One Obama scandal just got even more disturbing

Barack Obama and his cronies thought they could escape accountability for the IRS Tea Party targeting scandal now that they are out of office.

But they were wrong.



  1. Mr. President, will you PLEASE direct Attorney General Sessions to go after this criminal and prosecute him for high crimes and treason he and his lackeys committed while he was in office: Please?

  2. The problem with draining the swamp is that it would mean getting rid of almost every politician from both parties. They are all crooks and trying to protect each other by attacking President Trump from all sides. The damned town should be renamed the District of Corruption. Once all Americans come to realize this maybe we can help make it happen – at the polls – you know who they are vote them out!

  3. There should be prison time for some of the previous workers in the IRS who was involved in these illegal activities.

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