One RINO Senator made this big mistake that he will live to regret

Donald Trump is still dealing with RINOs in the GOP trying to bring him down.

The acts of sabotage continue to escalate.

But one RINO Senator took it too far and made this big mistake that he will live to regret.

Georgia RINO Johnny Isakson rushed to the defense of the late Senator John McCain.

President Trump said he wasn’t a fan of McCain after it was revealed McCain and his aides schemed to use the fake news Russia dossier to bring down Trump.

Isakson erupted in a rage and ranted to the anti-Trump site The Bulwark about the supposed “poor example” Trump set.

The Bulwark reports:

On Tuesday, Isakson told me he plans to deliver the promised whipping. “I want to do what I said that day on the floor of the senate,” he said. “I just want to lay it on the line, that the country deserves better, the McCain family deserves better, I don’t care if he’s president of United States, owns all the real estate in New York, or is building the greatest immigration system in the world. Nothing is more important than the integrity of the country and those who fought and risked their lives for all of us…
…America deserves better, the people deserve better, and nobody—regardless of their position—is above common decency and respect for people that risk their life for your life. When the president is saying that that he doesn’t respect John McCain and he’s never going to respect John McCain and all these kids are out there listening to the president of the United States talk that way about the most decorated senator in history who is dead it just sets the worst tone possible.

Isakson recently won re-election in 2016.

But that doesn’t mean he is safe.

Trump supporters are proven to have long memories.

If Isakson continues to attack the President, then pundits believe he will be at serious risk of a primary challenge when he runs for re-election in 2022.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. For decades now the republican establishment RINO’S has been stabbing it’s voters in the back long enough. We must unite and be smart enough to recognize a RINO and make sure he is not elected to office like Utah did with RINO Romney and Arizona did with RINO McCain.

  2. I’m not well versed about John McCain’s activities while he was alive and, I will not speak badly of anyone that can’t defend themselves! I will just say this, he, right wrong or indifferent, for some reason decided to turn his back on our President. I guess that some people would call him a “Rino” but, I would rather think of him as an American Patriot with opposing points of view and leave it there! As for Isakson, I don’t know anything about him but, I do know that President Trump is doing his best to make our country great again. I also know (good or bad) our President speaks his mind, no lies, no sugar coating, that’s just him and thanks for him! Sometimes, we might not agree with him but, we have got to respect the fact that he’s not hiding behind some political shield and tells it like it is!

  3. Mr. Johhny Isakson, sir, you truly need to go back to history class, one reason why Mr. McCain is mad at everyone in the USA is that he LOST his Bid In The US Presidential Race to Mr. Barry or is it Barak Hussein Soebakah alias Soetoro alias Dunham alias Obama! #2, though he was injured on July 19, 1967 AD on The USS Forrestal, and one of my US Navy Friends told me that Mr. McCain was the reason for that Fire, by “Wet Starting” his A-4 Jet Fighter, showing off, and 135 US Navy Sailors, Pilots and Flight Crew were Killed, and Mr. McCain was one of 161 injured that day!

  4. I would challenge Mr Johnny Isakson to pro-port that claim “Nothing is more important than the integrity of the country and those who fought and risked their lives for all of us…” to any of the current armed forces personnel suggesting as he did that “John McCain deserves better”. I am quite sure the response will not be to his liking.

  5. If McCain didn’t have high ranking relatives in the Services we would never have heard anything about him. Trying to frame Trump shows what a devious person he was. He was no hero. If he hadn’t acted so stupid running his campaign Obama wouldn’t have been elected although we probably wouldn’t have been any better off with him as President. The Republican’s in his district shouldn’t vote for Isakson again.

    • Just because a person dies doesn’t mean his actions aren’t accountable. The Fake Russian dossier was first started by John McCain. He rushed to judgment and did not do his job to investigate the possibility that this dossier could be a back door way to remove President Trump from office. McCain was a never Trump instigator and had no respect for the people that elected him to lead this Nation. I find that the most outrageous action was John McCain’s treasonous act against the will of the people. Sorry McCain supporter’s everyone is accountable for their actions dying cannot make a person a leader it only reveals that truth is the thing that
      builds everlasting integrity.

    • Refreshing to have a POTUS that calls em’ honestly as he seez em’! If not for his McCains father & grandfather, we would not have heard another thing about him once he did his “hot shot” move on the ship, killing all those service members. Anybody else would’ve been courtmartialed.

      • They couldn’t courtmartial the son of an admiral.. His father was a high ranking officer in the COmSouthpac..

