One Top Democrat just crossed the line with this vile jab at Senator Paul

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes is a star in the Kentucky Democrat Party.

Many believe she’s gearing up to run for Governor in 2019 against Republican incumbent Matt Bevin.

Now she’s taking a play out of Maxine Waters’ playbook with this vile attack on a sitting Republican U.S. Senator.

While appearing at a Kentucky political event, Grimes was asked about whether Democrats could defeat Senator Rand Paul (who’s not up for re-election until 2022).

That’s when she crossed the line by saying, “Just ask his neighbor. He can be beaten.”

Senator Paul was assaulted by his neighbor last year while mowing his lawn. The attack left him with six broken ribs and recurring bouts of pneumonia during his recovery.

Alison Lundergan Grimes’ sick “joke” highlights a disturbing trend of violent rhetoric used by Democrats.

From Maxine Waters’ call-to-action for extremists Democrats to harass and intimidate members of the Trump administration, to Senator Hirono talking about the “noose closing” around President Trump’s neck, Democrats nationwide are embracing the new tone.

Georgetown Law Professor Randy Barnett called it “normalizing anti-Republican violence.”

Senator Paul’s staff was not amused.

And his Chief Strategist replied with a joke of his own.

What are your thoughts on Democrats nationwide embracing violent anti-Republican rhetoric?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Every American reply your answers about Democrat Polititians Demanding Terrorist Threats To A Political Party Voted In By Americans And Threats To Americans. Demand they Resign, ARRESTED ! They Are Servants !

  2. Well said! Whatever happened to the Democratic Party? At one time both parties could disagree, but the Democrats have become mean and dangerous. Anything goes so long as they can win power. I’m frankly embarrassed by their antics and statements. The more in control they become the more this country becomes like a third world power. It is so important that, with their current agenda, the American people vote them out of office to preserve our Republic.

  3. Diane, you are clueless- most of the school shootings were by mentally ill people, with various motivations. usually to retaliate for bullying or not being accepted. Had the FBI, Police and the school done their jobs, the Parkland shooting would never have taken place!

  4. These people are clearly not too bright- they only look at the “now” with their policies, not the results that will be revealed down the road, so don’t expect them to give too much thought to what comes out of their mouths. She probably hoped to be seen as a clever jokester. Pathetic!

  5. It is the damn democrats that have been the driving force in the racist, hate filled speeches and actions that have befallen this country. No matter how they try to pin it on Trump and the GOP there is absolutely no evidence other than the trash talk that accompanies all elections. Sen. Scalise was shot and a BLACK DEMOCRATIC FEMALE POLITICIAN laughed when she stated, “He was crying when they put him in the ambulance.” You are a f-ing animal. I would like to tell you what animal I think that you are but then that would be racist. Mad Maxine tells the church she is on a mission from GOD. Did he e-mail her? Did he speak to her? Or is she just the racist, hateful, crazy b*tch that she has always been. And you cal yourselves agents for the people. BS. You talk about Trump and how he lies but then you give your daughter hundreds of thousands of dollars for PR. You are so f-ing corrupt and the lemmings that you serve are as f-ing stupid as you. Stupid is different than low IQ. Your’s is high enough to steal money from the public for decades. But you are stupid and stupid can not be fixed!!!!!!

  6. Hey, guys, this should be about the issues, not someones appearance, over which they have little control. Just because liberals are uncivil, let’s no stoop to their level. Lets try to keep it about our political philosophy.

  7. Yeah, Dems, free stuff for everybody! Standard Democratic platform- buy the votes and control the poulation. Freedom from big government for me!

  8. Hey Diane,
    Why don’t YOU do some “googling” on your own and see who is PAYING GROUPS to have the TRUMP RALLIES disrupted?? LIBERAL DEMOCOMMUNISTS and SOROS!
    Get your head out of you colon and try thinking for yourself.

  9. Vasu you are entitled to your opinion and I respect you for presenting it in an adult way. But her comment was much worse than inappropriate. I disagree with your list also. Did gun control help the 74 people shot in Chicago over the weekend? Which by the way has some of the strictest gun laws? Or animals over babies in the womb? I agree that I despise animal abusers, I just feel we need to be concerned about child abusers first.

  10. Diane,
    Watching how the RADICAL LEFT is being “empowered” by allowing MORONS to keep attacking and getting away with it, it will only be a matter of time before someone is killed by these mad maxi-pad waters/DEMOCOMMUNIST incited attacks.
    We conservatives have “turned the other cheek” long enough. The “police” REFUSE to do their jobs, because in MY opinion 1. They are scared they will LOSE their precious pension 2. The WANT “martial law” enacted for more POWER and CONTROL just like the DEMOCOMMUNISTS.
    WE have every GOD-GIVEN right to defend ourselves from these PHYSICAL attacks from these left-wing communists.

