One Senator thinks he’s found the perfect job for Trey Gowdy

Rep. Trey Gowdy is retiring from Congress at the end of his current term.

Many conservatives were disappointed by the news.

But one U.S. Senator thinks he’s found a perfect job for Trey Gowdy outside of Congress.

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott said he’s recommending Trey Gowdy to serve on the Supreme Court.

In an interview with Van Jones on CNN, Scott said, “I’m going to recommend Trey Gowdy be one of the folks that I would have strong recommendation for him to be on the Supreme Court. I hope that the president will be open to that.”

Jones pointed out that Scott and Gowdy co-authored a book together before Scott continued:

He is incredibly fair… Republicans were angered — angry with him because he was so clear even with this administration. Democrats were angry with him because he was so clear with the previous administration. A guy who will call balls and strikes and not choose a side even when he’s elected member at this time in our nation’s history, that’s hard to find.

Roll Call noted:

Scott and fellow South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham previously endorsed Gowdy for another judicial appointment earlier this year in the federal appeals circuit, but Gowdy was not interested.

Gowdy, the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, was a federal and state prosecutor in South Carolina for 16 years before running for Congress in 2010.

President Trump has reportedly narrowed his list of potential nominees down to five.

He’s expected to announce his selection on Monday, July 9.

While Trey Gowdy is not named by the media as being on President Trump’s short list, it’s certainly an interesting recommendation.

What are your thoughts? Would Trey Gowdy be a good pick for Supreme Court Justice?

Or do you think Gowdy should run for public office (perhaps the U.S. Senate) in the future?

Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Just get Jeff out! Unless he’s got something he’s getting ready to move forward on it’s time to go. He didn’t turn out like I thought he would. Don’t let Trey leave Washington, that would be a major mistake.

    • Totally agree – Trey Gowdy is probably the most impressive lawmaker that I’ve seen in D.C. in many years! He’s fair, he can see the forrest for the trees, and he speaks his mind – a whole lot like President Trump! I think Gowdywould be great at whatever position he wanted to take on!

  2. I believe Trey Gowdy is a great public servant, one of the best in DC. I would like to see him in another senior government position, like DOJ or FBI. SCOTUS I would not vote for. I believe relevant experience is very useful so I’d pick opportunities for him from there.


    • You are right, zimzam. Trey Gowdy is a smart, honest, very well-spoken man who frequently gets to the real point in any discussion.

  3. I am waaaaay ahead of you! Trey Gowdy is one of my favorite politicians. First, I wanted him to be the U.S Attorney General replacing Sessions. That way, he could fire Mueller and his investigators, all of them. (Oberstein, I think) He could then reopen the Clinton investigations. E-mails and Benghazi! I would love for him to be the next Supreme Court Justice in the President’s next term when Ginsberg retires.

  4. Trey Gowdy would be better used in the Senate. He is young enough and articulate enough to do us proud for a long time. We need more like him. My opinion.

  5. I’m sure that Rep. Gowdy would do an excellent job in any job that he accepted, but I had much rather see him selected by President Trump to fill the office of Attorney General if it were ever to become available during President Trump’s tenure.

  6. The problem I have with Mr. Gowdy is he is now and has been in a position of power with his “Investigation Seat” and will not use it to force the answers and documents he is entitled to have. It is against my nature that those who can will not and those who would are not in a position to do so. Mr. Gowdy is in the who can but will not so does he have the grit to make any really tough demandsor decisions? I have not seen it yet.

  7. I have admired this man from As far as Australia and pray that wisdom will prevail and Trey Gowdy is chosen for the supreme court. He is an amazing & fair choice for un-biased strength & direction needed so badly in these times –
    YES Trey Gowdy for the supreme court is a very good choice.

  8. Haha ‘troll, we’re ‘watching’.
    No Response thru aka ‘reply’
    = No $.10. buh-bye.
    ps. R U Glad to be ‘free’ to ink ‘craap’ ???

  9. Trey Gowdy is a fair and balanced kind of guy. But is he conservative enough to up hold the Constitution without faltering? Can we trust him on 2nd Amendment Rights? How will be stand up to the Rove-Wade question? Just sayin.

  10. Trey Gowdy would be the perfect person for President Trump to nominate for
    Supreme Court. Mr. Gowdy is a strong and hard ball player, and he wouldn’t let someone tell him how to vote.

    I would love to see Mr. Trey Gowdy be appointed as the next Judge, and to see how he will work towards changing some of the laws that have been agreed on, maybe, he might even vote to change some of the rulings.

    I would vote for Mr. Trey Gowdy very quickly.

