One top Democrat just threatened Trump with an unthinkable ending

Democrats are throwing the kitchen sink at Donald Trump to remove him from office.

But one top Democrat just crossed the line.

He threatened Trump with this unthinkable fate.

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison is a favorite of the radical left.

He was the first Muslim member of Congress and the number two Democrat in the National Committee.

And now he is endorsing violence to stop Trump.

Ellison was photographed with the anti-fascist handbook and said it was the book that Trump feared.

Critics have declared Antifa a domestic terror organization because they endorse violence to achieve their political goals.

Antifa thugs have beaten Trump supporters with bike locks, set fires and destroyed property in order to drive Trump from office.

A major Demcorat endorsing their handbook is the clearest sign yet that the party has gone off the deep end into Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Antifa is not some harmless street theater group.

They are hardened thugs and domestic terrorists who want to silence Trump supporters by any means necessary.

If a Republican was photographed with a book endorsing violence against Democrats they would be drummed out of public life.

Do you think Keith Ellison should resign over his support for Antifa?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. DemonRATS are totally UNHINGED…every issue…every level. Their hateful rhetoric and obnoxious protests and tweets will get someone killed. Then what? Marshall Law? If the world was laughing before, its doubled over NOW in fits of guffaws. GO TRUMP!

  2. Dave you are an idiot! Putin is a clever statesman that does not need to interfere in US politics and comparing him with Stalin shows how little you know. Stalin had many millions of his own people killed name just 20 that go on Putin’s account!

  3. I am living in Germany and I don’t understand why President trump puts up with this kind of abuse? Has your country gone under 8 years of Obama rule gone totally nuts?

  4. Yes , Ellison should be put in prison for endorsing one of the most evil satanic gangs in America!, they have been labeled as terrorists!! How can any American support antifa unless they back up what they share doing!, they murder, rape, beat out abnyone who does not agree with them!, they are paid and controlled by sorros, obozo, killery, lunatic demonrats and most of all Satan!! Well if they keep on this road they will find themselves in the company of SATAN IN HELL!!

  5. As opposed to who?
    Someone who was implemental in selling 20% of the U.S. uranium to Russian interests?
    Someone who ignored pleas for help from a U.S. ambassador and says a few months later asks “what now does it matter” when questioned about her and her cronies lies about it?
    Someone who led the character assassination squad against the victims of her husband?
    Someone who is guilty of so many crimes against society, many of which should have landed her in a federal prison for no less than 5 years to life.
    Move to North Korea so you can have the type of leader you’re looking for.

  6. If a Republican had held up a book supporting the KKK or even a Family values book the Democrats would still be screaming and digging a political grave for the politician who held up the book.

  7. Ditto to that comment. alot of people should be going to jail from the top right down to the bottom of the swamp!!

  8. Aren’t we so glad as Americans that we have a president who takes orders from Vladimir Putin, Russia’s latest version of Stalin? Face it folks, Trump has been doing money laundering for the Russia mafia for many years, that is how he rebuilt his empire after he lost it all in Atlantic City’s Tag Mahal.

  9. WHY are we not hearing about the FBI attacking Ellison at dawn like it did Manafort? Too PARTISAN for the 7th Floor of the J. Edgar Hoover Building? Step aside, FBI ELITES, and let the honest non-political AGENTS do their jobs! Ellison should already be behind bars awaiting deportation!

  10. How can these Democrats continue to get away with this behavior. They are evil. He should be removed from office and thrown in jail.

  11. I seriously do not think will strike fear in the heart of Trump, that’s the democrats wishful thinking. Ellison should however be visited by the Secret Service and arrested as should all those who threaten a sitting president.

  12. Right on abutom. What a complete ass is this TOP Democrat. The liberal left and the Democrats want to enslave the the people in return for their votes. They are no longer the Democratic Party of the past. Overrun by Hollywood and T.V (stars) Ugh! Comics the likes of Rossie O’ Donnell they are like as Bob Hope once said: They are like Zombies believing any thing thyme told, not having a mind of their own, wandering the earth aimlessly, and impressed with Hollywood liberal stars who by the way have made their fortunes because of Capitalism and now in their own stupidity advocating Communism. Don’t they realize that if Communism takes over they have to share their wealth with others who have done nothing to EARN it.




