One of Joe Biden’s closest allies just sold him out at the Supreme Court

Joe Biden still finds himself in a rough patch of his Presidency.

Biden is finding out he has far fewer friends than he first thought.

And one of Joe Biden’s closest allies just sold him out at the Supreme Court.

The teachers unions are one of Joe Biden’s strongest allies.

Biden let the teacher’s union write CDC guidance on reopening schools and teachers unions are the reason America ignores the science that the rest of Europe followed and instead forced children to wear masks in schools.

Now Biden and some members of the teachers unions are at odds.

New York City educators filed an emergency petition with the Supreme Court to block the city’s vaccine mandate for teachers.

Under New York City law, these teachers must submit to mandatory vaccination or lose their jobs.

The Washington Post reported:

A group of New York City educators seeking to overturn the city’s coronavirus vaccine mandate on Thursday asked the Supreme Court to halt the mandate before it goes into effect next week.

New York City’s 148,000 school employees have until Friday to show proof of vaccination or to obtain a religious or medical exemption. If they fail to do so, the city can remove them from the payrolls Monday.

Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates are exposing fissures in his coalition.

Unvaccinated black voters only approve of Joe Biden by 56/38 margin despite the fact that Joe Biden won the black vote by 84 points.

Now teachers want to be free from a forced-vaccination regime.

Next year Democrats are defending some of the narrowest majorities in recent memory in the 2022 midterms.

Control of Congress will be decided on the margins.

And even a small slice of the Left’s coalition peeling off due to vaccine mandates could prove catastrophic for Democrats.

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