 4.2 percent annual rate in the April-June quarter, the best showing in nearly four years, as growth stayed on track to produce its strongest full-year gain in more than a decade. Strength in business investment offset slightly slower consumer spending.

The Commerce Department on Wednesday revised up its growth estimate for last quarter from an initial estimate of a 4.1 percent annual rate. The second quarter marked a sharp improvement from a 2.2 percent gain in the January-March period, though some of the strength last quarter came from temporary factors, including a surge in U.S exports before tariffs were to take effect.

Economists expect growth to slow to a still solid 3 percent annual rate the rest of the year, resulting in full-year growth of 3 percent for 2018. It would be the best performance since 2005, two years before the Great Recession began.

The 4.2 percent annual growth that the government estimated for last quarter is the strongest such figure since a 4.3 percent annual gain in the third quarter of 2014. The expectation of 3 percent growth for 2018 as a whole would be up from gains of 1.6 percent in 2016 and 2.2 percent last year.

The economy is always the number one issue on voters’ minds.

A roaring economy should boost Republicans in the November elections.

It could be enough to help the GOP hang on to their Congressional majorities.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this midterm elections.



  1. There is no question about it, Chuck Schumer is a card carrying member of the Communist Party. Look how this man carries himself on the job. Look ay his voting record, and lets not forget all the money he has been being paid by Soros and other Communist groups. We should all be calling for an investigation into his personal monitory accounts and also his taxes that he has not paid. This is a coward of a man who is a born liar and thief. This Communist piece of excrement will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration in any way he can. He really belongs in prison. Sincerely, Martin Korab

  2. “Chuck U” Schumer is one of the nastiest, most unscrupulous members of the U. S. Senate. At every opportunity to spew vitriol at our President or his ideological opposition, he runs to the microphone in the well of the Senate…and issues insulting diatribes to an almost empty chamber. He’s just one more member of the leftist despicables that are overflowing their bushel basket.

  3. chuckie scumbag? What has he accomplished in all the time he’s been in office? NOT A DAMN THING. chuckie needs to LEAVE OFFICE along with plousy and they need to take all the rest of the Trump haters with them

    • And yet, the constituents keep voting him in. There are just way too many stupid and evil people out there. And, what can be done about it. I think that we should deport all Damnocrats, ban the Damnocrat Party, and the Progressive media.

  4. What Democrats refuse to believe is that Obamas Presidency was a Complete Failure. Our Congress & Senate was and still is a Complete Failure. Our American citizens are fed up with Failure. We are ready to take back America by removing the Spineless Politicians that are more concerned with protecting their “career” status. Many have referred to our Politicians as Stupid. There is an old adage that applies here. ‘You Can’t Fix Stupid BUT You Can Vote It Out!’ We have just over 2 months to work very hard in making this happen. Talk to your family, friends and foes. Encourage as many people as you can reach to go vote against Stupid. Help stop voter fraud by watching to ensure that those coming in to vote are your neighbors that live in your voting district.

  5. Just a shame that Schumer is such a total liberal jackass. He should just learn to keep his big mouth shut or retire totally from office and sit on his front porch and rock away.

  6. Chuckle is due some doom & gloom in his world. He had 8 years under Hussein Obama that he forgot what it was like when WE THE PEOPLE rise up & fight back. He obviously lost his touch during those 8 years. I can never get past his evil eyes, this guy is & has always been a soulless, loathsome thing.

  7. Diane, aren’t you tired of being wrong? Read a little and watch other news than the liberal channels. I just pray you are not a teacher!😲

  8. The DemocRATS’ god is only money and corruption of power…. and they don’t realize that God is more powerful than money and mankind/womankind power. God IS the ONE who rules every thing else, no matter what man/woman say. Never forget this: Humankind is nothing without the Loving God. Unfortunately though some humans believe in evil gods, i.e. Satan disguised as a god.

    • Butchy, I sure hope if Diane’s hair is on fire, nobody put’s the fire out until her mouth is completely GONE! Because I pity whomever is having to listen to her. Maxine Waters might help her out but, maybe not! One thing for sure Diane know’s not to call for my help. 🙂 🙂

      • M the majority of us that post on this site knows she’s crazy. She also knows the rat party is losing ground. She expresses anger that can be felt Not the casual jabs most of us make. You can feel the hate.