  14. In the wild west they had something called vigalanties. These people got tired of their lawman sitting on there hands and formed a group to do what the law wouldn’t is this what it is going to take to get rid of antifa?

  15. I agree with you. He is violating his oath to the constitution, the people of this country and Minnesota, and his oath of office. TREASON? Any way you look at him/it and any language you speaks it is TREASON. People of Minnisota, Ellison is selling you and this country down the tubes. Please recall this fool and kick him out of office as a traitor of your state and this country or are you all traitors?

  16. Antifa is one of the militant arms of the Democrat Communist party, so no surprise that a top Democrat and Muslim POS like Ellison supports them. Red blooded Democrats need to take a long hard look at what their once proud party has become. The GOP is more in touch with what the Democrat party stood for in the Kennedy era than is the new Democrat party.

  17. No conspiracy theory, Lois, NUH-uh. Seth Rich was MURDERED by operatives for Clinton, Wasserman-Schultz, Podesta, and the DNC. PERIOD. That misdiagnosed “robbery” will unfold, as well, with exposure of ALL of HRC’s MANY scandals. Sit tight!


  19. whats to know ? Antifi is bad bad bad for this country , and the Democrats will not go against them ( are they afraid ? ) yes the citizens have reservations of going out at night do to this idiot in congress that is most assuredly going off the deep end with Democrats to get rid of Trump ! still cannot get over they screwed up , so now lets take it out on the people that voted for Trump, sorry aren’t we the DEPLORABLES ?


  21. I think his Oath for office was the same as mine when I went into the Military in 1952, to defend the Constitution of the United States Of America and the Flag and the country for which it stands.
    Send him back to his flea bag people where he belongs. After all they elected him. A trial for treason would not hurt. I be glad to serve on the jury.

  22. I’d hate to count the number of rounds at hand. There might be enough to give every Antifa member a gift that they won’t remember.

  23. Can anyone say “Civil War?” Make sure your weapons are cleaned, lubricated, you have a battle plan, and plenty of ammunition. Antifa is riotous. Have surveillance because they will come at you as a well armed mob!

  24. Here Here!!! Add me to the 4th Motion! It should also be televised to send a message that we don’t put up with acts of Sedition and treason.

  25. What would have happened if a (caucasion,White) had threatened Obama????
    Think about it, This is a sick society.
    How did this Scumbag get Elected ?? He sure as hell won’t make America
    Great again.Get him out of office and into Jail.

  26. You have to wonder why it’s happening around the world clearly there is something sinister behind the scene that pushed this muslim takeover. For what reason do this benefit any freedom-living liberal? It baffled me to know that these liberals would permit the sharia laws to rule over them?

    Was there a motive for one-World government? World peace? I guess they invented the quote saying “haters gonna hate” that helped pushing their agenda.

  27. Not to worry, as Trump’s going to be in for both terms! We’ve all witnessed the antics and temper tantrums displayed by the Libtards; and anyone with two eyes, two ears and two brain cells, is NOT going to elect a DemoNcrat to position of POTUS anytime soon. The DemoNcrat party has effectively neutered themselves… ????

    Trump 2020! ????????

  28. Time to review the law on:
    A revolt or an incitement to revolt against established authority, usually in the form of Treason or Defamation against government.

    Sedition is the crime of revolting or inciting revolt against government. However, because of the broad protection of free speech under the First Amendment, prosecutions for sedition are rare. Nevertheless, sedition remains a crime in the United States under 18 U.S.C.A. § 2384 (2000), a federal statute that punishes seditious conspiracy, and 18 U.S.C.A. § 2385 (2000), which outlaws advocating the overthrow of the federal government by force. Generally, a person may be punished for sedition only when he or she makes statements that create a Clear and Present Danger to rights that the government may lawfully protect (schenck v. united states, 249 U.S. 47, 39 S. Ct. 247, 63 L. Ed. 470 [1919]).

