One piece of paper made CNN realize suing Donald Trump was the biggest mistake of their life

Fake news CNN’s war on Donald Trump rages on.

CNN escalated their attacks on the White House by filing one outrageous lawsuit.

But they quickly realized it was the biggest mistake the network ever made.

CNN cheered when a federal judge granted a two week temporary restraining order restoring fake news reporter Jim Acosta’s White House press pass.

The administration yanked his pass after Acosta disrupted a press conference and karate chopped an intern’s arm as she attempted to give the microphone to another reporter.

The judge ruled the administration violated Acosta’s Fifth Amendment right to due process, but did not rule on the First Amendment issues.

The White House responded with a letter informing CNN that Acosta’s press pass would only be restored for the two week period covered by the restraining order.

The Daily Caller reports:

The White House sent a letter to Acosta notifying him that his pass granting him temporary access to the White House grounds would be suspended after a temporary restraining order runs its course. The letter is the latest in the fight between the White House and the CNN reporter who caused a fracas at a recent presidential press conference when he refused to give up the microphone.

Judge Timothy J. Kelly issued an injunction Friday morning ordering the White House to reinstate Acosta’s credentials, saying his Fifth Amendment right to due process was violated. The judge was clear, however, that he made no ruling on whether the First Amendment right applies for any reporter to be at the White House.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders presaged the letter in a Friday statement warning Acosta, “in response to the court, we will temporarily reinstate the reporter’s hard pass. We will also further develop rules and processes to ensure fair and orderly press conferences in the future. There must be decorum at the White House.”

The White House pulled Acosta’s press pass nearly two weeks ago, alleging that he behaved in an unruly manner during the presidential press conference and put his hands on an intern assigned to take the microphone away from him.

CNN’s lawsuit backfired on two fronts.

First, the Judge left the door open to saying the White House can yank press passes for violations of established procedures.

And the White House’s letter to CNN is setting up a paper trail to detail Acosta’s offenses so they can remove his pass without being tied up in court.

Second, fake news reporters now realize there will be official guidelines covering their behavior and they will be on notice.

If they act rudely or disrespectfully, there will be a process in place to kick them out.

CNN’s big “win” could turn out to be the fake news media’s biggest defeat.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. M Thank you. I will pay closer attention in the future. But, keep in mind I am a pissed off man in southern CA. (15 miles north of the Tijuana border and I am PISSED!) So, at this moment, I am easily angered.

    • Randy Miller, I feel for you with what is going on down there. I am holding my breath that something good will happen to take care of that hoard of people who are far from home, where they should be (go home people). You and yours stay safe and keep your blood pressure as low as possible. Thank you for sharing what you are going through with all of us who care.

  2. The White House should have had Jim Acosta arrested for assault immediately and the intern should file a law suit against him and CNN for the incident.

  3. Fake News article – – CNN won both measures and were backed by Fox and 13 other news agencies who backed CNN.

    Want more proof that Trump has been compromised by both Putin AND Saudi Arabian money to Trump properties? Just announced even though evidence shows Saudi Arabia brutally murdered and dismembered an American journalist and news reports:”Trump signals US won’t punish Saudi crown prince over Khashoggi killing (headline)”!!!

    • What are we supposed to do to “punish” another nation’s Crown Prince? Don’t you think we would consider it “none of their business” if another nation decided to “punish” President Bill Clinton for misbehaving in our oval office, or even President Trump for possible “picadillos” some 10-20 years ago? Come on,for heaven’s sake, use some common sense.

  4. They have a constitutional right to report the news. They should try it sometime. They do not have the right to exclusively dominate a press conference. Nor do they necessarily have a right to receive answers to any and all questions they may pose. If they wish to express an opinion they may do so on the editorial page with the understanding that it is only an opinion and not necessarily factual.

  5. If cnn was the upstanding news organization they claim to be, they themselves would have taken action against Acosta for his repeated disgusting behavior in press briefings and physical abuse of the female intern, and never allow this to happen again. Instead the lowest rated, so called, “news channel” in the country has applauded and stood behind Acosta’s behavior and filed suit to allow him to continue his abusive, rude, and disruptive actions. They are in for a rude awakening themselves…They are just too ignorant and biased to realize it and it shows in their bottom feeder ratings. Without Trump, they would already be gone. They have bitten the hand that feeds them. Ignorant Mistake by lowly cnn.

  6. While the White House was ordered to reinstate the pass, there is no requirement that President Trump or Sarah Sanders take any questions from any particular person. Acosta may be reduced to being a spectator.

