One piece of paper just destroyed Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser

Christine Ford threw Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination into chaos.

Ford – who is a Democrat – claimed Kavanaugh tried to rape her at a party in high school.

But one piece of paper may have just ended her plea bargain to testify publicly.

Ford and her lawyers stalled for time by dragging out negotiations with the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Critics don’t believe she has any intention of testifying.

They contend she just wants to delay the vote on Kavanaugh so the Democrats can see if they win the midterms.

Everyone thought there was a deal for her to appear on Thursday, but a letter from her lawyer threw that up in the air.

They claim it is unfair that Senate Republicans want to use a female outside counsel to question her.

Democrats want the sight of 11 Republican men questioning a woman accusing a powerful man of attempted rape.

It does not matter that Ford’s story is baloney and she is not credible.

The media wants to drive home that the GOP hates women ahead of the midterm elections.

But Ford has no right to dictate the terms of the Committee’s investigation.

Critics believe this is Ford’s way of ducking the hearing.

They contend she knows her claims are false and she does not want to lie under oath.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. The committee should have sent a summons to her to appear on Thursday at a certain time. If she does not appear, then have the U.S. Marshalls go pick her up. She is the one who insists on being there. It is up to her. The committee should not have to bend over backwards so much for her.

  2. The lying cocktease will probably not show up. She knows lying under oath is a felony. Bill Clinton got away with it , but she’s not him.

    • It’s so nice of you to believe her, Dan, you pervert. Now a third woman has come forward accusing him of sexual assault in college with his buddy who refuses to testify under oath. Are ALL these women lying? I suppose so in your warped book. If you didn’t believe the 19 women who accused Trump of sexual assault, why would believe the 3 for Kavanaugh? You men on this right wing website are REALLY the problem here. You don’t ever believe the women and think you can do just about anything to them. Well guess what? Time’s up. And it will be for Kavanaugh, too!

      • Diane — please go back on your meds !!!!! If you are too ignorant to realize this is just another farce by the demoSCUM trash to prolong the confirmation then I believe you are too ignorant to vote — so please don’t.

        • Gerry – If YOU don’t realize that this is to confirm (and ram through) ANOTHER sexual predator to the Supreme Court, then it’s YOU that shouldn’t be voting! Don’t worry, I’ll be voting BLUE in November and you’ll see how many more people vote this way to put some restrictions on this incompetent and unfit president. WHY do you think the deplorable Republicans want to ram it through? They see the handwriting on the wall.

          • Dianeeeeee what year wer you born? 2013
            Or during the love screw drink Mariwanna
            Time. Or comonaly known Weed smoke.
            It has all killed your brain. You are probably
            One of those cuties that lets your boobs hang
            Low and your string Pantie show your butt.
            No wonder your lovely bod’s get hand groped
            And you rub your vagina on the hard mans
            Zipper. Hope you never bring an intelligent
            Man and a great father and husband down
            With words and lies for money or notice. Shame on tou

        • Gerry, I wonder if Diane realizes when she makes statements, like she is about these women, in all her righteous indignation, she looks like the most stupid naïve female in the entire world? Does Diane really believe that women don’t lie only men lie? That even looks stupid in print! Somebody has paid an enormous amount of money to get these women to come forward at the eleventh hour with their sexual abuse stories. Ms Ford offered witnesses supposedly there at the time and none, not even her life long friend, will corroborate her story. There is not one Democrat who has told a believable story about why Ms Ford’s letter was held until after the hearing was over. Woman #2 is not expected to be there tomorrow and woman #3 will not be there tomorrow. The Dems are trying to stall believing they will have control after the midterms and will seat their choice of a judge but, I hope there is a red wave so big it will drown every single one of them.
          #WalkAway to the Republican party, we want and need all of you!

      • Diane I am an attorney and you are innocent until proven guilty in this country and 100 accusations without any merit don’t amount to anything. None of these accusations would even be enough f9r a search warrant.

        The first woman Dr Ford was so contradictory and so many holes in her testimony it was laughable.

        People and the FBI need to question her and her family.

        You do realize she teaches CIA operatives at Stanford and her father is a operative for the CIA and Google and read about it.

        Where are her parents through all this? The came from her husband’s family.

        Before you call names and such we are all innocent until proven guilty and the democrat senators were a disgrace to our country and they should be ashamed and anyone with any common sense sees they lie and cheat to try and stall.

