One Republican Governor just hit Donald Trump with this stunning 2024 demand

Rich Girard, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The 2024 Presidential race is accelerating by the day.

More candidates are jumping into the race.

And one Republican Governor just hit Donald Trump with this stunning 2024 demand.

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu is one of the establishment RINOs thinking of challenging Donald Trump for the GOP nomination.

Sununu describes himself as pro-choice and supports abortion-on-demand.

Despite being completely out of step with the Republican Party base on a host of issues Sununu somehow thinks he can win the GOP nomination by being the media’s favorite Republican.

Sununu regularly sits for interviews with CNN and The New York Times where left-wing media activists fawn all over his desire for the GOP to dump Trump.

And now Sununu took this message to Fox News where he recalibrated his anti-Trump talking points.

Sununu told host Brett Baier that he was not challenging Trump out of animus, but instead for a desire for new leadership and while the GOP should “thank Trump for his service” it was time to move on.

“The race for President hasn’t really started. No one’s really thinking that way. Remember, we’re just coming out of November of ’22. And, you and I are in this world talking about it all the time, but the average American, they’re dealing with inflation, they’re dealing with high housing prices, record debt at the household level.”

“And look, my message to, about President Trump is, we thank you for your service. Great, but we’re moving on. Americans are not in the mode of just settling. Right? We’re never going to say, ‘The best opportunity for tomorrow’s leadership is yesterday’s leadership.’ We want the next generation. We want the next big idea,” Sununu stated.

Sununu claimed there was nothing Trump could do to raise his poll numbers as Americans had formed their opinions of Trump.

“The former President is kind of baked in. Either you are with him, or you are not. I don’t think anything’s going to get his poll numbers up. And as this race actually heats up and people start paying attention, there’s just going to be a lot of other options on the table,” Sununu added.

Establishment Republicans like Chris Sununu make no bones about the fact that they want Donald Trump gone.

And in 2024 it is clear that – unlike in 2016 – Trump will face a unified GOP establishment willing to go to any lengths to defeat him.

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