  6. It seems a lot of folks see through the false public persona of McCain.
    If his father and grandfather were not very high ranking Navy Officers he would have been run out of the Navy long before his fatal crash in the north. One could wonder if he was ‘goofing off’ again.

    • President Trump is not suppose to say one word against anyone. But he has to put up with all the lies, back stabbing, and bullshit said against him. I support him for being truthful about his feelings. I’d rather hear how he really feels then have him said the bs like that of the Democrats are saying. They cut McCain to pieces years ago and now they are praising him. They are so two faces and hypocrites!!!!

  7. McStain was part and parcel in getting around the Wood’s Procedures that is the last and greatest protection from abusing secret courts. Mueller was called before a Judge about 92 occasions the FISA System was abused… and promised there would be better oversight of secret spying… the Woods Procedure was established, to ensure accurate information was the case… and what happened, McStain, Reid, Brennan, Australian officials, British counter parts to the CIA, the FBI… went around the court established procedures… resulting in 2 years of undermining a National Election of the Highest Order with FISA warrants from unconfirmed info.
    Hearings were held and promises made America would not experience these abuses again where fundamentally the FISA court system was created to protect America from the worst of enemies, terrorists and drug kingpins… turned against a political foe of Agencies and politicians.
    Georgia RINO Johnny Isakson, it is common to hear politicians defend or attack politicians they like or don’t like, it isn’t common for politician to subvert the protections America has for citizens.. including Politicians.

  8. Georgia should be embarrassed of this twit! McCain and his aides betrayed Trump and the Americans who voted him into office in the worst way. Not once but routinely often. Elected by American voter, he posed as a Republican but, because McCain hated Trump, he turned his back on his constituents as well. Trump said he was not a fan of McCain. Trump had every right to speak his mind. Even the President can speak his mind because the 1st Amendment of the Constitution gives him that right. If you were a good Republican, you would have been infuriated with what McCain did with the “Steele Dossier” and worked explicitly against Trump and Americans. Republican voters do have “hella long memories” and I hope, come election day, you see the affect of those “hella long memories”!

  9. Here in AZ we had to deal with McCain and his ego for years. At first I thought he was a patriot and of course, a war prisoner and had great respect for him. That quickly evaporated when his true egocentric personality came thru and he just lived for the Sunday talk shows and NY Times front page.

    • Proud to say I never voted for him in the last election. I’m done voting for the rhinos. Time to purge the party the rhinos. I no longer give the Republican party money anymore. It just goes to the wrong people. The place to spend your money as with freedom watch. They do more to stop corruption in the United States than that Republicans ever well

  10. I am an Air Force veteran and served during the Korean Conflict. We lost 35,000 people in that war, though if was never called a war, it was a “police action”. I lost some good friends in Korea. If anyone could be called hero’s, it was them. They gave their lives for this country.
    McCain claimed he was a hero. He even said they offered to let him come home, he said he told them he would stay and they could let someone else go. The torture must have been awful. I have my doubts about that part of his story.
    President Trump has ever right to dislike McCain, after the way he treated him. McCain was mad because Trump won and he didn’t. Same as the rest of the Hillary supporters. No difference. Getting captured does not make you a hero. Look at Bergdahl who deserted and was captured by the Taliban. He was a prisoner for 5 years. The Democrats wanted to make him some kind of hero. All he was was a deserter that got captured and should have been put before a firing squad. That’s what they used to do for deserting during a time of war.
    Trump is more a hero than McCain for all he has done for the Amrerican people and this country. That is just my opinion.

    • There was some evidence that McCain broke while a captive. Apparently many do under extreme torture. I fault McCain because he was a rino.. just like any other wolf in sheeps clothing. He lied to the people of his state. Many politicians do, but not Trump Thank you for your service.

    • Yes, thank you for your Service. Senator McCain failed the people of Arizona who elected him to Office and even stood behind him when he ran for President of the U.S. against Obama. He lost that Presidency and he lost much of the respect of the many citizens of Arizona for his actions as well as words, especially the l4 years of his life. President Trump, just as every citizen and even non-citizen living here in the U.S. has a right to express their own opinion as that is the very First Amendment of our U.S. Constitution, which it seems many are trying their best to subjugate just as with the 2nd Amendment. I thank you for your opinion as I totally agree with you as well as your opinion of President Trump as in a very real way President Trump is fighting a battle for you, me and this U.S. of A. by listening to We the People and to bring our Nation back from the edge of Hell the Obama Administration was leading US into.

