One shocking video just proved to be the end of Joe Biden’s campaign

Former Vice President Joe Biden is back on top in the Democrat presidential primary.

But his stay at that the top could prove to be short.

And that’s because this one shocking video just proved to be the end of Joe Biden’s campaign.

A deranged gunman shot two parishioners at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas.

But a larger tragedy was prevented thanks to Texas law allowing firearm owners to conceal carry in churches.

That led to members of the volunteer security team at the service killing the madman before he could kill dozens more.

This horrible tragedy proved once again that access to firearms saves lives and that gun control kills.

It also called attention to Joe Biden’s comments from this past summer slamming Texas Governor Greg Abbott for signing the bill that allowed conceal carry in Houses of Worship into law.

Biden will be made to eat his own words if he is the Democrat Party nominee.

President Trump will force Biden to explain to voters why he supported laws that would have killed hundreds of innocent worshippers by leaving them defenseless at the hands of murderous madmen in an effort to appease coastal blue state liberals.

Biden’s “electability” argument is a myth.

The former Vice President is no moderate.

Biden is every bit the fanatical gun-grabber that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other far-Left Democrats are.

And it could cost Democrats the 2020 election.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Old man Joe just keep digging his hole deeper and deeper. He thinks he is gonna take a job on as President of the US for a lame excuse to “Heal” for his tragic background of his emotional life. He claims that if he is voted President it will heal him for all the tragedy that has happened to his family. His son Hunter is all screwed up. He blames all this crap on being a single parent. Moreover this family should think about some serious counseling before moving forward about making their home The Whitehouse? The term ” White” might give Hunter a full blown relapse for his addiction. Take some good advice old man Joe. Stay out of political leadership! Take time out to pull yourself/family together!

  2. Move to Virginia, if you want to live where the government is voting to take your rights, and your guns!
    But don’t try to use a knife to protect yourself, and your family, when a bad guy breaks into your house, and threatens to kill you, and your family, with a gun!

    People who voted for Democrat Governors, who turn their states into sanctuary states, and cities, you’re just getting what you voted for!

  3. When you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns. I do not own a gun and would not know how to use it if I did. But I respect your right to own one, and, I think armed law-abiding citizens makes all of us safer.

  4. Whatever you say MJ. Just another troll playing silly games with different names. You’re like the RedMan
    Wow! Maybe you are the RedMan.

  5. He wasn’t talking about physical violence. The Bible is clear that defense of self and family is allowed. So are you saying that you wouldn’t try to stop someone from harming your family? You are nothing but a damned American hating prick.

  6. Joe, we all know why you have guns. It’s not because you’re BigJoe.
    You are LittleJoe, and you think having guns makes up for your size.
    You know what I’m talking about.

  7. Speaking of pee Butchy, we know why men like you have guns.
    It’s because you have a tiny peepee and you think a gun makes up for it.

  8. Typical Trump supporter. Learned from his master. Just call everyone vile names instead of trying to have an intelligent conversation.

  9. Who are you to tell anyone they’re not qualified to quote scripture?
    I can read and understand the text.
    I know Jesus never carried a sword. He did not have armed security.
    Matthew 5:39; “But I tell you, do not resist an evil person”.

  10. I was born here Barb, and my whole family lives here. I would never want to move unless things get really bad. I used to think like you but then I realized the error of my thinking.

  11. Our constitution is obsolete and needs to be replaced with something that is applicable to our present time.
    We are not a nation of muskets and flintlock rifles anymore.

    If you think our constitution is still applicable then explain why judges keep deliberately misreading it?

  12. Would you give a crazy person a knife? Would you let an insane person drive your car. Would you show an evil person how to make a bomb?
    Enough said. You get the point now Kenneth.

  13. You must be the FAKE Scott27 that people speak about.
    The real Scott27 is more polite and far more intelligent.

  14. Anthony you’re just an ignorant prick. Want our guns? So get your hood rats together and bring it on you son of a whore.

  15. Anthony don’t try to quote the Bible. You’re not qualified unless you are a born again Christian. About turning the other cheek, there’s a big difference in someone smiting you on the cheek or launching a violent felony attack against people. And no, we are not giving up our guns. I’m throwing a challenge right now. Also with Trump putting originalists on the courts, that’s not likely to happen. Now if Ginsburg will do us all a favor and croak that will make it much easier. You communist idiots are a lost cause.

  16. I’m not a racist like you and Dan that looks down on black people and calls them names Mack Ewing.

  17. No idiot, Jesus said, “those who live by the sword die by the sword”.
    Jesus also said, “turn the other cheek”.
    The verse about buying a sword was just to fulfill old testament prophesy.
    Jesus NEVER carried a sword himself.

    You the people WILL give up your guns when the time comes just like the rest of the world and civilized society. We just need the right people in charge first.

