One top Senator had a surprising prediction about what will happen after the election

Everyone is focused on the outcome of the election.

But far fewer Americans are honed in on what happens next.

And this top Senator had a surprising prediction about what will happen after the election.

President Trump was frustrated over the fact that United States Attorney John Durham only announced one guilty plea – from FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith for doctoring an email – in his investigation into the Russian collusion probe prior to the election.

That led many of the President’s supporters to worry that if Joe Biden wins the election, his administration will shutter the Durham probe and none of the conspirators will be held accountable.

But in an interview on Fox News, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham predicted that after the election, Durham would issue a scathing report on the Obama administration and the FBI fabricating the Russian collusion conspiracy and hand down more indictments.

“We’ve learned there was Russian collusion, but it was between the Clinton campaign and it was between Russia. Clinton and Russia, not Trump and Russia, and we learn that Crossfire Hurricane was the most corrupt investigation, maybe in the history of the FBI,” Graham told host Maria Bartiromo.

“Durham is all over this. After the election, you’re going to get a report and I’ll be shocked that people are not indicted,” Graham added.

Trump supporters are hoping that is the case.

The criminals who plotted the coup against President Trump have yet to be held accountable.

And time is running out.

The Durham investigation is the last chance to bring criminal charges against these saboteurs.

It would represent a major betrayal of President Trump and his supporters not to indict the Deep State conspirators who plotted to bring down the President.

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