One skeleton in Ilhan Omar’s closet could be the final nail in her coffin

Ilhan Omar does not need to look far for her latest scandal.

However, this could be her worst crisis yet.

That’s because one skeleton in Ilhan Omar’s closet could be the final nail in her coffin.

Ilhan Omar represents the Fifth Congressional District in Minnesota.

And there is something disturbing going on in Omar’s backyard.

Her district has the highest rate of terrorist recruitment in the United States.

The Daily Caller reports:

FBI statistics reveal that Minnesota’s fifth congressional district, which is represented by Rep. Ilhan Omar and includes the urban area of Minneapolis, is the jurisdiction with the highest rate of terrorist recruitment in the United States.

Minnesota is reported to have the highest Somali population in the United States, with current population estimates breaching 100,000. This demographic has proven to be connected to terror-related activities, Fox News reports,

“More men and boys from a Somali American community in Minneapolis have joined — or attempted to join — a foreign terrorist organization over the last 12 years than any other jurisdiction in the country.

FBI stats show 45 Somalis left to join the ranks of either the Somalia-based Islamic insurgency al-Shabab, or the Iraq- and Syria-based ISIS combined. And as of 2018, a dozen more had been arrested with the intention of leaving to support ISIS.”

Omar recently mocked President Trump declaring a national emergency to tackle immigration.

She claimed the next President should declare gun violence and climate change a national emergency.

But there is a crisis right in her backyard.

Her district is the capital of radical Islamic terrorism in the United States.

The lack of security puts lives at risk.

And it makes it even more important America knows who is coming into the country, from where, and for what purpose.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I believe every word . I have seen these people crawling under the radar. What I don’t understand is why people are putting their heads in the sand. I have started storing stuff. I pray that the Republicans are able to keep their seats and our president is elected again

  2. To Sharon: It’s great to see your bold response here. I have just read about Omar’s speech to CAIR in Woodland, CA: the one where she attempted to diminish the impact of 9/11.on one hand and encouraged her fellow Muslim Americans to provoke discomfort for non-Muslim Americans on the other. We need to have your brave message heard and acted upon before it’s too late.


  3. No one knows when the world will end but GOD. Climate change is a political hoax as there is no scientific evidence to support climate change.. just another way for the ignorant Democrats to get taxpayers money… doing away with oil, gas, is Cortez motto…. therefore, you wouldn’t be able to fly…. what an ignorant idea…. how would people get their produce in other countries….ships, tankers take too long and the produce would be spoiled by the time it reached these ports.

  4. She could be removed on traitor charges and sent back to her country… If you represent your constituents in Congress you must be for America and its Constitution..if not, you are considered a traitor.

  5. The DOJ was in bed with Obama…. that is how many of these illegals got into America… now Trump is trying to get them out and I say deport ALL illegals and they can make application to come to America legally like many have done.

  6. billy, billy, billy – It is impossible to know who you are talking to or what you are talking about. If you are a liberal, go crawl back and hide in your safe space. If you are something else, people might listen to you if you made any sense.

  7. The Military and Non Compromised LEO’ have been tasked and took an Oath to defend the Laws and Constitution of the Unites States of America not to mention that Our Armed Forces have lost Lives and Limbs in this Endeavor x Veterans are back and are still a part of Real American Values

  8. What Amecricans would vote nto put a muslim in our
    Government? Don’t they know these people like the sharia law that only they believe in?

  9. Demonrats are fighting to get Sharia in our country, you can not allow other countries laws here period! I can imagine driving down the road and watching men put woman in holes and stoning them to death, are throwing acid in their face,are having a little girl screaming in horror in your neighborhood getting her genitils cut off and not being able to do anything about it! These people do not Belo g in our country, and will never assimilate, they already have “no go zones”, in our country and no one is doing anything about it!

  10. Enough already BETTY we know WHO you are and WHAT your are so no need to discuss further. Shall we ALL agree to ignore BETTY’s further remarks?

  11. He’s NOT. He’s behind the scene with OFA working against America to finish what he started- the destruction of this great nation!

  12. Yep through the OFA a organization he started and has many followers. They plan to take control of the government.

  13. Barack Obama. He flew them in by the plane loads in the middle of the night unvetted and uninvited by true Americans.

  14. They were committing genicide on the Christians in Somolia and Syria, instead of Obama saving the Christians and bringing them here for safety, he left the Christians to die and brought the very ones here that were killing the Christians to begin with. The Africans are slaughtering all the white people in Africa its been going on for two years, a lot of them can’t escape, and are in hiding, they burned down their homes and businesses, and murdered thousands already!