    • You’re so right Bergdahl should have been treated like the deserter he was and did so while we were at war and should be SHOT FOR DESERTION IN THE FACE OF THE ENEMY WHILE AT WAR.He should be treated no different than other deserters before him. He and oBONZO should both have to appear before a Jury of their peers and when convicted taken out and shot to death by a military firing squad with each receiving a final shot to the head.

  11. Yeah you’re right Isakson, the country does deserve better and Georgia does too instead they have a no good back stabbing POS like you representing them. I guess it’s statesman like to spread that piece of garbage dossier around like McCain done and don’t you dare to try to say it was his aide. Maybe it’s patriotic to support abortion like McCain did or support any left wing agenda that Ted Chappaquiddick Kennedy told him to. I know, this has got to be what you mean describes what a righteous man McCain was when he asked Pres. Trump to campaign for him, tell the President and voters he will vote to repeal Obamacare then LIE and give a big ol thumbs down to kill the bill. You really have a lot of nerve to tell us what is right and good, how much dirt will we find on you when we start digging? And we will dig you can count on it! Go crawl back under the rock you’ve been hiding under instead of supporting the President and keep your mouth shut till we primary you, you worthless rino! I don’t care what President Trump says about any of you pathetic liars and thieves and I hope he says more!

  12. I am a combat Vietnam vet and I am not a hero and neither was Mccain. Mccain did his job and I did my job. He had a bad day and got shot down. The media started calling all veterans, police and firefighters hero and it is not true. I knew people that were heros, but they are rare. The media has cheapen the meaning of the word hero.

    • Proud to say I never voted for him in the last election. I’m done voting for the rhinos. Time to purge the party the rhinos. I no longer give the Republican party money anymore. It just goes to the wrong people. The place to spend your money as with freedom watch. They do more to stop corruption in the United States than that Republicans ever well

  13. Hey , guess what?
    I, a combat wounded Marine Vietnam Veteran, along with many others including a lot of POWs that I know personally happen to agree with the president. McLame was a POS that stabbed his fellow POWs in the back and continued to stab veterans and Republicans in the back all his miserable life.

    • Why in the world can’t Americans believe the people who know. Soldiers knew John McCain and all the CRAP he spouted – after being the reason for 128 (?) soldiers being killed on AN AMERICAN ship and people are ok with that.
      We have border patrol people who tell it like it is and need the tools they need at the Southern border and ONE OF THEM IS THE W A L L .
      I’m from Arizona and I have NEVER like McCain because of his uppity attitude. Feel sorry for Megan but that’s just the way it is.

    • I have heard this many times before, and rather people see him as a Vietnam hero or traitor, the man still betrayed the President, by passing along the fake dossier, paid for by Clinton and her corrupt, liberal cronies. Isakson must have missed that part, and his saying the Pres. will never respect McCain is hypocritical, when you look at how badly liberals, rinos and the main stream media have abused, betrayed and show daily disrespect for President Trump. Shame on Isakson.

  14. JUST IN..NO COLLUSION FOUND BY MUELLER liberals out here that have wet dreams about Mueller will soon be cursing pecially betty bot and the other sorry sacks of shit that hate trump and our country

      • This man is a fool to think John McCain is a hero simply for getting shot down and imprisoned. Hundreds of others suffered the same fate, were imprisoned much longer and received no recognition at all. McCains questionable involvement and evacuation from the Forrestal as well as his involvement in the Keating savings and loan scam, and costing millions of Americans thousands of dollars in unnecessary Obama care expenses with his childish tantrum “thumbs down” grandstanding tell all you need to know about McCain.


        • As a Vietnam era veteran I agree with GKW and Edward Conley. McCain is and was a TRAITOR who sold out his fellow POWs to the enemy for personal favors at THEIR EXPENSE, his antics on the USS Forrestal cost the lives of many sailors and marines and was then covered up due to his dad and grand dads high rank in the NAVY.

          McCain and people like him got political pull by USING their military service, along with all their embellishing of their true antics while in the service, just to further their POLITICAL careers and further take the American people for a ride.

          Mitt Romney is another traitor both to his country, the Republican party and to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints of which I am also a member of! I voted for him when he ran against Obama just because he was a better choice than that RETARDED NON-AMEIRCAN but I won’t ever vote for him again UNLESS he is the only choice over ANY DEMOCRAT THAT IS RUNNING!

