One pollster just revealed what could stop a blue wave in 2018

Democrats are talking big about a blue wave in 2018.

The left expects to take back one – or maybe both – houses of Congress and use that victory as a springboard to remove Donald Trump from office.

But one pollster just revealed the Democrats’ Achilles heel, which could sink their chances in November.

Democrat party activists are pushing candidates and elected officials to adopt the “abolish ICE” message.

And high profile Democrats like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand – three of the most talked about 2020 contenders – have begun to fall in line.

While this may be good politics in a Democrat Presidential primary, it plays terrible with voters in the districts Democrats need to flip if they want to win back the House.

Main Street Republican CEO Sarah Chamberlain told Breitbart News Tonight that their polling finds the abolish ICE message is toxic with swing voters.

Breitbart reports:

Main Street Republicans CEO Sarah Chamberlain says voters in congressional swing districts do not want the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency abolished, as Democrats have called for.

During an interview with Breitbart News Tonight on SirixusXM, Chamberlain told Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour that Republican women in the key crucial congressional swing districts for the midterm elections believe the push to abolish ICE is “ridiculous.”

“Nobody wants ICE going away. That’s ridiculous,” Chamberlain said. “That is our first line of security. So for the Democrats to be saying that … it’s not resonating back in our GOP districts.”

Chamberlain also said her polling in the swing districts revealed that voters — specifically female voters — are most concerned with immigration and border security, noting that voters want the Republican-controlled Congress to follow through on President Trump’s demand for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.”

Do you think supporting abolishing ICE will backfire on the Democrats in November?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Well if they believe they can have open borders we will have secure them our selves we can and will protect our constitution I took oath and will uphold till the hot pile of brass at my feet burns me alive

  2. I’m so afraid FOR OUR AMERICA””with such hate-ful so far left people running for office that if they win ””we the AMERICAN people will lose everything we have worked for because they want to give free everything to people who”’DO NOT WANT TO WORK””for anything” want everything””FREE””’time to stand up and fight”we worked to hard to let the left WIN”””

  3. One of the leading political actions for the dems is keeping the wall from being built and the other is abolishing ICE. Both of these have been repeated in the new for months. The dems want a global country with the illegals swarming in. THE DEMS ARE PUSHING TO GET RID OF ice SO THEY HOPEFULLY CAN GET MORE POTENTIAL VOTERS. UNFORTUNATELY, IF ice IS ABOLISHED THEN CRIMINALS CAN ALSO GET IN. DEMS DON’T CARE ABOUT THE CRIMINALS, THEY WANT VOTERS. Up until now ICE have caught thousands of criminals

    • My words exactly. We must vote Republican in November! The Dems agenda does NOT SUPPORT in any way, the lives of the average middle class citizen. They are an entity expressly for the purpose of control over this country and its people.

      • Joan – Your spewing pure bullsh*t. You tell me how the Republican agenda supports the lives of the middle class, because it doesn’t. The Republican agenda is only interesting in tax cuts for the wealthy and to he** with the rest of us. You’re voting AGAINST you’re own best interests by voting Republican but apparently you’re too dumb to see that.

  4. reading all of these comments about abolishing ice tells me that the majority don`t under stand the job ice does they are not the border patrol or have any thing to do with reuniting families with there children its to remove illegal aliens that are established in this country mainly criminals, they are like our local police but on a national basis

  5. Diane is the only living miscarriage posting on this site and the better part of her ran down her daddy’s leg, if she can figure out who her daddy is today.
    Sounds like there could be plenty to select from.

    • Robert – Because you KNOW me and my family so well? You’re a disgusting, obviously sick, moron, and not only do you not contribute anything to this conversation, you don’t contribute to society either. You’re just another sexually deprived conservative with an IQ less than a gnat… know…..a typical Trump supporter. Do you at least have teeth? I’m guessing no.

