One state government is threatening to use drones and night vision for this terrifying reason

Not everyone is comfortable with the government’s response to the coronavirus.

And the threat to privacy and constitutional rights are higher than ever before.

Now one state government is threatening to use drones and night vision cameras for this terrifying reason.

The Chinese Coronavirus is spreading like a plague.

And governments around the world are struggling to handle the disease.

Here in the United States President Trump is doing his best to fight the spread of the illness while protecting our constitutional rights.

But some in the government aren’t satisfied with the actions he’s taken so far.

The FBI supposedly has asked for sweeping new powers to arrest and detain people for the duration of the outbreak, without indictment or bail.

The Department of Justice is supposedly working with Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and other tech industry giants to be able to monitor and track every American during what many fear may soon become a national quarantine.

And some states and local governments aren’t even waiting for federal orders.

In Illinois, New Jersey, and Louisiana, and other states, some localities are unconstitutionally banning the sale of firearms and ammunition, putting American lives in jeopardy.

New Jersey has made it a crime to leave your home punishable by up to 6 months in prison and a $1,000 fine.

And now some states and localities are working to find ways to track citizens during lock downs.

And it might come as no surprise that things are the worst in California.

The Chula Vista Police Department in the Golden State is all set to use drones equipped with night vision cameras and loudspeakers to track citizens during the coronavirus shutdown and make sure they are following the state’s orders to self-isolate.

The police department of the city, located near San Diego, has now doubled its fleet of drones, buying two machines from – of all people – the Chinese company DJI.

That’s right, the Chula Vista Police Department will be tracking its citizens using Chinese hardware, which of course most likely means whatever data is gathered will also be in the communist hands of the Chinese.

A department spokesman recently talked with The Financial Times and stated the drones would also be equipped with night vision cameras.

“The outbreak has changed my view of expanding the program as rapidly as I can,” Captain Vern Sallee said.

He is seemingly ignoring the warnings of even U.S. government officials who have warned localities and police departments about the threat Chinese-made drones could pose to the United States. The company that the police department is purchasing from, DJI, is the world’s largest manufacturer of civilian drones which are also used by local police departments.

Even more troubling is the danger of more wide-spread drone use by police departments, not just in California, but around the country.

Spencer Gore, CEO of the U.S.-based drone company “Impossible Aerospace,” said he is “working like crazy” to help equip other law enforcement agencies with drones.

Gore went on to say the drones will fly around and see if people were gathering at places they weren’t supposed to be and could even use loudspeakers to tell them to disperse and go home.

The drone company CEO admitted that while the whole drone surveillance program sounds “Orwellian,” it could also “could save lives.”

While saving lives is a good thing, the question is, “At what cost?”

These measures, and others like them, threaten the very fabric of our republic and should be guarded against.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.


  1. Citizens of Chula Vista are you paying attention?
    Will you be ~voting out~ the politicians that are obviously OK with this plan?
    The Chief of Police wouldn’t be doing this without the full support of ~your~ City Council!

  2. Replt to bj: you are absolutely right. The Democrats wsnt to take over and have total control. The American people should wake up and let this sink in

  3. and I both know why you are butthurt..cuz trump bent you over and made you and a lot of lefties butthurt

  4. Wow. RR lets ink thru.
    Their latest ‘block’ Says
    ‘posting Too Fast’ !!!
    Say what? I don’t think So…

  5. 0K ! Dan T. My Town = ‘lockDown’.
    Thank God mostly ‘Senior’ community. So ‘it’s 0k. !
    >Less than 20 mi away From what’s happ in SE MI.
    (No ‘gangs’ roaming around, Yet…) But i’m In ‘Hot Zone’.
    ‘they’ GOT us, \Dan. No bullets. Not Good.
    > WE Have BEST PREs. To Handle ‘this. Go to
    VeteransToday. Read & weep…complicated. Glean what U Can…
    > FEAR takes 0ver ‘the powder’ For now…

  6. If anyone wants to really see how bad CA has become under the leadership of the Democratic party, should watch the Prager universities “The real reason people are leaving California”.

  7. You so stupid…Yes, you are!!! The goal of the dem party is total control of the government and every aspect of your life. That is no conspiracy theory. It is the truth. But you have no concept of the truth

  8. How dumb is California getting. Buying dromes from China and using them to spying on us. China can spy on us. Why would anybody want to buy from China. Just think, with out Apple phones how many people from China is spying on us. Apple bring our phones back to the USA.

  9. I SAID: Wow. Drones ? even for Ca ???
    Not Good. Hi Dan T. & All.
    Have mucho info to share & ‘blocked’.
    Will keep trying. Stuff y’All NEED to KNOW !

  10. Wow Pee Again, spoken like a true lib trying to project your misdeeds on others. I guess since you have difficulty reading simple English, I’ll try and articulate it differently. “When the revolution comes”, it will be started by antifa loving lefties or never trumper types, Much like yourself and other democrats trying to seize power and rights, like the second amendment, endowed upon us by the constitution. This will most certainly happen at some point because there are too many folks that have an elitest idiotic view. I don’t recall saying I plan to start it fatass

  11. The idiots in the cities of California using Gestapo type surveillance does not surprise me. This is a communist state. More proof that liberalism is a mental disease.

