One Republican turned heads with a major announcement about challenging Trump in 2020

Never-Trump Republicans, fake news reporters, and other D.C. swamp creatures are dying to see a Republican challenge Donald Trump in the 2020 primary.

They believe that not only is Donald Trump ripe to be beaten, but that they even have their candidate.

And then all hell broke loose when this Republican went on TV and made a major announcement about challenging President Trump.

Former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake was the king RINO while in Congress.

Flake authored a book savagely attacking Donald Trump and at the same time often voted with Democrats to sell out conservatives.

That poison pill combination led to Flake’s approval rating plummeting into the teens and Flake retired rather than lose a primary to a pro-Trump challenger.

But Never Trump Republicans held out hope that Flake would run against Trump in 2020 as an avatar of D.C. establishment Republicanism.

That is not to be the case.

Flake announced he was joining CBS News and went on air and declared he would not challenge Donald Trump in the 2020 Republican Presidential primary.

Breitbart reports:

Appearing on CBS This Morning Tuesday, Flake discussed his future role at the network and revealed he will not launch a primary challenge to President Donald Trump in 2020. “I have always said that I do hope that there is a Republican who challenges the president in the primary,” he told co-host John Dickerson. “I still hope that somebody does, but that somebody won’t be me. I will not be a candidate.”

The development comes after reports that Flake, who was among the Senate’s most vociferous critics of President Donald Trump, met with CBS News executives at Manhattan offices earlier this month. At the time of the report, the Hollywood Reporter said the former lawmaker could “serve in the standard role for ex-politicians, as an on-air contributor — or as something more.”

Flake – or any Republican thinking about challenging Trump – runs up against the reality that over 80 percent of the Republican Party backs Trump.

Only D.C. grafters and fake news reporters who want to see any Republican president defeated actually would support a primary challenge against Trump.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Flake is a loser. There is nothing is his personality that is worth a dime.
    He is a clown, as far as I am concerned.

  2. LOL !!! ???????????????????????????????????????? FLAKE IS THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITE FOR A RINO, WHAT A FAILURE AND DISGRACE……

  3. Because when one invests and calls himself a Republican, and then does everything to prove that he isn’t, or he can’t, or won’t support his claimed party, EVER, he has convincingly proven to be a traitor. In that case it’s only fair play to treat him as the repugnant POS that he is! Someone that proves to be a turncoat, deserves no civility!

  4. For what reason? A lie and a fake fisa made up by the Democrated party? I’m guessing you are either ill informed are just a idiot. Your choice. Your party is going down, one by one by one. Your probably not even aware of the investigation against your currupt party are you? Stop letting MSNBC and CNN lie to you and brain wash you, they rely on uneducated people like you to listen to their lies.

  5. Lmdao….. That prick would not have a chance against Trump. No Republican in their right mind would ever vote for him. He’s not even a republican, he’s a liberal, always has been. He lies for a living and a liberal POS that was a cancer placed into the Republican party!

  6. Ferk Flake in the left ear.Dumber than six bags of hammers.Dumber even than pig sheet and just as smelly

  7. Betty if you have seen two men in white uniforms and a net they aren’t hunting butterflys they are looking foryou and your comments show they looking for the right person

  8. Wow! You sure are one dumb ass! You can’t see what’s going on….haven’t got a clue to what we had in the Presidents seat in the last 8 years…Obama is in Guantanamo singing like a bird and soros was picked up in Switzerland they are all pedifiles and sex traffickers uranium1 deals the Bush took down the 9/11 and you have the nerve to call our President names and at least our First Lady is a lady unlike Michael whatever the hell he is! They are all going away!

  9. Flake is no Republican. He should be excoriated and rejected by the party. He is an emasculated campy, milquetoast cuckold. He was intimidated by the women in the elevator and that must have been where he left his manhood. He is no Republican!

  10. No, Odumbass and his whore have the road to hell blocked. They are fighting the vacuum that keeps pulling them down.

  11. Betty, I do believe you are a real person. You dropped your vulgar words, but not your nasty attitude. But I am starting to think you are a male not a Betty. You need to change your name to Butch, to match your nasty mouth!