  6. Not sure from “most” of these commenters on this blog if you guys even know the difference in job descriptions between The Border Patrol and ICE… Border Patrol is just that … they stop people from crossing the US border illegally with current laws and ICE enforces our laws and removes criminals who have broken it. Come on people … let’s have an intelligent, informed discussion here! I’m just saying … get rid of the bias and learn to listen to the morals, values and ethical standards you were raised with… you know you know better .., as in knowing right from wrong… MAGA… I respect the office of the President of the United States, I salute our flag, I thank our Vets for their service and sacrifices, I believe in helping my neighbors, I love this country and President Trump is doing an amazingly great job for which I am proud to be an American!!!

  7. I agree with the comments about spell check. Also, learn the differences found in synonyms such as “there” and “their”. Hint: one refers to a location, and the other refers to ownership. As has been mentioned, improper use of terms like that make us look like ignorant fools, and the liberals love to pounce on such examples as proof of “their” perceived intellectual superiority. Let’s not give them ammunition that they can use to try to prove “their” point! As for the subject at hand, the concept of abolishing ICE, and making our sovereignty less secure, is totally ludicrous. And a concerted effort to force that to happen will likely end up causing a civil conflict.

  8. I hope it does comes back to slap them. They don’t have much to run on anyway. Of course they want ICE abolished so they can continue taking this country down to shit. No resistance.

  9. Two things, BUILD THE WALL and VOTE!!! If republicans want the House and Senate to be controlled by the republicans after the mid-terms they need to vote and get their families, friends co-workers and even enemies to get out and vote for the republicans in their district. If Trump does not get the wall built soon we also can forget about the wall. Write, call, or tweet the president and urge him to get going with the wall. It’s now or never.

  10. The democrats are about out of touch with reality as anybody can get and some of their new found hero’s prove that like Kampala Harris, Alex Cortez, Liz Warren and others. Republicans need to get there head out of where the sun don’t shine or they’ll be caught dead in their tracks

    • If Republican voters and Trump supporters don’t get complacent…and they get out and VOTE in the mid terms…There is absolutely no way the Libtards win back anything. GET OUT AND VOTE IN THE MID TERMS IN NOVEMBER PEOPLE and shut down this liberal nonsense for good.

      • Ask your Republican friends and neighbors if they need a ride to the voting polls or a stamp for their mail-in ballot. We must have strong Republican voting and be rid of the DemoRats.

  11. Within the next 8 to 10 years, the Grand Solar Minimum will make it so cold that very little food can be grown in the US. Most Mexicans will move back across the border with hope that food can be grown back home. Food will become very scarce and expensive se we will have to grow it indoors with aquaponics and grow lights. Go to and learn about it and some ways to survive it. It will be at its worst in 2034 and take another 16 or more years to warm back up. That is a long time and no way you can stockpile enough food. Spread the word.

  12. Republicans seem to be willing to help the Democrats out by telling them that closing down ICE is a loser. Now, if only we could get a Republican to tell other Republicans that the citizens want reductions in illegal immigration and they are as far out of line as the Democrats are with reference to the issue.

    • Nonsense. Democrats NEVER said to get rid of ICE. They say it needs to be looked at and reformed, not abolished. See how the right wing nutcases make stuff up (just like 45) as they go along? Nothing will stop the blue tsunami that’s coming in Nov. 45 saw to that……..he’s an incompetent, disgusting moron and 70% of Americans are sick of him and want to see him removed.

      • You Diane, are the nutcase. Unless you have been living in a cave with no communication, you have certainly heard the demonuts screaming to abolish ICE. Again, read before you post, because you make a fool of yourself every time you have the need to see your name on a blog. Reality, truth and facts are three things that seem to have no place in your life.

        • You’re full of sh*t, Jhn. It’s been well documented that Dems don’t want to abolish ICE, but since you wingnuts only get your “news” (I.e., lies) from either Breitbart or Faux AlmostNews, it’s no wonder your way out in left field about this subject. Again, you are so misinformed and ignorant that it’s scary that you are allowed to vote. You also take the cake for making a fool out of yourself (but probably not to the other ignorant right wing nuts that post here) This site is full of the dumbest people on earth……..Republican conservatives.