  11. I see a lot of you really don’t keep up with politics,Anyone who has a close friendship with the Clintons Can Not Be Trusted!!! Anyone who sides with the DOJ, and the FBI when a plant is put into a Campaign Team like what happened to President Trump is over stepping the Rule of Law, and can’t be Trusted. Besides politics a lot of yall don’t even keep up with the News.I am a Conservative, and I listen to the Voices for the Conservative Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, and Rush, I am not trying to offend my fellow Americans who are Conservative, but educate people about the Truth!! Just because I like someone’s personality doesn’t mean they’ll marry my daughter. Gowdy for 10 plus years has done, a lot of Barking, and Show Casing, but No Bite. Sorry the truth hurts sometimes, but like Mark Levin said It’s Gowdy at his best with the Bait and switch, It makes Magic Interesting, but it’s all Fake.

  12. Trey Gowdy would be good in the role of whatever will impact America for the good. If he wants to run for President after President Trump’s second term, hopeful there will be a second term for him, I would vote for Trey Gowdy for President in 2024. But whatever position makes the biggest impact for Make America Great Again, would be where Trey Gowdy should be. Supreme Court Justice would be a good fit yes, and Secretary of State too. But I also think Trey Gowdy knows exactly what he wants to do.

    • I used to be a very strong supporter of Mr. Gowdy BUT his coming out in the defense of the FBI having spies in the Trump campagin, He lowered himself in my eyes and did damage to the trust and respect I had in him. That said, however, he has given what for to rosenstein and wray! I really want to trust him, but the damage is done.

  13. Trey Gowdy is young, vibrant, well educated and an excellent chairman of any committee in congress and he would make an excellent member of the U.S. Supreme Court.



  14. Trey Goudy would make an excellent Supreme Court judge. He would make a fair and right decision that would be good for America.

    • He is a good straight thinking man and would be good as senator, Judge, attorney, or leader as long as politics does not corrupt him.

  15. Reconsider Cruz,Brant. Cruz KNEW wtf going on
    re JadeHelm15(2015) & so did Gov. Abbot. re
    (fake) Walmart closures for immi Holding Cntrs.
    > Lots of ppl lost their jobs.
    > You are accurate re gowdy.

    • Judge Jeanine Pirro or Ted Cruz would be perfect choices. But I love how Pirro doesn’t take BS from guests who are stupid. I love how tough she is on our side and I would miss not seeing her show. Cruz is so perfect and guaranteed true and solid rock for us Republicans in the Senate. So him staying there might be best for us also.

        • No comparison between Cruz and Romney. Cruz is a true conservative but Romney is at best a moderate Democrat !!!

          • Learn re Cruz, David. Maybe too late now re
            info flying fast in 2016 Expose’.
            > I Don’t give a damn how much he ‘knows’
            US Constitution – Doesn’t make him True
            Conservative, by Any Means. & To WHAT
            End(s) would that knowledge be used. He is
            ‘connected’ to NWO All 0ver the place as is
            wife. Won’t EVEN get into his dad ‘stuff’.
            Wow. Whew. David & e’one else, Cruz IS
            MORE INFO re cruz. do u remember when he
            ‘used’ his little children in ‘adds’for $$$ ???
            i do_
            > Also, his lil daughter Caroline wants nothing to
            do w/him. The videos ARE V. Revealing. hmm. i say
            no more. THNX to the PPL WHO REALLY DO ‘KNOW’. &&
            I do not take ‘pleasure’ in these Remarks.
            > AM NOT Saying this ‘stuff’ to be Mean. 0K? 0K!!!

          • ps.David. Romney IS NOWHERE in
            > What cruz learned re US CONSTITUTION
            IS V. DANGEROUS.
            > AGAIN, he ‘knew’ re JadeHelm 15 in TX.
            NOT ACCEPTABLE. PERIOD. & that craap
            took place under’bomba’. I could ink
            Pages w/Ref. on this ‘stuff’. But will not.
            > 0k -enuff. GOD BLESS USA/ ALL & i PRAY for PPL
            to get their ‘heads’ screwed on Straight w/
            Rite Info. HAPPY 4th ♥’s. Talk to me 5 yrs.

  16. I think that Trey Gowdy would be a great choice, as long as he is ready for the commitment. I just have this feeling that there is something else he wants to do first. He will be great when President Trump gets his next SCOTUS to replace. Gowdy would also be a great AG.

  17. Trey Goudy will make a great selection no matter what job he is nominated for. I would trust him in anything he chooses to do. I don’t blame him for getting tired of the BS, but he is so great at what he does, I hope we can talk him into something.