        • Dan T., Diane is in serious mental trouble! She really should not even be blogging because of her mental issues. She needs a lot of counseling to work through whatever her problems are. You are right about her having anger issues that goes well beyond what she has encountered with you and me. I’m no shrink but I’m just saying………

  9. No, one thing about Chuck is that he keeps his cool MUCH better than Trump, who gets so unglued, he puts out 48 tweets in one day. The 4.2% seems impressive BUT, part of that is about Trump causing chaos in trade, and most everyone hurried to fulfill orders in that quarter to AVOID paying extra tariffs. And, since Trump’s new tax bill is plunging America into an ADDITIONAL 1.5 TRILLION deficit in the next few years, just another example how one can stimulate the economy in the short-term while damaging it in the long-term. If you want to see numbers that will have Trump “wig out” into another tweet storm, see the national poll out 8-31-18 that shows: A new poll found 49% of Americans back Trump’s impeachment — more than the 46% of Americans who are opposed.
    The survey also found Trump’s popularity plummeting, with 36% approving of the job he’s doing compared with the 60% who disapprove. Even worse, a majority of Americans strongly disapprove of Trump’s job performance.
    The poll also shows that Trump’s attempts to smear special counsel Robert Mueller are failing, as 63% support Mueller’s investigation, with 52% strongly supporting it. Even more, Trump’s Mueller smear campaign is backfiring, as 53% of Americans say Trump has tried to obstruct justice by meddling in Mueller’s investigation.

    • Yes, Roger, You are quoting poll numbers from the ABC/Washington poll.One thing you can count on is those bad old LIBERAL POLLS make DJT look bad everytime! One last thing, whatever Trump’s economy does, it won’t ever be as bad as what BHO did. He doubled the deficit during his terms in office. He increased deficit by more than the combined amount of ALL Presidents who came before him.

    • Where did u find those polls?and trump turning trade into chaos?that was your Kenyan that did that.trump is making it more fair for us.another liberal blah blah blah..

      • Butchy, Roger’s poll numbers are courtsey of the liberal, weighted, adjusted, and possibly untruthful,
        ABC/Washington Post. Never saw a liberal poll that made POTUS look good!

    • Just thank God and Jesus for helping Donald Trump to become the best President in my Lifetime , I was born in 1930 and Do not remember Herbert Hover ,FDR had the people behind him , Then Harry had some very tough things to handle

    • Roger they don’t give chuck the shit they do Trump. Remember he is a commiecrat from a state of libturds. Like my style don’t you Roger?

  10. The Dems “Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave.’ is losing 10 Senate seats. That would allow Republicans the power to end any filibuster attempts by Schmuckie & Co. Imagine the absolute chaos of the left if that happens and Buzzy Ginsburg and/or Breyer’s SCOTUS seats become open.

    • let’s pray, I know I did all of the time before Trump was elected, and God did help us get him in office. I just don’t know how the Demorats have all become so stupid, who can believe all of their sh-t, it doesn’t even make sense.

  11. First, a small point: you CANNOT “fly into a nervous breakdown.” A breakdown is NOT a cloud or a tizzy: it’s a MEDICAL CONDITION. Can’t be reached by flight. Just sayin’!

    Second, that said, Schumer CAN and WILL make a fool of himself in the next Congress (in which, clearly, the Democrats will AGAIN BE THE MINORITY PARTY. Schumer wasn’t counting on THAT — he may have been the only person on the PLANET who actually thought the Dems had a chance of taking over the Senate.
    So, having LOST another one, what happens to Schumer? He’s generally considered the best of the possible Dem leaders, but — especially to newcomers — he’s also OLD NEWS. Will he be replaced as Dem (Minority) Leader, and if so by whom? Interesting question! Dick Durbin (D-Ill) wants the job, but he’s wanted it FOREVER and somehow, it’s just NEVER been HIS TURN. Is this his year? (Don’t CHEER, conservative; he’s smarter than he looks!)

  12. why would anyone vote for a Democrat they want give every America pay cut and this is what they have run on for 50 years.

  13. I guess the singing group the “Monkees” will have go back in history and change their name in order to not offend any Blacks or be called racist. Also all the “Planet of the Apes” movies with have to get rid of that racist word “Ape.” Also Tarzan can no longer be called or refer to himself as “The Ape Man.” I could go on but I am sure you get my point.

  14. And Ron DeSantis (R-FL) soon to be the Sunshine GOVERNOR is a RACIST for saying “monkey it up”! His Black opponent in November Andrew Gillum (D) took it personally…HIS PROBLEM! Will Black&Decker NOW take the “monkey” out of WRENCH? Will unruly spawn NOW sue their parents for “monkeying” around time-out? And what about “monkey” BUSINESS?! Princes Charles and Harry have “monkey” EARS! EVERYBODY LOVES THE MONKEYS AT THE ZOO! MONKEYS MAKE US LAUGH! HEY…your “monkey’s” UNCLE! But NOW…DemocRATS, especially BLACK DemocRATS, give MONKEYS political status!!! The new MONKEY PARTY!!! And do NOT call me a homo sapiens RACY gal! I might take great offense at the “homo” part…tho I DID evolve to STAND UP for RIGHT!!! DemocRATS would do well to evolve and stop the knuckle-dragging!