  12. No, no,no! Don’t send Flake here! We still can’t figure out why Romney moved here! Oh yeah! To replace Hatch. ????

  13. Betty, you can use words that aren’t vulgar. But I thought that Libs were pushing everything to be pc. Well you pushed my button by using the word “retard”!! That’s a no- no in Lib speak! I have a BEAUTIFUL Down Syndrome niece and if I ever heard anyone call her a retard…or use the word, you would be missing a mouthful of teeth! Now that probably will get me kicked off,but your foul mouth being wrecked, would be worth it!

  14. Betty, how many government workers have you talked to? I have 6 in my family that all work for IRS and want the wall! How many do you really know? And from your nasty attitude, I am starting to think you are a robot. Programmed to use the same words over and over. Prove me wrong. Use a complete sentence without the vulgarity. Hmmmm?

  15. Quit calling the First Lady disgusting names. You are asking for us to launch a verbal attack on the two worst wives of Democrat Presidents. Hillary and Michelle! The Flotus and son are off limits! Leave them out of your disgusting dialogue!

  16. Betty … YOU ARE THE WHORE not Melania. She is so far above you that even a gutter snake like you wouldn’t be able to climb out of the deep dark hole you live in.

  17. I am Voting for trump The Rinos can put up a Looser Trump is a man who loves the Country and the people .

  18. The idea of Jeff Flake challenging President Trump was the joke of the decade. Flake is completely disrespected. His hiring by CBS is like NBC hiring Megyn Kelly. It will probably work out as well.

  19. Betty is a WHORE. She sleeps with different men and women. And, you can’t deny the truth. Right Betty?

  20. CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump needs to be more than challenged in 2020. Right now in 2019, That White House WORM & His White House WHORE needs to have both of their Butts Kicked Straight to the Hottest Part of HELL

  21. Do you mean you’d rather have a bald faced lying cheating traitor like Flakey Flake in the Oval Office? If you would, you have absolutely no idea of what kind of person he is. PRESIDENT Trump is the first I’ve seen since 1946 when I turned 21 and first voted who’s actually trying to do something FOR the country and not FOR HIMSELF. Just look at the unholy mess Obama, both Bushes and Clinton created.

  22. David, good point. And I’ll agree President Trump has his flaws the same as we all do. But his flaws don’t hold a candle to that traitorous lying bastard, Jeff Flake. After personally listening his lies in a meeting held in my town I wouldn’t vote for Flake to clean up the parade route after the livestock has gone by. In my opinion Trump is the first president in modern history who is trying to do something for the country and we the people in it.

  23. David, good point. And I’ll agree President Trump has his flaws the same as we all do. But his flaws don’t hold a candle to that traitorous lying bastard, Jeff Flake. After personally listening his lies in a meeting held in my town I wouldn’t vote for Flake to clean up the parade route after the livestock has gone by. In my opinion Trump is the first president in modern history who is trying to do something for the country and we the people in it.

  24. At least, “Flake”? is able to figure it out which is more than can be said for mr.White WORM & mrs.White House WHORE.

  25. If d. trump were the only one running for president in 2020 with nobody running against him,period, even then, I would not vote for that White House WORM & His White House WHORE & I am sure 800.000 Federal Workers feel the very same way. Just ask them.

  26. President Trump NEEDS someone to run against in the primary! It will get him/his positions ‘toned up’ for the general election. [some supports might delude themselves into thinking he has no flaws. He INS’T God/Jesus Christ so HE HAS FLAWS and needs someone to be his ‘sharpening stone’ for the final contest!]

  27. Nobody is DUMBER than HUMPTY TRUMPY who sat on a Border Wall, Had a Great FALL & Thank GOD,No One could put HumpyTrumpy back together again.

  28. This is so true , only the rinos and demacraps are in the same mind set as this
    idiot . No true republican would consider voting for this jerk, he is a turn coat back stabber. just like Mc dufuss was

  29. Why stay home, Charlie? Flake will never make it out of the primary unless people like you stay home. If he runs as an independent he’ll draw more Democrap votes than true conservative votes. Only Trump-hatering so-called Republicans and RINOs would vote for Flake.

  30. Just my opinion, but, this guy will embarrass big league if he goes forward. I guess he’ll figure it out before he goes too far and shut the hell up and fade away!

