One story confirmed everyone’s worst fears about the media and Trump

The media has conducted itself like starving jackals on the Trump Russia story.

They are tearing at every piece of news as if it is the key piece of evidence that will take down the President.

One story just confirmed everyone’s worst fears about the media and the Russia investigation.

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are prepared to release a report that will demonstrate there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Questions about if Trump was in league with Moscow in 2016 dominated the news for 18 months.

So how did the big three networks treat the bombshell answer to the conclusion to this investigation?

CBS and AC devoted less than one minute of airtime and NBC censored the news entirely.

They tried to cover it up and keep their audience in the dark.

Newsbusters reports:

“CBS Evening News only gave 31 seconds to the House committee’s findings. “Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee said there was no collusion or coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election,” reported anchor Jeff Glor. “They also say that while Russia tried to interfere with the elections, they do not agree with U.S. intelligence that the Russians were trying to help Donald Trump.”

Glor followed that up by noting that committee’s Democrats would be releasing their own findings:

Democrats on the House panel are expected to put out their own report with different findings. The Senate Intelligence Committee is also investigating Russian meddling, as is the special counsel, Robert Mueller.

Meanwhile, on ABC’s World News Tonight, they only gave the development 27 seconds, which meant the three major network news outlets (ABC, CBS, and NBC) gave the story less than a minute of combined airtime (58 seconds).

“There’s late word coming in from the House Intelligence Committee, that they are moving up to wrap up their Russia investigation? Republicans on the committee saying they have found no evidence of collusion,” wondered anchor David Muir to Chief White House Correspondent Jon Karl.

Karl appeared to be almost irritated by the committee’s findings: “These are the Republicans that control that committee.” “The finding is hardly surprising,” he scoffed. “And given how partisan that committee is, it’s not going to have any impact on the overall debate over Russia.” He wrapped up the segment by holding out hope that the Senate and special counsel investigations would find something incriminating against the President.”

This report should not have been a surprise.

No evidence has ever emerged proving collusion.

Are you surprised the networks tried to downplay and cover up this story?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Butchy- Good morning and thank you for your reply. I’ve never claimed to be perfect and you might very well find something that you don’t like. However, I am not the president of the USA either.
    Do have any ideas about why Trump has done nothing to protect our next election from another attack?


  3. Good morning William- “…spring a trap..”? Really? Why do you say that? I disagree. Robert Mueller is a Republican who has devoted his life to service to our country. I think he is only following facts and evidence.
    Trump has stated he is very smart (“I am a stable genius”). He has stated that he is very articulate ( “I know a lot of words”). He has stated that “I have one of the great memories of all time”. With all those characteristics, why wouldn’t someone who has nothing to hide want to answer all of Mueller’s questions? Mueller has too much integrity and legal knowledge to realize you can’t indict someone based on “one inaccurate recollection”. Everything must be confirmed and corroborated.

  4. Carroll- Good morning and thank you for your reply. Thank you also for your service to our country. If you have a substantive comment to make about the issue, I would sure like to hear what is on your mind.

  5. O. Possum, Mueller only wants to interview Trump in hopes Trump will spring a trap he has set for him. One inaccurate recollection could do that. Trump would be wise to avoid that scenario.

  6. O. Possum, can’t help to notice you have high hopes someone, oh please someone come up with something provable on Trump, while you completely ignore and side step the evidence exposed on Clinton, Obama and the FBI in collusion against Trump and playing with the Russians as well. Look in the mirror, what you see is a typical liberal, placing the Party, Illegals and criminals above the Country.

  7. The only collusion was with the democrats and the only change in votes is Hillary got more than she was supposed to as they were illegals voting mostly in California!! That is the main ingredients to the whole story and Mueller has been dragging this crap out for over a year. Hate will eat one alive so there are alot of people that may just drop over where they stand with all the hatred they have inside!!


  9. You can’t fight stupid with truth. possums are trash eaters that I shoot to keep out of my trash. USAF Ret

  10. You are right, Soros should be kicked out of our country, but they need to figure out a way to take his money away and put it on the national debt. What he did to other Jewish people in Hungry during WW11, was horrible. One thing that I have seen is that any politician that takes money from him may as well have sold their soul to the Devil.

  11. Well, Trump has said a great many things that his spokespeople have had to walk back. Last I heard, his lawyers were trying to limit it to written questions and let that be the end. I think the chances for that lie somewhere between slim and none.
    I really have no clear idea of whether Trump is guilty of something or not. But I do know he has not behaved as an innocent person would.