  29. Totally agree! Make an example out of him and televise it. It would be a great deterrent to any other idiots thinking that it’s okay to threaten or commit Sedition. These liberals are off-the-chain and need to be reigned in and severely dealt with. Trump is a great President and has been very patient, with these Libtards, but there comes a time when you have to draw a line in the sand and say; Enough is Enough!

  30. What needs to be done, if this is the path the demoTRASH scumbags want to go down, we need Pres. Trump, the DOJ or whoever to declare “OPEN SEASON” on antifa members and their supporters — no matter who they are. If this is the way it is going to go and it seems inevitable then we Americans need to go on the offensive. We CANNOT sit back and play the victims. This dirtbag ellison has threatened the President of the United States with violence and he needs to be dragged out of Congress and prosecuted. The antifa scumbags have already committed violent crimes against Conservatives and repubs.

  31. Keith Ellison, is a radical Muslim in a position of power. A position of which he is undeserving of and likely not even qualified for. There’s no doubt, Ellison was appointed by 0bama, who placed at least ten Muslims in key positions of power. Ellison is clearly unhinged, just like his party. The fact that he is threatening a duly-elected President is an act of Sedition. We need to put a stop to this type of outrageous behavior. We already have laws on the books about how to handle those who commit or threaten to commit Sedition. Ellison and 0bama are two examples of why we do not need any more muslims in positions of power. One of the goals of muslims is to achieve power through the political process, in which they run for political positions, then they start to change or re-write laws, and use their power to take control of people through “their” new laws. They are also trying to initiate Sharia Law through the court system. How else could they try and overthrow a country? It’s happening throughout the world. Take a look at England, Scotland, & Germany and most of Europe; their just a few examples of what happens when Muslims try or do take over. They need to be stopped and the sooner the better! Those who commit Sedition need to be dealt with swiftly and severely. Make an example out of them. Maybe we should bring back public hanging, sounds harsh, but it would be a great deterrent!

  32. There has been shown to be no desire amongst Muslims to assimilate into this country. Mr. Ellison could not possibly have taken the oath required for him to assume the office he holds to uphold American ideals AND maintain his Muslim political “faith” at the same time. NO ONE can serve two masters. His promotion of AntiFa shows which master he has chosen.

  33. He should be removed from office and charged with treason and sedition. If found guilty fined and sentenced to death. Then quickly and publically executed!

  34. What is really scary is that he was elected to that position. Consider all the morons that voted for him, and those like him. Keep your 2nd. amend handy.

  35. Prove you are the head of the Justice Department Mr. Sessions charge the communist with terrorist threats and lock him up.

  36. You’re so ignorant and so wrong. Idiots like you are the problem. President trump is the solution.

  37. I think this despicable moron should and most probably would be the first casualty.
    Those antifa thugs would scatter like frightened sheep at the first sight of American patriots on their ass.

  38. I think that the Hatch law should be use to remove him from the position he holds with no pay or benefits.

  39. As soon as that photo was released officials should have shown up at his residents and arrested him put in jail with no bail. Government official endorsing Antifa a domestic terror organization and himself being Muslim now showing his true colors. He’s threatening the life of our President and Government takeover.

  40. No, he should be arrested and hung. No trial the evidence is visible. Sedition is a crime. We have to stop this. Get off your ass Trump and do something. This is America NOT Syria or Iran or Iraq or any of those pig stys.

  41. Let gun toting, law biding, citizens solve the Anti-fac/illegal alien/violet protester problem.

    Problem solved.

  42. To John the moron you start packing your bags and leave the country just those Hollywood weirds say they would if Trump war elected I am willing to pay your way Iran or Saudi Arabia and stay there .