        A disgraceeeee

      • A lot of people believe ghost stories too and everyone seems to have one, and some of them sound very credible, credible does not mean true or factual no in general it means likely to be believed. Children often believe in such things as Jack and the bean stalk but most children’s minds develop at some point o be able to discern between ghost stories fantasy and reality. Unfortunately, some people never develop a discerning mind and will believe any story as long as it is told with enough emotion and conviction. There are also those kind of people that believe or have to be the bride’s maid at every wedding and the poll bearer at every funeral. This phenomena of piling on is only exasperated when encouraged by circumstances like the #ME TOO movement and a dishonest press that is willing to lend credence to any outlandish claim as long as it is Anti- Trump, anti-conservative, anti-white anti-anything the leftists espouse at the moment. I do not find Dr. Ford’s accusations believable (credible), she has no evidence and has no eye witness support. She is, perhaps, another example of false memory after having psychological treatment.

        • I agree with you Paul. People have visual and hearing hallucinations and they believe them to be true. She was a 15 year old minor who had been drinking and who knows if she was under the influence of any narcotics that could alter her thought process.

          • I still believe that Ford had/has a crush on Kanvanaugh to this day. She heard about this ‘party’ and that he may show up. She went, he didn’t. SHE got drunk and was taken advantage of, and in her mind, it was Kavanaugh, who did the ‘assault’.

  3. I just bet she and her husband will be in the car on the road back to CA so no one can find her to serve her. She knew what she was doing she didn’t know how strong the Republications were to do the right things for her. So they chose a woman to do the questions and as we all know woman can be worst than men but can ask little to get the results. She was just used by the DEMS, at her own will I might say, to take down Judge Kavanaugh. She will run for the west coast and always be looking over her shoulder to see if there is someone there. How do she go back to teaching?

    • I once was selected to be a juror on a case where a female accused a “well placed” male of sexuaol assault with attempted rape (my case was so much like this one involving Judge Kevanaugh). At noon, the judge dismissed for lunch and to return at 1:30 to begin the trial. 1:30 rolled around and judge directed the jurors to go to the room set aside for us. 2:00 – still no trial. 2:30 – judge called us back to courtroom. He informed us the woman had “disappeared” and was located “hiding out” with a friend. An arrest warrant was issued and the sheriff had just returned with the woman in cuffs. He explained that (at least in Texas) filing a phony criminal charge is a felony and willfully disobeying a court order is also a felony. Therefore, the woman was being charged with two serious felonies, tthen the judge thanked us for serving and dismissed us. The same kind of penalties SHOULD face Dr Ford.

    • I DON’T think she REMEMBERS WHO she went into that bedroom with! She admits she was drunk, so HOW does she remember WHO she was on a bed with “trying” to rape her?????

    • Kara – You’re a disgusting & deplorable woman with no empathy for Dr. Ford and what she has been through. I hope to hell it never happens to you and find yourself treated this way.

    • She won’t have to, she will get the go fund me money and will be well taken care of by the DNC and other Soros groups. If you check back when Obama was elected Illinois Senator, the same attack method was used. His opponent was attacked about 6 weeks before the election with information that came from a sealed court case in California. Raum E
      Manuel was Obama’s campaign manager and had the case opened by friendly judge. The case was closed and sealed and he was found not guilty and the party involved married the opponent, but that wasn’t ever brought out in the media. The opponent had to try and refute the false accusation and by the time it was all done the election was over and Obama won. This is exactly the same Democratic Party play bookto crucify an innocent party and try him in the court of public opinion with a very biased media.

  4. Piece-by-piece. Nibble, nibble. That’s how the Marxist Libocrats get their way. And they’re doing it to Grassley RIGHT NOW! They want the people questioning Blase’ and Judge Kavanaugh to be the feminazi senators Fraudstein and Hilariono. My advice to him: If you want to be able to walk down the street without EVERYONE cat-calling you after this, you MUST say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We’re going ahead on Friday! Oh, it won’t STOP them. Marx and Saul Allinsky taught to ALWAYS keep the pressure on. But Kavanaugh and his family have been through ENOUGH! LETS DO THIS! God Bless America! God Bless the Kavanaugh Family!