    • Supreme Court, at this time, is a lifetime appointment, until they decide to step down, or die off. I’d rather see him around for a very long time. The 3 that I want to see still in the picture were/are Gowdy, Chaffetz, and Jordan.

  18. I think Trey Gowdy would be a great addition to the Supreme Court. He is a no nonsense, tell the truth or else kind of person. He would be an assest in any job capacity, we need him in DC.

  19. I like his forwardness and honesty as he deals with corruption in W.D.C. I feel he would make a wonderful judge, he would do well in serving American in any position he takes on.

  20. He would be much better replacing the AWOL Attorney General , Sessions would I don’t think is even alive. He hasn’t been seen in weeks. Is he still breathing?

  21. Trey Gowdy to replace Sessions! I support him for any job he is offered and accepts but he has the perfect strength, experience and love of country for AG position!

    • Trey Gowdy is a man I would back for any position he would accept !! He is one of my favorite PEOPLE , fit for any position he would accept !!!

  22. Personally, I would like to clone Trey Gowdy! We could use him in a lot of places! Attorney General, Supreme Court, and many more!

  23. Many of you have not been paying attention to the past several weeks except Brant. Look at Brant’s post and you will see the real Trey Gowdy. I thought at first how good he was and we needed more like him until recently, he did a 180 on the Mueller probe and basically chastised Pres. Trump. Let him go back to South Carolina and do his thing. Brant has it correct so read his post here. Stay up with the news.

    • I agree Stan I think he does a lot of talk with no action I am very disappointed with Trey Gowedy because after over a year we got no results from the Benghazi killings because of Hillary.

    • I ‘Thought’ so too, re Gowdy, UNTIL i found out
      ‘otherwise’. Sorry to say.
      > Some Astute Truth here @ stan/Brant
      re gowdy. Hard ‘lump to swallow’.
      .Truth IS TRUTH.

  24. Absolutely not for Trey Gowdy on the Supreme Court. WE do not know which way he will go when the winds of political discourse begin to blow. He was for Pres. Trump, then against him. He was for the Mueller probe, then against it. He favored Trump, then he disfavored him. This guy is too, too wishy-washy on politics and I don’t think he will use the Constitution to be a good judge, only whatever side of the bed he gets up on.

    • Something like that.
      > Trey – i Wanted to have Faith in you.
      0nly >Time & Here we are. Now.
      ~Seems 0bvious you/family etc, ‘may’
      have been ‘compromised’. I ‘understand___

      • some words in post ‘dropped’
        “0nly TIME Will Tell & Here we are.
        ps. i try not to be mis-interpreted by
        dropped/fragmented posts. & i review
        for ‘correction’.

  25. A lot of y’all have short memories Trey Gowdy would not be a good choice, Any man who gets up and says it’s Okay for the FBI to place a plant AKS Spy in the Trump Campaign Team isn’t following the rules of law. He defended the DOJ, and FBI,for a few days with this bogus Mueller investigation. I guess yall forgot!!! Ted Cruz is 1 of the Best Constitutional Lawyers in America TOP 5 IF NOT 3. Besides Mr.Gowdy is close friends with the Clintons and owes them for helping get him into Politics.

    • Forget Cruz. Period . Too Many(Snake) Holes. &
      ‘easy’ to Manipulate. So What, yep, he may
      Know Constitution V. Well – But To What End?
      No Thank you, Cruz. Nope. Nada. Never. Know
      TRUTH re Cruz. hmm.
      > Indeed, Gowdy Said ‘stuff’ he
      shouldn’t have, but Did.

  26. I have watched Trey Gowdy and give him a big hand on how he stands up to the side of correctness in how he does the work given him in office. I will hate to see him leave, as there are so few that stand up for the correct stance in doing the job for the people he represents. I do not see another coming up that is even close to the awesome strength that Mr. Gowdy shows and this is sad for our country. I comment him for the great work accomplished while in office and he will be sorely missed. May
    God bless him and watch over him in whatever way he decides to represent the office or work he does.

    • I understand that Mr. Gowdy is retiring at
      the end of his term to work in the South
      Carolina judicial system. I don’t know what
      position he would seek. I agree that he would be a great asset to SCOTUS!!

  27. Carol ann, I agree with your point of view. The times I’ve seen Gowdy upset, seem to involve someone who is “trashing” the law or making excuses as to why the law is not going to be followed!

  28. Honesty, integrity, respect for the Constitution
    which makes our nation great….if that’s all we
    want from a Supreme Court Justice, then I’d
    say Trey Gowdy ought to get fitted for a robe.
    Can you think of a better choice?