  43. Johnnie, chill out! Trump is making real progress, repairing & strengthening the US military. All Obama cares about is … us the taxpayers paying the sex change expenses for the transgendered.

    Obama … is … truly … a … traitor! He needs to die in prison for bargaining with Hezbollah terrorists.

  44. Ellison, why don’t you try doing this yourself? Get into the crowd and take some swings at bikers and others that are waiting for your kind to start something big. I think instead of looking into the crystal ball you will have a pair of them when things toughen up a whole lot more than you or your groupies can handle.

  45. More correctly it is the “Religion-of-Pieces” thanks to their propensity to blow up other humans for no particular reason other than they hate most Rational Folks.

    Ellison the radical irrational Muslim and his superior, the communist, Perez have pretty much set the fate of what used to be the DNC . . . . it’s now taking a headlong dive into the Abyss of History . . . Antifa’s ultimate doom, also.

  46. Americans voted for Trump to get rid of the Muslim problems we have and to stop the refugee program, which he has and to stop any more of them from coming here who are a threat, he has. This is not a good time for a Muslim like Ellison, to do something like this. Americans know what Antifa is, we know who feeds it and we know it is all over Europe. But if these Demon Rats want to continue to shoot themselves in the foot, cut their noses off to spite their faces, be my guest.

    I suppose that is the Final Solution you Demon Rats will do. Just remember Trump is the POTUS, he is in charge of the military, police and all, so your Muslims, illegals and BLM etc, fanatic groups give it your best shot.

    Oh where I live we are ready for you.

  47. Nothing is wrong with the People of MN….except that they are a haven for a pile of garbage Muslims that Obama deposited there and paid them to stay and colonize….and here we see the results.
    What a disgusting episode in U>S> History. They all…every one….should be deported.

  48. Obama was sworn in with HIS hand on the Koran! ‘Member THAT? An anti-American agenda from the very start! And so it continues in attempts to obliterate AMERICAN values. Our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves.

  49. Muslims like Keith Elison like to say that Islam is a religion of ‘peace’. Well, why does he then hold up the book of Antifa and ‘threaten’ the President, or anyone? Kind of proves the point that some trry to make, that Islam is NOT the religion of peace. Any person who supports Islam is subject to doubt and scrutiny because of people like Elison. That is probably unfair but when you fly with the crows, you can expect to be treated like the crows.

  50. You all need to wake up. Make America Great Great Again and America First were just cheap slogans designed to deceive the American into electing the consummate jew lackey to the highest office in the land.

  51. The DNC just by tolerating creeps like Ellison proves how low it has sunk. The democrats are rapidly becoming the ‘Brown Shirts’ of Hitler’s nazis. Is the Democratic voting electorate patriotic Americans? Or what? First they managed to elect Obama into the WH through the manipulations of Soros and now this. And never forgot what’s ahead of us in the near future: Soros is grooming a young, charismatic Muslim for political office leading to the WH in 2020.

  52. John, Jew lackey moron? Since you don’t consider yourself a moron give
    us an example what you are talking about. Enlighten all us morons.

  53. Exactly, a full blooded hater. Took full advantage of all the government program’s to get where he is at.
    Porch monkey is a great description of his sh#t throwing antics.

  54. What else would one expect from a muslim? Their beliefs, their lives are centered on violence, pedophilia and barbaric acts. I mean, they worship a pedophile and call him a prophet. Don’t need any more than this to realize they need and must be eradicated!

  55. Your right, every time Obama was criticized we were called racists. He was untouchable in the eyes of the left and the media. Minnesota is as far left as they come and this jackass should be arrested for his antics. Big mouth democrats do nothing for their constituents but run their mouths. Imported Muslims should be banned from entry into the United States, period and these AFTIVA or what ever they call themselves should be arrested on the spot every time they show up for anything….