  5. Here’s what happened, according to my impeccable sources and hidden video cams I planted inside her head…She STILL has a crush on Brett Kavanaugh. But back in 1982, her crush on him was such that she heard about a party that Kavanaugh was rumored to attend. She went, started drinking, and while Kavanaugh didn’t show, she got drunk and someone, NOT Kavanaugh, molested her. But in her drunken state, she ‘saw’ her crush molest her, when in reality it was someone else. She has hated him since he never consummated their relationship. That love/hate thing is all too common…look at Trump and the media.

    • My thoughts EXACTLY! And because she couldn’t have the “man of her dreams”, she’s pissed at every guy that lives. (Much like EVERY feminazi.) So, she screws 64 guys, but just can’t find the Brett she’s dreamed of. You know she was involved in a plot to do the same thing to Gorsuch! They just couldn’t get it together. But they were loaded to go for Judge K. May they rot in Brighton Beach! The go to Hell.

  6. Have the vote on Kavanaugh’s conformation Thursday afternoon after ford doesn’t show and subpoena that lying bytch for the very first committee session AFTER Kavanaugh is confirmed and seated. FVCH THESE PEOPLE!
    Soros needs to commit “suicide” or get “heart attacked” like Justice Scalia did….

  7. Time is up! Vote now! Confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh now! It’s time to move forward and confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed immediately! I’m a woman and I don’t believe these women Ms. Christine Blasey Ford and Ms. Deborah Ramirez. These ultra-leftist women will never vote for the Republican Party, so quit letting them lead you around. You can see that this is manipulation. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed now! Vote the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in Supreme court justice now! If the Republicans don’t confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I will stay home on Election Day!!!

  8. The Democrat party is not the same FDR or JFK Democrat Party it was years ago. Today it is the Democratic Communist Party and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration in any way they can. We must never forget that today a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Communism. GO TRUMP ! GO PENCE ! GO KAVANAUGH ! Sincerely, Martin Korab

  9. Let’s get the judge confirmed and vote for gains in the house and senate for republicans. About 3 justices are getting on in years, 1 a conservative. They could need to be replaced soon. We need to be able to do it without commiecrat interference.

    • I have said from the very start , this is a bunch of crap . and the democrats call us conservative’s the dreg’s of society .I am a deplorable , and just waiting for a bunch of them to get in my face in a restaurant ,i’ll teach them to suck eggs . confirm kavanaugh and let the democrats scream .

  10. Take a vote on Kavanaugh already! Spineless GOP at work here! If it were the Demoncrats they would of told the GOP that elections have consequences! So f**k off girly men! Freaking Deep State RINOs!!!!

    • This supposed victim should be held in contempt if it is found they she is lying 🤥.
      Can’t seem to remember anything about the supposed incident?? Nor can anyone else who were named as witnesses?? REALLY SOUNDS LIKE A WHOOPER TO ME

      • I do agree but she may have had a dream that involved everyone. I’ve known that to occur 100s of times with others. Very devistating for accused until truth is fort coming. I worked in psych for decades and every male staff was accused a few tmes a year. The only way we were proved innocent were cameras.

      • I think that they should go ahead and vote Kavanaugh in, then take these women who claimed, but didn’t come forward and give them A TWO YEAR STRETCH…. People who does these things should be held accountable. two years should be long enough it would give them something to think about while setting in that little CELL. YOU KNOW WOMEN CAN BE DIRTY TOO, they can be little bitches when they want to be.. SO WHY PUNISH MEN FOR THERE ACTIONS.. I’M SICK OF ALL THIS. IT MAKES ME WISH I WASN’T A WOMAN.

    • Wow Laura, you really are a nasty little twit aren’t you. You make the DemonRat party so proud. Democrats, the party of love and tolerance, if that wasn’t so twisted, it would actually be funny.

    • To those that are demented enough to believe that Ms. Weinstein is working towards a proper handling of the case of Judge Kavanagh, I suggest the following,,,,Take the copy of the article and put ANY NAME you wish where any reference to Judge Kavanagh is, and read the article, word for word. If you do not see a different outcome, you are totally BLIND! NO OTHER CITIZEN WOULD BE TREATED SO SHABBILEY NOR ILLEGALLY AS JUDGE KAVANAGH IS BEING SUBJECTED TO! I, for one, am appalled by this BLATANT VICIOUS LIE AND UNDERHANDED ATTEMPT BY EVIL TO PREVENT ONE OF THE FINEST JURISTS FROM BEING SEATED IN THE HIGHEST COURT, AND I SINCERELY WISH THE WORST POSSIBLE FOR THOSE THAT ARE ATTEMPTING TO NIX THIS!!! KARMA WILL OUT THOSE GUILTY OF THIS TRAVESTY!!! WHEN IT HITS THE FAN, I SHALL GRIN FROM EAR TO EAR!!!