          A Vietnam era veteran

  15. I bet if the shoe were on the other foot and it was Isakson who was targeted for destruction by Sen. McCain, he would have an entirely different take on the situation. Why should the president just shrug an say, “Oh, well, McCain’s a hero so I should let it slide”? And regarding the “hero” status surrounding McCain, I’m sure there are many family members of the over 134 Navy personnel who died on board the USS Forrestal in the fires/explosions caused by his “maverick wet start” that still have less than favorable opinions of him. I was a supporter of McCain when he ran against Bush in the presidential primaries in 2000 and again when he ran against Obama in 2008; but I lost all respect for him when I found out about not only the incident onboard the Forrestal but his efforts in keeping the family members of those killed/MIAS in Viet Nam from finding or retrieving the bodies of their loved ones because he kept the records from being made public.

    • It is so Hypocritical that someone want to take down our govt. and POTUS by insulting him via internet, media, news and other means. McCain and Trump
      had disagreements that could have been solved more peacefully but McCain decided to switch over to the left wing radicals agenda and if he was still alive today he would have tried to impeach him. Sorry but he was a honorable soldier at one time but fell into the Deep State. Mr. Trump says what he feels and mostly the truth and the Democrats take advantage
      try and regain control and power. I respected McCain as a soldier being a veteran and POW, but some where along the road he switched sides and decided to follow the radicals, corrupt and politically correct Left Wing vs supporting Americans.

    • I agree 100 percent with what you said. He sucked as a senator and his Military Services is not above condemnation.

  16. Issacson is an asshole rino He will not be re-elected to the senate John McCrap is a traitor to his country and all fellow servicemen. Diane is a stupid obnoxious lying C***.

  17. When Johnny Isakson runs for reelection in 2022, he can expect no help from Donald Trump or the RNC! In fact he may expect being primaried!

  18. He’s just one of many, and has done less damage than many. The worst of the bunch are the Turncoat 7, many of whom are still in the Senate. Those 7, who voted with Democrats to preserve Obamacare, are Alexander, Collins, Capito, Heller (no longer in office), McCain (also now gone), Murkowski, and Portman. Then there is the new arrival, Romney, who should be a one-term Senator. All should be replaced the next time each has a primary opponent for reelection.

  19. Rex mark Williams
    If this is true what are we waiting for how do
    Go about it I can name a few that should be recalled
    I hope this catches on count me in

  20. Johnny Isakson the RHINO just sealed his fate here in Georgia, I’ll never give him another of my vote’s and know MANY more who feel the same after his RINO rants of bashing he just did to President J. Trump, who has done more for the American people than MCCain , who was a joke in Washington.
    The more I have learned about John MCCain the less than zero respect I have for him.
    You’d think he would have cherished being back with his wife and kids after he came back from Nam, instead he chose to run around on his wife who was recovering from a horrible accident while her husband was in NAM.
    Divorcing her for a sixteen year old millionaire, he soon married.
    MCCain showed how pathetic a person he truly was in many ways but to go against a fellow Republican President and try to take him down at every turn instead of working with him to undo Obama’s near destruction.
    MCCain delighted in getting his hands on the dossier to get President Trump as well as a high up in his office visited Lois Lerner and was an encoursging factor in what was happened in the IRS scandle.

  21. I am a Trump supporter but, not happy about Trump’s concern about McCain. I will not change my support for Trump, he has been a great President, his first two years.


      • Excuse me…that must be your dumbocrat ass talking, you mouth surely
        knows better. Two things for sure and certain, John McCain was
        a total POS RINO, and we will never see a (as you call it) a
        Dumbocrat Super Majority. The people of this country are NOT THAT STUUUPID!!


  23. On 29 July 1967, a fire broke out on board the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal after an electrical anomaly caused a Zuni rocket on a F-4B Phantom to fire, striking an external fuel tank of an A-4 Skyhawk. The flammable jet fuel spilled across the flight deck, ignited, and triggered a chain-reaction of explosions that killed 134 sailors and injured 161. At the time, Forrestal was engaged in combat operations in the Gulf of Tonkin, during the Vietnam War. (That is how the FAKE story goes )
    What REALLY Happened :
    The “Songbird of Hanoi” is the incompetent fool-idiot that started the fire with his “GUNG-HO” attitude and couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. HE started that tragedy by not listening to ORDERS, and “Jumped-the-Gun” by starting his plane and the HEAT from his exhaust-emissions ignited a jet behind him creating a chain reaction that killed all those people ! Because his “daddy” John Sidney “Jack” McCain Jr. (whose ship he was on) and because of that, there was a “Cover Up” of the incident, as the above story was released officially. He was known by his “colleagues” as “The Song bird of Hanoi” because his cowardliness led to secrets omitted to “Charlie” which kept him from being severely tortured till the end where he was “advised” to be beaten to look like he had it rough and become a so-called FAKE Hero . . . BURN IN HELL McCain !