  7. Stop messing with President Trump. He has your number and makes you pay for being stupid every time. And we have his back.

  8. The press has been allowed to do whatever they wanted to for too long. Now it’s like trying to discipline a 12 year old child who has had NO discipline all its life. They’re throwing temper tantrums like little kids, and Trump is treating them like they’re little kids. And HE should know how to handle little kids, he has FIVE of his own.

  9. President Trump is NOT the first to pull a “JOURNALISTS” pass! He is perfectly able to do so! Now if he MADE CRAP UP and sent the FBI after some one he would be CROSSING THE LINE!! That’s what ZERO did to James Rosen of FOX news!! By the way the JUDGE that ruled is another LIBERAL HACK that did NOT have the authority to tell the President who can or can NOT come to a press briefing!! By the way President TRUMP did NOT cut off CNN just the CLOWN ACOSTA!!!If Acosta wants to DO OPINION he NEEDS a NEW TITLE!!! I would NEVER call on a CNN “news” person again FOR THE NEXT ^ YEARS!!!! They just make up crap for the mentally ill uninformed MORONS that suck drivel spread by the COMMUNIST NONSENSE NETWORK formally know as CLINTON NEWS NETWORK formally owned by the DEMENTED TEDDLES TURNER a loud mouth admitted COMMUNIST also known as Mr HANOI JANE FONDA!!!

    • Another braid dead idiotic communist troll creature. It was no longer “the White House ” when the Kenyan communist interloper and his regime were infesting our White House. The Kenyan communist interloper was the most anti-American proMuslim, racist, corrupt and unethical, CRIMINAL Communist that ever darkened our country. We now have an AMERICAN PRESIDENT WHO IS DOING EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS ELECTED TO DO.

      • where is the wall and the tax returns as promised? What about killing the ACA? What about him acting presidential, which he does not do?

        • zee, You are definitely not zee! Well, maybe you come from an alternate universe and dimension and are a crazy liberal named zee in that realm. You don’t belong here!

        • How the F@@K do you expect him to act “Presidential” when you Liberals can’t even act honestly or civil? The man is doing an awesome job given all the sh#t he has to deal with from people like YOU! Shut the F##K UP! Let him do his job WITHOUT OBSTRUCTION and you will live in a better world! I do not care how much Soros pay’s you.

          • Randy Miller, I am sorry to tell you but that “zee” you just replied to is a fraud. The real Zee believes like you and I do. That is one of the freak trolls trying to get people to harass the real zee. If and when I figure out who that is well, just wait and see what is coming!

          • Craig S Burchfiel,
            The “zee” you just replied is a fraud liberal idiot! Someone angry at the real conservative “zee” for who knows what! Anytime you see crap like this it is not from the real zee.

    • Eric Granberg, You gave us your useless meaningless prattle but, what else could we expect from a no nothing liberal jerk. You are too disgusting for words!

    • BS Eric. As a couple who lived in a repressive society with USDOS, overseas, while serving the US government during the last administration, you’re absolutely clueless like most of your ilk who are free to criticize due to a lack of experience elsewhere. CNN has fifty reporters with hard passes for access to the White House and for many, it’s a privilege and honor rather than an opportunity to act like a petulant brat throwing temper tantrums when not the center of the universe. This brief time out was too good for Acosta, and frankly, the judge who pulled the “due process” card must have been a social work major as an undergraduate. To this day, reasoning with a toddler before issuing “a seat in the corner” doesn’t work either.

      • I don’t fault the judge. I believe he did it because WE are the ones who believe in the rule of law and his finding proves it. He told Trump exactly what he needed to do. First, the judge said there are no guidelines to be kept, so Trump id taking care of that. Once he has those guidelines in place, he can boot Acosta within legal limits. Second, it is only for 2 weeks and in those 14 days, Trump and his staff, when berated, can just say ‘Thank you” and walk out. The judge gave Trump everything he needed to do what he has to do, and CNN and the democrats can cry sour grapes all day, but Trump will be within the law. I see it as a win win for Trump.

      • Bob: You are correct. Trump did nothing to trample on the First Amendment rights of CNN or Acosta. The decision was based upon violating the Due Process, not Free Speech of Acosta. Now that ground rules have been set up for their behavior; grandstanding will no longer be tolerated. April Ryan will have to get off her high horse and act more cordial, or she will be gone as well. Those two people act as though they run the press room and there is no one as important as they are. It’s going to be fun to watch April, having to hold back her temper. With Acosta gone, she will probably not have any cover for her theatrics. Sanders has been more than patient with these crybabies. Now she has the authority to have these people removed. This is going to be fun to watch. These snowflake reporters can now be put in time out or out the door.