  15. Betty,Betty,Betty For your own good put down the twinkies,potato chips and your computer.If you lost half of your excess 200 kilos you might be able to get out of your mobility scooter and lead a normal life .It would probably allow you to get to a place of normality that you have not been able to achieve.

  16. Betty,Betty,Betty For your own good put down the twinkies,potato chips and your computer.If you lost half of your excess 200 kilos you might be able to get out of your mobility scooter and lead a normal life .It would probably allow you to get to a place of normality that you have not been able to achieve.

  17. Obama is the leader of all of this. He’s still working behind the scenes, and trying his damist to finish taking us all down. It’s a war on white people mostly, he forgets his whoras white mother! I honestly think he’s Satan himself!

  18. I’m not sure if any of you are aware of what’s happening behind the scenes, and what I’m telling you is the truth. There are over 20 training camps in this country, preparing for a war against all of us, they all are a Islamic cult. Our FBI and CIA are very aware of them, but can not do anything because they are on private land.Islam has five stages of taking over countries, one infilterate among your enemies, two take over news outluts, three take over our schools and universitys, four put people in our military, five get in the government. They have done all these things. I left 6 out because that’s the worst of all, make sure there are gun grabs from American citizens, it’s happening all over our nation as we speak, seven kill the infidels! Now some of you may not want to believe this, but the Democrated party are betraying each and everyone of us for pure greed! If your state is doing a red flag, it’s not just going to be a red flag for bad people, they will red flag everyone, this is when The Islam cult takes over, you will either join them and worship only Allah are be slaughtered! The only state in this whole country that will be safe is Texas. Texans will not give up their right to bare arms. I’m warning you now, get out of the states doing this, load up your arms and leave, and head for Texas if you want to be safe and your family be safe. This is all I can do to forwarn you of what’s going down. If you can’t leave, then start stock piling on can goods dry goods, anything non perishable, stock up on water and all means it takes to survive. Have a escape route, flash lights, battery operated radios, charcoal to cook with, propane. We are headed for a very ruff ride! Call me crazy if you want, I warned you! You need to warn everyone you know and not take this lightly! I’m not speaking of all Muslims in this country, there are millions that live this country but there’s a fake cult and there are many, and very dangerous. ISIS IS HERE FOLKS! If you don’t have guns buy knifes, buy bow and arrows, machettes what ever you can fight with. Copied from someone else, but did the research on this. God be with us all! If the democrats win next election, they will flood our country with millions more that will help in the fight against all of us. They are fully loaded with ammo, guns, machine guns, you name it, it’s hidden in all their Mosque across this country!


  20. And not only that, they have a serious Somali gang problem . Whose idea was it to allow those denizens of that scat trap into this country any way?

  21. HEY SONNY, I’m sure it was Obummer, after all HE IS a F’in Muslim. They are trying to take over the world!!!! USA citizens have to unite and tell them it’s OUR WAY or THE HIWAY !!!!!!!

  22. Why and how did an America-hater Muslim terrorist get past the DOJ and the FBI into the American Congress? Ask America’s greatest hater Barack Obama!

  23. Yes she pointed out AIPAC, representing who runs the country, who wars are being fought for (Israel) who at instigation of and who can have laws put in place (control congress) to stop free speech rights in USA (sign form that you will not support BDS or lose your job or lose right to submit bid on project). How dare her!?

  24. Jay Hacket, darling she exercised her 1st amendment rights. The 2nd is the right to have guns. She will lose all her rights and cry like a baby when it happens .But it will be her own fault. Let’s ignore her and maybe she will go away.

  25. I saw on google that there is a petition to sell Montana to Canada. Can we sell Minnesota instead and not let any of those people out?

  26. We have a joke where I’m from about the city next to ours. How do you get a date with a girl in______? You have to kill her brother. You know what happens when you try for a pure bred by inbreeding to much.

  27. Just think of what our brave president is going thri. Enemies all around that swamp they call DC & even in his own party. Pray for him.

  28. Smokey,I believe it is because of all this political correctness. People are afraid to even look at them. They could be sued for looking at them the wrong way. I hate political corrrectness. If I knew how I would start a petitation.I am 2 years younger than the ban. If someone would start it I would sign it.