      • I agree with one exception. This type of behavior of false accusations happens to thousands of adults yearly in this country. Yes I know sexual assault does occur but there are numerous reports that never occured and they ruin lives the same.

    • Laura Brooks: You are a professional MORON!!! You state an opinion without having any facts for support! How incredibly UNAMERICAN you are!!!! DISGRACEFUL!

    • Laura, You are really out of it!! Trump did not molest a child, and there are no collaborating witnesses to the sexual molestation accusations that Ford and the other Soros Fellow accuser are making! You don’t have a clue what dirty politics go on in Washington! You are extremely niece and that is the nicest way I can say what I really want to say about you. I won’t lower myself to stoop to the lowlife level of your Democratic foul mouthed colleagues . You are completely brainwashed by your dirty leftist Democratic politicians.

    • Laura why do u hate so much and convict.w no evidence. Your ignorance and racist mentality is showing.

      What happened to everyone is entitled to their opinion free speech without you hateful comments

  11. The Demoncraps don’t want the vote on Judge Kavanaugh to take place before the November elections, because then the Conservatives will be able to see by public record how they voted. Either for or against the Judge. Voting against him, may be the deciding factor for many people who weren’t sure how they wanted to vote. I KNOW for myself, if one of those people seeking re-election vote against Judge Kavanaugh then they can kiss MY vote away.

      • Can you really be that stupid? The Democrats are INVENTING CLAIMS and playing them out over time just to delay the vote! Example Dr. Ford claimed she could fly to testify but also refused to so at her home location! She not says she” fly to Wash DC for a Thursday meeting – YET SHE HAS MADE SEVERAL FLIGHTS TO HAWAII FOR BUSINESS REASONS! HENCE HER ONLY REASON IS TO CAUSE A DELAY! Meanwhile, it gave the DNC and Pelosi time to retrain their second foil to testify it was Kavanaugh when she firs stated quite strongly it was not! Please doen’t follow the dark side into their eveil hole!

      • You are the sick puppy here. How about your slick Willy Clinton and all the women he abused, and witch Kilery trashed . And all the people that turned on the Clintons that died suddenly or committed suicide with two shots to the back of the head.

      • Laura, you are freely denigrating a person you do not know. My question to you is (and always has been) show me proof, not some journalists opinion, but the proof. Until you do your opinion carries no weight with me and is a waste of time.
        Since when are you guilty, until proven innocent? What you are saying is contrary to our way of life. I doubt the doctor’s story because she can’t remember any of the pertinent details. Being a survivor myself I can tell you everything that happened to me and that was 46 years ago. Why are all her witnesses disputing what she says even her own friend.

    • Please. Just about every one knows that these parties spread word of mouth in College
      Unless he carried his calendar in his hip pocket, it probably did not get logged. Nor did most other activities. Classes abs assignments yrs.

      • They were both in High school,so get at least those facts straight. The second accuser state being in college and drunk, then seeing a penis but no idea who it was attached to but blaming judge – she may have even undressed the guy because she has no idea what she did other than being drunk.

      • I have mine since 1980! I can tell you what I did every day. I also keep a record of every gas purchase, where, how much, and the mileage on my cars. I have all birthdays, anniversaries, and special events, my flight schedules, and class to attend-time and place. Some of are organized, others are just opinionated and make excused for trying to be a human. Can you say for certain what you were doing when man stepped on the moon?

        • You are so right! I have some back into the 1960s…unfortunately water from Hurricane Harvey made some unreadable. If one wants to later write an autobiography, these records are essential. Mothers also KEEP lots of their children’s things.

        • I was in Austin TX watching on tv with our oldest son! It was in Black and White! I had hoped to visit grandchildren later on the moon, but colonies were not built…

        • I thought I was the only one!! For business taxes I learned the hard way to keep EVERYTHING. I have all my daytimers going back DECADES. Every deductible expense and even personal expenses like groceries and clothing. I realize it’s hard for some to believe or even understand saving these materials. It’s not hard at all if you’ve ever been audited by the friendlies at the IRS! Fortunately, I was under audit at age 22. I don’t take advantage of “grey” areas or anything close to being untruthful regarding paying taxes. I’m 56 now so I literally have boxes of records for each tax year for the last 34 years, it’s not odd to me at all, it’s smart. I don’t even trust them when they say you only need to worry about the prior 10 years, I keep it all. It’s a whole lot cheaper to pay storage fees than to pay back tax, penalties and interest – especially to the most feared agency in the USA!