  56. Ellison should not resign. He needs to have his sorry ass kicked out of Congress and sent straight to Guantanamo as an enemy of the United States. What is wrong with the people of Minnesota? Are their Winters too long? Remember when Trump put a travel ban on seven Muslim Countries, and Obama’s response was; “These are three year old’s,” The whole time laughing. “What are they going to do?” Well Minnesota is full of Muslim men who came here in the ’90’s as three year old’s. And then there are some men who were born here,after their parents came here. Look at how many of these men left the U.S. and joined Isis. They didn’t join Isis because they were mistreated here. Actually, quite the opposite. They were indoctrinated by their parent’s,when growing up in their household’s. We need to come up with a deportation program to get them the hell out of here. Tell me. How is my life better having them here?

  57. Yes, and evil people can only think evil and can only spew evil for they do not know the truth to do what is good for our country. God will deal with them.

  58. Treat him as any terrorist should be treated. This country was FOUNDED on belief in
    ONE ALMIGHTY GOD with certain rights guaranteed to all people. If an elected official
    advocating VIOLENCE against a constitutionally elected president is not prosecuted he/she sends message to all just do away with all who disagree with results of voting. Is not this how Hitler started doing away with teachers, doctors, lawyers, military leaders who
    Disagreed and BURNING literature not to mention genocide of Jewish, Christian people.

  59. Keith Ellison is nothing more than a porch monkey who is used to incite riots and discontent! A useful idiot!!

  60. Pot is a recreational drug only. It has no medical benefits. It can relieve discomfort just like alcohol, opium, and synthetic pain killers. As a retired cop, I do not oppose legalization because I never encountered a violent marijuana user. Alcohol was a factor in at least 75% of all arrest. Weed is just a substance that the marijuana culture wants legalized and is using medical reasons to get it. States see tax revenue for legalization.

  61. Why isn’t this guy, thug, arrested post haste? Because he is threatening President Trump with violence. When people did that to Obama, they were called racists, what can we call this creep? Domestic Terrorist is truly what this monster is. He needs to be arrested NOW, PERIOD! Who else do you think is this antifa leader? Al Sharpton of course…. and what about the MS13 gangs? I bet they are in this domestic terrorists group too…… Get them arrested and maybe unfortunately, marshal law needs to happen too, at least for a short time, but make sure the ‘marshal law’ enforcers are NOT liberals as they would use their antifa crap against law-abiding legal Citizens.

  62. Yes, this is one more traitor who should go to jail. I will tell you that the most dangeousf traitors are the leaders within our law enforcement system that are sabatouging our President.
    Sessions is now announcing that he will go after legal mariuana in the states. The people in these states have voted to legalise because of the widly recognised medical value of this plant. Session is a traitor who wants to protect the profits of our big drug companies who are murdering 2 million Americans a year. If he is allowed to attack these legal mariuana opperations, the Republicans will lose elections all over the country and the crazy Democrats will rule us.

  63. Antifa needs to be dealt with just like you would any pest. I’m surprised that when they start with the violence, and beating on people, that somebody hasn’t pulled a gun, and shot in self defence. It would be on tape, but make sure they swing first.

  64. Hey Keith Ellison,lets go snipe hunting back in the deep deep woods of the holler where I am from.Just to let you know many a soul has been lost in that holler up there.I can find my way home in those woods night or day.Can you?Do the right thing resign Now

  65. If his believe system is as such then he needs to be removed from the public office of servitude he holds . Ellison could create a mess that might never be repairable . Why are people that hold distain for our Constitution , our national believes , our culture getting into our seats of political public servitude ? Answer seems to be money talks and ignorance votes .

  66. Check out who Minnesotans have representing them in D.C.
    Also check out their list of governors.
    They’re just bat-guano crazy up there.

  67. I’m already locked and loaded, sure would be a bonus if I was the one facing that piece of offal! Like to hear him WHIMPER like a BABY!

  68. I think antifa should be classified as a twist organization and treated as such. The courts have already declared it not an organization. Just the same any who are caught involved treated as terroists. Including politicians. Conservatives talk of revolution. This group has started it already.

  69. Ellison is not a legitimate member of Congress.He refused to be sworn in on the Bible, which our constitution was based.

