One Republican Governor stood up to Joe Biden by drawing this big line in the sand

Joe Biden’s tyrannical mandates and executive orders finally pushed the envelope too far.

Americans were wondering when someone would fight back.

And now one Republican Governor stood up to Joe Biden by drawing this big line in the sand.

Last month, Joe Biden announced his intention to sign an order mandating that all employers with 100 or more workers require the COVID vaccination as a condition of employment.

Biden angrily declared war on about 70,000,000 Americans and spoke about the unvaccinated in harsher terms than he ever did the Taliban.

When Biden spoke about companies firing workers for not taking the vaccine, he celebrated the news, crowing about how it was just a small percentage of the workforce.

While Biden never actually issued the order, woke corporations got the hint and companies began rolling out a new series of vaccine requirements for their workers.

The state of Texas had enough.

Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order banning any entity in Texas – and that included private businesses – from requiring proof of vaccination as a condition of employment.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was the first to ban vaccine passports in his state.

Many wondered what took Greg Abbott so long to follow suit.

Abbott is facing primacy challengers who gained traction over Abbott locking down the Texas economy and imposing a mask mandate.

Governor Abbott banned vaccine passports after feeling heat on his right flank.

And now conservatives in red states across America are demanding their elected leaders also ban vaccine passports.

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