    • Sorry Eric, you have to be talking about the last administration, ya know? this President is doing what he was elected to do, now.. if we could just get that wall.

  10. I love it that Trump is just one step ahead of someone like Acosta. You think he hasn’t
    dealt with an idiot like that before?….perhaps many times. Trump is biding his time….look out Acosta. You are a babe in the woods…Amazing the stupidity of so
    many people on those Liberal newscasts. Sometimes it is just the only humor for the
    day in this world of “harass Trump!” Stay well Trump and take care of your lovely
    really fantastic First Lady!

  11. Donald Trump and his family live in the White House. The people do not live there. So that makes it Trump’s home until he leaves office.
    Even a first grader can understand that.
    Trump’s decorum is impeccable until some ignorant childlike adult barges in and tries to impose his will on all those there, including the President of the United States.
    If anyone has done something wrong it’s the spoiled inconsiderate brat that thinks he can act any way he feels like, even if he infringes on everybody else’s rights.
    One of these days he is going to run up against people that will teach him to show respect for his fellow mankind.
    He should spend some time in jail and be given cellmate called “Bubba”. When he walks out of there, he will definitely show respect.
    His day is coming.

  12. CNN filing a lawsuit against Trump would be a big win for Trump because Trump’s lawyers could ask for all internal emails from everyone at CNN as part of ‘discovery’ and failure to do so could be expensive with the Judge giving the win to Trump automatically.

  13. Obama’s press conferences were spiked with pre scripted questions. No one was given free reign to say anything they wanted to and certainly no reporters from Fox news were given access to press coverage.

    • You are absolutely right, Buddy! The eight years before Trump were totally scripted (and some years before). Why do you think Hittlary cried and proclaimed “But it was my turn”?
      People that don’t see this need to get their noses out of MSM.

    • president Elephant Ears needed his teleprompter to not only instruct him as to what to say; but also, instructing him to”Breath In” and “Breath Out”

        • Dan Tyree: If Obozo is so intelligent; why did he start stammering, every time his teleprompter screwed up? He had a hard time talking to people without rambling, if his teleprompter was going nuts. If someone didn’t write everything he was supposed to for him; he couldn’t function. He didn’t know enough about his talking subject to be able to adlib the speech, when things went wrong. He’s not really that smart a person. If he doesn’t have a puppet master pulling his strings, he only appears to be a bumbling idiot.

  14. I have believed since the liberal press started hounding Pres. Trump, that published rules needed to be in place to put a stop to these disorderly press reporters from disrespecting the office of the POTUS. Additionally, there must be someone at these briefings that monitors and controls the sound system. I assume that there are more one “reporter” mic. Why not just have the sound controller turn off the mic of any rude, disrespectful reporter. If that doesn’t shut them up, there need to be security personnel present who can quickly remove these morons.


  15. cnn is laughable, stupid and think they are above the law! They are simply scum and acota’s ban should be in place forever! I dang sure wouldn’t allow someone into my home who would attempt to take control of my home. acosta is a pos, and cnn is the fart the lingers….forever! Dump the press conferences, except those by “invitation only”. There are very few if any, real news networks left. I don’t believe any of them, including fox. fox is really in the chicken house and can’t be trusted anymore.

    • Kudos to you Sandra Haddock. I’ve always felt that Press Conferences were things that the President graciously extends to the media to allow all to share the answers to pertinent questions and not provide for a forum for rude and brash narcistic morons.

    • You do realize, don’t you, what you’re asking for? First the press is controlled; one or more races are dehumanized, lie after lie is told and a certain segments believes them. Study your 1930s history and tell me the difference.

        • You LEFT OUT 2 WORDS in my reply it should have been
          the following:
          “I would think that you would be one of the demorats who don’t want
          Americato be great again

        • What a perfect fascist thing to say, Marvin! Scott27 is right, when you add the white supremacy of Nazis, how neo-Nazis think Trump is one of them, and all the other signs of fascism, better re-read history of WWII.

      • Scott27, There was NO attempt to control media/free press. This was stopping a rude, digusting, racist, spoiled, arrogant, inconsiderate, psuedo journalist, namely Jim Acosta from the “outhouse” network CNN. He was disrespecting the Office of the President of the United States of America as well as his fellow journalists. And, Acosta has gotten away doing this far too long, it was overdue!
        Typical liberal reaction, hair on fire, running and screaming the sky is falling the sky is falling. You are a pathetic laughable joke!