  11. I feel really sorry for Kentucky. To think that they have elected a juvenile jokester to a high public office is embarrassing.
    At her advanced age you will never get her to grow up and learn to act properly in an adult situation.

  12. Betty that’s when we know the left if crazy They dare anyone to disagree with them. Stand and be not afraid. They feed on fear.

  13. What a mean and small-minded comment. I hope the people of Kentucky have more couth and self-respect than to vote for such a disgusting, inconsiderate, politically blind person as Alison Lundergan Grimes. She will lose a Governor race, as she did her attempt at the Senate.

  14. Alison Lundergan Grimes’ comments were inappropriate.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  15. Missy grimes is just that – -a grimy, retarded, libnut sleaze ball; is she really that cross-eyed, or is that just a bad photo?

  16. All you have to do is look at her dumb ass looking face? She looks stupid! Essecially. The thought of her thinking she’s going to win against Paul Rand? Ha! Ha! Ha! Tell me another joke? This is not a repeat!

  17. All you have to do is look at her dumb ass looking face? She looks stupid! Essecially. The thought of her thinking she’s going to win against Paul Rand? Ha! Ha! Ha! Tell me another joke?

  18. For anyone reading my comment? I proof read my comments before sending! I read them after? It’s all screwed up? It’s not me.

  19. Exactly! They are tunnel vision ist and one sided niaded fool’s. They argue and fight about thing’s they have no knowledge orclue about? Just complete sick in the head morons!

  20. Diane is completely ignorant! Conservatives get permits to have a rally and “peaceful” protestors show up with baseball bats and bottles and more recently knives, injure conservatives and police, burn buildings and cars, smash car and store windows. There is no end to their hypocrisy. If you don’t like a scheduled speaker, by all means don’t go to listen to him. Whether you like it or not that speaker is protected by the same Constitution that protects you. Freedom of speech isn’t just for liberals, it’s for every American citizen. Democrats have resorted to violence but conservatives have very few incidences of maybe a fist fight. Get your facts straight, Diane, and stop accusing Conservatives of the vile acts and words Liberals are guilty of.

  21. This is exactly why everyone needs to vote Republican. Keep the criminal, pedophile, violent DemoRats out of office. They know the only way the Dumbs can win is to physicaly kill their openents. They have No Agenda and No Plan other than Raise Taxes And keep people from a Job.

  22. Sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire and if the Dems keep making Sparks soon they are going to set off a wildfire they can’t control.

  23. Demorats are just plain mean for some reason. Glad not all Americans are that way. Hillary lost TRUMP won that’s their problem. Good thing she lost we would all be in big do do. Wake up Demorats before it’s to late. One day soon we are going to turn on you in a big way then you’ll run for your lives. So get with the program !!

  24. Man from Grey- No, I don’t agree with you! The right has prompted violence from the beginning. 45 just promoted violence against reporters at his rally. He’s going to get a reported killed with his words. How many times has he promoted violence against anyone who doesn’t agree with him? Hmm, was it a right wing nutcase that believed the Hillary pizza story of kids being held the basement (when there wasn’t EVEN a basement)
    and went there with a weapon? Were most of the recent school shootings made by liberals or Trump supporters? And Maxine DIDN’T promote violence. Guess you heard that on Faux AlmostNews. BTW, I thought 45 was suppose to protect ALL Americans, not just those who voted for his sorry a**. So far he’s a failure at , too.

  25. Get off the corrupted to the core NAZI Demoncrat Communist plantation treasonous party (RINOs too!!! You know who you are!, So Get ready to lose your seats) and on the Trump train to success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Guess you didn’t watch the Veritas undercover videos where the Democrats organized by the DNC, (with money from George Soros), were paying for people to start fights at Donald Trump’s rallies. You need to watch all of their videos about how the Democrats bus people to more than one state to vote multiple times, during Presidential Elections, and have been doing so for the last 50 years.

  27. Diane, Diane … I know there was a vehicular homcide at the rally that killed a few, but you know that he do not represent us at all.

    My question for you is … why is that every time there was a pro-Trump rally plan coming in a town and that the Antifa protesters would show up to fight them physically? Do you would agree with me?

    Are there anything that your Democrat leaders or Antifa friends went too far? Your Dem leaders really crossed the line with their threats. Maxine Waters encouraged violence against the elected reps and their families. (SMH) Do you agree with her? What’s the safety of ICE agents and their families?

    So again, no one is above the law. Please obey the laws.

  28. You know the Democrats are evil; because they removed faith in God from their platform. They also were doing Satan’s work with legalized abortions. They also don’t hesitate to use any dirty trick in the book to win. Talk above voter fraud, and it’s usually Democrats that are behind it. And look what the DNC and Hillary did to Bernie Sanders; to insure he didn’t win the Democrat Primary in 2016.