    • LMAO!!! A straight “homo” sapiens RACY gal with a yin…and YANG…for the Chinese ZODIAC! Monkeys! Rats! Obama DEEP STATE slithering SNAKE sidewinders! Come join my fun fun FUN…til her daddy took the T-BIRD away!

      • OMG, Janice! BREATHE! Slip on your CHEATERS! And RE-interpret your MIS-interpreted! NO ATTACKS HERE OF MY FELLOW RED TIDE SURFERS!!! Go in peace and blather no more of things you read WRONG!

  15. Our Great President Mr TRUMP is been attacked by All forces of evil in the camp of the demonRats . But We the Deplorables have the Big gun , “PRAYING” . I am asking to all of You to constantly talk to & pray to GOD the Father & Jesus the Son to protect & guide our President .
    Lets do it to MAGA , & vote TRUMP’s type of Republicans everywhere all the time except paul ryan & mitch mcconnell .
    mueller is not only corrupt , evil & traitor , he’s a thief , he’s after the money he’s cashing in & will streach it as long as he can .
    Mr Sessions why are You NOT doing your job & fire rosenstein & mueller & all the other creepy crooks .

  16. I’m laughing my A$$ off at idiots such as Diane… Let’s see what they say after the 2018 & 2020 elections!!!! She probably thinks “Song Bird” McCain with Napoleon Syndrome is a saint too!!! Grow up little baby girl(?) and get a REAL life!!!!


  18. Wanda Reed, I respectfully disagree about what the Democrats during the eight Obama years. Obama and the Dem leaders in Congress worked as hard and fast as possible to kill business corporations with strangling regulations, which killed jobs. They installed govt. healthcare that was subsidized by taxpayer funds, since people had no jobs distribution of food stamps and welfare benefits soared, and as they went along more regulations were added to control growth of any kind. I could go on all night about the deliberate downward spiral our nation was put in by the Obama administration. This was done for power, control and to make the people dependent of the government. Why, to prepare America (us) for globalism. What else could it be, they were getting our mindset ready by wanting free flowing on our southern border. Things were done so subtlety and if anybody questioned, it was all poo-pooed away. So, the Dems did a lot in their effort to “fundamentally change America forever” as BHO promised. Now ask yourself, is this what I want for my country? If not then………..
    #WalkAway to the Republican party,
    We want and need all of you.

        • On the contrary, Chuckie is worth a lot. Whenever he speaks, intelligent people run away and deny ever being a democrat. Between Schummer, Pelosi, Waters, and Warren we could not ask for better GOP spokespeople. Add in the like of Como, Cortez, and Hillary holdovers and we have a winning media strategy. MAGA

        • Dan – Everyday you continue to show us your ignorant racist a**. I guess you’re just jealous that Trump will NEVER be given the honor of being admired and will go down as the worst president in history. After John McCain’s death, I asked myself… low can they go? And guess what, there IS no bottom for the ignorant Trump supporter.

          • Diane you are so stupid I’ll bet when your dad looked at you he wished he had that wad back. The best part of you ran down your mother’s leg.

          • Better pick up a copy of Time Magazine. dumb dumb Diane. The copy with Mr.Trump sprawled across the front cover !!!!!!

      • Diane, Most admired man for 10 years in a row! You stupid shallow black racist (against whites) idiot! Obama’s greatest talent was his charismatic ability to fool people. He certainly put it to good use
        fooling people, blinding them into
        trusting him, and enough people believed his plan was right for America. As I stated in my first comment, when
        people asked about what was really
        going on it was poo-pooed away. Yes, he
        had the best gift of gab and enough
        people believed it for him to start us on
        a path of the destruction of our great
        nation. One more thing stooge, in
        today’s world, everybody hates
        everybody and it would not take many
        votes to win most admired man. Diane,
        you have the worse case of DTS known
        to mankind. You are a blind dog being
        led around on a leash. You have no
        mind or will of your own. You are a sad,
        miserable, pathetic, pile of nothing. You
        are to be pitied but I would expect you
        have so alienated yourself from all on
        these websites, we have no pity for you.
        You think life is about showing how
        sarcastic, mean, bullying, intimidating ,
        demeaning, etc., you can be and makes
        you an important person. You are small
        and not nearly as intelligent and
        knowledgeable as you think. Your life as
        you are living it is meaningless. Thank God for the electoral college so that the east and west coasts don’t elect the President. People now realize how BHO fooled so many and HRC would have been a continuation of what O started. VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER,
        #WalkAway to the Republican party,
        We want and need you!

