One RINO thinks he’s about to hand Donald Trump this humiliating defeat

There are still pockets of resistance in the GOP looking to restore the party of Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney.

Now these establishment figures smell blood in the water.

And one RINO thinks he’s about to hand Donald Trump this humiliating defeat.

RINOs line up behind Matt Dolan in Ohio GOP Senate Primary 

State Senator Matt Dolan is the closest Democrat running as a Republican for Senate in Ohio.

Dolan supports red flag confiscation laws.

Dolan opposed legislation to protect life at six weeks.

And Dolan supported his family by bending the knee to the woke mob and changing the name of the Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball team to the Guardians after the death of George Floyd.

Polls show a margin of error race heading into the March 19 Primary and the RINO establishment is lining up behind their ideological fellow traveler.

Governor Mike DeWine – who vetoed legislation banning transgender surgeries for minor children – endorsed Dolan because Dolans promised to rubber stamp Ukraine funding.

“I think all three of them can win in the fall. But I think he is in a much stronger position, frankly,” DeWine said in explaining why he endorsed Dolan.

DeWine bragged that Dolan “is more focused on national security.”

Dolan isn’t just supportive of Ukraine funding.

Dolan said approving money to Ukraine is more important than securing the southern border.

“We cannot allow the dysfunction of the Biden administration at the border to interfere with our responsibilities to Ukraine, not only our responsibilities to Ukraine, but our responsibilities to our allies, and to us as American[s] because Putin being in Ukraine is a national security risk,” Dolan declared.

Dolan would serve as the Senator from Ukraine.

Conservatives line up behind Bernie Moreno

Pro-Trump conservatives in the Senate find the idea of Dolan joining their ranks intolerable.

Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance was the first to endorse Dolan’s conservative challenger Bernie Moreno.

Vance explained that Moreno is “committed to securing our southern border, getting tough on China, and taking the fight to the woke corporations waging war against our conservative values.”

“It’s time to turn the tides on the establishment insiders who sell out our country to special interests and elect more political outsiders like Bernie, who will always put America First in Washington, DC. I’m looking forward to having Bernie as a colleague in the U.S. Senate,” Vance continued.

Utah Senator Mike Lee joined Vance in endorsing Moreno saying Ohioans electing Moreno would send a message to the Washington, D.C. Swamp.

“I am proud to join my colleague J.D. Vance in endorsing Bernie for the US Senate because we both know that we desperately need to elect more principled conservatives who have the courage to stand up to the establishment in both political parties,” Lee stated adding that “I’m confident that Bernie will do exactly that.”

Trump also endorses Moreno

Donald Trump also got on board saying Moreno was the type of America First conservative he needed in the Senate to fight for the MAGA agenda.

“It’s time for the entire Republican Party to UNITE around Bernie’s campaign for Senate, so that we can have a BIG victory in what will be the most important Election in American History. Bernie is the Father of wonderful Emily, the wife of outstanding young Ohio Congressman, Max Miller. Bernie is Strong on the Border, Crime, Cutting Taxes, Election Integrity, the Military / Vets, and will always protect our under siege 2nd Amendment. Bernie Moreno will be an outstanding United States Senator, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement—He will never let you down!” Trump posted on Truth Social.

The establishment would love nothing more than to embarrass Trump by defeating his candidate in a Senate Primary.

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