  12. Kate- Good evening and thank you for your reply. First, Robert Mueller has been on the job slightly less than 9 months, not the 18 you mention. Second, unless you are working on his team, you can’t be certain what they have found or not found. Unlike Trump, Robert Mueller runs a tight ship and their have been no leaks.
    Third, you say “No one is listening..” Aren’t you the tiniest bit concerned that our election was attacked by a hostile foreign power?
    And fourth, if you are concerned about the time and cost of the investigation, then I am quite certain you had similar concerns about the 4 and 1/2 year long investigation by Kenneth Starr concerning Bill Clinton and which cost $39.2 million.

  13. One thing for sure, the election was compromised by the Democrats lying about Trumps collusion with Russia, that we know but how about the things we don’t know about !!!

  14. The real collusion with Russia has always been the Clinton cartel.
    By the way I see where crooked is having trouble standing up in India. Remember a month or so back when the MSM cried there eyes out after POTUS passed his physical.

  15. No surprise of course that there’s no ‘there’ there…it’s always been a conjured up pile of steaming c**p..and it doesn’t even surprise me that the networks gave it less than no time. What gets me is Jon karl’s comment about HOLDING OUT HOPE (gag) that someone, somewhere, somehow, ( my words, not his) will eventually find SOMETHING..ANYTHING!! The only drawback to being a baby boomer is the fact that I remember when journalists actually did the job of a journalist/reporter…THEY RELAYED THE NEWS..GOOD BAD OR OTHERWISE,WITHOUT THEIR UNSOLICITED OPINIONS. Now, you can’t shut these asses up!!! ????

  16. Collusion has Bennet identified…Between Mother Russia & the CLINTONS & Fusion GPS! $12Million worth! Collusion was also found between BARRY SOETORO & Fusion GPS! $3Million worth against Mitt Romney!
    PROVEN! We’ll see what comes of both soon!
    As far as President Trump, nobody can hold a candle to him because he outshines them ALL! He’s stolen ALL their thunder! He has done more in just 14 months than Barry, Barack, or whatever name coincides with ALL his SS#’s!
    Three cheers for POTUS TRUMP…

  17. Way past time for Mueller and his gang to hang it up..they have found nothing worthwhile during the last 18 mos. How long are they going to tax the poor taxpayers in this country to keep this crap ongoing? Its all a farce and has been since the beginning. No one is even listening anymore and the news media are in his hip pocket too.

  18. Shut down these fake news media for good. They have dishonest services to our people of this country. Because of their dishonesty and fake news they are like thief and crooks.

  19. Frank- Thank you for your reply. I meant stay tuned for the actual investigation to report their findings. I have a life and part of that is interest understanding our political scene. Call me old fashioned ( or just old) but I happen to think that our elections should be decided by our citizens, not by hostile foreign powers. Our election of 2016 was attacked by Russia and Devin Nunes does not seem to care about that, regardless of whether Trump was personally involved or not.
    Unlike Trump, Robert Mueller runs a tight ship and there have been no leaks. So it’s way too early to declare “no collusion”. In the end, that may be the conclusion, but we just don’t know that yet. Meanwhile there are several other serious matters they are looking into- The election was attacked by a hostile foreign power; there could be obstruction of justice; there could be financial/tax issues as well. I’m sure we will get a clearer picture in the months and years ahead. That’s why I said “stay tuned” and that’s no BS.

  20. Dorothy- Thank you for your reply. I’ll ask you the same question I have often asked other people and no one has given me a satisfactory answer. If Trump truly has nothing to hide, then why doesn’t he simply agree to meet with Robert Mueller and answer all questions? Seems to me that would be the quickest way to get the investigation over with. Any thoughts?
    Otherwise, I hope you are doing well today. Don’t hurt yourself with all that L’ing OL.

  21. Ron- Thanks for your reply. At this point, no one knows what evidence has been collected by Mueller and the Senate investigations. So it’s way too early to declare “no evidence of collusion”. We know for sure that Don Jr. wanted to collude when promised dirt on Hillary (“I love it”). In any case there are several other very serious issues at play here. For starters, our election was attacked by a hostile foreign power. The Nunes committee does not address that attack. I have no idea what the real investigations will find but there is good possibility that we are looking at financial/tax issues as well as obstruction of justice.
    And of course, my basic question is this- If Trump truly has nothing to hide, then why doesn’t he quit complaining, sit down with Robert Mueller and answer all questions? Do you have any thoughts on why he isn’t willing to do that?