        • M Diane is upset because with odumba it was all talk. His promise to fundamentally change America means kill our republic and make the USA a Muslim or communist country. It’s scary that many people are still taken in by that phony.

          • Dan T., Destruction of US was first step, he wanted total globalism and a one government world which, he thought he should be the leader/king/dictator/President of. I know, sickening, isn’t it?

        • M – Again, you and racist Dan are ignorant POS. Can’t even pity you. You both are disgusting, deplorable human beings. It makes me sick that you even breathe the same air that decent folks do. Neither of you have any class, Intelligence or empathy for anyone but yourselves. It’s no wonder why you’re Trump supporters…’re cut out of the same disgusting cloth.

          • Diane, Oooooeeee! You are really upset (no need to even try to deny it) and we know why. What I said is true! You know it, I know it, everybody know it’s true! So call me all the names you have in your
            arsenal, I don’t care, rolls off like water
            from a duck’s back, so go for it. Oh and Diane, you sure did use a lot of “my words” in your last comment. 🙂 MYep, you don’t have a clue that nobody cares, not one of us. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • M – don’t give yourself so much credit. You don’t bother me one bit. I just find you vile and disgusting and needed to take a break from your ignorant comments. Like I said before, there is NO bottom for you ignorant Trump supporters. You’re clueless and classless and astonishingly ignorant. That’s true for the fat orange slob, too…..see you’re cut from the same cloth.

          • Diane, you must be pissed off because you now have to go get a job because your freebies (paid by the taxpayers) are now being curtailed. I retired from the Military in ’92 and retired from the civilian workforce in ’98. During b Hussein o’s reign, I and my wife did not see a raise on either mine Military retirement or our SS. However, after President Trump was elected we saw a rise in both. Oh, yeah, I even saw one on my Service-connected Disability, I was injured in Vietnam and Desert Storm, also I lost some of my hearing during my 27+ years of honorable service.

        • obamba’s greatest skill was reading a teleprompter . . . . other than that, he was the worst President in history.

        • Well Diane, I am with you on voting red in November and beyond. The current president has been very good for the economy, jobs, returning industry to America, the supreme court, fighting ISIS, trade negotiations etc. Was doing pretty well with N. Korea too, but I think they are pulling back to see what happens at midterms. He really has the ability to help the middle class continue to be pulled from the mire they have been sucked into by the Liberals.
          However, I do not know if the right is hyped up as much as the left. I do know this, if the Liberals take the house they will be looking for money to enhance the free lunch and a lot of it is sitting in IRA’s. There is already lots of talk about a new form of money to replace the dollar. So liberals take the house, run don’t walk and pull all of your IRA’s and turn them to gold and silver.

          • PATTYL, You are in grave danger from Diane. She is a liberal’s liberal and her hair will explode in flames if she sees your comment. I am M, the conservative. Diane hates, loathes, and despises President Trump and all who support him. Maybe it would be fun for her hair and head to explode in flames!

          • Dat T., Oh Lordy, that Parrott head never stops squawking! I wondered where Diane was, should have known that satanbug was somewhere endearing herself to somebody. I hope she has found some folks who are not putting up with her liberal lying crap and are giving her Hades!

  19. Schumer, Pelosi, Waters and Warren, Hillary they all need to leave DC.
    All they want to do is bring down the country.
    For 8yrs they didn’t do a thing so what makes people think they’ll do anything now.

    • There is no talking to you is there a Wanda we have a two party system just because you don’t agree with the other side doesn’t mean you have to be such a prick.

      • Ypi forgot to mention that we wouldn’t give them permission to pass any significant legislation because we didn’t agree with them we didn’t compromise so yeah they didn’t get anything done but it was our fault. We have elections to change directions every 2 to 4 years. Can’t understand this site and I am very frustrated by it. it’s not my way or the highway it’s governance people governance look it up.

        • Diane I get it you hate Trump. And I don’t care. If only you would explain what would be better if we are governed by the commiecrat party. I want to hear about governing policy. Not if Trump did or did not get strange pussy several years ago. I really don’t care about that. Just like you idiots didn’t care about Bill Clinton getting his cock sucked in the White House. (He probably wished Monacan had swollowed).

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