    • Brent, I have never considered Gowdy “a politician”. Yes, he is political, and he is in a political position, but I doubt he makes decisions based on being “politically-correct” or even worse, acting outside the law! I cannot even imagine such a scenario. It would be like finding out there is no Santa Claus!

  29. I thought he would be a perfect AG but I don’t think he wanted that position because he wanted to go back to South Carolina. Maybe if we all ask him he could reconsider! Wouldn’t he be a great AG though?? He knows the laws and he is Fair! Something that you usually don’t find in the DC area!! Or anywhere in politics anymore!! That is for sure!

    • Czerny A., I agree that he seems to be frustrated at times or even angry, but I attribute that to being frustrated with those who do not care about what is the “right thing”, and sometimes he must deal with fools who are looking for the main chance!

    • From your keyboard to our eyes — He would, however, unleash the howling/growling dogs of the DemonCrat Party. — If he is nominated the hearings will provide a lot of “entertainment” for those watching the “Boob Tube”.

  30. with all the trash that hold offices, both elected and as supposed civil servants. I think Gowdy would do what the founding fathers had in mind. I don’t know anything about the other people Trump has on his list but do think Gowdy would interpet the law and not try and write the law. I doubt he will be nominated but if he is approval will be hard as D.C. is so crooked, from the “news media, to govt. offices to many in congress.

  31. I have always loved this guy, he’s a no nonsense straight shooter. He’s not intimidated by anyone that I have seen. He loves our country, respects our flag, he upholds our laws, l believe him to be a patriot. I hope that God thinks of him in the way I do, because I want who God wants.

  32. Trey Gowdy would be great in any position. I like the idea of taking sessions job. He pull be good in the Supreme ct or a senator. Any job in the government. He has earned it m

    • I was hoping that Trump would pick Gowdy for Attorney General at the beginning of his administration. I don’t understand Trump sticking with Sessions this long, he’s a little
      weasel and wimp.

      • Jeff Sessions has a good background in the law and, at first, I thought he would do well; however, as time has gone on I haven’t seen much improvement. I do NOT think Sessions “is a weasel”; rather it seems to be more an issue of “not the right person for that particular job.” Our president needs someone as AG who is proactive, experienced and Sessions is experienced, but perhaps not strong enough to be an important counselor to a president, particularly our President. There are many lawyers in D.C. but merely having a law degree does not equate with being a good counselor. Out of the many lawyers in D.C. how many of them have the training and experience to be a counselor to the most powerful position in the country? Please don’t mention the names of the attorneys who are on television or whatever. Television personalities follow a different script. Yes, they have the knowledge and can pontificate well on air, but that is NOT how the practice of law works.

    • Perfect for the positio! No bs, would follow the Constitution! C’mon potus, he’s the right man for the job!!!!!!

    • Mr Gowdy has my complete and TOTAL confidence! I was sorry to see Mr CHAVETTZ leave, and hoped he would be around with Mr. Gowdy and Mr. Rogers. They are three people that I had counted on to keep on top of the GARBAGE that was COMEY, McComb, and Clinton, along with the group that sold the Uranium and created that really NICE donation to the CLINTON FOUNDATION, you know, the one for $145,000,000.00 and increased the speaking arrangement for Slick Willy from $100,000.00 to $500,000.00 so considerately and conveniently. Just a SLIP of the INFORMATION made this known! She still belongs in prison, along with many of her former associates,,,LYNCH for arranging the meeting on the tarmac that allowed Slick Willy (THE RAPIST) to discuss his GOLF game and Grandchildren,,,,,,,( WHO IS CRAPPING ON WHO?) May take some time, but KARMA will slide in just when they all think we are so stupid as they have been.

    • Gene Smith, I do not question that Gowdy would be exceptional in any position he accepts. He is so straight-arrow that I would be surprised if he litters! But an Attorney General must have the experience necessary to be a counselor to a president. It is not just a question of knowledge of the law; it also involves being able to interact and provide good counsel to the President

  33. I think he would be marvelous in any position he holds, but a Supreme Court Judge, yes absolutely. He’s the best of the best.

  34. I believe that Trey Gowdy would make an excellent supreme court judge!! However, if not that, I do have two other great positions for him to fill. One would be a replacement for Senator Graham. If he declines that, I would say that he should be named a special counsel to route out grossly illegal activity within the government such as the whole Clinton thing, Intelligent Agency misconduct, ETC…

  35. I don’t think you could find a better Supreme Court Judge if you tried. But Dems will stall anyone, other than their own. We have a VERY SAD AND DISFUNCTIONAL, Government in this Country at the moment. Thank the Democrats for this.