          • One of the leading political actions for the dems is keeping the wall from being built and the other is abolishing ICE. Both of these have been repeated in the new for months. The dems want a global country with the illegals swarming in. THE DEMS ARE PUSHING TO GET RID OF ice SO THEY HOPEFULLY CAN GET MORE POTENTIAL VOTERS. UNFORTUNATELY, IF ice IS ABOLISHED THEN CRIMINALS CAN ALSO GET IN. DEMS DON’T CARE ABOUT THE CRIMINALS, THEY WANT VOTERS. Up until now ICE have caught thousands of criminals

      • Being a paid troll I’m sure is nothing new to someone that probably gets paid for other services also. One is a day job, the other is a night thing.

      • Diane is sadly mistaken and obviously can not process the info put before her! The libs ARE proposing the dissolution on ICE! Dissect the sentence Diane and perhaps it will register in your liberal addled mind! And thank you for helping us convert libs to our cause! After reading your post several libs just jumped to the right side!

  13. To pass it would depend on the depth of voter fraud by non-citizens, here in California, it would not surprise me if 30% of the voters in this state are not even citizens of this country.

  14. I have begun to think that Dems AND Republicans have taken serious issues and are using them as catapults to take the worst part of the toxic petty mud slinging once again ignoring the serious threats against America.

  15. The easiest way to stop them from commingled here is to cutoff all welfare to anyone but citizens and a shareway to be a citizen is to have to live here for at least 20 years

      • Require a picture on the voter ID. Here in New Mexico 2 years ago the state began to require that to obtain a drivers license or NM State ID a person had to produce a current utility bill and their birth certificate. Without the picture it is still very probable that voter fraud to occur. Reliable pole workers are a 2nd requirement, the kind that actually check the person’s ID.


  17. The Democrats will never get enough Votes to stop ICE to meny want to fill safe bu getting ried of illigels and Terriost coming in to the USA of America. Even some Democrats wood rather be safe then let them come in. In will never go over there fighting a loosing battle trying to abolish ICE the more thay complane the better off we are. Waters can complane all she wants it gust god in one ear and out the other.

      • Amen and not just for David but for all posters who are of conservative leanings. Not only is it usually carelessness but makes conservatives look like bumbling idiots, and I do not want us to be associated with Maxine Waters.

  18. Allow the democrats to run on abolishing ICE and let the chips fall where they may.

    I personally want to see how many idiots want to abolish ICE because that is where we will send ICE to remove the illegal aliens.

  19. I am hoping and praying that it does backfire in their faces. We need ICE to continue protecting the border and stopping every illegal immigrant that crosses our border into our country, because, they are not coming in the proper way like all of the ones that have done the proper applying and been through the proper vetting process.

    The illegal immigrants that are coming into our country, are not all good people. There are immigrants coming into our country that are with the MS-13 gangs, and they are coming here to recruit new members to join them.

    ICE is protecting every American and they are doing their part in stopping all of these illegal immigrants and gang members with bringing in the drugs, and all of these sex trafficking.

    ICE is doing a wonderful job with protecting our borders and our communities. We need to keep ICE, just the way it is, because, if we lose our ICE, we’re going to lose our country and what it stands for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone needs to keep on supporting our ICE AGENTS PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Add Radical Muslims to that list. They don’t seem to be involved with drugs just Rapes, implementation of Sahara Law” Honor Killings”, Slaughtering of Christians.
      Can’t anyone even with the smallest of a brain see this is not what any civilized
      society would even dream of, even in a nightmare.Wake up, America.PLEASE

  20. Here’s a thought: start asking the minority people in the US how they’ve fared when they need to get jobs that will support their families, or when they do need assistance, as compared to the foreign invaders in our nation and whether that’s hurting them to have those coming here, stealing the resources and jobs THEY need and deserve to have! Start feeding that into “blue” communities and see if that doesn’t wake them up some to the threat to their own well being and that of their families.

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