One prosecutor just got thousands of classified documents that are bad news for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton thought she was going to get away with this scandal.

But that is not the case.

And one prosecutor just got thousands of classified documents that are bad news for Hillary Clinton.

Special Counsel John Durham dropped another bombshell in a court filing in his prosecution of Igor Danchenko – the Russian analyst who Durham alleges made five false statements to the FBI about his role as the main source for Christopher Steele’s fake Russian collusion dossier.

In the filing, Durham revealed he had 60,000 documents originally marked classified that are now unclassified.

“To date, the government has produced over 60,000 documents in unclassified discovery. A portion of these documents were originally marked ‘classified’ and the government has worked with the appropriate declassification authorities to produce the documents in an unclassified format.”

Durham admitted that the process took longer than normal because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“However, recent world events in Ukraine have contributed to delays in the production of classified discovery. The officials preparing and reviewing the documents at the FBI and intelligence agencies are heavily engaged in matters related to Ukraine,” Durham continued.

Durham added that he will produce more classified documents to Danchenko’s lawyers as part of the discovery process.

“Nevertheless, the government will produce a large volume of classified discovery this week and will continue its efforts to produce documents in classified discovery on a rolling basis, and no later than the proposed deadlines set forth below,” Durham added.

Danchenko is a key player in the Russian collusion hoax.

Dolan alleged that Hillary Clinton campaign aide and associate, Charles Dolan, Jr., fed Danchenko some of the falsehoods contained in the Steele dossier that allegedly included the bogus story that the Russians had a video tape of Trump paying prostitutes to pee on a bed.

This bit of information is important because Durham may be able to prove that not only did the Clinton campaign pay for the dossier by hiring Fusion GPS, but that Hillary Clinton essentially wrote the dossier by having her allies seed it with lies about Trump and Russia.

The FBI later used this lie-filled dossier as the central piece of evidence to win a FISA warrant to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

This is the biggest political crime in American history.

And the American people are on the verge of a full accounting as to how the Russian collusion hoax came to be.

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