    • And his “injuries” were caused by the wind hitting him on ejection from his Jet at High Speed and FAILED TO KEEP HIS ARMS, SHOULDERS, AND ELBOWS “HIGH AND TIGHT” TO THE BODY to prevent the injuries he suffered.

      Lack of medical treatment made the damage permanent. NOT ‘torture’ from the boots he licked in captivity.

    • Well spoken. There is a difference. McCain killed a lot of servicemen on the USS FORRESTALL. He totally screwed up. The Tokyo rose of the Hanoi Hilton putting down the military. He was told by his dad,to stick it out in the Hanoi Hilton so he could,be a senator.

  24. McCain was a egotistical, evil person. Where he is post death is and always will be in question because the ONLY sin that will never be forgiven is denial that you ever committed a sin.

    • Ya Republican are going to be vote out of office in 2020 and will go thru an extensive period of time to ever become a relevant party again just be aware in the next election cycle the millennial are going to be the biggest voting block in America and they hate Donald Trump with a passion just be prepared the blue wave it just getting started and it will be so afortunatane to have a one party control the country for such a long time my brother be prepared the Democrats are coming back to the white house to stay for good for a looooong period of time Trump will be become the first one turn president of the new century cause the Republican party is just a party or pathetic and haters.

      • Well spoken. There is a difference. McCain killed a lot of servicemen on the USS FORRESTALL. He totally screwed up. The Tokyo rose of the Hanoi Hilton putting down the military. He was told by his dad,to stick it out in the Hanoi Hilton so he could,be a senator.

      • Yes the do nothing Republican party is made up of Rinanos! Full of traitors, back stabers, liars and Bumbling Idiots past and present! They need to be shucked like corn on a cobe!

      • Hey, Lionel – You obviously need more time with your trains.
        Does your mommy know you are in the basement playing
        with her computer? LOL!! What a joke, ya loser.

      • Lionel, Lionel, Lionel.. The dems will not rule for long if they win. The muslim Brotherhood has penetrated Congress with their plants. It has started, they are here, and you will have an American caliphate before too long. I’m old and won’t be here to see it but..somewhere, I will be laughing at your stupidity.

  25. My definition of a war hero is a man that resists being captured by the enemy and fights them to the last breath of his life what would not make McCain a hero in any sense of the word.

    • Gee! The senator was going to knowingly use false information to derail my campaign? Golly what a nice guy. Melania put him on our Christmas list please. What the hell does this Georgia moron THIMK Trump ought to say about someone who acted so dishonorably? This isn’t *Old Lock Jaws” only unethical stunt. Ask the people around Winlow, AZ about his real estate deals and selling the city down the river. For every butt wipe rino including Lee and Bitch Romney I sincerely hope you get your just desserts come re-election time.

  26. There are men alive today, that were on the ship back when it got hit, that swear the ship got hit by John McCain himself. They say McCain bombed the ship accidentally, and his Admiral Father covered up for him at the time. Also, John McCain’s first wife, Carol, was in a serious car accident, and almost died. John McCain wasted no time in dating other women, threw Carol to the curb because she no longer was a trophy wife [she was very mangled in the accident] and his political career was rising and she was a detriment. He and Carol were friends with the Reagan’s at time, and even the Reagan’s were appalled at his treatment towards Carol, because they liked her so much, that they no longer had association with John. He divorced Carol, and as soon as the papers were dry, he married the wife he has now. That is who John McCain was.

    • The world seems to have forgotten about the KEATING 5,where McCain tried to stop Bank Examinr rs rehi friends failing Bank. Often flown by bank plane to Keatings island paradise with his family. Thousands of seniors lost much of their life savings. KEATING 5…Google it.

    • I know that there are many deep dark secrets in the McCain family as there are in most families, and I do understand how the President, knowing lots of them, cannot fully respect this man, even though he is gone….BUT he fully deserves to be angry that McCain threw him under the bus, trying to derail him from the Presidency. And I am sorry for McCain’s family having to hear about this after he is gone and they are still mourning his loss. But I think it was important for the President to get this off his chest so that we fully understand where he is coming from when he says he is not a fan of McCain’s. After learning what I have learned, I understand this feeling. But..from hereon in, maybe he should just keep these feelings between him and his family or closest friends to keep the flames down. Even better, between him and the Lord.