  29. the demonRats are digging their own graves. all sensible people are watching and have to be concerned to put it mildly. sure some are outright scared of what they see. the rhetoric by the left advocating violence and laughing at those who commit violence as if a child’s game will get them nowhere. just as it did with putting the pants suit queen in the oval. be sure to do all you can people to see that we hold the House. Donate and vote and more importantly, get one other person to vote that might be slacking off. This is important bkz if we don’t hold our ground, trump turns into a pumpkin and then everything goes back to the establishment to control. Don’t let this happen.

  30. Maxine is a bully and anyone that joins her is one too. These bully’s need to be stopped NOW they are putting Americans down because they don’t believe as they do; bully’s are people who are afraid of losing but know that no one will stand up to them. WELL AMERICA IT IS TIME TO STAND UP TO THESE BULLY’S it is time that they are arrested put in public square in a stockade and as people walk by give them a taste of their own medicine then after 24 hrs, jail them, no trial, they have wronged another person. If this was reversed an a republican bullied them you know they would be taken down and arrested., time to take a stand. Bully’s have no respect for anyone including themselves. But then again I guess republican’s don’t stoop that low, and we do respect people and the law, but still it is time they are stopped.

  31. RVERY SINGLETrump supporter should harrass and chase down and confront Democrats everywhere when they have called for violence and shaming Conservatives and Trump supporters. it is time to STOP their insanity by their same tactics. They are bullys In the schoolyard, bullys ran like little girls when they were stood up to.Bullying is about power.Bullys attack others because they can’t handle their own fear and shortcomings. You want to hear crying? Fight back on the Democrats and you’ll hear them crying and complaining that people are mean and unjustly picking on them. Mad Maxine is the Democratic poster child of bullying. Bully her back and see how quickly she runs away. President Trump supporters should be fighting back at these haters Everytime they show their ugliness.Its time WE THE PEOPLE start pushing back against these pond scum, otherwise we will let this Great Country will disappear.Start now so they know their ideology WILL NOT be tolerated and they will be crushed in the midterms!!!

  32. Alison Lundergan Grimes is previewing her stand up comedy routine after she is kicked out of politics!

  33. AMEN. Franco, stay out of Texas we don’t stand for trouble WE STAND OUR GROUND IN FULL FORCE.

  34. They think it makes them look powerful, but in fact it just proves that they are anti-everything that is moral, decent, just , honest or good for AMERICA, the land that I love. May they loose quickly and painfully. And may God have mercy on their souls unlike what they offer others with whom they do not agree.

  35. AMEN. Franco, stay out of Texas we don’t stand for trouble WE STAND OUR GROUND IN FULL FORCE.

  36. If it is possible she has a good chance of being ranked as uglier,(Morally and physically), Than MadMax. And one more thing, she can be beaten too! But then who would allow any part of their body to touch her.

  37. Protecting yourself, property etc, is not violence, it’s the American Way!
    Rand Paul, was on his own property, that’s considered “trespassing” and if he did shoot the neighbor, it’s jusified!!

  38. mad max , nancy Hillary and now this idiot what is with the democrat party are they all nuts or murders or just vial

  39. All modern day democrats serve masters more evil than the politburo of the soviet union. Democrats have never meet totalitarians that they do not love and they love 4th world inbred reptoid islamists even more thaqn they did the Soviets – so act as harshly against democrats as you would against drug cartel members !

  40. Fake news and liberals are creating violence, fake news really is the
    enemy of the ppl with all their lies. The liberals and the dem politicians are stirring up violence against the Trump administration.

  41. I believe that most Democrats along with most Republicans want what is best for this Great Country of ours! Yes, we have hate mongers on both sides! Unfortunately, it seems to be getting worse. We seem to have elected some Senators and Representatives that have set their sites on dividing this country. In trying to do this they say anything that comes into their minds without thinking about the consequences. Most of these people think we the people are uneducated or too ignorant to know what ignoramuses they really are. Some are making fools of themselves as fast and surely as they can! Those who incite riots and bodily harm need to be immediately removed from office and replaced with calm thinking people!

  42. Demonrats are as vile and disgusting as they can be.
    Whoever votes for them is a “joke”, but nobody is laughing.
    Vote REPUBLICAN all the way! But watch out for RINOS who aren’t
    for our POTUS and his agenda.

  43. I agree Bob. Democrats keep showing their true character as time goes on. I just saw Dinesh D’Sousa’s documentary “The Death of a Nation” and it really exposes who the democrats are and what they’ve been. The evidence in their behavior over these past couple years really backs up how this movie characterized them. I emplore every one to go see this movie before voting again. Especially those in the black community.