  22. I too am sick and tired of all the main stream news except Fox news..They are all corrupt and the Liberals. What happened to our America? So disappointed in the news journalist..But you can bet on your life that President Trump will win again in 2020. We the American people can see the evil that they do…and God and the people who voted for Trump are not STUPID.

  23. I keep hearing that we need a special task force to Investigate this, that, and the other. If it is wrong arrest them and haul them into court and then to jail, just like they would any regular citizen. What is happening is a total bunch of BS. Get on with it.

  24. We need a special task force to take down the criminals who are infesting our govenment, and trying desperately to pull the teeth of our citizens. They murder a few school children in cold blood, then cry out for disarming our cictizens. 360 pwople,die from rifles eaCH YEAR. nOW WE MUST GIVE UP THE WEAPONS THAT OULD ALLOW US TO DEFEND OURSELVES FOOM THESE CORRUPT MURDERERS.

  25. The Dem’s make it very clear tha they are not working for the people of the US. Their only goal is to regain power, so they can continue their program of selling out our people to the wealty 1%, while getting the fat commisions that have made them rich. The mainline news that is totally owned by this same criminal 1% is working day and night to try to take down our legally elected President.

  26. Those 2 will never c any prison time. Anyone that is in a position to hurt them is as dirty as they are.
    Only thing that could fix all this is a complete turn around by the people. Every politician we have is dirty. All the top brass in law enforcement is dirty. Most judges are manipulable,”is that a word?”
    Nothing will ever be fixed untill the people gather and move.
    President Trump is pulling this waggon all by himself. The citazens need to be engaged. Untill that happens nothibg will change.

  27. Margaret G. You’re absolutely right!!! No need to watch incompetence, hatred, stupidity, and waste my time! Hannity, Judge Janine are the kind of people who have my total support!!

  28. I don’t know who is worse. Dem’s and the lamestream, or my 3 year old grandson who can’t have it his way. I, for one, am sick of this crap. Grow up already!

  29. GC’s comment is spot on. I have not watched any of the TV stations mentioned in years; stopped watching/listening to anything nfl since kapernothing first knelt; avoid disney at all cost. For decades now have recognized that disney has been a leftwing front and is not the Disney of my childhood. For that matter most forms of entertainment these days is one-sided and upside down. Media coverage is manipulative and deliberately censored to fit an evil and upside down agenda, often attempting to alter natural law to concocted human law, because man knows better than God.

  30. If you believe the Muller special council is bipartisan, I have a Bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you.

  31. No evidence of any collusion between Trump/Trump team & Russia vs. a preponderance of evidence that the Clinton team colluded to try to derail President Trump & his administration. We will have the last laugh.

  32. The only collusion with Russia was the FBI, CIA, DNC, Hillary, McCain and we know it where are the prosecutions for attempting to take out a candidate then a sitting president?

  33. Agree completely. There’s no justice until we see the Clinton’s and Obama fitted for orange jumpsuits (standard prison attire).

  34. That’s right. It’s been that way for a long time, but it took Trump’s election to expose all the frauds in the mainstream media.

  35. Devin Nunes had no intention of conducting a full investigation. He reached his predetermined conclusion so Trump could call it a victory. Thank God we still have the bi-partisan Senate investigation and Robert’s Mueller’s team doing the people’s work. Stay tuned.

  36. Expose their attempts to downplay everything that Hillaryband Obama were these people that raped our Constitution … repeatedly.

    Hillary … and … Obama … must … go … down. They must be punished for these crimes.

  37. The trouble is, living in a LOCAL area doesn’t guarantee an editorial point of view that differs in the slightest from the national media to which they are steadfastly attached. The liberals have infested almost all media and their “reportage” is identical no matter which one you choose as your “favorite”.

  38. None of my family watch any national news nor participate with any of the businesses sponsored by NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, MSNBC, CNN or any of those stations. We get out news from local stations or social media. Most of my friends have cancelled their trips to any Disney parks, Disney movies, the NFL or anyplace or business that dumped on the NRA. No one needs the total BS, lies and misinformation these places are spewing… Sadly, most don’t remember about the history of the last 100 years. They forget that Adolf Hitler started WWII by controlling, then talking away all firearms supported by George Soros. Check this out on Soros:

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