    • A few visits by daddy to President Nixon got little jonnie the PRESIDENTIAL PARDON he NEEDED if the TRUTH ever came out.

      WHY did he think he needed a Pardon?

    • One more small detail, Ross Perro picked up all of Carol’s medical bills. Seems that she allowed Ross to pay the bill because she did not want NcStain to worry about her during his captivity. Yeah, McStain is a real war hero and a hell of a good man. Makes me want to up chuck my breakfast. I’m also a Vietnam Combat Vet and proud of President Trump!

  27. Senators and congressmen better be careful there’s something called recall petition they’ve gotten very arrogant in Congress. we can always recall anyone who sits in Congress that means both the House and Senate let them not forget that it is possible they could get jerked out of office and not get to fulfill the term they were elected to. This is a country run by the people for the people the people have the final say it’s called the voting booth. I think once in a while we need to give the boot to those who’ve lost their mission and forgot who they’re there to represent their constituents not their friends.

    • rex we need to use that on almost every congressman in the congress they are all against our country and trying overtime to bring us down.

    • Thanks for the information Mr. Rex Williams…. I didn’t realize there was a recall petition… maybe it’s time WE THE PEOPLE exercise it.

    • I find all this attack on President Trump to be disgraceful as he is the leader of the free world and loved by millions of people around the world. The fact that Trump is an honest straight-forward person who does the right things no matter what the political feedback will be does not let that stop him. He is not a person that acts like he is with you and then stabs you in the back when you do not expect it like the RINOS.

  28. If this Georgia RINO READ AND UNDERSTOOD what the President said, and saw the written proof. that McCain colluded to perpetuate the dossier. Nothing was said about his being a RINO, President Trump stated the facts.

    • McCain also showed what he was by being the single vote that could have ended Obamacare which has impacted millions of Americans with unaffordable and inadequate healthcare just because he did not like Trump. A real hero would never do something to hurt so many out of spite to hurt one person. Maybe the devil has a better health plan for him. May he not Rest In Peace.

  29. Be glad that McCain is pushing up daisies and hope that some truly sensible candidate will come along and replace that RINO asshole as I don’t like his new replacement.

    • I hated to badmouth a Veteran and former POW but he could not play well with others except across the aisles. I wish he would have retired while he had all of our respect.

  30. All of these people are such fakes anyway. Trump is a straight shooter. He’s actually more honest than the others, because they won’t tell the fact they hate him, but work behind his back to sabotage him at every turn.
    Donald Trump found out McCain was behind much of the Fake Dossier, and knew it, and he’s not happy about it, even if McCain is dead. I, myself, would have let it slide, but remarked that it was unfortunate that a War Veteran would stoop to such a low level, but hope he’s in a better place now.

  31. I am so sick and tired of hearing the PITIFUL, WHIMPERING little cries of the DEEP STATE RINO GOP!!! I DARE THEM, to come into OUR territory, and live with what little most people get!! And the thing is…..the backwoods patriotic Americans, that live in middle America, usually don’t have a problem, trying to live their lives, to the best of OUR ability, WITHOUT congress, sticking their hands in our pockets, to take OUR MONEY!!! ALL OF AMERICA, needs to file a class action lawsuit, AGAINST CONGRESS, for STEALING MONEY FROM THE SOCIAL SECURITY FUND!!!!

    • Talk to Vietnam vets. Especially those in the Hanoi Hilton. They have other opinions about McCain and they are not complementary.

      • Yes John,,, no one talks to these people or the fellow comrades in service that were killed or injured due to John McCain’s recklessness of the aircraft he was flying….however, he never paid the price for that because daddy McCain was an Admiral and they protect their own… he was reassigned… others didn’t get the chance… they died. I didn’t/don’t care for McCain… in my opinion he was a traitor.

    • Yes! Thank you. Let’s also kick the idiot candidate presidential candidate Gilliland who wants the illegals to collect Social Security also. Let send all the illegals back where they came from and withhold them collecting welfare. We Americans have been providing for their country by giving them economic aid. Why are they here and again collecting welfare on us and now wants social Secutiy also? When does this stop bleeding us Americans? That’s why they come here to collect benefits

  32. I have a lot of respect for John McCain
    But he’s wrong about trump
    I never met trump what he accomplished
    In 2 years is in incredible more then any
    President can you imagine if he didn’t have
    The democrats attacking him 24/7 and his own
    Party trump loves America
    All the people who served in law enforcement and
    Are great military the democrats should absolutely be
    Ashamed of themselves there only interested
    Is bringing down America

  33. I remember in my Christian teachings the following, “A man’s sines live after him.” McCain let his thin skin make Trump’s comment about McCain not being a hero because he was caught made McCain insanely mad. He stabbed Trump the back colluding with the Clinton campaign assisting with a phony dossier. McCain traveled back to Washington in poor condition to vote against Trump regarding the repeal of Obamacare. Trump has right to be mad.