  29. Harold you should visit maben wv. A great place. They have 32 girls on the cheerleading squad to get a full set of teeth.

  30. Soros came very close to achieving his goal of One World Order by putting his Manchuria Candidate in the Oval Office. The only problem was Odumbo got a big head winhelp from the media & stopped listening to his master & starting working for himself & got filthy rich. George Soros himself said he was disappointed that Odumbo didn’t do what he was supposed to do.

  31. Who cares! Remember the liberal Federal non-judges think everyone country in the world has the right to send people here because Trump is a racist even though the list Trump was using to ban was made up by the Negro we had in DC. Speaking of radical terrorist Negro’s from Somalia, I wonder how they made it to the USA and are becoming citizens. Would it happen to be Obama’s import plan to counter what he assumed to be an overly white state needing a little diversity so he increased the allowable number for entry and citizenship. If white people are the only race that can be racists, then why are so many people working overtime to make the whites the minority? If I’m trying to bring in whites to continue to outnumber the Negros and Latino’s and I’m a racist then what are the other people that’s trying to do that to my grandchildren?

  32. Are they all citizens?
    I doubt it…something is not right in “River City”….send them all back to Samalia….how was it possible to let America haters here…from what I understand, Obama was to blame.

  33. Well, when you are in-beard like Omar is and because she is married to her own brother I can understand why she is so hateful that she really is very stupid.

  34. This antiAmerican, racist HATER has clearly shown who her priorities lie with and it’s not the USA..!! She and anyone like her should not be allowed to serve in our government…!! She is a dangerous HATER of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…!! She will do nothing but undermine our country..!!

  35. She is a perfect example of the area she represents in Minnesota, exactly why the Twin Cities is nothing but a sh**hole. As a Minnesotan this is truly an embarrassment. We have the pos former Gov Mark Dayton to thank for this garbage being in our state.

  36. Hey Betty Boop this is you:
    There is an old hag named Boop,
    Went looking for people to dupe,
    The ravings of Betty,
    Were nothing but petty,
    Cuz what comes from her mouth,
    Is nothing but poop.

  37. What good would that do, Janice? They have so many Somalis in her district they would have out-voted everyone else & wouldn’t have cared bout herbackground. The Somalis wouldn’t have cared about her background & beliefs because it’s the as theirs. The question is WHY are there so many Somalis in this country at all?


  39. You sound like you are brain damaged and full of hate, like the rest of the liberals.Why don’t you leave the country.You won’t be missed.


  41. Thank you Betty for exercising your 2nd amendment rights. We all have them even Donald Trump. You may not like what he says and that’s Okay. Just remember in most other countries like China, Russia and many others, making strong statements like yours about their Political leaders could get you in a significant amount of trouble.
    In the U. S. it is what many in our military fought to keep free, some paying the ultimate sacrifice. But you do have the right to Ignore which is much safer, especially in the countries that I just mentioned.

    You do have the right to Ignore him as I ignore most of the main stream media and their “YELLOW DOG” journalism.

  42. Trouble is the rest of the Democrats will stop you just as they are trying to stop improving the border security. Doing nothing or stopping improving border security puts everyone’s life at risk for crime (violence) and importing diseases the US eradicated decades ago. This is the CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION of the decade for all 345 million American citizens. The Dems should be MADE to pay

  43. This is why the left want open borders. The illegals vote (left)
    We need WALLS/FENCES/ and alligators to fill the Rio Grande

  44. President Trump has accomplished more in 2 years than Obama ever thought about doing. Obama wanted a dictatorship but the Lord sent us President Trump to stand up for us Americans. Obama trying to steal a park in Chicago to build his library that will be empty except for that awful portrait he had painted by a woman that paints pictures of us with our heads cut off.

  45. Can we send Betty do she can experience the hate! Send her to Minnesota to live she’ll love it. Don’t forget that scarf ! Guess it keeps their head from being cut off.

  46. send them all back to thier 3rd world toliet they came from now that we spent our young soldiers to die for thier freedom [GO BACK WERE YOU CAME FROM]

  47. All we have to do is look at the U.K. and other countries who’s gun are gone and see the results. No way really to protect yourself, your family or your property. Laws have been changed against those citizens and their rights. NO, we definitely don’t want to lose our guns.

  48. if u don’t like the way pres TRUMP run our country vote him out or go live in another country like russia and see how long u could say that about putin be gratful for being here or leave

  49. It’s up to us the people to let them commie asswipes have gun control
    We DO NOT have to comply. Let’s let them unowned now. Take America back!!!!