  36. Gowdy Is a true no nonsense patriot who leaves no doubt that he supports the United States, our Constitution and laws and the American people. That is rare for any politician regardless of the party that they’re representin is a true no nonsense patriot who leaves no doubt that he supports the United States, our Constitution and laws and the American people. That is rare for any politician regardless of their Political party but it’s totally unheard of to the Democrats. Galdi would be terrific to be on the supr political party but it’s totally unheard of to the Democrats. Gowdy would be perfect for the Supreme Court but lest we forget how wonderful and terrific he would be if he was Attorney General.

  37. This country should be so blessed as to have that bright clear thinking man on the Supreme Court. I know I would sleep better with him there. Please God, open the way for this to happen.

    • Hey Shelba, You said this Perfect Either The Supreme Court First, if not The Attorney General. Either way a win-win for America and or President Donald Trump.. Kudos to you.
      BOBBY ~!~

    • Giz, President Trump has been working on appointments to the Supreme Court. From what I know of those people, it is a superlative cast! To my thinking, this demonstrates President Trump’s ability to get going and get the job done. When he appointed Gorsuch, early on, that was an excellent decision.
      Obviously, he did not intend to “slow-walk” the nominee or dither around. I tend to think that was a well-thought out decision that he made early on, even perhaps before the election! When you have someone like Gorsuch, you strike while the “iron is hot”. To my knowledge, which isn’t much, President Trump is not known to dither around; rather, it is “quick march”!

  38. What ever Try Gowdy is going to do, I will support him all the way.
    He will be miss from Congress.
    God bless him.

    • I absolutely agree that Trey Gowdy would be an ideal judge — we can’t afford to lose him! And bless Tim Scott for suggesting it!

      • Rodney Aho, I disagree to a certain extent; Trey is “golden” as far as I am concerned. Judge Jean, is certainly very good but even though she is experienced and talented in her field, I would point out that rendering opinions for audiences does not equate with hands-on experience in ruling on pending cases. We shut off our television 20+ years ago, so unless it is something I see on the internet, I do not really know much about her. This is not intended to diminish her in any way, rather I am pointing out that there is a difference between rendering a decision that bears the weight of law versus an analysis of a particular case. I would never suggest that she is not well-versed in the law, because clearly she is!

    • Senator Gowdy understands the “rule of law”, I sincerely believe that he would interpret case that came before him in a true and just way. he is not a Yes Man, he truly believes in our constitution and would use the Constitution of the United States of America as his yard stick on any decision that he would make concerning any case brought before for the Supreme Court. during these trying times we need a person on the court that will put politics aside and make decisions in a proper manner. Senator Gowdy is such a person.

    • In my opinion, anything involving Trey Gowdy means it would be done the right way. It is not just his background as a prosecutor/attorney; rather, it is that Gowdy is obedient to the Rule of Law; THAT is the fundamental quality that makes Gowdy one of the greats. Sometimes, he seems frustrated, but I suspect that happens when others do not “like” his opinion or decision.

  39. I think Trump already picked two potentials. Gowdy is not one of them.

    Gowdy can be selected as a good replacement for Ginsburg. Ginsburg … is most far left judge of all other liberal judges. I don’t think she can walk her own talk. She’s a phoney.

    Trump 2020!

    • Man From Grey, Trump has been considering several nominees, the last I heard. Some of them may already be packing their luggage! I do not remember all of the names, but I certainly remember that the list was “gold”!

  40. All Trump nominees will be attacked by the left no matter who he puts forward. If, HOWEVER, he selects a woman the lefts attack will be somewhat softened. — Thee are at least six “ladies” that he could nominate. I personally would nominate “Judge Judie”

  41. I like Gowdy! He is a straight shooter; straight as they come. Way different than some of the Demo-rat picks from the former failed Obama administration. Thank you Mitch McConnell from the bottom of my heart for stonewalling them.

      • a True’ person Cannot ‘shoot their mouth off’
        Even by ‘accident’. Gowdy did that. & am
        sorry he did,probably, he is sorry as well.
        >Too Late. Not good.
        > FYI: AG ‘busting Big Pharma All over the place,
        Did Any0ne Here Catch ‘that’ 0r Aware of
        ‘that’ news ??? hmm. > Another Reason POTUS
        ‘keeps’ AG ‘close to the vest’ .
        > PPL NEED Understand ‘Protocol’
        re AG Appointments/SCOTUS.

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