  18. Or maybe the assailant can break into your house and shoot you with your own gun. He only had a knife but now he’s got your gun too. Way to go. Smart move.

  19. Maybe we should just give up then and legalize all the bad things that kill people like crack and heroin too.

  20. What kind of point is that?
    Guns get stolen by bad people so we can’t outlaw them?
    Painkillers get stolen from pharmacies so I guess we should just legalize heroin then?
    You can’t fix stupid. What an idiot.

  21. Jesus didn’t carry a sword BJ.
    You are no Christian. You’re just a fool. The bible calls people like you “goats”.

  22. Once the intelligent sensible people finally take control then we can fix everything that is wrong with this country and deal with the trouble makers like you. Sick evil people like you that want south American’s to starve to death, and people to die from climate change, and kids being mowed down in schools with military style assault rifles. And your sick mind has actually convinced itself you’re a Christian.

  23. Taking guns away from law abiding folks is a Biden move. Only pothead and others like him would support this law. Folks today are more aware of the danger of lunatics running amok with guns than before. This wave of madness that pervades society today is countermanded by those who lawfully carry guns. The church goers are thankful for the good guy with a gun who put a stop to this crazed individual and his mission to take away the lives of good people.

  24. Pretty Stupid, I should point out that you don’t care about children since you don’t mind having them mowed down by assault rifles while they’re trying to learn math.

  25. Stupid idiot. You think the only free countries in the world have guns?
    Your comment is so stupid there’s no appropriate response to it.

  26. Fortunately, Trump will win 45 states, Biden will be visiting Hunter in jail, Demonrat party will be history.

  27. Anthony, sensible people??? Really?? The dem party threw God out and satan controls the party. They are very dangerous. Their goal is total control of our government and us. The only thing preventing them from taking over is millions of people with guns. WAKE UP YOU FOOL!!! Either you are for America or against it and YOU are clearly against it, which makes you a traitor

  28. Anthony, you are extremely FOOLISH!!!!! You have no clue of the truth. If we didn’t have the ability to defend ourselves we would NO LONGER be a free country. You have no clue at all of who our founding fathers were or what they left us. You are truly brain dead. sad

  29. Anthony, YOU are extremely SICK and DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!! Our Constitution DOES WORK!!!!!! Our founding fathers were very wise to give us the second amendment. We have the RIGHT to protect ourselves, you FOOL!!!! Since you hate our Constitution you are FREE to move somewhere more to your liking

  30. Don’t think that this stupid communist
    Mf’er can’t get elected….Look at obama! And y’all elected that communist twice!!

  31. 194 killed in mass shootings this year..over 900 killed by illegal aliens.anthiny you are a bleeding heart anti American pussy that shows it more and more with each post.go pee with little girls,have some hot cocoa and gfys

  32. There are over 400 million guns in this country in the hands of law abiding gun owners and several billion rounds of ammunition. If guns and gun owners were the problem, believe me you’d know it immediately.

  33. Ole bite my a$$ biddin should get himself a specially made gun where the barrel is bent back to the shooter being himself and give himself a brain surgery or cohlon oscopy

  34. Only an idiot like yourself would believe that the thugs would give up their guns. You would have us disarm and take away our ability to defend ourselves because you are a coward. You’re not the rational, progressive thinker you think you are. You’re the fool that, when confronted with a deranged person looking to harm someone, would watch as your family was gunned down without having the ability, or maybe even the guts, to protect them. I’m sure running away is your idea of defense so you keep running like you run your mouth and count on people like us to protect your family.

  35. You stupid bastard Anthony. The only reason people like you want to take guns away bcuz to let crazy shooter/killers roaming around with the guns in a home or places. You don’t care about the innocent people. You would protect your killer/shooter than your dog? Right? You crazy bastard.

  36. Biden is a case of missing marbles. His comments show him to be both stupid and senile. His brilliant performance as VP showed why Obama selected him for the ticket. There was no way Biden could outshine Obama. Not that Obama was any brain trust..

  37. Why don’t you want leave? There are countries that have no guns for the people. Yet in everyone of these countries the criminals who get guns. We the people have GOD given right to protect our selves.
    The mass shootings are done by criminals. Not by legitimate gun owners.

    Your comment indicates you are an immigrant to the US. You really should go back to where you came. Unless in your home country you did not like its laws.

  38. Anyone that thinks the government could or would protect you from an assailant is ignorant of reality. When seconds count police are only minutes away. Think about that for just a moment. When someone is raping your wife or daughter while their accomplice is holding you at gun point, police are not going to help. Only another armed individual with equal force stands, close at hand, a chance to stop the atrocity. Wise up folks, our forefathers knew what they were doing adding the 2nd amendment.