    • Garbage…..that tells me that you are saying that women don’t have any rights. She asked it to be confidential. She didn’t hold a news conference or do interviews. Her Congress woman outed her. Those ARE NOT the actions of a piece of garbage. You, little man,are the piece of crap and garbage. I hope your girlfriend, mom, wife see your pathetic, idiotic post.

      • TJ: Women have rights, but not the right to lie, cheat, put down others, and make up stories just for political views. That is what the voting booth is for in case you forgot.

      • Tj, why don’t you laura, diane, ramirez, and all the demoncrats meet to wipe each others tears as you review the Judge take the oath for the Supreme Court. In the mean time suck on a double jalapeno lollipop. You retarded, dumb, stupid, ingorant, jerk. See you in the cartoons.

      • The senator may have outed her but we may never know the truth on that. They may have agreed to create this fiasco from the begining.

        • I feel she might have gone thru something like this.yes. BUT senator Feinstein negated her wish because the dems thought they had a good thing to bring her in the open. Sorry for Mac Ford that she trusted the wrong party. REPUBLICANS BETTER BE VOTING THURSDAY AFTERNOON TO CONFIRM JUDGE KAVANAUGH

          It is time to get on with the rest of the republican business. MAGA

  12. Those darn Republicans, went and hired not just a WOMAN, but a WOMAN who is TRAINED IN QUESTIONING SEXUAL ABUSE SURVIVORS! How could they?!? I mean really, the nerve of them to want to make it as easy as possible on her. Even when they are pretty sure she isn’t telling the truth. They think something might of happened to her so they don’t want to traumatize her. Man, they are awful people!! (heavy on the sarcasm)

    • We have to be fair, bill Clinton wasn’t prosecuted. Ford is blonde. Why does a blonde whistle when she’s sitting on the toilet..because it helps her to remember which end to wipe. I used to not believe in blonde jokes, but I’m starting to reconsider.

        • Dan T., Duh, I don’t understand, guess it’s because I’m a blonde! What’s happening my buddy? Got on here for a little while and see your little fingers have been staying busy. I had to address Diane before I got off. I am sure she is disappointed to find out I am still alive! Take it easy and I’ll check back in soon.

    • Really…you really believe that.. your no better then a Male sexists. You need to reevaluate your morals. It makes me sick. All the conspiracy theories you reps put out there….go find a hole and climb in because you are shameful…

    • The only trama she has had is when she believed the first Democrat. It was more of a lobotomy. Why do you think that all the poles show 99% disbelieve her?

  13. she wants the men to question her so she can say they are male shovenest pigs , and treated her badly , she already sent a new list of demands for thursday , she has no intention of testafying

    • It all a well democratic scripted delay game to prevent the voters from seeing what democratic idiots they have in office until after the mid terms. It amazes me that some of our Political Leaders actually don’t believe in the Laws of the land, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and act more like a lynching mob of the 1920’s over this case. There is no evidence, there are no witnesses, where is the proof? She said, he said, is’t a stupid wash and should have never made it this far. I say that those that brought this up need to be brought up on charges before the Senate and House Ethics committees and be censored for wasting our time and money on such nonsince. It’s all a political delay game, nothing more. Ruin a persons life for nothing but politics, they should all be ashamed.

  14. Those dirty trick Republicans are naughty! They need to follow the script the MSM/Democrats want. The plot is simple. Make the “Old White Men” look insensitive and uncaring. The Democrats already had their outrage speeches rehearsed.

  15. Brett should serve both with a defamation of character law suit and seek a 50million dollar settlement from each and see if it is paid by theDNC????

    • You are the one that should be in jail, you anti-American a$$whole!!! This whole thing is a farce and you know it. What the H E L L is wrong with you idiots? Ford has no evidence and the witnesses she named all say it never happened. The 2nd convenient accuser named off 24 people that were supposedly at the other party, have been questioned and they ALL deny even being at the party and all of the people in the dorm refute the accuser also. Too many strikes against Ford. She is a liar and after Kavanaugh is confirmed, he needs to file character assassination charges against Ford, Fienstien and the rest of the communist Democrats that were involved with this BS.

