One of the biggest names at Fox News faced this major choice about leaving

The post-election period has been one of major changes at Fox News.

President Trump and many of his supporters believe Fox is trying to push the GOP to go back to the John McCain/Mitt Romney days.

And now one of the biggest names at Fox News faced this major choice about leaving.

Laura Ingraham is part of Fox News’ powerhouse primetime lineup.

Ingraham – along with Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity – refused to go along with the corporate push to make Fox look more like fake news CNN.

But as Fox has lost a large chunk of its audience after turning its news broadcasts in anti-Trump “two minutes of hate”-style programming, many wondered if Fox’s primetime stars would jump ship.

But Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott announced that Ingraham inked a new multi-year contract extension.

“Laura’s one-of-a-kind expertise and powerful commentary has provided an important voice to millions of Americans as a staple of our primetime lineup and we are thrilled to feature her insightful perspective across our platforms for many years to come,” Scott exclaimed.

Ingraham expressed her excitement for keeping her popular Ingraham Angle program at 10PM on Fox.

“With so many challenges facing Americans, I am more determined than ever to deliver the incisive, pull-no-punches analysis and commentary that our viewers expect and enjoy,” Ingraham stated. “It is a great privilege to host an hour each weeknight on Fox News to address the most important, most timely, and sometimes, the most hilarious moments of the day. Our team takes great pride in the work we do—and has fun doing it!”

Fox News is trying to rescue its status as the most watched network in cable news after fake news CNN surged past them because of Fox’s election betrayal of Donald Trump.

The network adopted a new slogan of “Standing for What’s Right” and hopes that keeping its “Big Three” in primetime will win back its audience.

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