        • No M, you are the upset cult follower – – if you skip the Acosta part, look how Trump treated the rest of the press, how he has called the press (which includes Fox too, I guess) as “the enemy of people,” – – those are the exact policies of Nazi German – – control of the press. You need to see and try to face the signs of fascism:
          1. Powerful and continuing nationalism
          2. Disdain for human rights
          3. Identification of enemies as a unifying cause
          4. Rampant sexism
          5. Controlled mass media
          6. Obsession with national security
          7. Religion and government intertwined
          8. Corporate power protected
          9. Labor power suppressed
          10. Disdain for intellectual and the arts
          11. Obsession with crime and punishment
          12. Rampant cronyism and corruption

          • JD, Fact: DJT called “fake news” the enemy of the people.
            Fact: Conservative Republicans are not cult followers. This nation
            finally has a real leader and we are working to make your life
            better, in spite of your resistance.
            Fact: All DJT ever wanted from the press was a fair shake which, they
            never gave him. They press belongs body and soul to Dem libs.
            Fact: Not attempting to control the media, Dem libs are delusional.

            You really have serious mental issues if you see your “early warning signs of fascism” with President Trump. You brain is rotting and being eaten away by all the corruption you are assimilating into it. You have lost all touch with reality. You will probably expire soon and go to meet your savior, and I don’t mean the one true God!
            All of a sudden I am over replying to you. I know you inside and out now and, it is not a pretty sight. You don’t have anything to contribute to my life or anybody else’s life. In fact you make me feel sad for you, so sad.

    • CRTV and Patriot News are the two best
      truthful information stations out there these days. Mark Levin and David Webb will call out virtually anyone from either side of the isle.

    • Because they think they and they alone are righteous. It’s they’re arrogance and holier than thow attitude that’s incobated in the schools and flows to the news rooms, the entertainers and then screw everyone by the politicians. All this piled on over a long period of time gives them a false sense of legitimacy. The problem is like rot and bad food that leaves a bad taste you can only twist things and lie to the public for so long and it starts to backfire. I believe that tide is finally turning on liberals and if Trump can complete two terms people in America 50 to 100 years from now will look back and wonder how stupid their ancestors were to be hoodwinked for so long.

    • Actually Trump and Sanders should just not call on them.
      Also the idea of removing all cameras except the one covering
      the POTUS and the Press Secretary is a good one.

  16. Acosta really needs a mental health screening. Break decorum, laws, rules, regulations and over speak the PRESIDENT OF THE USA!!!

      • Joanne:
        Fox isn’t joining the nunks at CNN, but is only responding to the threat of news censoring by the party in power.
        Acosta is a special case because he tried to use the old “power of the press” to his own advantage by being an ass.
        I don’t remember a president so hated by the press as PRESIDENT TRUMP and I am over 80 years old.
        But THE PEOPLE must also guard the right of descent against the party in power.
        CNN and the Trump hating Manure Stream Media are now in danger of taking their petty, childish, behavior to a length that may damage that right.
        Their coverage of PRESIDENT TRUMP needs to be more fair.

  17. There is nothing in the Constitution that allows for a reporter to be in the White House. Due process in this persons opinion is not infringed because the White House id the President’s home not an open forum for people to demand access. I can give you one comment…had that been me standing there I would have had the man removed from the room just as Obama did when he was confronted. Where was this judge then?

      • The White House is called the peoples house but that does not give everyone the right to walk in there and do as they please. The White House and grounds are Federal property, just as many other places across the country, places that charge an admission fee and or a parking fee, there are also rules and regulations governing visitor’s activities and behavior. For all intents and purposes, the White House is President Trump’s House while he is in office. if it were not so then President Obama would not have been able to close the White House to the Public and cease all tours like and when he did. The situation is also similar to the rights of property and privacy afforded to a person that rents a home or an apartment.

      • Frankly, I would appreciate it if the liberal communists would have their own Jim Jones party. They already know how to drink the koolade.

        • But Kep. you are already ARE the cult faction of the GOP – – calling all other sources of information “fake news” – – the cult leader’s word is all. EVEN Trump joked about that – – when he said that if he murdered someone in broad daylight on 5th avenue, you would still support him. Trump always like to brag how he suckers people, even mocking Hannity.

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