One piece of paper just proved Obama was guilty in this massive scandal

Barack Obama likes to claim his two terms in office were “scandal free.”

That is a massive lie.

And this one piece of paper just proved Obama was guilty in this massive scandal.

The FBI recently released its 302s – the raw reports of agents interviewing witnesses – from FBI interviews with Justice Department official Bruce Ohr.

In the first batch of released notes, they show that the FBI did not actually cut off Steele when they fired him as confidential human source for talking to the media.

Instead, Ohr met with Steele and would pass Steele’s work on to the FBI.

As journalists dug through the 302s, they realized the conspiracy was even wider than previously thought.

High-ranking State Department official Victoria Nuland met with Fusion GPS co-founder Glen Simpson.

Breitbart reports:

Victoria Nuland, a former Hillary Clinton associate who served as a senior official in John Kerry’s State Department, was in communication with Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, according to a newly released FBI document.

The controversial Fusion GPS opposition research firm infamously produced the Christopher Steele dossier alleging now debunked Russian collision charges and was paid for its anti-Trump work by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Any connection between Nuland and Fusion GPS would raise further questions about the role of the Obama-era State Department in fueling the Russia collision conspiracy, especially with regard to facilitating Steele’s unsubstantiated claims.

Fusion GPS hired Steele to create the fake news dossier and their meetings hint at the Hillary campaign trying to frame Trump as a Russian agent.

This tantalizing morsel whetted the appetite of millions of Americans for conclusion of Attorney General Barr’s investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion hoax.

And when that report drops, Barack Obama will be ducking for cover.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Charlie Truth, I agree with your post.

    I am afraid that Hillary Clinton will get away with all she has done on this earth.

    But one day when Hillary and Bill Clinton meets their maker (die). They will not be able to lie their way out of hell as they have done on earth.

  2. Just seen 3 clips of Obama actually saying he was born in Kenya now removed from the internet. I knew from day 1 that this man was a traitor and it wont be much longer until everyone else knows what I know.

  3. Hussein Obama wasted 10 trillion dollars in 8 years on welfare for Illegal Aliens, and rebuilding the Middle East, while America fell apart.
    Now the Obama supporters want to open America’s borders, and use our tax dollars to give free medical care to illegals, which is an invitation for every person in a foreign country, who wants medical care, especially if they have a sick member of the family, who needs extended and expensive medical care, to flood America!

  4. Wake up to the facts everyone BILL n HILLARY 4 30 years have been walking FREE FREE FREE since the 90s look at the CRIMES that they committed with NO investigation? FAST FORWARD three years into a PRESIDENT TRUMP administration does anybody really believe that our AG BARR is going to start an in depth investigation into AMERICA’S FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT really? TRUMP would need another 2 terms to cure the OBAMA/BIDEN infection PRESIDENT TRUMP 2028 that sounds GREAT!!!!

  5. The Redman voted for Satan (all the left.

    I have run across The Redman and he is nasty and following his god – Satan.

  6. Yes totally I agree I was Democrat also but changed to Republican because of Obama The way the Democrats got him elected, was very unconstituional would never vote Democrat again!

  7. Obama is just another Democrat that has done nothing but steal his paycheck from America. Compleat low life POS.


  9. in case you missed what everyone else knows,obama and clinton corrupted the FBI and the Mueller report has thousands of documents supporting it !! Now you know what everybody already knew Trump derided the FBI for a reason !! try to keep up with the facts unless you’re a democrat where facts mean nothing while accepting everything said on a liberal sewer like CNN

  10. You all would do better watching One America News Network (
    It’s all news any time of the day around the world. Watch it and
    spread the news!

  11. Tammie Pobiedzinski, You are so CORRECT. I am 72 years old and I have NEVER seen anything like this. The whole Russian Collusion BS was bought and paid for by the biggest DEMORAT Hilldabeast. I just don’t understand WHY she hasn’t been investigated instead of President Trump.

  12. Cheating Edward. Cheating!!!!! And nobody would speak up because of political correctness. Afraid to piss off the blacks. Several had said they would riot if odumbass lost. And what about the black panthers in Pennsylvania? I wish to God them jungle bunnies had came to where I vote. They would have looked like fudge cycles with their sticks shoved up their black asses. Is that racist enough for you libturds? Good!!!!!!

  13. Cheating Edward. Cheating!!!!! And nobody would speak up because of political correctness. Afraid to piss off the blacks. Several had said they would riot if odumbass lost. And what about the black panthers in Pennsylvania? I wish to God them jungle bunnies had came to where I vote. They would have looked like fudge cycles with their sticks shoved up their black asses. Is that racist enough for you libturds? Good!!!!!!

  14. Edward Liberatore, I TOTALLY AGREE with you. Why would anyone want to change AMERICA, especially someone that hides all of his records for us? He was a complete FRAUD and he got away with it for 8-long years and did change our country. What the hell is WRONG with people? Thank GOD that we have President Trump.

  15. Fred, it must be tough going through life lacking a mind to think for yourself. Looks like all you can manage is to parrot the unhinged insanity that the left has become.

  16. MadameO, I think it’s time to put down the crack pipe. You’re overcooked. NOBODY believes light or happiness comes from President Trump.

  17. Fred, your two digit IQ is astounding. Stop listening to MSNBC tells you and start thinking for yourself. Facts are important things, hard to ignore but YOU are doing an amazing job of ignoring the facts. I watch FOX News because they tell both sides of the story while MSNBC, CNN, etc ONLY tell their side of the story and refuse to even debate the other side. Wake up Fred.