  44. I think she is just showing her true colors I’ve been seeing this evil trend in the Democratic party for the past few years thank God for president Trump

  45. With her she didn’t have anything to do with it thinking , what does she expect. I guess they should close Kentucky schools with her way of thinking because the teachers don’t have anything to do with the kids learning .

  46. Dan- Somehow that doesn’t surprise me one bit. You “wish” Rand Paul shot him? That’s not violence now is it? SMH

  47. Little dogs barking, the Libs are mad as hell cause they didn’t get their way. Americans didn’t act like that when obummer got voted in. If and when we’ve had enough they will get their butts kicked badly. Need to learn to STFU.

  48. Rick you make a good point, how Alison Lundergan speaks about others can and likely will come back to her. Kindness produces kindness, evil produces evil. What she said about her fellow citizen servant from Kentucky is evil.

  49. If the Republicans in Kentucky elect this piece of garbage, they deserve every bit of economic disparity she will bring to office. Statements like this about Sen. Paul, are not a joke and she needs to be censured as a politician.

  50. How would Gabby Gifford respond to a cheap remark regarding her such as, ” take a shot at her. She’ll probably lose her head.”Or is this what we pass off as comedy?

  51. Why are the Democrats so violent and this woman is not decent enough to copy the stupid Maxine Waters. I hope her dirt comes out. She making a lot of noise to divert her and family corruption. Don’t be fooled by the insane.

  52. Every time there is a violent attack on citizens of this country it’s committed by leftists. You would think the media would condemn the violence, but their coverage of these violent crimes is put in a way that justifies the violence against conservatives. I feel like letting them know what goes around comes around. They should stick to whining.

  53. These ignorant, silly liberals, only know violent, , they really love the sound of violence, the know nothing else , it appears! Violent s is a their “ middle” name I really think!

  54. These ignorant, silly liberals, only know violent, , they really love the sound of violence, the know nothing else , it appears! Violent s is a heir “ middle” name I really think!

  55. I believe it’s time to fight back my Conservative brothers & sisters!
    Let ANTIFA come to our South and start their violence!
    They will be met with much resistance.
    Fight fire with fire and see how they like it!

    YOU ALL HEAR ME!!!!!

  56. MORE COWBELL!! Give this crowd more facetime on CNN and MSLSDNBC. This is who they are. They simply must not be allowed to get their hands on the levers of power.

  57. The liberals are so pathetic that they use violence to get their pathetic agenda vote out all democrats and let’s get the people’s business done in Washington DC.

  58. Let me tell you what the liberals did deceitfully. Before the Portland rally last Saturday, some of Antifa protesters stated that they have to be ready to confront the “violent” pro-Trump supporters. Violent? Really? As you know, obviously the Antifa protesters are well known for repeatedly inciting violence in the streets since Trump inauguration.

    They lied for the media documentation. They cleverly steered the blame on the conservatives.

    I think the government should outlaw any Antifa counter-protest due to the reason of repeated violence.

    The Antifa cult loves to connect the conservatives to “Nazi”. Well, my question is … was Hitler a liberal? The answer is absolutely yes.

    The MAGA sign should say “ Antifa = liberal Nazi. Fact!” That’s the truth.

    Trump 2020!

  59. Have the democrats totally lost their common sense? These people are up an coming political leaders who believe in the Constitution and democracy? At this rate of insanities remarks, too many attacks have taken place against Repubs that were not creating any problems. Some one is going to really get hurt and is all comes back to those creating this attitude of harm.

  60. They are going to get someone killed with their remarks like she just took towards Senator Rand Paul. Once that happens, then they are going to say, ” I didn’t have anything to do with it, however, unfortunately, they did and do have something to do with their remarks to their constituents.

    They need to be held to the highest regards when they are making a commit like that towards someones health and life.

  61. The so-called “democrat party” is long DEAD, and has been replaced by RADICAL COMMUNISTS, hell bent on carrying on the destruction of our REPUBLIC ATTEMPTED by OBUNGHOLE the fraud, gay, mooslime foreigner, and his CROOKED DEMOCOMMUNIST “minions”. He was shoved down the throats of the people by VOTER FRAUD and the likes of soros, piglosi, and chuck-you schumer “allowing” a foreigner to usurp the office of the POTUS for PERSONAL “political gain” and CONTROL of our REPUBLIC. OBVIOUSLY they FAILED, and WE THE PEOPLE finally have a REAL POTUS working for US. THAT is why the DEMOCOMMUNISTS are pissed. Their “crooked queen” got her butt stomped by WE THE VOTERS, even though they tried every trick in the book, to RIG the election for HER.

  62. The Democrats are going full bore with their vicious rhetoric. This woman is a prime example saying things to gain the spotlight. Her day is coming with blowback from the polls.

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