One of Trump’s top allies just quit in this impeachment shock

Donald Trump is counting on a united Republican Party to beat back the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt.

But President Trump just received a big surprise on that front.

And that’s because one of Donald Trump’s top allies just quit in this impeachment shock.

North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows chaired the Freedom Caucus and was one of the Trump’s top allies in the House.

But Meadows told POLITICO in an exclusive interview that he would not seek re-election to the House of Representatives and instead would either work for Trump’s re-election campaign or in the administration.

POLITICO reports:

MEADOWS SAID he does not have a specific job with Trump locked down, but signaled he might try to work for his re-election campaign or in the administration.

ASKED IF HE WOULD serve out the remainder of his term, MEADOWS said this: “At this point, I plan to serve the people of western North Carolina until it’s decided that I can best serve the president and the American people in a different capacity. And so while there’s no immediate plans, there’s certainly discussions that have occurred and potentially could occur in the future.”

“THE HARDEST DECISION for me is that when you’re in the fight, you enjoy staying in the fight,” MEADOWS said. “So this is not me shrinking away from a fight. In fact, it’s just going to be continuing to fight a different capacity, whether that’s officially as part of the Trump team or unofficially in my capacity as a sitting member of Congress.”

Conservatives were shocked by this decision.

Meadows helped shape the hard line conservative Freedom Caucus defense of Donald Trump.

But if the President thinks Meadows can best help him outside the halls of Congress then they are willing to accept the outcome.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. You are an idiot. you were just hoping he was a defector because the title of this article is misleading. Too bad libtard

  2. The title of this article is very misleading. They are trying to make it look like a defection from the Trump camp. I don’t like it.

  3. Mark Meadows IS NOT a “traitor” …
    He KNOWS ‘what up’…
    ~ Merry Christmas To All… & God Bless. Stay STRONG.
    Dan. Butchy. Real M. Will Penny etc
    > pc/monitor ‘crashing’ for the Holidaze 🙁
    > lucky to get this thru, for now… working on a
    junk borrowed ‘bones box’. gak Be Thankful for what
    you got in ‘operating’ comm’s.

  4. Don’t have anything todo with Nothing Burger Impeachment
    Really Bad Timing for Retirement by Meadows
    Too many Republicans are Retiring in the Heat of Battling the Democrats Much Corrupted Party
    Meadows better make sure we Don’t lose his much needed Seat !!!!

  5. Don’t have anything todo with Nothing Burger Impeachment
    Really Bad Timing for Retirement by Meadows
    Too many Republicans are Retiring in the Heat of Battling the Democrats Much Corrupted Party
    Meadows better make sure we Don’t lose his much needed Seat !!!!

  6. The President is a good man. Not a politician but a businessman with common sense and reality to know what to do in a financial crisis. Different? You bet…. he isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes. A lot of things are out of his control, but he still fights for American citizens which hasn’t been done in over 20 plus years.

  7. I am not a Trump fan and think he should follow what jake said. However, in all fairness I totally agree with you on the title for this article . Must have been deliberate to get people on both sides to read it , but totally unfair. Sounded like a defection which it wasn’t at all. Merry Christmas.

  8. Your right on Jake. It seems politicians, Business CEO’s and other men in power have taken the word “integrity” and thrown it out the window in favor of Cash and the shadows. It’s all about winning and not how you win!

  9. It appears that the ONE thing that is missing from all of the discourse in much of these tweets is ETHICS! No one has mentioned this aspect. It would probably be a GREAT idea if not only those of us using this tweet mechanism would look up that one little word, but also those who have taken that OATH TO PROTECT and SERVE our nation….It’s difficult to believe that SO MANY that have taken that OATH have violated it…It’s difficult to absorb the fact that HONESTY, CHARACTER, TRUTH, JUSTICE AND PERSONAL INTERGRITY, have taken a back seat to….WHAT!!??? MONEY! WAKE UP those of you who have taken that OATH, then deliberately violated it… before it’s TOO LATE to protect YOUR FUTURES!

  10. It is maddening for these irresponsible shock jock jerks to write articles with wholly misleading titles! I read the title and said “oh no, what now!” Of course we all already know about Mark Meadows decision to “change hats” within DJT’s elite fighting force. I am only surprised it hasn’t happened sooner!
    So let me settle and have another cup of java! I hate authors who suck people in with their “sensationalism grabbing untrue fake titles”! And yes, this one qualifies as Fake News, Mark Meadows is not quitting, he is changing positions within the same team! This author needs to shape up or be shipped out, GET REAL!

  11. Let us, Americans unite again to keep President Trump our President in 2020 !
    Do not get complacent, USA!USA!USA! Trump 2020 all the way !

    Let the (D)’s continue to implode…next indict…find guilty…GITMO bound !

  12. I can’t imagine how Mark Meadows could possibly serve the people and or the President better than by staying in his current position and kicking butt as he has been.

  13. It appears that there are lots of hateful, scared DEMONCRAPS making their typical negative comments this morning..!!
    Demoncraps….STOP the HATE…!!

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