One top Democrat announced this awful new plan to use voter fraud to win in 2020

Democrats are plotting their strategy to win in 2020.

They are taking no prisoners in their quest to defeat Donald Trump next year.

And one top Democrat just announced this awful new plan to use voter fraud to win in 2020.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is one of the top-tier contenders to seize the 2020 nomination.

Buttigieg is struggling to win over black voters.

So as part of his plan to sway those voters into his campaign, he authored an op-ed in a local South Carolina paper calling for an end to voter ID laws.

Breitbart reports:

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg (D) on Tuesday called for voter ID laws to be banned as part of his plan to “safeguard democracy” for black Americans.

In an op-ed for the Charleston Chronicle, Buttigieg called for a “21st Century Voting Rights Act” becuse “cynicism” about the political “is nowhere more warranted than in the Black community, where systematic efforts are taking away the right to vote.”

“This means banning practices like voter ID laws and ensuring that potentially discriminatory changes to voting laws first be reviewed by the Department of Justice,” Buttigieg wrote. “We are not a true democracy if certain Americans are restricted from voting because one party has decided they would be better off if fewer people vote.”

Buttigieg wrote his op-ed ahead of next week’s BET Black Economic Alliance Forum and called for a “Douglas Plan for Black America” that also includes “reducing sentencing disparities,” bridging the wealth gap between black and white Americans, and encouraging “greater economic security within the Black community.”

Democrats claim voter ID laws are racist.

But what many Americans counter is that claiming minority voters do not have the capacity to obtain a photo identification is actually racist.

Democrats also want to ban voter ID laws because they want to count on voter fraud and illegal aliens voting as their ace in the hole to win elections.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.