  50. You should move to Minneapolis so that this Muslim woman may be your representative to congress. Maybe you could even marry your brother, if he would have you. You represent the kind of thought process that will bring America to it’s knees. For the first time in decades we have a president that put all the progressiveness and permissiveness that you are accustomed to, down the toilet. GO DONALD GO!!!

  51. She suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome. There’s no cure for that except for doctor-assisted suicide.

  52. Betty, you sound like you need some sex. Either get some or go take a pill. Actually take a whole bottle of opioids. You’ll feel a lot better.

  53. She wants gun control, just remember that a country with people that cannot defend themselves is easy picking. All the democrats want gun control just imagine why.

  54. This is something we can thank Obama for. The left accuses President Trump of acting like a dictator but it was Obama who did what he damn well pleased. Where was congress when he brought over tens of thousands of Muslims from a country known to be extremist in its practice of Islam.

  55. I always thought that the people in Minnesota were smarter. Maybe those jokes about Ole and Lena are true. lol.

  56. Betty, if you want to see a stupid. fat, lying stinking mouth, just look in a mirror. Trump hatred has driven you insane.

  57. Hey Betty! You’re dreaming, TRAITOR!!!

    Why don’t you leave OUR COUNTRY sine you can’t respect OUR PRESIDENT???

    You’re obviously not happy here, so GET THE F OUT!!!

  58. Betty, you need to pull your head outta your ass and realize that Trump has done more for us than any of the past presidents since Reagan. Typical Democrat, Hysterical drama queen without reason or accountability. YGTBSM!

  59. You are so very stupid and a liberal and you just can’t fix stupid!! At least Trump is keeping promises and loves America!! I am a native American and fought for America in Vietnam and proud to be a real American!! You need to leave America and see what we real Americans are about!! Stupid stupid liberal Bettye!!!

  60. When are we going to wake up!!
    Somebody with some brains to set up a web site for the sole purpose of getting tough with all the problems America and what WE can do about it. we can donate to this web and let’s get going to make a difference. Get Tough Somebody please set this up. i’m tired of listening and reading about problems not being solved. Let’s get going America!!

  61. Like what, Betty? Give us specifics or shut up! Trump has accomplished more in 2 years than Obama and his la key did in 8. What do we have to show for the trillions of dollars they spent?9

  62. How can she stay in office with what she does and says, she should be impeached. How do American cutizens do that, start a petition in every state. She and that other muslim needs out of our government and. And we need to clean up Minnesota get all those people back where they belong and it’s not on our Country

  63. Final nail in her coffin, MY FAT @$$ !!! If anything, this will serve to propell her to the front of the Demon-rat’s 2020 field & anyone who dares say one word about it will be immediately labeled as “Islamophobic”. What a stupid term, “Islamophobic”. The phobic part denotes a FEAR of Islam. I’m not afraid of Islam, I just HATE what it stands for & so should any TRUE AMERICAN !!!!!!!!!

  64. I feel that anything a person disagrees with another, it still should show respect. Especially when making remarks about the Oresident of this country

  65. I fought the Somalis in Mogadishu and i will fight them again in the U.S. if need be.
    they are all scum sucking garbage and its time to take out the garbage.

  66. What lies. be specific. There are none. Climate change is a hoax. Al gore predicted the end of the world would happen 15 years ago. Nothing has changed. Democrats live a lie.

  67. Mysty:
    If you obtain a copy of the Koran,read it as it will never be compatible with our way of life. Islam instructs all of its followers to kill anyone that will not convert to it, kill jews whether or not that they become “believers” or not. Islam is not a religion at all but a death cult and not to be allowed into our society. It should be against the law here and anyone who practices it should be prosecuted period!

  68. If they’re not US citizens, they should NOT have been allowed to vote. If this continues all over the country we will be inundated and will no longer be living in the America we know.

  69. Thanks to corrupt Dems she has access to lots of classified info that she is sharing with her Muslim counterparts where she came from. How alarming is that to all of us. She needs to be removed from office ASAP.

  70. Absolutely incredible that a POS Muslin terrorist sympathizer like Omar has infiltrated our Congress. Guess her constituents are just like her. Question is: how were they eligible to vote? Precisely why we desperately need voter ID to prevent voter fraud. Wake up, America, we are being bamboozled and will soon be outnumbered and no longer have a country. President Trump is fully aware of these atrocities but the vast left-wing conspiracy is tying his hands behind his back.

