One Republican just destroyed Kamala Harris with this reality check about the border

Joe Biden put Kamala Harris in charge of the crisis at the southern border.

That was bad news for Americans.

It became clear how bad when one Republican just destroyed Kamala Harris with this reality check about the border.

Since Joe Biden tapped Kamala Harris to manage the administration’s response to the border crisis nearly 40 days ago, Harris has not held one press conference or traveled to the border once.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki even claimed that Harris’ focus was not on the border, but instead was one the “root causes” of illegal immigration.

Texas Congressman Chip Roy tore into Harris in an appearance on Newsmax TV’s Stinchfield show.

Roy blasted Harris’ neglect for the border saying Harris couldn’t even find the southern border on a map and that when Roy talks to illegal aliens coming across the border they all cite Joe Biden’s open borders policies for opening up a path for cartels to smuggle them to the United States.

“First of all, the Vice President can’t find the southern border of the United States on a map,” Roy fumed. “It is like she’s been in charge of this mess for the last 40 days, and she hasn’t been to South Texas. She hasn’t been to Laredo. She has them into McAllen. I have. I’ve sat down on the river, and I can tell you when I was talking to these migrants coming across the Rio Grande. They weren’t talking about LGBTQ issues. What they were talking about was looking for asylum because they’ve been told that if they’ll follow this path and cartels drive them up through it for profit, then they can come to the United States. I don’t blame the migrants. I blame the incompetence of the Biden administration that endangers America by empowering cartels.”

Roy described the human suffering experienced by small children whose parents allow cartels to traffic them on the dangerous journey to the United States and demanded that Kamala Harris talk to these frightened little girls and explain how open borders and the promises of amnesty benefit them.

“Cartels [are] operating in our suburban areas. And I talked to a seven-year-old girl on the river as she was coming across from Guatemala. Seven. She was by herself all the way from Guatemala. Had no parent. No uncle. No aunt. No sibling. I want Kamala Harris to look that little girl in the eye and say that her policies are good for her, are good for the children in the little girl’s abused on the journey by these cartels. This is patent nonsense. This is the bat crap craziest thing I think I’ve ever heard her say, and that’s saying something,” Roy concluded.

Harris is ignoring the border for a simple reason.

Biden and Harris want open borders and they know the issue polls poorly.

If Harris traveled to the southern border, it would draw attention to the fact that the administration created this crisis on purpose and they have no plan to actually bring it to an end.

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