One top Republican just got some bad news about coronavirus

The Chinese coronavirus is wreaking havoc on every aspect of American life.

On Wednesday things took a turn for the worse.

And this one top Republican just got some bad news about coronavirus.

Florida Republican Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart became the first member of Congress to contract the coronavirus.

Diaz-Balart announced the diagnosis on social media.

Diaz- Balart’s admission raised fears of more members of Congress contracting the disease.

The Florida Republican announced his positive test days after he was casting votes on the House floor – which is a cramped space where members often stand shoulder to shoulder.

Diaz-Balart’s diagnosis also raises questions about how Congress will function in this outbreak.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected the idea of virtual voting.

And instead of remaining in Washington, D.C. and returning to session as needed members of Congress will scatter back to their home districts making it unclear when they would ever return.

This is uncertainty Americans do not want to deal with at this time.

As the stock market plunges and fear over the spread of the Chinese coronavirus spreads, Americans are looking to Washington, D.C. to provide stability and leadership.

Congress scattering to the wind without any plan to return does not reassure Americans.

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  1. Ice princess let the commiecrats go out and mix and mingle, like the old Christmas song said. Perhaps we will be rid of many of them.

  2. Ok Julio the president wanted to kill everyone ha ha ha. What the h### is your problem are you afraid your welfare check and food stamps will not come. You are a dam joke. Maybe you and your kind are hoarding everything go back home if you hate are president.

  3. We will have more people sick or dead if people don’t listen to are president. And the hoarding needs to stop I’m all most 60 and my husband is over 60 and we don’t have anything in our town are store hasn’t had t-paper in almost 3 weeks when I’ve got to town and food is all gone. People need to listen to the words coming out of our presidents mouth and stay in and stop hoarding stuff their are people who need it too.

  4. The only democrat hoax is them trying to convince us that Biden is up to the job of being president.

  5. this one covid-19 not near as bad as the flu pandemic of 1918 Spanish Flu that claimed 20 million I think the number was, as far as the states governing themselves can not imagine Michigan being governed by whatever detroit whants and the rest of the state be hanged

  6. No one said the Chinese virus is Hoax. But it is Demorats next Hoax – trying to blame it on President Trump! Crazy Dems are at it again and again. Instead of working together to help America, Demorats Lie and use China Propaganda against USA. Dems are losers! We don’t believe them!

  7. Too bad it should have been nancy or chuckie. Not wanting to be in DC to combat this virus is irresponsible and cowardly. The demoncraps need to be voted out in Nov.
    Laredo needs to shut the F up, he is a demented fool.

  8. Nancy pelosi Chuck Schumer a 95% of the Congress basically all the Democrats we’re calling this a hoax now they’re accusing everyone else or not doing anything why sitting at home so they won’t get sick Italian American people to take a flying leap he’s really wants to have scum like this in the American government

  9. Send them all back to where they came from.They haven’t accomplished anything in the past three years.What a waste of tax dollars for salaries and benefits that could have helped homeless veterans .Then get a Constitutional Amendment to eliminate Congress completely.Let the States govern them selves

  10. What you say on this does get to people that want to hurt you. Just take it easy and things will become better. What you say big brother are listenig. Good day everyone

  11. Congress is worthless anyway. What has it accomplished over the last 3 years but Russian collusion hoaxes, Ukraine call hoaxes, and bipartisan impeachment? Imagine what could have been accomplished if those congressmen and women had actually done what they were elected to do.

  12. Nancy Pelosi rejected the idea of virtual voting, guess that was a hoax to Julio the Pendejo…Instead of a chance to keep people from the virus, she exposed them to it…But I have yet to see her make any rational decisions to date.

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