  12. Los Angeles County Sheriff Villanueva has already started closing gun stores as he feels they are not an essential business in these times. I was under the impression that this is EXACTLY what the 2nd amendment was for. As for the Sheriff, the Constitution be damned!

  13. BTW Joe Bob I am not nor have I ever been a Dem. I can not support a man so morally corrupt as Trumpty Dumpty. I also could not support the Hildabeast. I wrote my dog’s name, because I felt he could do a better job as president than the other alternatives.

  14. Joe Bob That would be impossible since both my sister and mother have passes away and been in the ground nearly 20 years. Revolution? Who is going to start this revolution, you? Better find a good lawyer, because that my freind is treason.

  15. Fay, old Fattbutthurt is a loud mouth pu$$y. He still sleeps with his mother and sister like most scumbag democrats so pay him no regard. When the revolution comes he’ll be one of the first with lead poisoning!

  16. Fay Butler it would be great to have a drone filming Nancy with a shovel cleaning up the streets of her city.

  17. Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both. — Benjamin Franklin

  18. Why don’t you cops do some real watch on the politicans in the state of California do some real work. If you cops in California if they did this kinds of work towards real criminals the state be in better shape. These cops are a joke scared to do their job goes after their own instead of criminals and crooked politicans

  19. If these boneheads were this committed to securing our borders as they are to stripping the citizens rights because of this pandemic illegal immigration would not be a problem!

  20. Fay Butler Maybe they should track you for repeating false and misleading information. Don’t be stupid and repeat trumpty dumpty’s talking points because they are generally not based in truth.

  21. This is really a dilemma. Watching everybody is certainly a violation of their privacy rights. On the other hand, there are known potential terrorists that should be watched in order to keep our country safe and secure. But that could be perceived as “profiling.” A dilemma.


  23. This virus will move our country closer to communism.
    Bernie Sanders and his followers must be delighted.

  24. Shooting at an aircraft is a federal crime, Civilian drones are considered aircraft. Several cases have been in the courts and some defendants have been successful on using privacy issues as a defense.

    I for one do not like to feel that I can’t even walk through the woods and fart without big government knowing.

  25. SC Do yourself a favor and do some research before you post and show your ignorance. The picture on the article and even the article states that they are using civilian drones.

    Part 107 of the FFA regulations covers such drones which are restricted to airspace below 400 feet. My county sheriff use two and the generally fly them 10 to 20 feet above the treetops.

    With my 52″ full choke 12 gauge shotgun loaded with some 3-1/2″ mag goose loads that I load myself to give them a little extra humph, I can down a goose at 50 yards. Nearly as easy as shooting wild hogs with Toby Keith and Ted Nugent.

  26. Using drones is envading every American citizens privacy. If I need to go to the store to buy food or medicines, I don’t want to have to worry about being tracked by some Chinese drone being used by someone, much less, the police department.

    Tracking people using a drone, is going against my rights and that is being personal by tracking someone.

    The government doesn’t need to be authorizing drones being used to track anyone. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!! THat’s envading my privacy and my personal space.

  27. you people with shotguns need to just leave them in the closet as they are useless against high flying drones, you might try on of those 50 cal sniper rifles and if you can get your hands on some tracers or explosive bullets you might just take down on of those spying waste of taxpayers money.

  28. What are they going to do with a shotgun Dan, stick it up their ass??? lol. You should find a bunker Gay Boi or Bio/HIV which ever…

  29. If we allow governors and mayors to remove our Constitutional rights then we are going to wonder how did this happen? What price are you willing to give for a “perceived” safety? I did not become a disabled veteran to give it away to a bunch of political mouths which uses fear to take more power from the free American citizens. By the way the drones cannot be taken down with your shotgun they can fly way above the range of that so don’t call attention to yourself for nothing. Cameras are very powerful now.

  30. There is no good to come from taking away the freedom Americans have fought and died for. To fight a pandemic that has not proven to be as bad as these fools are trying to make out. It is more likely that these communists want to circumvent our constitution and bring us closer to liberalism. That is the mother of all evil. There are more and more police departments that are exactly as Hitlers Gestapo during WWII. We the people of the U.S.A. need to keep a very close eye of this and it may come to a State by State people’s militia set in place to stop these actions.

  31. Danniboi, you got your shotgun ready? Sounds like it may soon be “drone season.” I wonder what they taste like?

  32. Danniboi, you got your shotgun ready? Sounds like it may soon be “drone season.” I wonder what they taste like?

  33. Danniboi, you got your shotgun ready? Sounds like it may soon be “drone season.” I wonder what they taste like?

  34. The Corona virus is not spreading like wildfire. The seasonal floss flus this year, make the total corona cases look like small potato, deaths from season flu this year are more than 10X greater than Corona virus so far.

    The author of this article needs to look up numbers before adding fuel to the fire of corona.

  35. Big Brother is getting bigger all the time Doesn’t it thrill you to have such power in hands of people like Nancy Pelosi

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