One Supreme Court prediction is going to have Donald Trump red with rage

Donald Trump’s lasting legacy as President will be three Supreme Court nominations.

Trump expected his Justices to push the Court in a conservative direction for a generation.

And one Supreme Court prediction is going to have Donald Trump red with rage.

Last week, the states suing Joe Biden over his illegal federal vaccine mandates argued their case at the Supreme Court.

The Justices heard arguments in cases involving the mandates for companies with more than 100 employees and for healthcare facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid funding.

By all accounts, the Court’s six Republican-appointees expressed extreme skepticism towards the administration’s claim that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration possesses the authority to unilaterally impose these vaccine mandates.

But Pennsylvania Democrat Matt Cartwright predicted on Fox News that the Supreme Court would find a “middle ground” on the federal vaccine mandates.

“It’s a heavily conservative court right now, as you know, and all of them are double vaccinated and boosted. And so, that’s an interesting dynamic,” Cartwright stated. “You know, what they are doing is they’re questioning, well, is it administrative overreach, and maybe they will decide that.”

Cartwright added that he believed the Justices would uphold the federal vaccine mandate for healthcare facilities that accept Medicare and Medicaid funding.

“It seemed likely that they are going to try to find some kind of middle ground, Mike, you know, where only companies that get money from Medicare and Medicaid, or maybe healthcare operations, can be subject to an OSHA mandate like that. I do expect them to reach some kind of middle ground like that, but the bottom line is go out and get vaccinated. It’s not political. Donald Trump is double vaccinated. If you care about making your family safe and your friends and your loved ones, go out and get vaccinated,” Cartwright concluded.

For the Supreme Court to uphold Biden’s authoritarian federal vaccine mandate, at least one of Donald Trump’s nominations would have to sell out and vote to uphold Biden’s unprecedented federal vaccine mandate power grab.

That would be a bitter pill for conservatives to swallow after hoping that Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett would usher in a new conservative judicial revolution for the next generation.

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