This one rumored Senate candidate has the potential to Rock the status quo

The image of Republican politicians and the party’s base may be changing.

Before Donald Trump’s blue-collar populism landed him in the White House, Republicans were portrayed as the party of old, rich, white males — sporting blue blazers with gold buttons while their wives donned pearls as they head off to the yacht club.


  1. Life-long MICHIGANDER here. YESSSS!!! Dear Kid Rock, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE?!?? You would have my vote!!

  2. The Kid is a Pres Trump backer and for we the American workers that is the thorn in the liberals backs. For this very reason I would vote for him. He could nor be any worse than Murkowski or Collins as they are liberals in arepub costume. Traitors to the voters and party. They must go as they are pub by liberals to stab the American voters in the back posing as a conservative while all the time a closet liberal.

  3. Unfortunately I live in Florida and have to suffer a Marco Rubio. Somebody, PLEASE, run against this guy in Florida in our next Senate election! Where are the “Kids” from Florida?

  4. I’d support Kid Rock. He makes since with what he says. I am so tired of the left’s obstructionist games. We need people who will listen to new ideas and work with the President.

  5. I wish he was running in Maryland I damn sure would vote for him! Maybe we will get some common since into politics. We need more non politicians representing us!

  6. I don’t listen to his music. But I know who he is. I don’t live in that state, however, if I did, I would vote for Him! We have all got to vote these people out of office!! All they care about is their selves, and lining their pockets with tax payer money, and never do NOTHING for the American People!! We need to put people in office that have morles, valves, interegey, and honest trust worthy individuals that are for America and the American people, and protect AMERICA from all harm!! And that ARE NOT sick twisted perverted individuals.

  7. Go Rock! Sorry I cannot vote for you because I’m in another State–but in a State of Ecstasy that you are a candidate. God Bless you and the Nation.

  8. My wife and I would vote for Kid Rock in a heartbeat. Debbie Stabenow is totally out of touch with Michiganders and Michigan. Mark F. is right, she only shows up for photo ops. Kid Rock has done a lot for people in his home state and his home community and we believe he would be a great leader for Michigan in our U. S. Senate.

  9. I like Kid Rock’s music. I do not like his pro-abortion stand. Unless he rejects Planned Parenthood and taxpayer funding of abortion I will not support Kid Rock.

  10. I would support Kid Rock for Senate.
    This country needs new, fresh people to help run the country. I am almost 70 years old, & very tired & disappointed about the direction this country has headed in the past few years. History in our schools has all but been eliminated, & colleges are teaching I don’t what! Our young people are going down the wrong road. The American flag stands for oppression? What are people thinking?!!!?

  11. If Democrats can run Al Franken, I guess the Republicans can run Kid Rock. At least he’s a better singer than Franken is a comedian.

  12. He has been a strong cheerleader and financial supporter of many things in Michigan as opposed to Debbie Stabenow who has had no more than a deaf ear unless it is a photo op. That being said, I doubt he could ever be as bad as she has been. And another candidate that isn’t looking for a financial gain. This Michigan resident would vote for him.

  13. I do not live in Michigan, but if I did, I would vote for him. The Democrats have ruined the state.

  14. The way the Democratic party is now, you could run a dog against one, the dog would win.

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