    • Absolutely. And McCain spewed out vitriol out towards Trump up to the day he was dying on his death bed. I’m totally with Trump on this. McCain was NOT, I repeat, NOT a nice man contrary to all the propaganda you hear. I don’t care if he was a POW. At least he came home alive and pretty much intact. How about those who came home without arms/legs or both, blind, crippled, emotionally damaged. Those are the ones who get a salute from me. Not McCain.

    • Absolutely correct Duane. McCain deserves much worse. Isakson needs to be reminded who is the President and who is just a shill for defense corporations. He would fit the latter description right up there with McCain.

    • MCSTAIN, the “Hanoi Hilton songbird” will NEVER erase his “legacy” and how even in the end, proved himself to be a TRAITOR to the American People.

      • abosolutely cliff. McCain was a traitor to this country. Idiot senators don’t really know him because they weren’t there at the Hanoi Hilton.

    • America Deserves Much Better Than Career Corrupt Money Grubbing Power Grabbing Political Garbage Like Johnny Isakson John Mc Cain Was Always Falsely Acclaimed As An War Hero Who’s Treachery Dates Back To When He Was In South Asia And As An Member Of The Senate Committee Suposedly Investigating The Fate Of Our Brave Military Personnel Who Were Abandoned On The Battlefield By Our Government And People Like John Mc Cain And Johnny Isakson.

  34. Replying or even reading comments by “Diane” is a waste of time. She/he/it makes comments that are not even worth any effort to comment back. I really think this person has nothing but hate to spew because she has no other outlet or friends.

  35. Like many other people fed with a Silver Spoon, John McCain got by on the backs of others instead of his own. (meaning he had no balls of his own)

    • When McCain was held by the North Vietnamese, they discovered that his father was an admiral. They offered to release McCain, but McCain knew they wanted to use him for propaganda purposes. McCain refused early release to stay with his comrades and he paid a high price in torture. He was a fine warrior but not the best Senator. He’s dead now; let him alone. If his staff assisted with the phony dossier, it will come out in the investigation. Let the investigators tell the tale. Trump should rise above all of this. THAT would be the manly position.

      • I am a Trump fan ,but must agree with you. Trump is being so beat up by the RINOS and the left I know it is effecting his response.McCain was called a maverick for a reason. McCAIN HATED Trump and shot at him all the time.He did live on his stint at the Hanoi Hilton

      • Ruth, unfortunately you are the victim of a major cover up on McCain’s behavior at eh Hanoi Hilton. He and his father created this fairy tale. McCain was the victim of his own stupidity and sung like a canary to save himself from torture by informing on the others (real heroes) at the Hanoi Hilton to cause them severe treatment. He “confessed” that the US committed war crimes to also gain privileges and save himself.

        • You are indeed correct..THAT is how he got back in better shape than many of his fellow captors.Even today they SCORN him for what he did to them.

      • McCain was not tortured by the VC, he failed to follow protocol when he ejected from his aircraft and tore up both his shoulders then. He wouldn’t have even been shot down if he had not left his assigned duty to do a little hot dogging.

      • Ruth and Barbara….so sorry to burst your bubble. Read the comments on here. Really read them. Songbird McCain was a lying, backstabbing piece of garbage whose family saved his behind when he blew up rockets due to his stupidity on his carrier killing 134 men. He was not tortured in Nam, He cut America’s throat till the day he died. He got up off of his death bed to fly back and stop us from being saved from Obamacare. Wake up. Can you Google??

    • Trump wasn’t fed with a “silver spoon??????? Now that is a “joke”. Oh, excuse me, he was fed with a “golden spoon”

  36. McCain was more of a traitor than he was a hero he is no better than Jain Fonda or john Kerry or the draft dodger slick willy clinton. kerry and clinton got there rights back because of the now 2nd worst president in our history jimmy peanut carter

      • You say he’s a draft dodger. He didn’t leave the country or end up in jail, those were the draft dodgers. Having physical maladeys was not a draft dodger.