  70. The day this rejuvenation of HITLER carries out his threats will be HIS last day on earth. The people of Minnesota should be ashamed of themselves for voting in this scumbag.

  71. NO need for the space station, just launch them into space and wherever they land, they can start all the violence their hearts desire.

  72. There can now be very few American normals who do not realize that Minister Keith X of the Nation of Islam and his comrade, Comandante Perez of La Raza, intend to overthrow the legitimately-elected President, replace the existing American population with a brown Third World lumpenproletariat and convert the United States of America into the Peoples Republic of Aztlan. We have put up with their tantrums, riots, frauds, canards and treasonous revolutionary schemes for a year. We must now simply ignore them and complete our work of rebuilding Ronald Reagan’s City on a Hill that these people converted into squalid souks, casbahs and barrios. Let them start their revolution, and we must be prepared to fall on them and wipe them out to a man, woman or non-binary whatever.

  73. Hmm , calling Keith Ellerson a Nazi is an insult to all who blindly followed Hitler out of their misguided patriotism . A better description of Ellerson would be to compare him to that little white speck and a chicken Sh*t . Its Chicken Sh*t too but just doesn’t realize it . What this Moron has done is in essence , treason , though few will call it that . Ellerson should be arrested for endorsing sedition and treasonous rioting . For a member of Congress to endorse a radical group that want to overthrow our President and government is Deplorable and goes far beyond Free Speech and thought . Expell him from congress and jail him for a long , long time

  74. Why pollute space there’s already enough junk there just tell them they are making a parachute jump forget to give them a good chute

  75. Jan Shakowski’s (D, ILL.) husband, Robert Creamer was caught on tape organizing a “Paid for” violent disruption of a Trump rally. Now THAT”S an example of NAZI tactics.

  76. The Democrats continue to make it easier for Pres Trump in 2020!! Pocohontas or Botox Nancy or Crying Chuck for President 2020 will put icing on the cake!!

  77. I thought that threatening the president is against the law in this country. The dumbocrats have lost their minds if they back this idiot commie. He should be arrested for treason and threatening the president of the US. He has proved the democratic party is no longer a viable and trustworthy element of our country. All this crap because Trump won the election, WHAT A BUNCH OF B-S. I bet Shummer is proud of this Jihadist.

  78. Lets convict him for treason along with Comey, Mueller, Rosentein, Strozk, Page, Rice, th Podesta, McCain & his aide, Ohr & wife, McCabe, Lynch, Waserman Schultz, Holder, all of the Clintons including Chelsea, and yes Barack Hussein Obama. The conspirators MUST be brought to justice. And if Ellison wants us to unite and fight Antifa BRING IT ON!!

  79. This is what happens when you put your trust in a Muslim. They are out to take us over period, peaceably or not. A minority the liberals left to promote their program of and or government, global take over of America. Nothing friendly about Muslims in power in America.

  80. Keith Ellison , is a disgusting insult to the Jewish Nation and all people for that matter , we gave Obozo a chance , give Trump a chance Keith Ellison should be exiled out of congress and out of the country he should be arrested and tried for treason ( he is a nazi )

  81. The Dems are desperate! Their chokehold over the government has now ended. The Congressman does
    represent the right state, however.

  82. Resign???? He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He would look good in navy blue, the same as Hillary would look good in orange……


  84. It IS about time to start executing some of these traitors that are threatening our government and President. If they had done this to Obama, heads would have rolled… We the People need to nip this in the bud….

  85. How did this Jihadist arrive in our government? Barry. By the comments here he is not going to be POTUS in 2020 as he is planning. Democrats probably have a plan to put him there just like they did with their fairy.

  86. I agree with you . If these people don’t like the USA PLEASE LEAVE. Problem is no one else on earth wants these folks either.
    We should send them to the space station and eject them without space suits. Problem solved.

