One surprising name is a candidate to be the next FBI Director

After the bombshell firing of FBI Director James Comey, Donald Trump has a major decision to make.

He must choose a candidate to lead the FBI with the media and Democrats out for blood.



  1. I think that Trey Gowdy would be an excellent choice for FBI Director but I would much rather see him replace Jeff Session’s as Attorney General. Session’s sits on his hands too much and doesn’t seem to get the job done!
    Go Trump!!!

    • I agree with the selection of Tray G and of sheriff Clarke. The spirit of anti-Christ is present in our world today. We must have God fearing people in theses political positions. They have the greatest weapons available, sharper than a two edged sword, the Word of God.

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  3. The FBI chief is an administrative position. Keep Trey Gowdy where he is. He is doing a fantastic job, there. Hire a cop / bureaucrat for the FBI.

  4. Trey Gowdy is very intelligent and honorable person. He has admiriably served our country.He should choose the path that is right for him and his family. He will be a blessing for our great President Donald Trump. May God bless and protect both of them, their families on their journey. May God bless and protect the U.S.A and its people. Let us all give praise thanks and praise to our Lord and Savior for his infinite mercy and love. God bless.

  5. Trey Gowdy is very trustworthy, honest with all the admirable qualities for serving our great President and our great country. Whichever position he chooses it should be his choice that is right for he and his family. May God bless him on this journey. God bless President Donald Trump and his family on their path to make America great again and pleasing to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  6. He certainly has the “mettle” to do this job, so it seems to me that he would be a very good choice. The question raised about “back-filling” his spot in Congress is a good question. There needs to be ‘backbone’ in Congress to get goals accomplished.

  7. WOW, if President Trump, (My President) would step out into the Public Arena and make this selection of this “OUTSTANDING Man”, he would in fact be a gift to the F.B.I., that I trusted and treasured in my almost twenty (20)years of Municipal Law Enforcement in the 1960-1980, years.

  8. The only downside I can see by having Trey Gowdy run the FBI is then he would be catching crooks – he is a master prosecutor I’d hate to lose him in the courtroom.

    • Ww all like Gowdy; but I don’t think he wants that job. I think he would agree that we need a top notch law enforcement pro like Clark.
      I also believe that Gowdy knows who he would like in that position.

  9. From what i have seen of Trey Gowdy he seems to be a man who is not afraid to do what has to be done and seems very honest a man of integrity and i pray he is picked and has the guts to put Obama, Hilary, and many more behind bars where they belong for treason. One more guy maybe not as polished is a sheriff whom i admire and i know he will arrest a lot of Obama Clinton s people is non other than patriot sheriff Clarke. I would be extremely happy with either one.

  10. Trey would be the best choice by far. He is totally honest and a true patriot. He cannot be bought by anyone. Trey follows the law to the letter.

  11. Trey Gowdy would be an excellent choice, but I heard Merrick Garland mentioned and I think he would be a terrible choice.

  12. While he is a better than average Republican, Gowdy was a HUGE disappointment when he questioned Hillary on Benghazi. I would oppose his nomination. Leave him where he is. Meanwhile, I understand that Jim DeMint recently became available. Now that would really PO the left.

  13. I agree that Trey Goudy would be excellent, but we really need him in Congress. He is one of the few in Congress I actually RESPECT. But what the heck, congress has lost the respect of the American people for decades. Whoever replaces Trey should be as good as Trey, but knowing our american voters right now, I am not sure that would happen.

    • I agree with you, Jerry, we DO need Gowdy in the congress, but he would make an excellent choice for CIA director ! He is smart and asks good questions. God willing, he will be the choice, but want someone like HIM to take his place in congress !

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    • Ditto, Trey would be the best choice, and definitely an effective one, but who in Congress has the moral fiber and integrity to take his place ??????????? Can’t think of one, except maybe Peter King.

  14. He takes no one’s B.S. and would be excellent. He is not a politically correct guy…Put him in the job now.

  15. It seems conceivable that Trump already has a candidate for Director of the FBI. Trey Gaudy would be the perfect choice, so let’s hope he’s the one!

  16. Yes! Trey Gowdy would be a terrific choice! He is a straight shooter, speaks the truth always and will ask questions or whatever he needs to do to get to the Truth. He has a great work history of delving into minute details to find the truth in different situations. He would make a superb FBI director.

      • Don, Have you been paying attention over the last couple years? Trey Gowdy is a rock star. He has been all over the net with his perceptive mind out front and center. He would be a GREAT FBI director.

      • Read up on Gowdy. He is terrific and not afraid to put these people on the hot seat. I think he is one of the truly honest men in Washington. I can’t say that about many. Steve Scalise is another honest patriot.

    • Oh yes indeed this man is my first, second, and third choice. Now, imagine what it would happen to the lib-turds if he became the Director?

    • Trey Gowdy is a no-nonsense investigator who has won my respect for his investigative work in the House. He sticks to the Constitution and laws, not the
      politically correct checklist. Trey has my YES vote. Mr. President you have my approval to appoint Mr. Gowdy to the Directorship of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And may God Bless our great Nation and guide us back to sanity.

      • Draga acuarele, a fost o revelatie deopicersrea acestui autor pentru ca mi-a oferit o viziune cu totul noua a ceva ce deja stiam – si stim cu totii – dar nu prea punem in aplicare. Merita citita cartea si e o lectura initiatica – ca sa spun asa – pentru ca trebuie sa te opresti la fiecare paragraf si sa meditezi, desi ca intindere epica nu e mare. Spor la citit si zile senine ! Mie mi-e dor de soare ! 🙂

    • You bet!!! Trey Gowdy KNOWS the Constitution, the law and briguth up so many illegals criminal acts by Killery, Human Adedine, Podesta, Obongoloid, Lunch and so many others! To get this country back on track of simply FOLLOWING THE LAWS ALREADY ON THE BOOKS FROM YEARS PAST, he’s an excellent choice. And, crack down harder on ILLEGAL ALIENS, drug dealers, rapist, human traffickers!! GO TREY GOWDY!!

      • Kjimlenyyydepeg teppe! Ã¥hh! 🙂 Ble skikkelig fint pÃ¥ soverommet det der. Jeg er alt for dÃ¥rlig til Ã¥ prioritere soverommet.. ser bare kjedelig ut der…Sjekk forresten ut giveawayen pÃ¥ bloggen min ! 🙂

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