    • Bill was proven guilty, Kavanaugh hasn’t even had a chance to face his accuser to defend himself. I’m hopeful that some day someone will accuse you of something and I’d like to be there to laugh at you.

      Keep in mind that you are not in Russia, rather you are on the US where you are innocent until proven guilty.

    • Bill Cosby was convicted in a court of law Kavanaugh hasn’t been. Just because some woman makes an accusation doesn’t make it true. I can tell you’re a liberal you just believe what you’re told. I am a woman and this woman and those like her are no hero’s. These women are pathetic if someone attacks you, you say something not let them go on attacking others for years. I know she won’t testify because it’s a lie and doesn’t want to testify under oath. I hope you never serve on a jury people are innocent until PROVEN guilty.

    • Bill Cosby was convicted by a court with a jury. Judge Kavanaugh has had no justice to twit! The Constitution guarantees that a person be Accused, Charged, Arrested, Ajudicated, Found Guilty by a Jury of his Peers, and the be Sentenced. So Mr Ivers, and I use the term very loosely what part of the process do you not understand. Because I would like to give you a year long lecture on each part of the jurist process. Your ignorance is one reason that the nation is failing the youth today. Most cannot read and do not care to know how – you would rather exhibit your lack of knowledge to the world than take the time to check a fact.

    • Robert,Cosby had a hearing and was assumed innocent until proven guilty. I was molested at 11 and raped at 15 (55 yrs ago) I can still recall every detail. It was terrifying. I also know just because a woman accuses a man of rape or attempted rape doesn’t mean it’s true. Fords story doesn’t smell right like the old saying if it looks like a turd and smells like a turd it’s probably a turd. This man doesn’t fit the mold and his life shouldn’t be ruined just because a woman is making those claims and she can’t even remember when or where it happened or what year. Don’t let your hatred for Trump make you side against a good man.

    • I’m more for Gitmo time for ALL of you anti-American liberal communists, like you. ALL of you ought to be rooted out and deported or jailed as terrorists.

    • Cosby yes, he was found guilty. What makes Kavanaugh guilty, the fact no proof but a political smear taking place. Put yourself in his shoes and now defend yourself from some raving lunatic you may have met nearly 40 years ago. She says you poked your finger up her nose, now defend it. If the booger didn’t stick you got to acquit!

  16. I am 81 years old and a veteran of the Naval Amphibious Forces. I am the first Republican in a family of Irish Democrats. If the Republicans don’t elect Kavanaugh, I will stay home on Election Day! I will also encourage my veteran friends to do the same!

  17. if any one on the senate select committe, of Judge Brett Kavanaugh , have never ever behaved in this manner or/and done the things he has been accused of, then maybe you can ask a question, but for the rest of you, harris,feinstain,booker,durbin, you are as guitly of these offenses, as anyone. You are all un-qualified.

  18. We should all go to our politicians and accuse them of something without any proof and badger them and hold up any meetings they have and see how far you get. This is BS stop them and vote him in.

  19. EMOUGH..… Grassley take the vote tomorrow and be done with this bullshit, the woman is lying and the god dam democrats are doing everything they can to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court.

  20. Everyone on this stupid right wing website is totally ignorant and very misinformed. I have never seen such complete idiots…..oh wait…..there’s (currently) one in the White House. Makes me wonder….who ties your shoes in the morning?

      • Man From Grey, Diane is a typical Democrat. They think they live by different rules than the civilized world. Either that or they or too stupid to remember that two minutes ago they committed the same sin they are accusing you of, i.e. name calling. Dems can’t keep their facts straight or remember what happened before they slept last night. Poor Diane is just trying to look intelligent, knowledgeable and relevant and has failed miserably. Her mind and maturity is that of a middle school student who has no chance for advancement.

    • Where can I send the coloring books and crayons Diane. You sound very angry calling who you nothing about stupid, now what does that make you?


          • Larry Kuhn, When Diane gets to hell she is going to remember all of us who tried to tell her. I told her in a comment one time that the last thing an atheist does when dying is call on God to help them. That came from somebody who knew what he was talking about. She thinks Christians are crazy but, she is the one who needs pity. There is no pity in hell and it is for eternity. I wonder how many Democrats profess to be atheists because that is what their party expects them to be. Sad situation!

    • If your son said he was studying at the library last Saturday with four friends – but each of the friends say not only were they not at the library last Saturday but they don’t know where the library is – and your son doesn’t know where it is either – I’m convinced you’d still believe him.