      • Diane. You’re an idiot. Trump was rejected from the military because he has flat feet. Look it up on Fact Checker and pull your head out of your rump. McCain sold his votes out to the highest bidder. That’s why the sellout traitor reversed himself on Obamacare. McCain and his surviving family are far more valuable dead than alive.

  37. McCain was really a Democrat but his state was red at the time. Had John won the election, he would have had us entering the Syrian war earlier than Obama.

    At least Trump exposed him at the end.

  38. McCain is reported to have done some stupid crap in the navy. The men whom served with him don’t remember him as a hero. He is accused of causing deaths among his men. But his dad being a ranking officer shoveled dirt on the shit pile he caused.

    • Just like Trumps old man kept his “scum” son out of Nam by paying off a dr for a “fake bone spur diagnosis” Its pretty low to not even let the deceased rest in peace. But that’s Trump, a REAL LOW LIFE!!!!!!!

        • Unlike the “cult leader” you worship, I served there!!!!!! Didn’t have the privilege of being a rich SOB to buy my way out. Its so funny that a man dead for 7 months can STILL get under Trumps skin!!!!!! Just shows how shallow of a person HE IS!!!!!!!

      • Did you ever see the xrays? Or talk to the DR? I don’t think you did either. When you do both then you may have facts but til then go back to your cave.

        • You must have “zero” common sense Randall!!!! Trump was raised by a “con” man and is following in those foot steps along with his troop of younger Trumps. ALL “con artists” the whole family!!!!!!

  39. McCain always suffered from the short-man’s(Napoleon)complex. Ask the families of those American sailors McCain killed on the aircraft carrier with his little-man stunt with his jet engine snafu!!! Bet those families wish he had been shot down earlier!!! Lucky his dad was an Admiral or he’d been court-martialed over here!

        • Atleast Trump cares bout this country AND OUR PEOPLE. The Denos are all a joke….especially the new ones… They need to clean house first and get some common sence back.

          • Diane your just like all the rest of your kind! I mean liberal’s because your alway
            Telling someone if they make a mistake on spelling you have to call it out to everyone’s attention that they need to learn how to spell! Like your the smart one or the educated one! Your all alike the same old bullshit!
            When actually your the dumshit because only dumshits are educated in the liberal Philosophy at liberal college’s! That is if you even when to college! If you haven’t that only means your a rouge scollar! Or you just think you smarter or wiser than someone who happens to just make a messtake on spelling something and you get to call it out to everyone attention! Liberal’s are supposed to be so tolerable of everyone but actually their the most intolerable of people not of their persuation!

          • Diane, you’re a hypocrite! Telling Becky she needs to learn to spell, did you spell Google correctly, “goggle”? People in glass houses, etc

          • Becky you are so out of touch with reality do you really believe that the Clown name Trump cares about America give me a break he only care about himself and his children not even his wife whom he had cheated so many time where is the decency with this man. Think about this if your daughter marry a rich guy that beat her up all the time she should stay married because he got money wake up smell the coffee is 2019 and soon to be 2020 Trump last year in office mark my words the world is watching America but, without the clown name Trump.

        • For a “LOSER” he sure as HELL is doing better than OBUNGHOLE, the GAY MOOSLIME FRAUD POS,his TRANNY “wife” and “rented” children that we had to endure infesting OUR WHITE HOUSE for 8 years. (and THAT is while being OBSTRUCTED) All because YOUR CROOKED “queen” HITLERY got her butt whooped by “WE the PEOPLE” outvoting all the FRAUD, scams schemes in an attempt to shove HER down our throats SHE could “carry on” OBUNGNHOLE’S “legacy”

  40. Telling the truth Is never a poor example. That is why I didn’t trust McCain. The truth was never in him. With me it’s not the party it’s the person.

    • TRUMP had finally accomplished to REPEAL Obama care after the GOP promised to do for 8 years and Mc Cain FLUCKED IT UP for America, Isacsson got to be one of the dumbest of RINOS

    • Jeff Busch is one of the do nothing Republican Party’s do nothing squad! He reeks with jealousy and hateful envy of the President! He’s repulsive and unwanted and most of all definitely not needed in the Republican party! If the Republican party is to servie they need to shed these types of reptiles! Jeff Flak is definitely one of these and probably more poisonous than Jeff Busch! Wake up and live Republican party lose these type of poisonous snakes! Disassociate from them!

    • McCain was and is a lieing Fake and now he Lieing 6’feet under! Where he should of been buried is back in NAM POW Camp where he COLUTED against his fellow prisoners for food EZ treatments and life support medications! Now that’s worse than a VIETCONG ENEMY!

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