  39. Where the phuck is this guy from? If — and I sort of doubt it — he is “sensible” and intelligent enough to read or watch the news about other countries that have banned firearms he will see that is NOT the end of murders because, as it is often said here, “criminals don’t follow laws.” Crazy people have been killing people since time immortal — with clubs, knives, homemade bombs, their fists or any other weapon available. Concentrate on the person, not the tool.

  40. Don’t forget, quid-pro-quo-Joe BiteMe told his wife that if “crooks” were breaking in the front door she should go to the back deck and fire both barrels of his shotgun into the air.

    Face It . . . . . BiteMe is an IDIOT with a Crack Smoking son!

  41. What a stupid comment! Our constitution is a marvel of work by true Americans. And it’s lasted for a very long time. Will continue to do so, and all of you “sensible” people can live by it or go away – to Russia, maybe.

  42. Mr. Biden , You dip stick , Your a total loser, We have a Constiutional right to bear arms, Stop trying to disarm America citizens .
    A Man with a gun saved many people from being killed today . You don’t think people should own Guns Try this idea ; tell your body guards to disarm .Put your actions were your big stupid mouth is .

  43. Anthony, there are enough guns stolen from National Guard armories each year to outfit
    every criminal who wants a gun. GUNS do not kill people – never have, never will. PEOPLE
    kill people. You cannot disarm criminals. Does not work in England or ANYWHERE else where this idiotic idea has been tried. SIX SECONDS, Anthony!! The time it took armed volunteer guards at a Texas Church to SAVE DOZENS of lives by taking down a killer after he murdered two. Criminals do no obey laws (Duh!!). Look at stats, very clear. states and cities which allow concealed carry have FAR lower homicide rates. By the time police respond, too often, dozens are dead. Common sense. (but then common sense is NOT something many Democrats have)

  44. I don’t want to leave. When the sensible people get in power we will scrap the constitution and write something that works for the people.

  45. FrankC, it’s people like you that are a threat to the future of America. You would rather let the shooting go on, and the bodies pile up. You should go preach your message to the survivors or the mass shooting victims. Go tell them your story.

  46. You are totally insane, and a threat to the future of America. Move to Australia, or to New Zealand. Start a GoFundMe page with the text from your comment on it, and the sane people of this country will have you on your way.

  47. “CREEPY JOE” Is a fool, and the video just proves what kind of a joke he really is.
    I have never had a doubt that he was never a challenger to “45′ because of his inability to hold a straight conversation as well as his backing of Barry Obama.
    His crooked dealings from his past will be his downfall. He has many other illegal dealings other than Ukrane. He was in question when he funneled funds from the banks in Delaware as well. If he can’t keep on track in a conversation with people here, imagine how disgracing he would be with other world leaders.
    ‘WE THE PEOPLE” know better than have a fool to represent us. On gun issues, it is cut and dry and dems. need to understand that we won’t let them take control.

  48. Another one of Joe’s lies. Only two people were killed before the shooter was put down. It could have been much worse.

  49. Americans should not be allowed to own guns PERIOD! This isn’t the wild west anymore and something needs to be done to stop the mass shootings like they did in Australia.
    I say the government should confiscate all firearms and if anyone resists then shoot them with their own gun. I know that sounds harsh but go take your complaints to the surviving family members of all the slain victims from gun violence.
    The 2nd amendment needs to be revoked NOW!

  50. What is wrong with Jill that she doesn’t realize she is married to a moron who wouldn’t recognize reality even with the Ghost of Christmases past to guide him?

  51. All of this makes the stupid impeachment process even dopier…. that anyone would think that President Trump was worried about biden is ridiculous…….

  52. Old man Joey has not done a thing during his tenure as VP. Only action that has come out of him is “corruption”. He is definitly not for the fact and rights of this country. He would rather see a mad man walk into a church and commit the unthinkable. Folks our 2nd Amendment rights are at stake here. This only leads to Joey’s desitnation of a Martial law system. A third world country and communism.

  53. This is right up there with “Hey kid, you want to feel my leg hair?” Next president of the United States…I Think Not.

  54. No joe! Don’t go! I’ve watched this lying dope slander Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas Reagan and Bush. I want to see this miserable moron nominated and get the humiliation he so deserves.

  55. Jo Biden is obviously mentally unsound – the things he says. That this guy will be elected President, never happen.

  56. Picking on Creepy Joe Biden the loser is like flogging a dead horse. A mobster dead horse that took part in murdering the Ukraine government in 2014 so he could latch onto the billions of IMF dollars loaned in good faith through the IMF by American tax payers…..Let me have a few whacks before he is taken to prison.

  57. Biden should be put in prison immediately he’s a threat to America and the world he’s got a mental in balance and must be put in a place and watched 24/7 Tom Brady make a year

  58. Democrats don’t care if private gun ownership saves lives because they have an agenda which is more important to them than human life.

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