  31. He knows he would have not been re-elected in the position he was in so trying to get enough people to vote for him in a primary would be a pipe dream.

  32. A complete RINO who never lifted a finger to help the VA Hospital in Arizona whi was one of the worst in the U.S. He, like Hillary would not get my vote for dogcatcher, let alone the toughest job in politics. MAGA RVN 68-69

  33. He is NOT a senator because he couldn’t win ARIZONA?? But nationally he only needs about 3% to screw up Trump! BEWARE he has always been dangerous!!!

  34. The guy is a complete ass, can’t imagine he can capture enough votes to accomplish his goal. What self respecting conservative would vote for a far left Democrat carrying a Republican label?

  35. Jeff Flake is not a true Republican.. if Flake ran against Trump, it’s most likely that Flake would probably get more Democrat votes than anything else and in the end would hurt Democrat candidates more than it would Trump; Flake would say he’s against everything Trump has done as President which means almost zero support among true Republicans.

  36. CBS would do well to reconsider such offer. ABC and NBC have lost viewership because of the dorks (George S. and Matt L. ) they have to carry their flag. If CBS hires flakey Flake, I turn them off also.

  37. I couldn’t agree more Jorge. I wouldn’t vote for him if he was running to be a slug catcher, he’s a traitor and by far know republican.

  38. Some people are genetically anti-trump. But Flake is worse than that. He is flaky. Idiotic and acting very uneducated. It isa disgrace to the educational system of this country.IfI were him , I will not show my face on TV and instead he got the moronic idea of going on TV.

  39. I had always been a believer in my party affiliation.
    I guess that all politicians are nothing more than whores selling their asses to the highest bidder. How can it be that members of the same party, do not back their sitting President. That to me indicates that all these politicians are in fact a bunch of WHORES that would sell their own mothers asses just to get away with anything. If you do not back your candidate then, form the independent party and join that but, YOU DO NOT BAD MOUTH THE VERY SAME PARTY THAT YOU ARE IN>

    That to me, constitutes……TRAITOR.

  40. If you vote for Flake, that’s exactly what you’ll get, a flake! What does anyone think that a Republican Turncoat can do, that our President isn’t already doing?

  41. I live in Arizona, Flake is just like his name. Conservative s don’t like him. He is flip floper. Do not trust him. Yes means no and no means yes.
    Don’t vote for him.

  42. Flake just made a fool out of himself lol … we could see this coming back during the Kavanaugh hearing. He sucked up to the Democrats!! Why would we elect a trader? You made the wrong move there Flaker

  43. 80% of republicans support trump the other 20%
    Are to weak and are un sure of there manhood
    Why don’t they resign get the hell out of the way
    Do your job get behind trump build the damm wall
    GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP stay strong mr president

  44. Flake couldn’t get a job being a dog catcher or a job with NBC OR CBS and they are lower than a dog catcher. SUCKER FLAKE

  45. Flake has one redeeming value. He never leaves the toilet up. That’s because there is no reason for him to lift it!

  46. Flakes name suits him to a tee. What a phony dunderhead.So glad he is out of the Senate.Good ridence

  47. My protest sign would be: Flake’s face with a huge red “X” on his face, exclaiming “RINO Alert!”.

    The same with Romney’s. The conservative voters need to be educated.

    They need to know that we the voters are going to stick with Trump’s MAGA agenda. American citizens come first, not the pushy foreign aliens.

  48. Best news I’ve heard in a while!! There are others who should follow his lead. We really need united Republicans because Kamala is a harbinger of what could happen if a Dem gets the White House.

  49. As a repulsive RINO I’m in doubts that Flake could even carry his state let alone any other state in a primary! He might be a good independent candidate only votes he’d garner would be those that won’t vote for president Trump anyway!

  50. Nobody could have a more appropriate name than Flake. He “retired” because he doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of ever being elected to another public office here in AZ. Maybe he’ll move to Utah like RINO ROMNEY and give it another shot. It seems that they will ALWAYS elect a RINO…

  51. As an Arizonian Republican I’m of the opinion Flake is nothing short of what his name implies. There’s not a chance in hell for this fool to succeed!

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