  18. “Barack Hussein Obama Sotero Sobarkah” was elected by a bunch of extremely WEAK MINDED PEOPLE. The STUPID American voter elected him without knowing anything about who he was or what he was about. This country will never recover from what “Barack Sotero Sobarkah” did.

  19. Why is this birth certificate produced by Obama’s Kenya brother kept suppressed ????? Because all of Obama’s records, including the info which originally was on t.v. news sites, showing that Obama had applied for funding to Occidental College as a foreign student from Kenya, were all put under lock and key!!! As for his birth certificate from Hawaii…the one produced from a Hawaiian hospital had the name of the hospital that had not been under that ownership until years after Obama was born!
    Something else that never gets talked about: During Obama’s tenure as president a woman from Kenya who appeared to be of retirement age and who lives in the Boston area was interviewed by a journalist on t.v. She said she was from Kenya and was an aunt of Obama’s. The journalist inquired how she supported herself, and she replied she was on social security. He inquired where she had worked in the U.S., and she said she had not. The journalist then asked if she felt guilty collecting money allotted for retires who had worked in the U.S. Her answer was ‘no, that it was her God-given right’! The journalist inquired if she had ever been to the White House, and she replied that ‘she had never been invited’. Maybe someday our great, great grandchildren will be privy to those locked up records!!!

  20. the reason he got elected was because of the GULLIBLE NIT WIT liberal voters and the UN AMERICAN LIBERAL PRESS, who did not even ask what he meant by A FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE OF AMERICAN!!

  21. When somebody tells me that they want to “fundamentally change America” that sets off alarms in my head. How Obama ever got elected to the presidency of this country is beyond me.

  22. Well said. He and the rest of the democrats committed sedition which is treason against the United States and is punishable by death. You are right nothing will ever be done as they would have arrest 90% of the Democratic Party. Wouldn’t that be wonderful.

  23. It was oboma’s job to infiltrate America with muslims. oboma, still not a citizen of the United States, has managed to bribe his way into the demo rat party, with all the paid off, treasonous congressmen and women that are doing NOTHING to correct this illegal man. WHY??????

  24. The Democrat Party is the Anti-Christ. They love darkness and misery more than they love light and happiness. We will never get to the bottom of this conspiracy or any other conspiracy created by these evil Democrats. This is how deep the Swamp is. Only God and His devine justice will be able to do it.

  25. I knew obama was a liar from the beginning. Never voted for him. I necame a Republican when he took office. He will go down in history as the worst president. He is gay and married to a he/she. Go back to the jungle!!!

  26. Who didn’t know that Obama was involved. He has been a bad representative of Black folks in America. He is shameful and he Dems are lock step.

  27. I don’t know where Obama was born which in itself should never be a factor for a President. There is a lot of evidence which is not verifies that he was born in Hawaii. However, with the current technology and internet claims it is hard to know what to believe. His grandmother claims that he was born in Kenya. You would think she should know. Why would she lie. At this point that doesn’t matter. What does matter is his continuous lie that he was a scandal free president which is a total lie. He had the most scandals of any President in my lifetime. Even more than Bill Clinton and that is hard to top.

  28. Most of us would like to think that there will be a “sequala” for this proof. But we never see it, because we live under a two-tiered legal system. A two-tiered legal system is not a Constitutional Representative Government.

    It is up to Bill Barr, if anything will occur. Mr. Barr needs to understand that the US is watching him.

    If there is no justice, there is a greater chance of a REAL Civil War 2.0 occurring in this Country.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  29. Obama has never been an American Citizen – Relatives and his brother know this – his brother proved it with a birth certificate showing that Obama was born in Kenya… Why is this suppressed?

  30. It was Hillary that sold one third of the uranium stock to the big bad Russians while receiving One million donation to the Clinton hush fund foundation and rapist Bill received half million for a couple of speeches from Russia and Obama caught on open mic saying to the Russian president wait to after the elections. Yeah it’s Trump we need to worry about

  31. It’s all been uncovered, documented, verified, proven, brought to light and not a damn thing has been done about it. WHERE’S THE GRAND JURY ? Dems thought Trump may have committed a crime and spent 30 million with Mueller and gobs of money on investigating him in hopes of finding a crime .So when are our Chicken sh*t Republican representatives going to step up and demand justice from AG Barr. They swoon over him about how professional he is but in reality he hasn’t done a damn thing . Just like Sessions.

  32. You and I are of the same mind. There is not one Democrat in office I would even think of supporting as there has to be something mentally wrong with that person or he/she has no character and integrity. Their positions aren’t simply a difference of opinion on the issues as many times it is a reflection of their mental defects.

  33. I always knew Obama was a racist, a liar, a thief, and anti-American. Biden is the same. The democratic party is rift traitors 8ESPECIALY THE POLITICIANS. i WOULDN’T TRUST A DEM POLITICIAN WITH MY PET FROG.

  34. I have a feeling that Biden knew all avout what they were conspiring to do to President Trump to keep him from taking away their power and money machine.

  35. You’re a fine one to talk about commies you ignorant bastard your entire party stinks of communism.

  36. Like what? Was that piece of paper the one that mullet hair Trump was waving around? He wasn’t having secret meatings with Putin’s greasy commie kielbasa.

  37. redidiot….look in your mirror to see a sick racist. That would be YOU. And you should know all about satan, since you belong to him

  38. Obama, Killary and others are guilty as sin.

    Always knew that Obama was involved.

    But I hope that Killary and Obama will be convicted but I will never hold my breath.

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