One Senator just proposed removing Joe Biden from office over the Afghanistan fiasco

The Taliban took over Afghanistan in just a matter of days.

It was a stunning collapse and failure on the part of the Biden administration.

And one Senator just proposed removing Joe Biden from office over the Afghanistan fiasco.

Joe Biden was in hiding over the weekend as the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

Biden initially did not plan to address the humiliating military defeat until Wednesday but public pressure forced Biden to leave his bunker and speak to the nation on Monday.

Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott ripped Biden for hiding during the fiasco and proposed that the cabinet and Vice President should remove Biden from office.

Just last month, Joe Biden guaranteed the public that the 300,000-member Afghan army could defend the country.

That prediction blew up in Biden’s face.

The images out of Afghanistan appalled Americans.

As Renewed Right previously reported, video footage showed Afghans plummeting to their deaths after they clung to the wheels of a plane flying out of the country.

The Taliban seized control of the country before the Biden administration evacuated all Americans from Afghanistan.

It was a stunning display of incompetence that was an even bigger embarrassment for America than the 1975 evacuation of the American embassy in Saigon after the Communist North Vietnamese seized control of the country.

And now many Americans agree with Rick Scott that Joe Biden is unable to carry out his duties as President and should be removed from office.

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