One RINO stabbed every Trump supporter in the back with this bad news

Conservatives couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Republicans continue to be plagued by internal civil war.

And one RINO stabbed every Trump supporter in the back with this bad news.

RINO Congressman ignores evidence of impeachable offenses by Joe Biden 

RINO Congressman Don Bacon (R-NE) had Democrats high fiving one another after his appearance in NBC’s Meet the Press.

Host Kristen Welker asked Bacon about the House Judiciary and Oversight Committee’s impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

Bacon falsely claimed Republicans found no evidence of a specific crime.

“Well right now the lawyers in the committee that I talk to say there’s not a specific crime and you need that for a high crime or misdemeanor. Now I think the investigation was — it merited an investigation, put the facts out, let the public look at it and make a determination. I think it’s good to be transparent, especially [when] we’re [in] an election year — so let’s put the facts on the table. But when I talk to the lawyers on the committee staff they say, at this point, there’s not a specific crime that’s been committed,” Bacon told Welker.

When Democrats impeached Donald Trump in the Ukraine impeachment hoax, Democrats and the media made sure to remind everyone over and over again that impeachment is a political process and there doesn’t have to be evidence of a crime to file articles of impeachment.

Bacon gaslights on impeachment

Bacon helped Democrats perpetuate the falsehood that Republicans uncovered no evidence of wrongdoing on Joe Biden’s part despite admitting the inquiry revealed the fact that foreign oligarchs and adversaries like Communist China funneled $24 million into a web of LLCs controlled by the Biden family and their associates.

“So is it time to drop it, Congressman? Based on what you’re saying, is it time to drop it?” Welker asked.

“I don’t know if it’s time right now, but I do think we’re probably nearing the conclusion of this investigation. And I think it was important for the American people to see that, yes, there’s $24 million dollars in foreign money that the family raised and all the hidden LLCs that the money was moved around in. But that within itself is not a high crime or misdemeanor,” Bacon responded.

The $24 million in payments is the scandal.

No one has explained what services Hunter Biden, James Biden, or other Biden family members and associates provided to foreign businesses other than access to then Vice President Joe Biden.

Legal experts like former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy and George Washinton Law Professor Jonathan Turley believe the evidence implicates Joe Biden in a foreign influence-peddling scheme.

But with Republicans only holding a one-seat majority in the House, a RINO like Don Bacon can single-handedly tank articles of impeachment against Biden.

And the last thing Democrats want is an impeachment trial where Republicans get to air the evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption with the media forced to cover the proceedings.

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