One Republican’s impeachment ultimatum took Donald Trump by surprise

The Senate is expected to begin its impeachment trial next Tuesday.

But before the trial kicked off a major curveball was just thrown by a key Senator.

And this one Republican’s impeachment ultimatum took Donald Trump by surprise.

RINO Senators like Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski are making noises that they are willing to join the Democrats in letting Chuck Schumer call the shots as to calling witnesses at the impeachment trial.

Democrats in the House refused to wait for court battles to compel witness testimony and are counting on the Republican controlled Senate to conduct their fishing expedition for them by calling John Bolton, Mick Mulvaney, and other supposedly key “witnesses.”

But Republican Senator Rand Paul told POLITICO that if Democrats force votes on witnesses Democrats want, due process dictates the President gets to call his own witnesses.

“My first preference would be to be done with it as soon as possible and not to have any witnesses,” Paul stated. “If they insist on having people like Bolton coming forward, my insistence will be not just one witness. But that the president should be able to call any witnesses that he deems necessary to his defense.”

Paul explained that swing state Senators would then be faced with infuriating the conservative base and losing their elections if they vote against the President’s witnesses such as Hunter Biden, Adam Schiff, and alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella.

“If you vote against Hunter Biden, you’re voting to lose your election, basically. Seriously. That’s what it is,” Paul said during an interview in his office on Wednesday. “If you don’t want to vote and you think you’re going to have to vote against Hunter Biden, you should just vote against witnesses, period.”

Paul’s threat to force votes on witnesses Democrats don’t want to see take the stand could end up acting as a deterrence to calling witnesses altogether.

And most Republicans would be perfectly happy with that development.

This impeachment is a partisan sham and the sooner it is done away with the better.

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  1. OK, so they vote on whether to have witnesses or not that I get. I also understand they vote as to how many each side gets. What I don’t understand is why they vote on who you can call as a witness? With a majority of votes you could definitely fix a trial.

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