One revelation about the coronavirus vaccine is bad news for Americans

A coronavirus vaccine is finally coming to market.

The public believes this is the way out of the lockdowns and mask mandates.

But one revelation about the coronavirus vaccine is bad news for Americans.

In Great Britain, Professor Jonathan Van-Tam who is the government’s Deputy Chief Medical officer warned the lockdowns will continue indefinitely until it is proven the coronavirus vaccine stops transmission.

Professor Van-Tam warned that the public should not think that “after the second dose of your vaccine, it’s OK to behave with wild abandon and go off to the bingo halls and whatever you like”.

“Unfortunately, it is a pretty grim and depressing picture at the moment. The situation in the UK is precarious in many parts already, particularly the southeast and London,” Professor Van-Tam added.

“It is almost certainly true that the NHS has not yet seen the impact of the infections that will have occurred during mixing on Christmas Day. And that, unfortunately, is also rather sobering,” Professor Van-Tam concluded.

So-called health “experts” in America have made similar predictions.

Dr. Fauci claims that even though the vaccine should be widely available to the public by April, normal life would not return until late fall 2021 or early 2022.

That is not what Americans bargained for.

They expected that once a vaccine was widely available or they got their shots that the masks could come off and the lockdowns would end.

But the health bureaucrats are moving the goalposts once again and they are now preparing the public for nearly an entire year of lockdowns in 2021.

Americans are now left wondering if once fall 2021 comes around, Dr. Fauci and other health “experts” will invent a new excuse to keep the lockdowns in place.

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