    • If you want to talk about the President and call names before you look in the mirror first, just move to Cuba and Venezuela for good, to see if you can do the same talking over there.

    • The Democratic party is now the new columnist party attacking people who don’t believe what they believe, loot and set fires what’s next burning books like the Bible. If you vote Democratic you are voting against America they have allow 22.1 million illegal aliens in to rig the American vote,The Democratic party needs to be gone vote American not columnist party !

    • I am an 88 year old Korean War veteran. I have seen several presidents, several wars of different sizes, numerous congress
      and senate people and being retired, I have plenty of time to read and listen to the news as being reported. For the life of me; I can’t imagine how in the world any person with any common sense could not like the direction our country has taken since President Trump was elected. How in the world could you dislike what he has accomplished thus far and what he is trying to still do. You people have got to get off this republican and democratic crap and start being Americans FIRST.

    • Yet you supported atheists Kenyan communist interloper and his regime, who were the most anti-American proMuslim, corrupt and unethical, Criminal Communists that ever darkened our country. You’re just another Commie troll, bought and PAID for by Democracy Matters.

    • So Diane, surely a highly esteemed scholar,observer of the human condition, and a fearless seeker of the truth can offer some carefully thought out opinions backed by empirical data to back up your observations/claims. Otherwise, I must assume you are nothing more then a left wing mouth piece spewing useless drivel

    • What’s the matter Diane? Did your mirror shatter again? If you still had one it would be so hard for you to see who the uninformed one is.

  21. I am 81 years old, a US Navy veteran, and a life long Republican, the first one in an Irish Catholic family. If the Republicans cave in on this, I will stay home on Election Day. The Democrat Party has become a left wing hate group populated with anti-Christian bigots. They are unfit to serve or judge Kavanaugh!

    • Sir, I Salute you and thank you for your service to this great country. I agree that we must not cave in to the Democrats game. But we must all go and vote on this up-coming election. We must get rid of the swamp on both sides, but mostly on the left. The Democrats do not want us to participate. PLEASE do not give them that pleasure. REPUBLICANS we must go and vote the Democrats want to steal this election, do not allow them to do so. Just my 2 cents. Again Joe, THANK YOU for your service, but it must continue on election day.

    • Joe, I completely agree with Pedro. If you don’t vote, you’ll be falling right into the trap the liberals are setting. PLEASE VOTE!!! WE MUST RETAIN A MAJORITY OR TRUMP WON’T BE ABLE TO GET ANYTHING DONE.

      Thanks for you service, Sir!

    • I agree wholeheartedly this is a total disgrace. But as pissed off as I would be if it happened we still have to get out their and defeat this evil. But take it to the bank this women will not testify remember she ll be testifying under oath. This crap is part of the democratic playbook it’s a sol alinsky tactic pure and simple. Next week take the damm vote and put this bs to rest. Also joe I’m a navy veteran 68-72 served on the USS AMERICA CVA 66.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • loser liberal dumbocrap woman who simply does not know the law…and obviously does not care about the law.. go away..simply go away loser.

    • Thank you for your service to this country. An abstained vote is a vote for democrats. I hear you but we need to support President Trump or nothing will ever get done. Just think if we get 4 or 5 extra republican senators elected than we can push for the Rhinos out one by one

    • Joe, I am the wife of a 20 year Navy veteran. He doesn’t want thanks for his service, just a fair shake in his retirement. Please, do not stay home. Go out and vote. We are. We live in a dark Blue state, but we are voting RED. BRIGHT RED. We will not go down without a fight. For every one of us who feel this way, it’s a vote to cancel out a vote on a Demoncrap. Just one vote could mean the turning point in the November elections. Don’t miss you chance to cancel out a Demoncrap vote.

  22. Either send her a subpoena to show up on Thursday, of have the meeting and just vote. At this point, the Republican party can not win fairly, so just move on. This is just like Mueller’s investigation, it is a no win situation from any democrat.

  23. How can the GOP stand still and let the rat party bully them. The assholes tipped their hand when they called for ajournment when the hearings got underway. Grassley should have told them if they didn’t want to be part of it, get the hell out. That the hearing will proceed
    Them commie bastards don’t give a shit about liar Ford Just obstruction at any cost. That bitch was probably a cock tease in school, and was too stoned to know who copped a feel.