  71. That’s another thing about this want a be. She wants Sharia law that wouuldn’t even allow her to go out in public without her HUSBAND and she could even SPEAK to a man NOT HER RELATIVE!!!Just ANOTHER DEMON RAT more concerned with power and self than the PEOPLE!!! Her background should be investigated very closely but that would have the LEFTIST IN ANOTHER HISSY FIT!! I would never wish harm to anybody but it will take an attack on one of these DEMON RATS by an illegal before they will even attempt to understand REAL LIFE!!!I guess they would just say their attacker was a Trump supporter that threatened to HANG THEM OR SOMETHING! Oh yeah that’s what JUSSIE said RIGHT!!!! JUSSIE HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE THAT???

  72. Hey, huong flanagan, if trump is the best president you ever seen,then you must have been born less than two years ago. Thank GOD only two more years to go before this country is rid of good of that Oval Office INSANE IDIOT, mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & ms. White House WORTHLESS WHORE!

  73. The worst case scenario is what kind of classified information does this moron have access to as a Congresswoman. I wouldn’t trust her with anything along with the rest of these other Muslims and the Communist liberals. What are we doing to ourselves? Has the FBI done any security checks and background identifications? How do you pledge allegiance to the USA when you have your grubby paw on a Quran?

  74. I smell American patriots brewing with discontent and it’s crap like this that will make us boil over to a civil war of sorts.

  75. Like d.trump, AKA CRAZY donald also thinks he can also get away with anything & everything in His SICK MIND & DISEASED BRAIN!

  76. She is a real piece of muslum.
    obuma allowed those muslums to walk right into
    our country. Didn’t ask them a thing.
    Of course obuma is married to a man has his head
    All twisted. I don’t think god made men to hose
    Other men in the …..
    And the pride is in obuma is an illegal immigrant. Check it out.
    This country is in big trouble folks. We are about to
    Loss our country if we don’t wake the hell up.

  77. Agreed!!!
    TERM LIMIT for Democraps sh…!!!!
    GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP. President Trump is the best President I’d ever seen!!!


  79. Wait for her district to become a
    muslim no go zone and then we can build a wall around it and throw in knives, so they
    Can butcher each other, rather than us

  80. Only U. S. citizens should hold any public office period. Minnesota WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?! YES, she should be removed. And we need to do what Europe is doing. SEND THEM BACK TO THEIR NATIVE LANDS. GOD BLESS AMERICA LAND THAT TRUE AMERICANS LOVE.

  81. Is that the brother who she married to fraudulently married to fraudulently gain entrance to the United States?

  82. Truthful Evaluation! Yes, they are Worldwide! An investigation about her should be DONE! Our country is being invaded from within and without! We must put Our Country FIRST, before all else, except for the Almighty God, in Whom we put our Trust! May He assists us to eliminate the Enemies which are within our Country!!

  83. Her district has the highest rate of terrorist recruitment in the United States.

    The stupid thing is when these people go to the middle east to fight for ISIS or whoever when they want to return to this country we allow them to return. We screwed up when we let them in the first place and we continue to screw up by allow them to reenter

  84. Radical Muslims are a national , actually a world wide emergency, she seems to side with the radicals more than the moderates. Time for her to go before a real crisis develops because of her. What type of classified info does she have access to now that she is in congress.

  85. There ARE laws stating NO MUSLIM can be in our government but the democrats seem to get away with anything & everything.

  86. AGREED!!! I’m in my 70s and NEVER, EVER thought I’d see the likes of what’s happening in this country. It’s beyond horrible. We are definitely in the end times but I can see that it’s going to get a lot worse before the Rapture comes.

  87. And take all the rest of those terrorists too!!! It is the law that NO MUSLIMS ARE ALLOWED TO HOLD ANY POSITION IN OUR GOVERNMENT. SO WHY WAS SHE EVEN ALLOWED TO RUN LET ALONE WIN!?!?!

  88. she should be removed from congress right into prison and then have her citizenship revoked and then deported along with her brother


  90. You ugly hound. Go back to Somalia with the rest of your terrorist brothers. There ought to be a law prohibiting you from ever running for Congress again. In fact you should be thrown out on your ugly face.

  91. This scum woman must be removed from government first and for most…. AND THEN REMOVED FROM AMERICA, she has NO BUSINESS BEING IN ARE COUNTRY

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