  87. this muslim is no peaceable citizen-he needs to be investigated then interrogated-evidently he thinks riots and such are like baseball and applepie

  88. Amazing that someone like this is still in the WH. He needs to be removed and ASAP. I’m so sick of this double standard. If this was a Republican doing something against a Democrat, besides it being front page news on all the fake media outlets, there would not be a request but a demand to have them removed from office. He needs to go!

  89. I hope you never have to use that ammo, C.A.T., but if you do, don’t even think twice about shooting. Remember, you would much rather be led into a courtroom, than be carried out of a morgue to be put into a hearse by six strong men. These people have proven to be irrational, stupid and violent. You MUST defend yourself, your home and your family. (Not to mention, the rest of us who might not be prepared for an onslaught of hate-filled violence.) Never be hesitant with these vermin, they need to be eradicated from the face of the earth.

  90. If you want it go for it. I’m willing to bet that those of us who will oppose you are better armed and have far more combat training and experience that your Democommies can muster.

  91. Haters gonna hate. Thugs gonna get … stopped when they assault a carrying conservative. A great argument for the need for high-capacity magazines. I would *prefer* that differences are settled peaceably, but I will not accept violence/terrorism. Stay armed. Stay safe.

  92. Resign, he should be arrested and convicted, he sure does NOT belong anywhere here or anywhere in the U.S.A. GET RID OF HIM NOW !

  93. There it is, out in the open for us all to see! The “Religion of Peace” main representative in the United States Congress endorsing a “Nazi like” domestic terrorist group and cheering on it’s violence against law abiding citizens! I guess Ellison has decided to continue the destruction of this country his buddy Obama bin laden started! Where’s the FBI and the DOJ? I think one or more of my local gun stores has a decent price on AR’s, never thought I’d need one but the way these progressive leftist are pushing for violence and government overthrow I’m probably going to need at least one and more ammo – lots more ammo!

  94. Just remember to vote out all dems, libs and rinos in 2018. This is the only way to M.A.G.A. Start putting these crazy people in jail, and the other cowards well step back in line. We love you President Trump.

  95. Why are there constant threats made against our country within and no one is held accountable??? Sickening and disgusting ..And as usual it all goes back to previous administration and still making threats Agree. Lock them all up

  96. He is the enemy of the American people. Put him on the terrorist list for making this threat that he welcome this kind of violence. I knew that he is a very bad one.

    Apparently, he has grown to accustom to the ways of national politics that lost the expected citizen decency we often see in the radical far left and that the law unfortunately did not punish high level politicians swiftly. Try US Secret Service. Useless. I thought what Kathy Griffin did is warranted enough to go to prison, but it didn’t happen.

    We need to voice this concern that we see all the liberal BS flying around, poisoning the minds of the youth as we see in liberal colleges: painting the white male as the enemy of the society, conservative views as Nazi, and so forth. Yeah, let us not forget it is called political correctness that in a way shut down the freedom of speech.

    Keith Ellison must resign!

  97. And Democrats don’t think that they have a problem? Heading their party is an Hispanic Commie and a black muslim Commie who is part of antifa. And the Democrats think that this is what America wants?

  98. Amen PJ!!!
    The only way we beat these ID10TS is to stand & Fight! I’m so damned sick & tired of this PC Crap! That freaking Muslim shouldn’t even be allowed in Congress! What the heck is happening to OUR COUNTRY???
    “You want me on that wall…You need me on that wall…”
    You DAMNED right…I’m on that wall…Time & place baby…HOOAHH
    Yer Powder Dry,
    Yer Mag Full &
    Yer Aim…Dead on!

  99. Resigned my ass.. put him in prison. Starting riots to do harm against American citizens should be immediate dismissal with no benefits. Stop wasting tax dollars on low lives like this idiot..

  100. Keith Ellison? ha! Antifa, like ISIS and MS-13, will be obliterated! Social protest protected by our First Amendment is one thing. Violence and property damage is quite another. Let S.W.A.T. rain down! Bring on the patriotic National Guard! Ellison and his thugs will NEVER prevail!

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