  24. Go ahead and take the vote. The lying bitch, her attorney, and the Dems will stall until hell freezes over. Grassley and the Republicans need to grow some balls and tell them no more excuses. Tell Feinstein to drop dead.

  25. Let’s stop all this appeasement of this woman and tell her “how the law reads.” She either shows up Thursday for she is charged with “defamation of character” on Brett Kavanaugh. Or if she does appear, HE should be able to be in the room and listen to the accusations that she is making. Then HE has the right of rebuttal or as the law, I believe reads, the “right to question the accuser”. Grassley, STOP PUSSY FOOTING AROUND AND “YOU” CALL THE SHOTS AND IF YOU CAN’T GET SOMEONE TO STAND UP TO HER. THURSDAY OR GO HOME NEVER TO BE HEARS FROM AGAIN AND “VOTE ON FRIDAY NOW.”

  26. For a lawyer with NO CASE to keep looking for continuances is not unusual. However in this case it is pretty obvious that delay and obstruction was their end goal all along. They need to be told TO PUT UP OR SHUT UP!! Ford and Feinstein should both be arrested Ford for slander and obstruction and Feinstein for obstruction.


    • Absolutely YES!!!! I have never seen such a blatant, very obvious dirty trick to try & soil the record of an honest, decent, very qualified man. The entire lot of them should face a judge w/ their schemes & lies, see what it feels like to sit behind bars where they belong!!!

  27. I have said to my wife and friends, that we the Republicans know what is the intent behind these delay tactics is. So why are we so condescending? What are we scared of? Where is our Secretary of Justice? Put your foot down, and make it a point that our laws and our Constitution have to be respected.

  28. Many commiecrat senators , mostly women, are saying they believe Ms. Ford. I don’t think they know what to believe. The are just worried about their Marxist agenda being in danger as the SCOTUS becomes more constitutanialy friendly. In their eyes, communism in America can’t proceed without the high court being stacked against patriots.

    • The Democrats have basically stepped on a land mine and cannot take their foot off. If they push forward with Ford’s bogus claims and pretend to be victims advocates they throw Bill Clinton and Keith Ellison under the bus. If they don’t give equal justice to Ford – Jaunita Broadderick – and Karen Monahan – they show themselves to be total hypocrites and have the mid terms coming up in November in which they are already floundering they cannot afford any more losses and this will be a Huge loss for them. Former democrats are leaving the sinking ship of the party they are disgusted with everyday – Power to the #WalkAway movement.

  29. Thursday, Thursday … why this Thursday, I must ask? Ford wanted this Thursday to come in to testify. When will Deborah Ramirez come in?

    The longer the Democrats delay, along with the liberal media keep blaring in huge headlines condemning the GOP insensitivity for not being there for the “survivors”? Good for the Democrat midterm elections?

    One of the polls showing women aged over 40 are climbing in favor of the Democrats. Not sure if that is true.

    The confirmation process should be concluded this week. No more negotiations with Ford’s team. They even declined the GOP resolution for letting the female staff to question her … what is this?!

    The GOP should prepare to charge these women for perjury. Why? It is all about their faded memories. They claimed they can’t remember the date and location. They named a few witnesses that stated they don’t recall their incidents. Gee.

    Ted Cruz and his wife left a restaurant in D.C. last night after the liberals barged in to harass them. Just end this mockery and vote now!

  30. This should indeed be a criminal trial. When it is found that lies have been told to the Senatc the liar should be convicted. To do that without a criminal trial is not a judicial method. If Grassley allows this farce to continue he should be removed from the Senate.

  31. a person would have to be blind or stupid to not see that this a delaying tactic by the democrats who would stoop to do any thing to delay kavanaugh’s appointment

    • My feeling she will not testify for the main reason that she does not want to be cross-examined. Her story would collapse like a house of cards.

      The vote needs to be taken regardless and get this thing over with. Her lawyers and she have stalled long enough and the Republicans need to show some backbone and go ahead with the vote even if she does not appear.

      She has stalled long enough and with each passing day, it is clear that her claim, which may be valid, is clearly a case of mistaken identity that the Dems are using as a club to denounce the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh. Shame on them!!!

  32. Ford is a democ-rat and is the democ-rats hail-mary that dose not have an ounce of truth. In the rule of true law a judge would throw the whole circus out.

  33. Who the heck do they think they are? They want to change all the rules. No question in my mind that she will not take the stand. This is a delay tactic. We shall see. It is, in my mind an abomination!

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